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Karin Keck and Sue Moyse. Alexandera M. Those with no definite plans in mind had to evaluate what courses of action best suited their values, lifestyle and capabilities. For those seniors aspiring to attend Medical School the year involved applications, then the agonizing wait for an inter- view and finally hopefully an acceptance. The same hopes, fears and joys applied to those pursu- ing Law, Dentistry, Optometry and Graduate pro- grams. Once the student has been accepted to and decided on a school there was time to party and relax a little.

Other seniors will be entering the world of work. Although internships and special courses have tried to prepare them for careers in sales, public rela- tions, teaching, accounting, management, chemis- try, and other fields, these new graduates know they will will be going out to compete with other people as intelligent and perhaps more experienced then themselves. Many of these students par- ticipated in programs offered by Career Planning and Placement; Resume and in- terview workshops attempted to give sen- iors tips on how to present oneself to an employer.

A few seniors have more on their mind than just finding a job — they have wed- ding plans for soon after graduation. Some seniors haven't tried to think too far ahead and are planning to take some time off from their strenuous studies to travel. Greenwald Ellen A. Gusikoff Michael R. Halsband David P. Herbst Susan L. Hoffman Above Left: Students going on for more education may still have to deal with "Closed Courses" which we all love. Left: Jackie Duma gets practical experience in Physiology. Above: Carol Connor has to get used to a microscope since she's going to Vet school.

Hong David A. Horvath Rose M. Hrudowsky Mary P. Hudson Gehred Wetzel tries to look awake in class Richard H. Hunn Paul M. Hurd, Jr. Douglas R. Johnson Thomas D. Johnstone John S. Joslyn Mary L. Jroski David D. Johnson James G. Kaercher Thomas F. Keck Douglas B. Kellogg Charles J. Kelly Jr. Francis A. Khan Lisa Farrell- trying to avoid studying Eileen L. Klase Virginia F. Kluge I David S.

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Karl A. Enthusi- astic chairpersons and creative canvassers were persistent in recruiting pledges and their work produced a very successful drive. Seniors pledged to give a donation each year for the next ten years, in an amount of their choice. The gift will be decided by a vote at our ten-year reunion. A section of the pledge cards gave space for suggestions on how to spend the money. Overall Drive Chairperson Kyle Mills reported that the suggestions included a lecture series and new sports equip- ment.

Marci Schick was the advisor. Hopefully in ten years, we will still deserve one. Schik, G. Dollin, K. Mills, A. Back: M. Brill, E. Gusikoff, D. Thomas J.


Murdock Phyllis A. Nathan Alison Neaves James C. Neely Thomas W. Neumann Timothy Novatnack Lorraine M. Melissa A. Pagli Sandra L. Paul Susan Piesecki Jeffrey J. Pappas Christopher Peischl Mark F. Alice L. Petrucci Ronald S. Pollack Fernando Presser Thomas J. Ramundo Jr. Caroline E. Rickner Thomas J. Roginsky Nancy A. Rosa Anthony J. Rosato Glen A. Ross Thomas P. Russell Patricia A. Schneider Robert A. Schuhmann Christopher Schultz George H. Sears Elizabeth A. Schwab John H. Schwinn Debra E. Scurnick Christopher Seivard Paula M.

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Admissions Heather Hering Assist. Admissions Gregory Mitton Assist. Admissions Susan Toms Assist. Admissions Howard Reed Assoc. Admissions Therese Schneider Assist. Steven Bell Assist. Courses are offered in both studio arts photography, drawing, sculpture, and painting as well as fine arts Art History, American art and Medieval art. The department sponsors an annual faculty art show. Professor Dr. Jadviga da Costa Nunes Asst. Professor Mr. Scott Sherk Asst. Professor Ms. Dorothy White Gallery Director 1 MUSIC Although there are relatively few music majors only 1 senior this year , the music department is very active in providing entertain- ment opportunities for the Muhlenberg Community.

