POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)

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Life sure knows how to knock you on your ass when you’re already confused about which way is up.

Every example includes stunning photography and commentary written by leading architectural critics and historians, including Gavin Stamp, Elain Harwood, Barnabas Calder, Ellis Woodman, and Gillian Darley. With originally self-published works like Fifty Shades of Grey turning into mind-blowing blockbusters, both traditional and indie authors have embraced the romance genre as never before. But when original plots don't come easy, where should a writer begin? Right here, with prompts to everything from paranormal romance to erotica. For a science fiction author, the dream is to go boldly where no one has gone before.

But sometimes, the writing seems to be going nowhere at all—and future, alternate, parallel, or speculative worlds just won't come into focus. Fortunately, this guide helps show the way, with prompts for everything from alien invasions to cyberpunk and beyond. From window displays to weddings, paper flowers are blooming everywhere. This exquisite collection contains a bouquet of beautifully simple step-by-step projects, complete with templates. Combining journalistic insight with historical hindsight, this authoritative record presents a century of world military history, from till today.

Presented in a dramatic newspaper style, and featuring unique original photographs, it covers all major battles from World War One to the Global War on Terror. Jam-packed with information on crucial events and influential personalities, Years of Warfare will fascinate both military enthusiasts and general readers. The first crossword puzzle appeared years ago, and what better way to celebrate than with puzzles from the nation's top constructors? Grouped by decade, the puzzles range from the sublime--Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic--to the ridiculous's Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction.

Celebrate the innovation and creative inspiration of contemporary beadmakers from around the world! This gorgeous volume in the popular Showcase series presents 1, unique beads, all handcrafted from a dazzling array of materials—including glass, polymer clay, ceramics, metal, paper, fiber, plastic, wood, and stone.

Each one is a magnificent piece of art, whether on its own or in a piece of jewelry or other ornamentation. From intricate Celtic knotwork and geometric tribal art to old-school flowers and skulls, this chunky tattoo sourcebook offers ways to decorate your body. In addition to the incredible range of options, there's technical advice on reproducing the most intricate patterns, information on creating temporary designs with body paints, and safety tips. Use these images as inspiration or trace one directly from the page.

Which rock star died twice in a day? Which bands were considered cursed? Celebrated journalist Robert Lodge chronicles outrageous antics from the birth of jazz through heavy-metal hell-raising and twenty-first century pop. From a classic omelet to a quick curry, from one-pot suppers to light soups and salads, this one-stop cookbook has an amazing array of easy and delicious meals.

There's something to please every palate and for every occasion, whether you're rushing to put supper on the table, barbecuing outdoors, or preparing a showstopping feast. With mouthwatering color photographs, this is the ultimate kitchen essential. For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array of spells for every conceivable desire, both big health and healing and more specific like selling a house.

Have nothing but a deck of cards? Clear illustrations demonstrate how to execute each move precisely. A chart gauges the difficulty of each trick. Begins with games that children as young as five can play with their parents, then Aimed at the girl about town, this groovy guide features recipes for high-powered, brightly colored cocktails—including nonalcoholic options—from Bee Stings and Blue Velvets to Pink Flamingos and White Ladies.

Tips on mixology, presentation, and girls' night events help turn each drink into a fun experience. Sometimes geography can feel like a mass of info to learn by rote.

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But it's an important way to make sense of our complex, unpredictable world. From glaciers and global warming to latitude and longitude, this fast, fun book provides students with of the most important geographic facts they'll need to know. It's the perfect introduction to a really cool subject! Equations, symbols, formulas: math may give you a headache, but it's crucial to success in school and business.

This engaging and entertaining guide makes things easier with facts that help with everything from pie charts to timesaving tricks for problem solving. When you understand science, you understand what makes up our known reality, from microscopic quarks to amazingly gigantic stars and black holes. So get a grip on the subject with this straightforward, fascinating, and illustrated collection of science facts. From food chains to astronomy, it illuminates our world and beyond! Social studies is all around us, from the communities we live in to the different cultures around the world.

It helps us become better citizens and understand how governments work, and deepens our appreciation for our extraordinary global village. Here are of the most important things students will ever need to know about the subject, whether it's human behavior and beliefs or environmental change.

Nothing says good manners like an elegantly crafted thank-you note, whether on paper or by e-mail. You'll never be at a loss for words of appreciation! The bible of booze is bigger and better than ever! For a window into your most inspiring and imaginative thoughts, look to your dreams. To remember those dreams, count on this gifty journal. Rich in information from the bestselling 12, Dreams Interpreted , each page reveals the fantastic meanings of quotidian objects and occurrences that surface in your reveries.

