Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God

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Nowadays, Dionysus is mostly remembered as a toga-wearing though he mostly wore fawn pelts god of wine and parties. While this depiction is partially true, this god was much more powerful, and much more influential, than a mere god of good times.

10 Party Facts about the Roman God of Wine

Dionysus was a god of earth who controlled plants and animals and everything that derives from them , as well as having the ability to inspire great ecstasy or great rage—like the wine he is remembered by. To get a sense of the power that Dionysus had in mythology there are a few modern examples that reflect the old god of the vine. That jolly, singing, ivy-draped and bearded man who hands out drinks that cause ecstasy is a decent depiction of Dionysus on a good day. Another great literary figure with similarities to Dionysus is J. While the character of Bombadil remains a mystery, the books hint that his incredible power over nature dwarfed all of the other wizards, sorcerers and powerful beings in the universe of The Lord of the Rings.

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Tom Bombadil, via Flickr user Lorenzo Tlacaelel. The first country and people to worship Dionysus remains unknown, but many historians believe Thrace modern Bulgaria may be the likeliest location. In Greece, the worship of Dionysus became entangled in the Eleusinian small town near Athens Mystery Religion cult of Demeter and Persephone, but the god of wine also had a strong following in his own Mystery Religion.

Twice-Born Dionysus. There are two major birth myths attributed to Dionysus. Both myths share the same main godly figures, but they set the events differently. In both myths, Zeus is recognized as the father of Dionysus.

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Both myths also portray Hera as a character who wishes harm to be done against Dionysus and his mother. In the normal origin myth, Dionysus was the son of Zeus and the Theban princess, Semele. For those not familiar with Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus was not married to Semele. No, he was already wed to another deity, the goddess Hera. By sleeping with Zeus, Semele brought upon herself the wrath of none other than the queen of the Olympian gods.

The next time Zeus visited Semele, the princess made the lightning god promise to reveal himself in all his godly radiance. When Zeus fulfilled the promise, Semele, who was pregnant with Dionysus, was either burnt to death by the incredible light, or she was struck dead by stray lightning. Zeus sewed Dionysus into his thigh until the god was old enough to be born again. The normal birth myth ends with Zeus tasking the messenger-god Hermes with the mission of delivering Dionysus to a group of nymphs, who would watch over him until adulthood.

The Orphic hymns are believed to have been written in Imperial Rome, between the reigns of Augustus and Constantine. In this myth, Hera let the young god be born and her wrath skipped Persephone to fall solely on the young Dionysus. The infant Dionysus was lured away from the safety of his powerful father, and the titans—literally—ripped the boy-god into pieces and ate the scraps.

The lightning god was then able to impregnate Semele with that heart, bringing Dionysus back to life. Hermes carrying baby Dionysus, photographed by Roccuz, via Creative Commons.

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The Orphic version of the Dionysus birth story held great importance in understanding humanity in Greek and Roman religion. The great Titans, with the pieces of Dionysus in their stomachs, were turned to ash. Please check within the app to confirm the current prices. Kurtzman's Jungle Book.

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  • Bacchus Vol. General Fiction. Comics Bulletin. And to think, it was under my nose this whole time! Send Feedback. He had a few names: The Romans called him Bacchus. Bacchus was adapted from the Greek, Dionysus, and shared mythology with the Roman god, Liber.

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    He was the god of more than just wine. Bacchus was diversely depicted, yet always identifiable. He had famous parents. He was born again. He had a drunken mentor. He had a hard-core entourage. People sacrificed things in his honor. He was the youngest member of the 12 Olympians.

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    He threw wicked parties. About Kanchan Schindlauer I'm a certified wine geek, constantly discovering new facets in the joy of wine.

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      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God
      Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God Bacchus: The Saga of the Wine God

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