Each year the department organizes a performance competition endowed by the Class of The competition, which is held in February showcases the best musical talents; the winners, who were announced at Honors Convocations, were Michael Babyak and Barbara Wayman. Also this year, Marylene Dosse, a piano instructor, presented 3 lecture recitals in spring on the music of Eastern Europe. Students are given an opportunity to sharpen their musical skills through private lessons or participation in College Band, Wind En- semble, Jazz Ensemble, or College Choir.

This year, the College Choir, which consists of 25 voices, and is directed by Dr. The Choir also sings a number of concerts on campus. This year, the Philosophy department welcomed Dr. Patricia Spang to the department. Spang teaches Early Modern Philosophy and ran a seminar on Women and Philosophy as well as teaching introductory courses. This year, among the Philosophy faculty, Dr. Also, at Honors Convoca- tions, Dr. Schlect was awarded the Student Council award for service to students for his work on the Alcohol Task Force and several other commit- tees.

Theodore Schick Asst. Ludwig Schlecht Professor Dr. Patricia Spang Asst. The department sponsors Coffee and Fellowship programs which encourage students and faculty to interact outside of the classroom. Students participating in the program were: Deborah Cohen and Gamile Dadus. This spring, the department began a Washington D.

The goal of the program is to provide students with experience in a variety of internships and a small seminar in religion. Because of its wide range of cultural and intellectual offerings Dr. Jennings says "Washington is a laboratory". Rodney Ring Professor Dr.

Roger Timm Asst. David Rosenwasser to the staff this year. At Commencement, Dr. Cartelli received the Linback award for Dis- tinguished Teaching. This year there was a total of 63 English majors and 2 American Studies majors among upper- classmen. Stites, B.

Brown, T. Burke, T Friedman, A. Second Row: E. Olson, B. Wayman, D. Garibaldi, R. Reichard, R. Gathers, M. Andriani, K. Curran, W. Wiebalk, C. Furiga, M. Landis, Dr. James Bloom Asst. Thomas Cartelli Asst. Ralph Graber Professor Dr. Robert Thornburg Professor Mr. David Rosenwasser Asst. Jay Hartman Professor Dr. There are 96 majors at Muhlenberg and 34 at Cedar Crest. Majors gain experience in the field by working on projects such as video movies and working in the new color television lab at Cedar Crest. In addition, the Campbell's Soup video which was filmed on campus in Oct.

Joseph Elliott Asst. Professor - Mr. Daniel Tate Asst. Professor 61 The Education department certifies students who meet the requirements to teach elementary and secondary school. Students take courses in Foundations of Education and Student as Learner, as well as seminars geared toward teaching in elementary or secondary school settings.

Before receiving certification, the student must student teach in two different settings in local elementary or high schools. In the course of the student teaching, they are evaluated by the education faculty before they are liscensed to teach. Michael Carbone Asst. There is 1 upperclass major and the department sponsors a Classics Honor Society. Smith, Dr R. Wind, M. Flynn Back Row: D. Kroll, L Mrs. Reba Marblestone Lecturer- Hebrew Mrs.

Mary Redline Lecturer- Latin Cerullo. On Oct. First Row: S. Second Row: C. Rankin, D. Cervino, B. Third Row: J. McMamara, S. Schick Dr. Robert Croskey Asst. John Malsberger Asst. Indrikis Sterns Professor Dr. Daniel Wilson Asst. Professor A familar sight on campus Dr. Balridge riding his bike. Some of the courses offered are: Intro. Students in some courses are required to do field work, thus gaining experience in dealing with the group of people they are studying. Some students do classical laboratory work, applying the theories of psychology to the study of the behavior of rats.

A biographical sketch of Dr. Graham will be published in the Who's Who in the Frontiers of Science and Technology for his books and study in the fields of hypnosis and mass persuasion. Mary Seay Dr.