Keep it handy so you can jot down the details as you awake. Gobble, gobble, munch, and crunch: watch the pages disappear! Five hungry dinosaurs--from mighty little Microraptor to colorful Carnotaurus --sink their teeth into this tasty novelty book, created with the American Museum of Natural History and Caldecott Honor winner Steve Jenkins. Kids can count along as the dinosaurs take bite-sized chunks out of each page. The number of bites matches the counting number on each spread!

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Fun facts about the dinosaurs--and what they liked to eat--appear at the end, along with a listing of dinosaur details from Simple facts about each predator appear in the back matter, and a final spread reinforces counting skills with a list. Filled with illustrations, it captures those final violent pushes, and is a must-read for military enthusiasts. JFK vs. Nixon Along with a wealth of memorabilia, and images from acclaimed photographers of the era, features a trove of rare and previously unpublished interviews with scene-makers and musicians of the time and the people who knew them.

Take a photographic journey through the most revolutionary year of the twentieth century. This stunning book captures in all its glory and turbulence—its social unrest, political turmoil, and cultural upheaval. Remaining faithful to Jules Verne's original, it tells of marine biologist Pierre Aronnax, his assistant, Conseil, and harpoonist Ned Land, who go in search of a sea monster but end up on board the Nautilus —a submarine commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo.

Specially commissioned full-color artwork adds excitement and atmosphere. Go 20, Leagues Under the Sea and see Jules Verne's fantastic water-world as never before: through more than 70 stunning steampunk images illustrated by the incredible William O'Connor.

Come on board Captain Nemo's Nautilus and plunge below the waves on a voyage of exploration and imagination. Designers or crafters who want to work with, and combine, colors effectively, will find this illuminating guide a must-have. It explores various concepts ranging from hues, values, and chroma to simultaneous contrast and perceptual transparency. In addition to examples from cutting-edge artists, it includes an inspirational series of color palettes taken from photographs of landscapes, urban subjects, and everyday objects. Excitement is building for the greatest soccer competition on earth, and this winning mix of World Cup-related puzzles, games, doodles, and stickers is guaranteed to appeal to kids.

Nothing beats the sporting spectacle of the World Cup, and this official fact file for kids helps them get ready for the excitement of Russia When it comes to sports, nothing equals the World Cup—and young soccer fans will find a wealth of information about the event in this colorful, compact handbook hosted by Zabivaka, mascot for the upcoming Russian games. Meet the super strikers and midfield masters, find out the different prizes players can scoop up in Russia, and get the best stats, puzzles, quick quizzes, photos, stickers, and more.

Get ready for the excitement of the World Cup! Packed with stunning photography and expert analysis of each team, its star players, and its prospects in the finals, this official tournament preview is essential for soccer fans everywhere. It features a guide to all 12 stadiums and 11 host cities, a history of the FIFA World Cup, and a tournament progress chart to complete as competition progresses.

For Gus, a bright year-old with dreams of escaping, life there is made even worse by bully Bo Taylor. When Bo tries to force Gus to eat a spiny cactus, Rossi Scott, one of the best racers in Nowhere, rescues him by relinquishing her prized dirt bike. Gus agrees to do anything to get it back—even if it means going into a deadly mine to hunt for gold. A gripping story about friendship, hope, and finding the power within ourselves. Packed full of home accessories, fashionable essentials, and wardrobe enhancements, these delectable designs are a must-make for the stylish, modern knitter.

Each one, from a stunning evening scarf to a decorative cushion for the living room, is creatively bead-dazzling! In addition to stunning photos and a section outlining all the beading basics, Debbie Abrahams provides tips and alternative ideas for every project. From the raw energy of Urban Cool to the restrained quiet of Modern Minimal, there's something beautiful here for every room and home.

These knitted cushions feature traditional cable, moss, and lace stitching, combined with unique color and embellishments—be it the vibrant, textured Rainbow Drops pattern or a design with an unusual buttonhole panel. Detailed instructions, photos, and hints assure knitting success. These are positions every chess player must know, presented by an international grandmaster and expert teacher.

