The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)

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What really went on in Wonderland.

We believe that these lists contain the most often recommended books, but our aim is to continue expanding them to include more of the hundreds of books and articles on these topics. If any reader feels that we have made a any major omissions we would be pleased to hear about them. See also, our General Reading List. A large-format book glossy book with an interesting selection of images, but rather let down by the general design. Gernsheim's selection of images tends to be limited and his text is somewhat outdated, in view of the research that has been carried out since.

Nonetheless, it is a recommended introductory work. This is by far the most comprehensive work on Dodgson's photography. This book reproduces, with annotations, all the photographs in the Princeton University collection over images together with a thorough discussion on Dodgson as photographer and a catalogue of known Dodgson photographs. One of the most significant aspects of the work is the fact that it reproduces all of the images in the collection, giving a far more representative view of the variety of Dodgson's work than had been previously presented.

Inevitably further discoveries have been made which were not included in the photographic catalogue - the most up-to-date catalogue based on the one presented in the book, but expanded is now online elsewhere on this website: Click Here. Roger Taylor's extensive introduction forms a particularly good account of Dodgson's photography set in an historical context. Published to coincide with a major exhibition of Dodgson's photographs, this is a valuable book for anyone researching the subject. A good selection of what the curators believe to be the very best of Dodgson's work are reproduced in high quality and Nicholl's essay assesses the work in an art historical sense.

Combined biographies of Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll, written for children. An extremely useful introduction to the whole story of their relationship, profusely illustrated and with some very handy lists and references - all in all, it is a delightful book. Biography of Alice Liddell.

Straightforward, very readable and well illustrated; particularly useful for the family trees. Out of print but readily obtainable second-hand. Profusely illustrated biography of Alice Liddell, a complement to that by Anne Clark. It is presents the life of Alice in a less interesting way than Anne Clark's books, but has far more illustrations which present the artistic side of the Liddell family. Out of print, but readily available second hand.

Contains resreach not included in The Real Alice and newly sourced illustrations. Bibliographical Studies, Publishing and Illustration.

The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)

Exactly what the title says. Thoroughly researched and invaluable to anyone interested in tracking down some of Dodgson's minor works. Note, this is a bibliography - it does not reprint the articles themselves. Once again, the cast of characters is strange, and includes a beaver, and once again the stanzas are all rhymed poetry, but the lines are more complex and the entire story more engaging.

The first piece in the book I thoroughly enjoyed, once I got the feel of it. I was inspired to read the original versions of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass after watching the Tim Burton movie version. The Disney version, a TV version, and the children's books I read as a child are all mixed versions of both stories, and I realize that I had never really read the originals!

I esp. I had so much fun reading Lewis Carroll! It is very funny for an adult -- I was inspired to read the original versions of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass after watching the Tim Burton movie version. It is very funny for an adult -- many puns and illogical thinking! A child would simply not get the humor! I highly encourage you to pick up the original Lewis Carroll. This version also has great original illustrations! In fact, they were hard to read. Perhaps because they were written so long ago, it was difficult for me to process them.

Alice in Wonderland is by far my favorite story in this book. Lewis Carroll does an amazing job creating a unique, "mad" world in which Alice has her adventures.

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I never read this book as a child, but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy Although I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, I didn't find the other stories to be interesting at all. I never read this book as a child, but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy stories.

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  • Lewis Carroll (1832–1898).

I can't seem to find the version of the book that I read, but the title was similar to this one. I know this story very well so I mostly skimmed through this book. I focused a lot on the pictures because I'm connected very much to my artistic side of the brain. The pictures were very detailed although the pictures were drawn in a very fine ink pen and in limited amounts of area. Each piece of art, I would say, probably contains more that 3, strokes of an ink pen.

This was a cute and fun book to read. I had a lot of fun.

I love all of the allusions it gives you. Also, I loved the plot. It's a bout a teenage girl that gets suck into the underworld. She meet many different characters. Some scary others just weird. She needs to defeat the queen to save the underworld. Although this book was most fantasy it was very interesting and I will probably read it again.

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  4. The Best of Lewis Carroll by Lewis Carroll.
  5. I recommend this book to mostly girls, because it's a girly kind of book. Maybe I'm not intellectual enough to appreciate Carroll's poetry, his plays on words or his cooky imagination. I think my brain actually hurt after finishing those two stories because of the tangents and non-sensical dialogue.

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    5. Like I said, maybe I just don't get it. But I do want to see the new movie with Johnny Depp. I loved through the looking glass, there are lots of parts of it that are mixed in with Alice in Wonderland and visa versa and many parts that are left out if you've only ever seen movies of the story. Havening trouble getting through "A Tangled Tale" has a lot of math to the core of the story and I've never been one to enjoy or be good at the maths.

      Phantasmagoria was quite interesting, as was the Hunting of the Snark. A Tangled Tale is perhaps the best set of story problems I have ever encountered. I'd give the lesser works four stars. There were the wonderland books, of course, but I'd read those before. What interested me more was the letters. Otherwise, you will have a nice walk, passing the post office both ways, and arrive home with the letter still in your pocket. While I truly love the Alice stories, I cannot say I am truly a fan on nonsense Alice's nonsense is in many ways controlled by her mind.

      It is a beautiful story of writing your future. But the rest is just too entirely nonsensical to truly have an interest in reading. I only read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, that's what I gave the 5 starts to. I had to return it before I got to Through the Looking Glass. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading more of him. Starting off with Alice in Wonderland and going through a collection of Lewis Carroll. This is my bedtime reading when I need a little variety.

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      It just isn't right that I haven't read Alice in Wonderland! Knowing the real story behind Alice in Wonderland ruined this for me, however, it was still a fun read. Lewis Carroll brings forth some interesting concepts in these stories, but personally I am not a fan of his writing and how most of it seems as though it is nonsense. Just as classic a book as it was when I last read it at eleven years old. You'll love the use of language.

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      I was curious to know the actual story of Alice and it seems to be a bit different from all the movies. I enjoyed both stories. Also, if you like poetry, you will find some in this book! I read this when I was really young and didn't like it. So, I thought I'm read it again. Guess what. I still don't like it.

      Summary Bibliography: Lewis Carroll

      I'm sure any Lewis Carroll fan has a book of the compilations of his work. I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and reading his other works was great too. I know they say he was on opium when he wrote these books and other weird things about Lewis Carroll, but wow! He does an amazing job of describing a dream and then the imagination of a child.

      Lewis Carroll

      Wonderful , funny and amazing!!! I would like to give 5 stars , but I am not familiar with english poetry so this why it has 4. A wonderful magical book involving rabbits, chesire cats, the queen of cards and many more strange creatures. It was enjoyable to revisit these classic tales as an adult reader, and I look forward to sharing them with my younger sister in the coming years as she learns to read. The math story was a little annoying And the letters to the little girls creeped me out. This volume contains the two Alice tails, as well as some other odds and ends.

      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)
      The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated) The Best of Lewis Carroll (Annotated)

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