Vilma Sinha Asst. Professor Professor Dr. Mandel, R. Schweriner, S. Danek, R. Pollack, R. Schwartz, A. Slane, M. Back Row: M. Young, R Blank, D. Johnson, P. Selfrass, M. Majors are encouraged to participate in supervised in- ternships in local government as well as internships with local attorneys and law offices. Independent study opportunities are available in, political statistics and se- lected research areas.

The department in- troduced a new major — Political Econo- my, which is designed to prepare students for a career in government service, policy studies and management. Chris Herrick Asst. Stewart Lee Professor Dr. Alton Slane Professor Dr. Internships in industry are offered thru Sociology Organizational Analysis and Consultation. Field work and summer field sessions are offered in Archaeology.

This year Dr. The department has a chapter of Omicron delta Epsilon, the honor society in economics. In recent years, the department has grown and expanded and there are many more majors than there were in previous years. Omicron Delta Kappa Sitting: S. Boris, L.

Stauffer, Standing: A. Lee, A. Sokaler, S. Block, D. John Biglin Asst. James Blaylock Asst. Kenneth Clark Asst. Marietta Constantinides Asst. Professor Mrs. Gail Eisenberg Asst. James Marshall Assoc.

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Rohini Sinha Senior Professor Mr. Brent Sjaardema Asst. John Voyatzis Professor Dr. Carol Grener Professor- French Dr. Geaghan, T. Rod- ginsky, G. To this end, the language department offers courses in French, Spanish, German, Latin and Russian and has about fifty majors each year. Many students study abroad thru programs sponsored by LVAIC, although these programs are not limited to language majors. This summer, Dr. Lopez will be taking Spanish students to Madrid where they will continue their studies in Spanish.

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Cose molto cattive Berg, Cosimo e Nicole Costretto A Combattere Cotton club Countdown - Conto Alla Rovescia Cowboy Crank Crappy Toilet But the program must be doing something right, too, to last as long as it has. It is a program that has grown along with the university. Wister Hall produced NBA greats. Major league pitchers have come out of it, includ- ing one who never played baseball at La Salle because La Salle didn't have baseball at the time. It has produced world-record swimmers and American record triple jumpers and javelin throwers. La Salle was the first Catholic college in the nation to sponsor a crew.

For many years, in fact, the Explorers were the best as they captured six Dad Vail Championships, symbolic of small college rowing supremacy, from to And yet, even to this day, you mention La Salle to the average sports fan out there and he or she thinks of one name. No need to mention it. You all know who it is. I mean, geez, the guy hasn't worn a uniform at school for almost 35 years now and he hasn't coached for almost two dec- ades and yet, to hear some people talk, he IS La Salle athletics.

But other Explorers have won their share of Olympic glory, international recognition, and national championships By Frank Bilovsky, '62 You'd think nobody else ever wore the old Blue and Gola.

Humano (HD)

See that. There's no getting away from it. Try to type Blue and Gold and look what happens. That name again. Of course that name deserves its spot at the top of the list. Tom Gola made magazine covers when no college basketball player was making magazine covers. Until he came along, a lot of people thought that La Salle was something you found on page three of magazines. You know, the extension univer- sity. But what we really have had at La Salle is an extended athletic family.

One that has multiplied along with the enrollment of the student body and the number of buildings on campus. The athletic program has mirrored the uni- versity in general. It's come a long way, baby. Here's how long. The Roots The formation of the La Salle athletic program as a struc- tured part of the university can be traced to Former Villanova football player Jim Henry was hired and the two most visible sports instituted were football and basketball. Football lasted 10 years and had its successful moments. But it was dropped in "for the duration" of World War II.

When the war ended, it was decided that football was too expensive to maintain and. Thus basketball became the focal point of the athletic program, the one consistent revenue-producing endeavor. There is evidence that the sport was played at the college on a less formal basis before the move to 20th and Olney. Whatever the date. Temple was most likely La Salle's first game in what we now call the Big 5, although the La Salle book also says that St.