This strategy-packed book offers 50 openings; middle-game positions, arranged by theme; and endgame positions that cover everything from pawn and knight to bishop and queen. An introduction explains the importance of these positions and the ideas they represent. This latest collection from the famed Grabarchuk family—the preeminent creators of brain-teasing eye candy—bursts with color and creativity. And each one of these diabolical teasers must be solved in three minutes or less! Brainiacs in search of a treasure trove of terrific teasers will find these perfect. Think like a chess grandmaster.

Each one features test-yourself quizzes and diagrams for visual learners, while challenging tactics appear several times so you can learn how to use them to full advantage. What makes you smile? An adorable kitty peering out from under a blanket? Snowmen lined up in a row, all holding their brooms high? A man sitting by the dock dressed in a dragon costume? With humorous photographs and accompanying quotations, this cheerful collection serves up sheer joy. Dip into it every day to make life just a little brighter. The frenetic pace of life today can leave us stressed out. This wonderful coloring book, filled with beautiful, sometimes fantastical, drawings, is the antidote.

Featuring a different topic for each month of the year—from pets and flowers to mandalas and Christmas—it allows you to rediscover your inner serenity. Accompanying maxims, thoughts, and aphorisms invite reflection and promote well-being. Great things take time. This splendidly photographed little book can help. In addition to inspirational images that impart strength and serenity, it features maxims, nuggets of wisdom, and practical advice that will support your personal journey, increase your self-esteem, and stimulate an optimistic outlook on life.

East Asia gave birth to exceptional thinkers and spiritual guides such us Confucius, Lao-tzu, and Buddha. The photos capture breathtaking golden sculptures, magnificent paintings, stunning silks and banners, and young monks following the ancient traditions. Meditation, inner peace, a respect for nature, a detachment from worldly goods: all these concepts from Eastern philosophy have become key elements of Western spirituality.

This volume, rich in splendid photographs and thought-provoking quotations from eminent exponents of Eastern wisdom, will provide inspiration all year and promote inner growth. In addition to ancient proverbs, the wise words come from such spiritual masters as Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Buddha. Who knows how to laugh is master of the world. The heartwarming photos in this collection will light up your face and put a smile on your lips. It features hundreds of cheerful, funny images of silly animals, yummy treats, joyful children, and other crazy things, all accompanied by clever quotes and famous comic lines.

What a great way to start every day. Nature, in its majestic simplicity and diversity, has always stimulated our imagination. Each day of the year, go on a journey of inner peace by gazing upon photographs of awe-inspiring mountains, seascapes, forests and fields, waterfalls, and starry night skies. Nothing is constant except change. The thoughts, maxims, and philosophy of the Buddha and his disciples have illuminated the path for men and women everywhere throughout history.

Combining Buddhist words of wisdom with gorgeously evocative images, this book will accompany and inspire readers as they go forth on their daily spiritual journey. These quotations, paired with extraordinary images, brim with inspiration. Digital technologies enable anyone with a basic knowledge of fashion design and computing to create 3D images—still and animated—that capture how fabrics look and clothing fits. Packed with tutorials and step-by-step instructions, this guide explores the capabilities of 3D fashion software.

It covers the principles of working in three directions; creating the mannequin avatar, garments, accessories, and textures; case studies; and software programs. Unleash your inner animal!

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Kids can go wild with these four amazing jungle masks, which capture some of the most special endangered creatures on earth. Choose from a colorful parrot, elephant, tiger, and chimp—you just have to press out the pieces and glue them together. Take 5. That, and 15 minutes of cooking, is all you need to put a delicious dinner on the table. Take four cute boys from Sydney, add a dose of fast, fun rock with powerful melodies, and you get 5 Seconds of Summer, one of today's hottest bands! Here's the story of how one album, a handful of singles, and two tours with One Direction have transformed Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin into budding superstars.

What architecture inspires the experts? Through perceptive interviews, architectural journalist Pamela Buxton has created outstanding portraits of the best in modern architecture—including designs by such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Alvar Aalto, as well as lesser-known gems. Kids will have a blast creating these 50 simple, quick, and fun projects!

From a tiger mask to a dinosaur model, from a toy soldier to a jet plane, these creative crafts are all made from everyday materials like clay, paper, and pebbles. Detailed step-by-step instructions, along with colorful illustrations and photographs, introduce basic techniques to help children develop their artistic skills. Even novice knitters can handle the garter stitch—one of the simplest to master. And these easy projects are so charming and versatile that they'll gratify beginners and satisfy experienced knitters alike.

