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His name is:. Jennifer Shahade see picture below , the and winner of the U. Women's Championship, is also an author of a book dealing with the subject of women in chess. The book's title is:. Wait a second, nobody ever called Georg Marco "the strongest player in the world"!? It seemed that some prominent person was being quickly interviewed by reporters and photographed just before the ship left. My friend glanced that way and smiled. Daniel Gormally punched Levon Aronian in a fight over which female chessplayer pictured below?

Rubinstein and Tartakower both represented which nation in several Chess Olympiads? An excerpt from the Wikipedia: "He won the British Championship three times in four tries , , , and had tournament and match results that placed him among the top ten players in the world. His master then brought him back to his homeland, where he gave up chess and returned to his humble life.

The quote "To you, Dr. Lasker, I have only three words, check and mate", is attributed to:. In Paul Hoffman's "King's Gambit", the author wonders "how There are 20 ways for white to begin a game of chess. After black responds to white's first move, the number of unique positions on the chessboard equals:.

The Kite Runner

Which hypothetical team of well-known writers would constitute the strongest chess team? In "Smart Chip from St. Petersburg", Genna Sosonko states that Genrikh Chepukaitis participated in all kinds of games, including 'shmen'. A variant of chess in which you get to punch your opponent in the face if his piece is captured. A variant of chess in which players must drink a shot of vodka after every capture.

In the position below, white is to move. In reality:. He scored:. Back to top. Remove Ad.

Carrie's Run (Homeland, #1) by Andrew Kaplan

Removing ad is a premium feature. Established in as the White House Police , this organization was fully integrated into the Secret Service in In , the protection of foreign diplomatic missions was added to the force's responsibilities, and its name was changed to the Executive Protective Service. Secret Service Uniformed Division officers provide protection for the White House Complex, the vice president's residence, the main Treasury Building and Annex, and foreign diplomatic missions and embassies in the Washington, D. Additionally, Uniformed Division officers travel in support of presidential, vice presidential and foreign head of state government missions.

Secret Service special officers not to be confused with Uniformed Division Officers are federal agents who work within the Special Agent Division and perform a wide range of security functions and support assignments as part of the protective mission for the Secret Service. Whereas special agents alternate between protection and investigative assignments, special officers are hired only to work protection details. They must have a familiarity with all phases of protective responsibilities sufficient to assist in protective movements, cover designated security posts and drive protective vehicles.

Special officers are sworn law enforcement officers, and are authorized to make arrests in connection with their official duties. They are classified as federal agents but use "special officer" as their official title much the same way as Deputy US Marshals are special agents but use the title "Deputy US Marshal". Newly appointed special officers must successfully complete eight 8 weeks of intensive training at the Special Officer Basic Training Course at the Secret Service James J.

Rowley Training Center just outside Washington, D. Whether the two will coexist is unknown. Both positions have the same duties but IPOs have full law enforcement authority and their full performance level is a GL instead of GL-9, which is a Special Officer. Initially the firearms were privately procured and there was little, if any, standardization.

This weapon stayed in service through The Secret Service replaced the Thompson submachine gun with the Uzi submachine gun in the s. Uzis that the Secret Service used have slightly shorter-than-standard barrels so they could to fit inside the standard size Samsonite briefcases that concealed them. The Secret Service was the last Federal agency to use the Uzi.

Carrie's Run

The Counter-Assault Team used the M4 carbine from the early s until CS technicians also use the 7. Special agents and special officers of the Secret Service wear attire that is appropriate for their surroundings, in order to blend in as much as possible. In most circumstances, the attire of a close protection shift is a conservative suit, but it can range from a tuxedo to casual clothing as required by the environment.

Stereotypically, Secret Service agents are often portrayed wearing reflective sunglasses and a communication earpiece. Often their attire is customized to conceal the wide array of equipment worn in service. Agents wear a distinctive lapel pin that identifies them to other agents. The shoulder patch of the Uniformed Division consists of the U.

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Also, the shoulder patch is embroidered with "U. Secret Service Uniformed Division Police" around the emblem. When transporting the president in a motorcade, the Secret Service uses a fleet of custom-built armored Cadillac Parade Limousines, the newest and largest version of which is known as " The Beast ".

Review Essay: Top 50 Books on Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Armored Chevrolet Suburbans are also used when logistics require such a vehicle or when a more low profile appearance is required. For official movement the limousine is affixed with U. For unofficial events the vehicles are left sterile and unadorned. The Secret Service has agents assigned to field offices and field agencies, and the headquarters in Washington, D. The Service's offices are located in cities throughout the United States and the world.

The offices in Lyon and The Hague are respectively responsible for liaison with the headquarters of Interpol and Europol , located in those cities. In April , an incident involving the president's security detail received international press attention. The incident involved 11 agents and personnel from four branches of the U. As of April 24, , nine employees had resigned or retired. After the incident was publicized, the Secret Service implemented new rules for its personnel.

Additionally, they restrict who is allowed in hotel rooms. A few weeks later, [ when? In , two inebriated senior service agents drove an official car into the White House complex and collided with a barrier. In September , it was revealed that 18 Secret Service employees or supervisors, including Assistant Director Ed Lowery, accessed an unsuccessful application by Chaffetz for employment with the agency and discussed leaking the information to the media in retaliation for Chaffetz' investigations of agency misconduct.

The confidential personal information was later leaked to The Daily Beast. Agency Director Joe Clancy apologized to Chaffetz and said that disciplinary action would be taken against those responsible. In March , a member of Vice President Mike Pence 's detail was suspended after he was caught visiting a prostitute at a hotel in Maryland. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. James M. Main article: List of United States presidential assassination attempts and plots.

United States portal. Retrieved February 13, Congressional Research Service. Retrieved April 18, May 3, Retrieved June 3, Retrieved September 20, This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Bush, himself and future presidents". Trail Blazers Blog. The Dallas Morning News. Retrieved January 18, ABC News.

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Retrieved September 21, Archived from the original PDF on August 18, Retrieved June 8, Retrieved October 26, July 1, Archived from the original on August 2, Retrieved August 9, New York: St. Martin's Press. Chicago Tribune. Daily Mail. October 16, United States Government Publishing Office. October 21, Secret Service". September 11, Archived from the original on March 23, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved August 12, Retrieved January 27, October 26, Archived from the original on August 6, Archived from the original on August 18, US Department of Homeland Security.

Archived from the original PDF on August 29, Retrieved September 24, July 6, Archived from the original PDF on September 15, August 9, January 1, Retrieved September 30, Washington Post.

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September 30, Retrieved December 19, The New York Times. Retrieved November 3, Retrieved January 3, West Virginia University Alumni Association. Archived from the original on October 13, Associated Press. December 5, November 29, Twenty Years in the Secret Service. New York: Simon and Schuster. CBS News. June 11, And to cover the president, you have to get as large as you can, rather than hitting the deck. September 13, October 28, August 5, US Secret Service.

August 26, Jane's Information Group; 35th edition January 27, March 14, United States Secret Service. Retrieved September 6, April 18, Retrieved April 28, USA Today. Retrieved April 24, April 27,

Homeland - 'Balanced Life' Official Clip - Season 2 Episode 12
The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book
The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book
The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book
The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book
The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book
The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book The Unofficial Homeland Quiz Book

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