Joseph's was a opponent. Pennsylvania and Vil- lanova first appeared on a La Salle schedule in Here's one more piece of evidence that there was basket- ball at La Salle before The first official game listed in the record books was between the varsity and the alumni, indicating that the school might not have been conducting a formal intercollegiate program but it did have some play- ers.

Some, not many. The final score of that game was Varsity Alumni The final score of the first season was 11 up.

Item specifics

Th homas Conley was the first basketball coach. He was replaced after two years by Len Tanseer, a former Penn star. And before the season, his third, he went out and recruited La Salle's first superstar. The line to see Xortheast [Philadelphia] Catholic's Frank Hoerst was long, even in the days before basketball recruit- ing became a science.

Joe's and Jimmy Usilton at Temple. And I was a tall guy in those days. That's funny. I'm all of 6-foot And 1 never regretted it because La Salle was very good to me. He was the basketball team's only three-time captain. Gola and the late Bob Walters were the only four-time leading scorers Lionel Simmons should become the fourth]. Hoerst scored points in 72 games, extremely im- pressive when you realize that the Explorers only passed the mark once in his four seasons, getting 51 against PMC in The team progressed from a record his freshman year to his senior season And it was during that period that basketball became a regional phenomenon.

Basketball was big at La Salle. Probably bigger than football. And we had Jim Henry and Marty Brill, so football wasn't minor in any respect. But basketball was bigger. Hoerst recalled. La Salle had added swimming, track and cross-country. Facilities were another matter. Hoerst, though, was the first La Salle athlete to pitch in the majors, and his career might have blossomed with the Phillies had not World War II set him back. Eventually, Hoerst became the college's baseball coach Before that, he was a basketball assistant under Charlie McGlone.

That was in the late s, when the basketball program was making its move from a regional to a national force. But there were other athletes beside basketball players at La Salle and one of them put the school on the international map. They said the man belonged in Hollywood. The Golden Age J oe Yerdeur.

He was not, however, a basketball nor a football player. For that matter, he wasn't even a swimmer until someone threw him in the water when he was But beginning in Xo one has ever made a bigger splash for the Explorers' swim program. He came home from Lon- don in with a gold medal after setting an Olympic record in the meter butterfly Before he was finished at La Salle in , he set 19 world records. And he accomplished all of it even though there was no pool on campus.

Mine was international, world- wide. It was a shame because we probably could have filled Penn's Hutchinson Pool at the time if that had been made available to us. Brother Stanislaus said before I got out of school they would have a pool there but it never did come. Brother Stan was full of promise but nothing ever happened. They just missed the mark by about 20 or 30 years. By that time, the athletic program had made some impressive headlines. And none were more impressive than those made by the basketball team.

The late Larry Faust could have used the old Panasonic slogan to describe his career. He was slightly ahead of his time. By the time he graduated from school in , he had led the Explorers to their first post-season tournament NIT and first post-season victory over Arizona in the NIT. He had come a long way from the timid kid from South Philadelphia and he would go a longer way as a pro player with the Fort Wayne Pistons. And Frank Hoerst, who helped coach Faust in college and officiated while Larry was in the NBA, chuckles when he thinks back to those days.

Somebody would shoot the ball and he and I would rebound. I would bang him with my elbows and hips, bang him around and everything. He would look at me as if to say what's going on. And I would say. You're a big guy. You've got to battle back. Larry and I walk out of church together on a Sunday morning and he says to me, 'Geez, Frank, will you ever forget our sessions at the end of the floor, under the basket? I used to hate what you did to me.

Faust enjoyed a good night's sleep. He was unaware that the high school junior sleeping in the bed next to him would become the most famous athlete in La Salle history. But there were some other people — like legendary coaches Adolph Rupp and Everett Case — who knew Tom Gola was something special. Tom Gola was a freshman. Tom Gola was a senior. Ira Davis, who competed in three Olympiads in the triple jump, is considered by many to be the best all-around athlete in La Salle's history.