Choose from 50 items, including hats, pullovers, cowls, home goods, a layette, blankets, and more. In search of the perfect pattern for a knitted present? Look no further, thanks to this mini-reference of year-round gift ideas. With home decorating items, toys, personal accessories, and garments—each featuring special holiday and seasonal touches—there's something for everyone! Bored with vanilla sex?

Get your kink on by exploring the world of BDSM bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. Let the fun begin, with this sizzling-hot guide to power play! Learn the ropes literally of bondage, have a spanking good time, and enjoy daring ideas with whips and Wartenberg wheels. Plus, the pack includes an imitation-silk cloth to use as a restraint or blindfold! Pick any of the 50 cards for guaranteed fun: the sexy games are designed to reach all body parts and use the vibrator alone or with other toys.

And guys—don't worry: there are ways to get you in on the action, too! No, not that kind of rabbit! Show some restraint! Today, more people than ever are discovering the pleasures of bondage and the thrill of taking and relinquishing control. These cards will bring their sex lives to the boiling point with more than 20 knots to use for the ties that bind. Along with an exploration of the multiple joys of cuffs, straps, and harnesses, couples will find tips on erotic positions and bonding arrangements to enhance their ecstasy.

Packed with incredible photographs and stories of the acts and attendees, this is a must-read for music fans everywhere. Exact formulas for making hundreds of blends for skin and hair care, relief of stress and premenstrual syndrome, baby oils and powders, cellulite reduction, massage oils, and more. Everyone who loved the original Handmade Books will eagerly dip into this visually dynamic follow-up.

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Offering stunning new creations by an international roster of artists, it showcases the unlimited creative possibilities of books as objects and as sculptural pieces. Along with traditional, richly embellished volumes, boundary-pushing works unfurl, scroll, and flip; feature improbable materials like metal, fabric, wood, and glass; and include lush, handcrafted papers. You'll see. Figure out how many legs the happy hippo has; what's weird about an unusual building; why a page with wiggly, wavy lines can make you seasick, and more. All the illusions will astound you as they mess with your mind and your perception.

Paper craft is a dynamic medium that's in the midst of a renaissance—and this entry in the very popular series reveals the creative work of today's most gifted and original artists and the limitless potential of the craft. This breathtaking entry in the highly successful Ceramics series ventures into the hottest area of modern ceramics: image transfer on clay. Juried by the renowned artist and teacher Paul Andrew Wandless, it showcases a visually intriguing collection of contemporary work in this rapidly evolving field. The featured pieces include silkscreen; newspaper, tissue, and digital ink transfer; stencils and more, printed on everything from earthenware and porcelain to stoneware and vitreous china.

The breathtaking Teapots launched a bestselling series—and it remains hugely popular. Now comes a gorgeous follow-up that documents the continued vitality of the form and of a new group of top international artists. Ranging from classically beautiful to wonderfully witty to wildly imaginative and ultramodern, these teapots will inspire ceramicists, collectors, crafters, and enthusiasts. Quilters: prepare to be inspired!

Juried by Karey Bresenhan, a renowned figure in the quilting world, and featuring a huge roster of the very best national and international artists, these masterpieces showcase classic patterns, forms, and techniques. Enjoy a year's worth of creative adventures with Digital Photo —the essential publication on digital photography. With invaluable advice and fully illustrated step-by-step guides, this stunning collection helps anyone create beautiful, professional-looking images using a variety of subjects and techniques. The 52 projects range from portraits in natural light and night photography to holiday gatherings, architecture, reflections, motion blurs, special effects, and abstracts.

Family road trips can be adventurous, economical. This hilarious book is packed with more than classic car games to keep the kids amused and the parents sane. Everything from guessing games to driving songs to jokes will keep children entertained and the grown-ups frustration-free. In an era where everyone has their eyes on a screen, what better way to bring family and friends of all ages together than good old-fashioned indoor games? From Charades to Consequences, Chinese Whispers to Twenty Questions, here are 60 classic games that will create indelible memories of family fun, warmth, and tradition.

Today those classic games of Hopscotch, Skipping, Bulldog, Hide and Seek, and others are almost forgotten. This beautifully illustrated nostalgic collection will help you relive those innocent games and pass them on to a new generation. Knitters begged for more—and here they are! Following the success of 60 Quick Baby Blankets , this collection has the unrivaled quality and quantity that fans expect. And the designs are irresistibly adorable, including modern stripes, whimsical animals, and a mermaid tail.

