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Refractive Indices

You can see that from right to left there is degrees of placement that will allow you to have front light. There is one point in the middle, however, that is at the same angle as the camera.

A light ray is incident on a glass plate at an angle of 40 degrees

On-axis lighting is from the position angle of the camera to the subject, not necessarily at the distance of the camera. That means there is no triangle horizontally from light to subject to camera. As you can imagine the reflection is straight back into the camera. A wide, soft light with few shadows. In the diagram below we see side lighting and backlighting.

Side lighting is as its name suggests, directly from the side of the subject creating a degree angle to the camera angle.

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When we move the lights farther back from sidelighting, we have backlight. Backlight has all the same angle variations as does the front lighting. If it is slightly in front it is front light, and slightly behind it is backlight. As you can see above, the angle of the light to the subject, and to the camera, makes a big difference when you are working toward making the shot look a specific way.

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And NONE of them are the most important — they are all equally important. Change one, you may have to indeed change another. Change that one, and you may have to alter two others to make it work for you. All of this only matters to you if you know what you want your image to look like. Do you want soft light, or do you want hard-edged light?

Researchers develop color filters that respond to the angle of incident light

Do you want a mixed light image that looks natural, or do you want to play with color temps in a creative way? If we move our light closer or farther away, what does that do to the look of the image? Do we need to bring out texture, or is a flatter look our goal? These questions are usually not asked in order in our brains.

All of them are asked at the same time, and we react to these creative decisions by utilizing the tools we have for creating them. And now, with these basics, we can begin to create the images to present OUR vision of the subject in front of our lens. I keep the emails on point, and relevant to photographers who want to discuss more than gear.

Composition: Angle of Light

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And yet it is one of the most basic and important physical rules of subject centric lighting. What does it mean and how can we use this to our advantage? An example. I will explain. Front light: You can see that from right to left there is degrees of placement that will allow you to have front light. Front Light One. Front Light Two. Words were borne upon the breeze, Like September leaves we caught them, Shared their colors, let them go Just another day in autumn. But in that leaning toward the night There was nothing without shadow. And no dark without the bright, In the angle of the light.

Colder winds would shake the trees, Four-leaf clover will stay hidden, For fickle luck brought only grief, And these memories come unbidden. And no dark without the bright In the angle of the light. Skip to primary content.

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An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light
An Angle of Light An Angle of Light

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