Tom Gola coached that La Salle team. The school has produced some basketball greats Michael Brooks. Larry Cannon. Joe Bryant. Hubie Marshall, etc. If it hadn't been for a back injury the summer between his freshman and sophomore seasons. Bill Raftery might have made the list Raftery is now a critically-acclaimed color commen- tator on college basketball telecasts. Just to mention all the names would take up more space than has been allotted for this story. But Tom Gola's name is at the top of the list. He was a four-time Ail-American.

He was the first big man who could handle the ball like a small man. And yet he remembers coming to the university from La Salle High, spending four years and never having his coach tell him he was good. Or anything else for that matter. Gola considers Ken Loeffler the greatest coach who ever lived.

When he took over the La Salle program for two seasons, he patterned his coaching philosophy exactly after Loeffler's. Olympic field hockev teams and finally won a bronze medal in I had eight coaches in my pro career. But I think Kenny Loeffler had the discipline and the system to go against anything. Rupp knew it and so did Case. I made three trips down there. But after the last one I told my coach. Obie O'Brien. I told Obie that there were too many alumni involved. So I went to La Salle.

After high school practice, he and 1 would walk around the track, talking about La Salle College. Th hey talk about dollars and big cars and all of that stuff today, but when I was recruited, my two brothers got schol- arships. That was the deciding point. My brother John play- ed on the team and my brother Paul was a little small. But both of them got a college education and thai was very important to the family. La Salle was on the way up. Kenny Loeffler didn't speak to me for four years. His belief was that you were the players and you did your job and he was the coach and he did his job.

After I gradu- ated, my God. But when I was on the team. That was every player who ever played for Ken Loeffler. He never spoke to them because he had his job and they had their jobs. That's the way he looked at it. Shortly after he agreed to take the job, and before it was announced, the basketball program was placed on probation for NCAA violations. Gola pulled no punches with them when the probation was announced and the Explorers finished If you want to quit, get out of the gym.

They were all super guys and I have a lot of respect for all of them. They did a super job. That was the best team La Salle ever had and I said that before the season started. I walked into a situation where I had five Secretariats and I turned them all loose and boy, they ran. They did the whole job because they were talented. But between the team that won the NIT championship his freshman year and the one he called the greatest in the school's history in Not by a long shot.

The Support Staff O [leaking of long shots, here are a couple who turned out to be big winners. Al Cantello. Ira Davis, sprinter and jumper. They both were Olympians. Cantello threw the javelin at the Rome Games in Davis competed in three Olym- piads If Gola was La Salle's most famous athlete, a good argu- ment could be made that Davis was the best. And yet com- ing out of Overbrook High in Cantello, now the cross country coach at the United States Naval Academy, didn't enroll at La Salle until two years after he graduated from Norristown High.

I was working at an asbestos plant in Norristown, seven days a week, swing shift. I didn't even know where La Salle was. But La Salle literally took me out of the factory. Wetzler kept it on the back burner for two years and then we were able to connect at a track meet at Olney High and that launched the whole thing. Joe Verdeur and that whole crowd, i lod, they were impressive. Joe showed me around. And the marriage has been a good one. I'm as loyal to La Salle as Tiunnn is to the Dodgers. I'm like a boomerang. I keep writing letters to the administration, 'Why.

Xow they're starting to. Cantello hasn't forgotten the past, either. The names tumble out of his mouth. You've got to call so-and-so and there's this guy and how about this one? And for goodness sake, don't forget Ira Davis. Well, the invited runners did it and the winner ran a 9. Then we ran our race and I did a 9. And I anchored the mile relay and did something like a He might have been used to being ignored. Coming out of Overbrook, he picked La Salle because "no one else was interested in me. I wanted to run at Morgan State but they didn't think I was good enough. He was the second leading scorer in basketball at Overbrook.