Every one will be loved for years to come. Wrap up baby in something cozy, comfy, and cuddly! The latest addition to the bestselling 60 Quick Knits series features adorable blankets, throws, afghans, and cuddlies in a variety of sizes and styles. Cowls are more popular than ever, and these 60 quick and luscious designs will appeal to knitters of all skill levels.

Any one would make a great gift or satisfying go-to project. Every baby needs these knits—and every knitter needs this book! The latest in the bestselling 60 Quick Knits series, it features easy, creative, adorable projects that range from blankets and booties to onesies, cardigans, hats, and toys. Each one is made in cuddly Cherub, a popular, well-priced, ultra-soft acrylic yarn.

Offering a wide array of creative techniques and attractive patterns, 60 Quick Knits for Beginners is an essential volume for new and novice knitters. Accessible, fun, illustrated with step-by-step instructions, and featuring insightful sidebars throughout, it offers a variety of irresistible projects, from scarves, cowls, and mittens to shawls, socks, and baby clothes. Knitters will love making these 60 adorable garments and accessories—and little kids will love wearing and using them! Every project is stylish, playful, and practical, from a Cat Hat with pointy ears, button eyes, and an embroidered face to a Raccoon Blanket, Striped Cardigan, Clown Mittens, and pencil-shaped scarf.

As they work, knitters will master vital skills, from garment shaping to construction and more. America's knitters have spoken! The 60 patterns in this stunning collection come from yarn stores across the US, who chose the styles their customers like best. Knitters will love creating this collection of 60 cool toys, which range from tools like a hammer and screwdriver to a ballerina doll.

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  • Whip up a menagerie of stuffed animals, a jumbo tic-tac-toe board, hand puppets, or a unique medieval set with a king, queen, dragon, and castle! Every project will capture your heart. A fantastic addition to a bestselling series. How often have you seen a sweater that was almost perfect—if only it had a slightly different silhouette, collar, or trim? Renowned designer Melissa Leapman shows how to make it so, by modifying a basic pullover sweater pattern to create every possible neckline, sleeve, and body option.

    The result: more than interchangeable combinations to fit every preference and size—the most ever in one book! What if all you needed was 60 seconds a day to create a yearlong record you'll treasure forever? It's easy to chronicle your daily happiness with this beautiful journal. Thought-provoking prompts on every page a rotating set for every three days make it a pleasure to track your accomplishments and joyful moments, and acknowledge the people and things you're grateful for. This sexy kit, with its naughty activities, is for bold and adventurous couples only.

    And when you want to get really kinky, use the cord that's included in the package for a little light bondage. In paperback at last, this popular guide to kiln-forming glass--melting cut or crushed glass and then shaping it with molds--features 19 beginner-friendly projects. Award-winning author Brenda Griffith covers all the fundamentals, along with some intermediate and advanced techniques such as pot melting, inclusions, and mold-making, and offers advice on adding decorative surface treatments to the finished piece.

    A Butler's Guide to Entertaining This is the ultimate guide from the man who knows how it's done, whether you are hosting cocktails for colleagues, afternoon tea with the family, or a full-blown feast for friends. Real butler Nicholas Clayton covers invitations, greeting guests, seating plans, place settings, and much more! A Butler's Guide to Gentlemen's Grooming And since not everyone has a personal butler, this short guide is here to take his place. It cuts to the chase, with information on skin and hair care; a style guide with tips on what to wear when ; and advice on keeping your clothes and shoes in tip-top shape.

    A Butler's Guide to Table Manners Which fork should you use? How do you open a bottle of champagne? Let an experienced English butler get your etiquette up to snuff! Nicholas Clayton covers everything from napkin folding and cutlery to eating soup, spaghetti, and artichokes. With diagrams to illustrate all those tricky little rules, along with tips and hints, this book will teach you manners fit for a king.

    A Campfire Tail Then, just as his buddy is about to give up, Dragon comes through in a pinch. This sweet, funny picture book teaches an important lesson about the true meaning of friendship. A Celebration of the Seasons: Goodnight Songs Now this collection of beautiful poems by Margaret Wise Brown Goodnight Moon comes in an adorable board edition—still gorgeously illustrated by 12 award-winning artists. From fluffy clouds and butterflies to furry bunnies and life from a bug's-eye view, this stunning sequel to The New York Times bestseller Goodnight Songs celebrates the beauty and wonder of nature all year long.

