The Whole of My World

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In fact, it was quite the opposite. Her job allowed us to stand by for free on most American Airlines flights, so on many weekends, we would show up to the airport with suitcases packed, and find the soonest flight to whatever destination we were interested in visiting, often bouncing from standby list to standby list, knowing full well at the end of the day we may not be going anywhere but home.

One of my first plane trips was to Madrid, when I was just a few months old. My sister and I were so young and the Spaniards ate so late that my parents had to make do with snacks for dinner most nights. When I was eight-years-old, I climbed inside the Pyramids of Giza and had my first taste of freshly-baked pita dipped in creamy, olive oil-topped hummus.

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And by age 11, I was flying by myself to Michigan, but still! When I graduated from middle school, my mom put me in charge of planning a trip to London for just the two of us—down to learning the subway system and buying our theater tickets. These trips shaped my values. They made me care about those things that are bigger than myself.

They reminded me why travel was such a priority for my mom in the first place. As women, she would tell me, we are always the first to make compromises, and to sacrifice our own needs for those of others.

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But why should we? She wanted to be financially independent so she made it happen.

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She wanted an interesting, engaging job so she got one. She wanted to travel the globe, and she did. Because of my mom, I decided to work in food media after college, even though I had zero connections in that world and all my peers were going into finance. I wrote a cookbook while working as a full-time journalist. I lived in England and France on shoestring budgets.

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One writer reflects on the ways her mother's constant travel—and frequent absences—taught her to be powerful. Share via Twitter.

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Some things will never change But I'm hoping that'll never change us Be a pity if I stayed the same I went from growing I need you to grow up It's funny how I found my flame Reflection of our creator And I'm loving that it feel the same way And I know my friends they all gon flame us. We a trip falling from the stars And we already aligned so you know I'm gonna the whole world World, world, world, world, world, world You know I do Love loving you I'll give my whole world to you Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's funny how things never change Past, present, future all the same stuff And I know that I'm still learning things How to live, how to love World, world, world, world, world, world.

Jorja Smith.

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The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World The Whole of My World
The Whole of My World

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