One year he played on the same team with a rather famous gentleman named Wilt Chamberlain. But his most famous athletic feat was the triple jump. It was the event that took Davis to the Olympic games in His best finish was a fourth in Rome. Davis coached track and field at La Salle after his third Olympic visit, first as Wetzler's assistant in and He then took over as head coach after Wetzler's sudden death in and remained until when he was forced to resign to devote more time to his business interests. I Javis recently was cited in 7'he Philadelphia Inquirer as one of the most successful black businessmen in the Dela- ware Valley.

Two athletic success stories to come out of La Salle in the s were baseball pitcher Tom Filer and the soccer program. Without Filer's record in L'nfortunately, the former Explorer has suffered from arm problems ever since. For years, soccer at La Salle suffered from an acute case of benign neglect. But that was before Bill Wilkinson was hired as coach in It put some money in the budget for scholarships. Wilkinson did the rest. They had won 40 games in 22 years before I got there. One day five freshmen showed up.

The next day I asked why. That's how bad the attitude was. I said we would do this and that and then on Saturday we'd do something else. I was walking off the field and one player said. I think we will. Bradshaw, '69 W Mullen James J. Henry ], John J. Francis Loughney, '40 Football Charles R.

McGlone, '42 Basketball James W. Scanlon, '61 Soccer Paul R. Prettyman, '41 Football Corner James P. Tuppeny, '50 James J. Phelan, '51 Track Basketball Thomas J. Haggerty, '55 Swimming Alonzo M. Gavin, '57 Track Patrick P. Henry Coaches' Softball Francis R. Until his job forced him to resign, his La Salle teams won games in 17 seasons. La Salle had never done anything in field hockey before the s, either, mainly because La Salle never had field hockey before the s. Title IX changed that. The women's program has grown tremendously since being launched at the university in One reason for its success is Diane Mover, currently the field hockey coach at Yale.

Mover was recruited out of Muhlenberg High in Reading as a basketball player for the season. She stayed with basketball for onlv one season. But she played field hockey for four seasons, Softball for four seasons and swam and dove for two years. She also was able in finish her degree in four years as a psychology majoi "The school was really good to me. La Salle was a wonderful experience for nil' A.

Mover was chosen for the first-ever United States Olympic field hockey team. But the United States decided not to send a team to Moscow. McGahey is out of field hockey now but Moyer is still deeply involved. Beside coaching the Vale team, she also is an assistant coach for the Olympic team.

So everyone at La Salle can be proud to know that the school will have at least one representative in Seoul for the Summer Games. And almost six decades after the all men's college moved to 20th and Olney, its one sure representa- tive will be a woman. Yes, Virginia Slims.

Inside Penn State Football. Founded in Most other institutions offer only two of the three services. Initially, the center was founded with the concept of developing some sort of community service. It was seen as a community relations liaison rather than a catalyst for neighborhood develop- ment. Gradually, the center began to develop its community service and technical assistance capabilities.

Slow- ly its work was re-directed toward the concept of education. Urban studies and neighborhood research became more important as an academic dis- cipline. Neighborhood residents were invited to become part of the univer- sity's educational process by taking non-credit courses. Moreover, our urban location should be seen as an op- portunity, not a drawback, for students who are preparing for many careers in America and the total world of the 21st century. Virtually all of La Salle's urban affairs programs have their meaning in these two principles. It has been estimated that there are about LaSalle.

Spring 33 70 neighborhood organizatons in this area; university officials work directly with leaders of about one-third of them. Dennis Brunn, who served as executive direc- tor of the center from until last summer. Ebooks and Manuals

La Salle's center, adds Dr. Richard T. Fasaha Mvumbuzi Traylor. And the Urban Center really has other things it needs to pay attention to. She served as director of the center's Summer Youth Project from In addition, she was the direc- tor of the African Free School for nine years. She has a bachelor's degree in economics from La Salle, a master's degree in urban studies from Temple University, and is currently working on her doctorate in sociology at Temple.