    Each song is magical. A Children's Treasury of Lullabies Lullaby and good night —sweet songs bring sweet dreams. Tender lyrics, illustrated with Linda Bleck's gentle pictures, make this the perfect treasury for singing little ones to sleep. A Children's Treasury of Mother Goose A Children's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes A Children's Treasury of Poems What child's bookshelf is complete without a superbly illustrated collection of classic poems?

    Featuring the most renowned creators of children's verse, this exquisitely produced anthology makes the perfect read-aloud and an ideal introduction to poetry's rhyme and rhythm. Linda Bleck's colorful artwork has a fresh, fun feel, and kiids will love listening to the imaginative words of Lewis Carroll, Kate Greenaway, Edward Lear, and many others. A Children's Treasury of Prayers And prayer is an integral part of that religious education. Inside this stunningly designed anthology—now in paper—are prayers from many cultures and faiths that speak directly to children.

    A Children's Treasury of Songs A Child's Book of Poems A Child's Garden of Verses A Christmas Carol Dickens's tale of a miserable miser who transforms into a kind and caring benefactor after three ghosts pay him a visit on Christmas Eve is one of the best-loved works in the English language and a true celebration of the Yuletide spirit. This special pocket edition features an elegant bonded-leather binding, distinctive gilt edging, and decorative endpapers.

    It's perfect for Christmas, and any other, season. A Chronology of Aviation A Couch for Llama The Lago family really loves their couch. But all good things come to an end, and, one day, the family must replace it. As they drive home with their new couch, though, it falls off their car and into a field. Can the family get its furniture back—and keep llama happy? A Curious History of Mathematics Because learning the language of mathematics can be daunting, many people simply abandon the attempt.

    By taking a historical perspective, Joel Levy opens new doors into this amazing world. In understandable, nontechnical language, he explains how mathematical science advanced through the ages and introduces crucial concepts, from simple arithmetic through algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus, up to chaos and infinity theory.

    A Day at the Beach What's better than a sunny day at the beach? Preschoolers will love learning their numbers, thanks to an inviting seaside scene and a new friend: Starla the Starfish. Starla shows kids the joys of counting sunhats, sailboats, seashells, kites, bubbles, and other beachy things.

    With its appealing art and engaging concept, this board book will become a favorite. A Day at the Farm Come down to the farm for an alphabet adventure, where children will meet adorable animals, see what's growing, and learn their ABCs, too. Colorful, contemporary art captures everything from the apples on Farmer Al's trees to the buzzing bees that zigzag by the zucchini—and preschoolers will enjoy memorizing the large, easy-to-follow letters. A Daybook of Grace Spend time with God each day. With the prayerful words in this beautiful devotional, spiritual seekers can reflect on His love for them and the wonderful plans He has for their lives.

    Each page will draw them nearer to the heart of God, and help them experience grace and blessings more deeply and profoundly than ever before. A Dot in the Snow As Miki the polar bear romps in the snow, he spots a bright red dot far off in the distance. It turns out to be a little girl.

    She and Miki toss snowballs, have icy adventures, and eventually find their way home to snuggle with their mothers. Wonderfully sweet and spare illustrations capture a wintertime friendship in this warm picture book. A Dozen Cousins Not easy! They used up all her paint. They put a lizard in her hat to see if she would faint. A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts A beautiful, illustrated guide to the most magical creatures of legend and myth. Fairies, demons, four-legged fiends, and, of course, zombies: the world is filled with fantastical beings, beautiful and scary.

    Come meet them in this magnificently illustrated menagerie, which includes many creatures made famous by popular fantasy and sci-fi film franchises. Take a detailed look at everything from goblins, pixies, and gnomes to vampires and dragons, and discover their origins in literature, folklore, and ancient history. A Frontier Fort What was it like to live in a nineteenth-century fort, in the midst of the wild frontier? Take a peek inside its strong, high walls to see how it was built; what a pioneer cabin was like; what the people there did all day; and how the forts sometimes grew into bustling towns.

    Cutaway illustrations capture the fort in its spectacular entirety. A Game of Thrones Puzzle Book Unofficial and unauthorized, but filled with fun, A Game of Thrones Puzzle Book whirls you across Westeros and beyond on a voyage through the glorious realm, so beautifully portrayed in the television series and vividly described in the novels. You'll come across deadly enemies, uncertain allies, perhaps even a trustworthy friend or two, all drawn into some of the most gripping puzzles yet devised.

