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The thought of bedding down for the duration is tempting, then, but also alarming: Will it feel like time well spent, or time wasted? I slip off my shoes and settle on one of the white Ikea sofas that fill the room. Marclay stitches time together, finding sly visual rhymes across clips. Tea is poured in one decade and drunk in another; a bomb goes off and a petal softly lands. The tension always ratchets up at the top of the hour — and then a sizable chunk of the audience leaves.

The hour striking offers an exit in a work of art with no beginning and no end. Not that everyone feels the thrill.

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In the daytime, a crowd of different ages and ethnicities flows in and out, some unmoving for hours, a few lasting only minutes. The midafternoon slump hits. Next to me, a woman nods off. Out of thirteen-hundred submissions, our curator selects only one-hundred images for this inspiring exhibition.


This year the very talented and esteemed curator, W. Hunt, is taking the reins to put together a unique, compelling collection of images for Off The Clock. This year's exhibition has been extended to a full three weeks—offering lovers of photography more time to get to know the work of these talented photographers! Add to Calendar.

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Following Follow. Over the course of the next three years, a team of assistants watched hundreds and hundreds of films, grinding through videocassettes. There was one guy who just kept on bringing me clips of horror movies, people getting decapitated. He had me really worried. How about the wee small hours stretch that runs from midnight to daybreak? But four or five is very hard.

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At five, the baker gets up, the street cleaner gets up. But just before we wake up is the time when we dream a lot. Is Marclay a cinephile? I like movies and I go once in a while. But I see movies mostly on airplanes. My record collection is in storage in New York. In New York in the 70s, he played in an art-rock band, and would take a record player with him on stage.

The family moved to Geneva, and Marclay grew up speaking French and English, attending art school in the Swiss capital before returning to America.

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She was the more artistic spirit and she encouraged me in the arts. And how about his father, was he an artist? Marclay laughs. Not at all.

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He was a dental technician. He had a lab where he made false teeth.

The Clock The Clock
The Clock The Clock
The Clock The Clock
The Clock The Clock
The Clock The Clock
The Clock The Clock
The Clock The Clock

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