Xow it is time to move on. My goal is really going to be to blur the distinction be- tween La Salle and the community. I want everyone to be unable to tell who is La Salle and who is the community. I believe that will benefit both. Fleming has retired from Chrysler Corporation, in Detroit, after 34 years of ser- vice. California as vice president. Chancier was named vice presi- dent of Smith, Bucklin and Associates.

He will continue lo represent clients from the firm's Washington office. Lutz was appointed executive vice president of Flanigan. O'Hara and Gentry. Lowery is celebrating the fif- teenth anniversary of his company. Liberty Laboratories, engaging in the sales of specialty maintenance chemicals and re- lated machinerv.

McVey has accepted the position of national accounts manager at the Pilling Company, in Ft. Joseph T. Paslawski is director of the U. Thomas Haag is assistant director of corporate development for Rohm and Haas. Dougherty was appointed regional director of appeals in the Internal Revenue Service Mid-Atlantic Region, headquartered in Philadelphia. Paul F. Naughton was elected senior vice president-finance for Potomac Capital Investment Corporation. Washington, DC James J. Boca Raton. Chain, Jr. McCabe lo Jane Weis. Hee is the regional compliance man- ager with the Equitable Life Assurance So- ciety.

William D. Colligan was promoted to senior vice president at Continental Bank, Philadelphia. Keen was named general practice partner of telecommunications and health care at Coopers and Lybrand's Philadelphia office. Conroy was promoted to director of capital planning at Conrail. William J. Friel was promoted to executive vice presi- dent. Edward A. Grant is the co-founder and vice president of operations of Lyuk Corporation, which de- signs, manufactures and sells IBM-com- patible computer terminals and printers.

Charles D. Henderson has joined the home office of Cigna Corporation. Property and Casualty Companies, as a product line superintendent, general liability, respon- sible for the technical administration of Cigna's Western region. Robert A. J Peter J. Ryerson was promoted to LaSalle, Spring 35 senior manager at Peat. Mark D. Pilla was named presi- dent and chief executive officer of Com- munity Memorial Hospital, Toms River. J 77 Drew J. Edward J. Hodnicki is central regional marketing manager for Nabisco Brands, in Des Plaines. Mansor was named manager of the accounting department at Northeastern Hospital, Philadelphia.

Joseph P. Denis P. McCrossan was elected vice president of the Fitzwater Organization. Michael T. Mokriski was promoted to sales manager at Fleming Companies. Timothy Nicholas Rausch has been admitted to the practice of law in Pennsylvania. Mary Cate: to Donald J. Hennessy, Jr. Clayton and his wife Marilyn, a daughter.

Alexis Kimberly: to Karen Kroft Hoehn and her husband, their second daughter. Katie; to Thomas J. Semin- ack and his wife Valerie Konieczny Semin- ack 79, a daughter, Kierstin. Bonanni has passed the Penn- sylvania and New Jersey bar examinations. He is associated with the law firm of Brobyn and Forceno, Philadelphia. Thomas M. Ingo S. Alger was promoted to vice presi- dent, J. Morgan Investment Management. New York. He also became a Chartered Financial Analyst. Eleanor C. Avallone was promoted to audit officer at Continental Bank, Philadelphia. James E. Neal is assigned to the U.

Cali- fornia. Joseph F. Christopher Trotter served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic where he advised a loan fund for women's small businesses. Brennan, Esq. He has been admitted to the Bar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Michael P. McDugall has accepted a position with General Electric Credit Corporation in the commercial real estate financing oper- ations, in White Plains. Nicholas G. Giuliani, '83; Merle S. Joseph A. Braccia was named portfolio manager at Fidelity Bank. Philadel- phia Donald P.

La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)
La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition) La sciamana (Camelot) (Italian Edition)

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