    A Girl Called Genghis Khan Meet Maria Toorpakai Wazir, a brave Pakistani girl who pursued her love of sports in spite of being taunted and beaten. When the President of Pakistan gave Maria an award for outstanding achievement, the Taliban threatened her squash club, family, and life.

    Maria's story will inspire and empower all children. A Good Day The perfect gift for any occasion, this inspirational package includes a DVD with two short Schwartzberg films including Gratitude ; Br. A Grandparent's Keepsake Album Many grandparents want to chronicle the birth of their grandchild—and capture precious milestones as baby grows. Beautifully illustrated, it offers creative prompts and space for adding notes, photographs, cards, and other memorabilia. This special book will become a treasured heirloom that grandparents can share and pass down from generation to generation.

    A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling A Guide to Quilling Flowers A History of Videogames The fascinating story of the creation and development of videogames encompasses hardware, software, concept, equipment, and more. Now the curators of the award-winning National Videogame Arcade go on a journey through joysticks and microchips, Game Boys and guitars, exploring how videogames are made, played, and loved. A Home for Hare and Mouse Hare and Mouse need a house! How about a grassy burrow?

    Maybe the soft bed of leaves? But in the end Hare and Mouse find a home—and a good friend, too. Inspired by the Paul Klee quote, this unconventional coloring book encourages kids to think creatively and draw freely to produce their own brand of imaginative art. A Little Bit of Angels Angels will warn us, protect us, and enhance our lives—if we understand how to work with their energy.

    But how do we ask our angelic guides for intervention? Or determine if their influence is improving our lives? This fascinating introduction to the perennially popular field of angelic intervention provides us with practical advice that we can easily integrate into our daily life.

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    • A Little Bit of Astrology Explore the zodiac, and see how it affects your life! Astrology is an ancient art in which the movements of the stars and planets can divine the future. Find out more about the practice, its history, and each of the 12 sun signs—and then follow the detailed information on how to create a natal chart and use it to craft personalized horoscopes.

      A Little Bit of Auras Find your aura! Every person, animal, and place has an aura: a rainbow-colored energy field surrounding us. In addition, renowned author Cassandra Eason provides a range of spiritually enhancing hands-on exercises to try. A Little Bit of Ayurveda Ayurveda lets patients control their health by focusing on prevention, not medical intervention. A quiz provides a complete Ayurvedic self-evaluation.

      A Little Bit of Buddha At its heart, Buddhism blossoms from one source: Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. Chad Mercree, a lifetime student of Buddhist philosophy, reveals in simple language how Buddhism can yield personal growth in the modern world. Because every journey is unique, Mercree relates his own story, as well as the experiences of famous Buddhists throughout history, to help you apply Buddha's principles to your personal path. A Little Bit of Chakras Chakras began as part of the mystical Vedic tradition of Tantric and Kundalini Yoga, but have evolved into pathways for healing and exploring consciousness.

      With gorgeous diagrams and visuals, and an accessible text by two renowned authors, it reveals how to use chakras for transformation, well-being, increased vitality, and more. A Little Bit of Crystals From choosing the right crystals and assembling a basic collection of important stones to creating a crystal "center" at home, this accessible guide helps you add a powerful source of energy to your daily routines. There is a crystal remedy for almost every issue: physical pain, insomnia, conflicts with loved ones, and more, as well as advice on crystal elixirs, meditation, visualizations, and fortunetelling.

      A Little Bit of Dreams Stase Michaels draws on a lifetime of experience as a dream analyst and three degrees in psychology to lead you through the magical forest of dream interpretation. In this eclectic, in-depth look at dreaming, she explores how dreams happen and why they are a reliable source of self-knowledge. Michaels also delves deeper, explaining the five simple steps that help beginners understand dream technique.

      A Little Bit of Fairies Whimsical and lyrical, this book explores what and who fairies may be and is sure to intrigue everyone who wants to acquaint themselves with these otherworldly beings. Elaine Clayton takes a look at how we distinguish fairies from angels, how fairies came about, visions and dreaming of fairies, looking for fairy faces in rocks and nature, the co-existence of animals and fairies, and more. A Little Bit of Goddess From seasonal celebrations to miracles and rebirth, discover the divine feminine. This introduction to the goddess explores her power, magic, and rituals, along with the Maiden, Mother, and Wise Woman archetypes, the SHE of clay and stars, and goddess meditations for love, success, wealth, health, creativity, and more.

