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Interactive environments and their application. The relationship between creator and consumer.

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Interactive hardware Game Controllers, VR headsets, phones, etc. Examinations of open-ended play and its relationship to context building.

Interactivity and reception studies. The idea isn't entirely new— Minds launched in —but the site and others like it feel especially relevant as people begin to reexamine the bargain Facebook has made with them. Minds is tiny compared to Facebook—it only has around one million users, , or so of whom are active each month—but it's a prominent example of what it looks like when a platform inverts the traditional ad-supported model. It doesn't feel entirely different from Facebook, at least not at first.

The site's home page is a news feed, with tabs for browsing images, videos, blogs, and groups at the top of the page. If you don't follow anyone in particular, it quickly fills with the equivalent of ads, which Minds calls "Boosts. In a refreshing change from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the major platforms, Minds has also retained a strictly reverse-chronological timeline.

The core of the Minds experience, though, is that users receive "tokens" when others interact with their posts, or simply by spending time on the platform. The tokens users receive for contributing to Minds don't yet translate to real money, but they can be used within the platform to buy two kinds of Boosts. News Feed Boosts largely work in the same way as traditional digital ads, injecting a post into other people's feeds.

Mind | Definition of Mind by Merriam-Webster

Peer-to-Peer Boosts, meanwhile, formalize a part of the digital economy that has always existed, letting you pay another Minds user to share your post to their followers. It's the Minds equivalent of a brand paying an Instagram blogger to wear their shoes, or a musician paying a popular Twitter account to tweet out their SoundCloud mixtape. The difference is that the financial relationship is disclosed in the open.

DashCast Ep. 18 - Bill Ottman (revolexituju.tk, social media, etc.)

Minds doesn't let you use a Boost to target specific users on the platform; your post instead gets shared to 1, random people for each token you spend. Ottman says that if Minds ever did build out a targeting capability, the entire system would require users to explicitly opt-in. The tokens on Minds can be used for more than just ads; they essentially power the social network's entire ecosystem. Using Wire, the platform's built-in Patreon-like feature, users can tip creators, or pay for exclusive content, if someone chooses to place a post behind a paywall.

You can also earn tokens by contributing to Minds' code, or discovering software bugs; the entire site is open source.

Mind and consciousness

Last month, Minds began testing converting its token system—which were previously called points—into a new cryptocurrency, the Minds token, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. In theory, Minds users will eventually be able to take their tokens to exchanges, and convert them into another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, or even into dollars. Minds will likely never become the next Facebook—its relatively tiny user base hasn't grown much over the last couple of years—but it represents a prototype of what could be a very different kind of social network. For one, Minds aims to be community-owned, and it doesn't consider itself in competition with other, similar open-source projects.

Minds Mechanical

Culture Transformation. Becoming a Purpose-Driven Organization. Chief Diversity Officer Advisement. The first of their kind in many companies, CDOs are often starting from scratch. Our seasoned advisers help them make the business case for diversity and inclusion, secure resources, build their teams and craft a change agenda. Stakeholder Engagement.


To drive broad understanding and alignment about the integration, we help clients develop a holistic stakeholder engagement plan that includes both internal and external stakeholders, including media and analysts. Drawing on our team of former management consultants and internal communicators, we help clients assess change readiness, drive leadership alignment, equip managers and ensure continued employee productivity throughout the transaction and the transition.

Our culture diagnostic allows us to identify cultural similarities and differences between the two companies, and potential risk areas, early on. Through culture visioning workshops, we support leadership in defining the future culture of the combined organization and measuring progress towards achieving it. Change Champion Programs. By identifying and training a network of employee influencers, we help build support for the combined organization and its vision through bottom-up advocacy. Change Readiness Assessment.

The Logic of False Beliefs

Through a proprietary tool, we ensure companies have the necessary alignment, governance structures, infrastructure and tracking mechanisms in place before change begins. Change Management. We consider the impacts to individuals at each stage of the restructuring and provide the communications, training and support they need to successfully transition to the new state. Difficult Conversations Training. Restructuring often involves team realignment, role changes and moves to different work locations. By design, our customizable curriculum empowers managers to handle the implications with confidence.


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