Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)

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Neo's Realm Vol.2 (Neo's Realm, #) by Carol Lynne

Storming Hell's Gate. The City - 4. To Bed a King. Bodyguards in Love - 6. Seducing the Sheik. Hell on Wheels. The City - 3. Neil's Guardian Angel. Branded By Love. Ellora's Cave: Moderne. Dalton's Awakening. Firehouse Heat. I Love Rock n Roll. Bodyguards in Love - 3. Ice Water in Hell. The City - 2. Down Under Temptations. Ellora's Cave: Spectrum. Hell Hath No Fury. The City - 1. Recipe for Love. Bareback Cowboy.

Moor Love.

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Reining in the Past. Seb's Surrender. Bodyguards in Love - 2. Full House.

ANUNNAKI KINGS 333 - Reptilian Royal Bloodline of The Ancient Gods

Poker Night - 5. Arm Candy. Different Suits. Poker Night - 4. Brier's Bargain. Bodyguards in Love - 1. Bent, Not Broken. Healing Doctor Ryan. Cattle Valley Days. Pocket Pair. Poker Night - 3. Forbidden Love. Men in Love. Poker Night - 2. Bk House. Campus Cravings - 5.

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Eye of the Beholder. Sunshine, Sex and Sunflowers. Texas Hold 'Em. Poker Night - 1. The Last Bouquet. Gone Surfin'. Cattle Valley - 9. Harvest Heat. Naughty Nooners. Corporate Passion. The Sound of White. Cattle Valley - 8. Live for Today.

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Bad Boy Cowboy. Cattle Valley - 7. Between Two Lovers. No Longer His.

Neo's Realm Vol.1

Theron's Return. Hershie's Kiss. Joey's First Time. Never Too Old. Out of the Shadow. Cattle Valley - 6.

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Fabulous Brits. Dorm Life. Campus Cravings - 4. A Biker's Vow. Campus Cravings - 9. Necklace of Shame. Physical Therapy. Cattle Valley - 5. Back on Campus. Campus Cravings - 3. Gio's Dream. Good-Time Boys. On the Field. Campus Cravings - 1. Rough Ride. Cattle Valley - 4. Office Advances. Campus Cravings - 8. In Bear's Bed.

Campus Cravings - 7. Karaoke at The Tumbleweed. Sweet Topping. Cattle Valley - 3. Tortured Souls. Men in Love - 6 Ellora's Cave: Spectrum.

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Broken Pottery. Campus Cravings - 6. Cattle Valley Mistletoe. Cattle Valley - 2. Going Against Orders. Men in Love - 5 Ellora's Cave: Moderne. Cattle Valley - 1. Forbidden Freshman. Open to Possibilities. Men in Love - 3 Ellora's Cave: Moderne. Twin Temptations. Good-time Boys - 4. Rawley's Redemption. Good-time Boys - 3. Sex With Lex. Garron's Gift. Good-time Boys - 2. Sonny's Salvation. Good-time Boys - 1. Finnegan's Promise. Sacking the Quarterback. Campus Cravings - 2. Ben's Wildflower. Men in Love - 2 Ellora's Cave: Moderne. Branded by Gold.

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Men in Love - 1 Ellora's Cave: Moderne. Author Info.

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Top Authors in Erotica. Release Date: September 27, Will Nialo be able to put retribution aside in the name of love, or will his anger and untapped power rip The Realm apart? Bound to a powerful but lost god, Spiro has spent a lifetime alone. Although sexual diversions have kept his body satisfied, his soul has never known the touch of the one lover he was born to satisfy. Btrayed and hunted by his brother, Nialo fought valiantly until his mother, Gaia, hid him away. One bite from a friendly vampire and Nialo begins to remember who he is and why he was hidden away. His anger and need for revenge are matched only by the desire he feels for the man constantly at his side.

It is the touch of his mate that begins to soothe the savage beast. It is best if read as part of the series.

Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)
Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)
Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)
Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)
Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)
Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)
Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4) Royal Blood (Neos Realm Book 4)

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