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Our criteria will be a mix of cultural impact, and listenability while you road trip with the top down, put some dogs on the backyard grill, or chill by the pool. This song is an absolutely ball, the definition of an anthem, everything you could ask for in a pumped-up party jam.

There's not much else underneath the surface — it falls under the John Mulaney-described genre of songs for somethings where "tonight is the night and we only have tonight. It's just so boring. Sounds like it was made to sell a Honda Civic in a Super Bowl ad. White boy angsty without being anywhere near as meme-able as "look at this graph" from Nickelback.

8 Best Summer Songs of - Summer Weather Playlist

Snoop's verse is cheesy as as a cheddar wheel, but the music video is iconic and it's the epitome of a light-hearted summer hit. Admirably sexy in a fun way by really leaning into self-aware corniness that could've otherwise tipped into cringe. Bruno whyyyyy? This eked out the stupidity of "Airplanes" purely based on that damn acoustic guitar.

It's also boring, and at least with millionaire recording artists singing about flaunting their money, it's a fantasy we can all indulge in aspiring to achieve. This is just depressing — you wanna be a billionaire so bad? Bitch me too, the fuck. Every single day of that summer we were all collectively shufflin'. Is it inane? Does it make any sense? Is it fun as hell? Oh, absolutely. Does anyone even remember OneRepublic?

Most of these "bad" summer songs aren't even so heinous that they push into being fondly remembered. They're just tragically, forgettably bland. Also, negative points for being part of the advertising for literally every "inspirational" or "uplifting" family film at the time. This little number launched the career of cult Queen of the lovelorn gays, Carly Rae.

What Will Be the Song of the Summer for 12222?

It is the purest form, the definition of a "bop. Perhaps, making one of the millions of lip-sync videos that followed. If "Friday" was considered the cursed viral video of the time, then this is its blessed counterpart. Now this is "sexy" in a cringe way. Drink some Respecting Women Juice, then we'll talk, sir. God, everything about this is just so good, and so tight: Pharrell's velvet voice; Nile Rodgers, the legend, just jamming out on that rhythm guitar; Daft Punk's robotic synth voices becoming part of the rhythm.

TOP 50 Summer Songs of June 2019

It is a goddamn crime that this song never got a full-length, official music video the video above is compiled from the second SNL teaser. The genius of "Do You Love Her Now"—and there is plenty of it to revel in, along with its companion piece, "He"—is in the swell, the wind up, the circularity of Paul's purring, assuring voice.

The production is soft, confident, profuse.

We're Calling It Now: These Will Be the 45 Hottest Songs of the Summer

It sounds like the perfect summer road trip with friends, daylit and full of wonder waiting to be unlocked. Steve Lacy is a pretty big deal. He's part of the band The Internet, he's a producer for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and he just put out his first solo album which he made on his iPhone.

Neal Stephenson's Latest Book Dodges Its Scariest Premise

Who will come out on top as summer winds to a close? We'll know soon enough. Elena Lacey; Getty Images. Related Stories. Jason Parham. Related Video. His Phone Steve Lacy is a pretty big deal. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More culture. Author: Jennifer M. Wood Jennifer M. Author: Julie Muncy Julie Muncy. Book of the Month.

8 Perfect Songs to Soundtrack Your Summer

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Summer Songs Summer Songs
Summer Songs Summer Songs
Summer Songs Summer Songs
Summer Songs Summer Songs
Summer Songs Summer Songs

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