      Enter the inner temple, pore through a Goddess Directory, and see how to become part of the Goddess Community. A Little Bit of Intuition Intuition is something we're all born with and use every day. But generally, it's not consciously explored and strengthened like a muscle. But with the right work, we all can increase our intuitive ability. This fascinating introduction guides you, with the help of real-life examples from over two decades as a spiritual life coach, how to listen to your intuition, act upon it, and discover the resulting flow and magic that comes from living life intuitively.

      A Little Bit of Mantras Chanting a mantra repeatedly can actually affect your state of mind, elevating your consciousness, altering your emotions, and bringing you peace. A Little Bit of Mantras presents an introduction to these sacred, spiritually empowering words, phrases, and sounds. It explores the history of mantras and how they work, and gives you chants that you can use with your yoga, meditation, or other daily practice. A Little Bit of Meditation Meditation is a proven method of finding calm and coping with our crazy world.

      Amy Leigh Mercree explores the history of this ancient practice as well as its practical applications—including decreased anxiety and a more contented life. In addition to outlining the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ramifications of meditating, she includes a selection of easy-to-follow guided meditations. A Little Bit of Mindfulness Mindfulness can keep us centered, calm, and energized—no matter how much the fast-paced outside world keeps distracting us. She teaches methods for staying in the moment, cultivating inner peace, accessing a deeper creativity, and creating a healthier body, along with rituals that support these mindfulness techniques.

      A Little Bit of Numerology Through numerology, you can uncover the inner and outer forces that shape your life. Novalee Wilder gives an overview of this ancient esoteric system, providing a step-by-step guide to calculating your essence with the numbers 1 through 9 and using the results to explore your personality, understand life lessons, and set goals. Wilder also discusses name vibrations, the Numeroscope, understanding others through numerology using famous figures as examples , and applying numerology to daily life.

      A Little Bit of Palmistry Cassandra Eason lays out the basics of this ancient practice by discussing the importance of "life lines," "heart lines," and other truths written in our palms. A Little Bit of Pendulums With every swing of the pendulum, you can develop your spiritual energy. Dani Bryant, a green witch, provides an easy-to-follow guide that explains how to choose or craft your pendulum, and use it for dowsing and divination. A Little Bit of Reiki The Japanese art of Reiki can reduce stress, aid relaxation, enhance energy, and promote healing.

      Expert teacher Valerie Oula introduces you to this profoundly beneficial hands-on practice, providing a history of Reiki and an overview of how it works. A Little Bit of Runes She explains to readers exactly what runes are, how to make their own, which ones are right for them, and much more. A Little Bit of Shamanism She creates a methodology for bringing shamanic wisdom into our daily practices, and explains how establishing a relationship with our helping spirits can heal ourselves and our communities. Through shamanism, we can become the vehicle for change our world so desperately needs.

      A Little Bit of Symbols Symbolism is the best evidence that we understand more than we consciously realize—but what exactly are symbols? And how can they expand our consciousness?


      A visionary psychologist answers these and many other questions as he delves into the symbolism of everything from shoes and animals to UFOs and dreams. Along the way, he explores Jungian archetypes, imagery and metaphors, spiritual symbolism, and even symbol dictionaries. A Little Bit of Tarot Tarot cards can offer nuanced, personal readings even for beginners, helping us face the future, solve present-day problems, and better understand ourselves. Cassandra Eason opens a window onto the world of tarot, from choosing the right pack to interpreting the cards.

      She lays out the most important spreads, suggests intuitive methods for choosing cards, reveals what psychic protections to take when doing divination, and more. A Little Bit of Wicca Wicca is growing in popularity, and Cassandra Eason—acclaimed for her writing on witchcraft and spirituality—takes a look at its origins, uses in everyday life, and gods and goddesses. A Little Bit of Yoga Today, yoga is embraced by many as a means of enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual health. It can calm, strengthen, increase flexibility, and improve mental clarity through deep breathing and poses.

      A Little Chicken Perfect for kids who need some encouragement to face the challenging world, this story proves that sometimes a big hero is just a little chicken. A Little Princess A Matter of Fashion Sometimes a single garment can change the course of fashion forever.

      Consider the Burberry trench coat or Givenchy's little black dress—milestones that transformed everything. A Matter of Style A Matter of Style documents the unforgettable lives of ten female icons of style and elegance who revolutionized the concept of femininity, captivated entire generations, and remain inspiring models of beauty. A Medieval Castle Go back in time to the Middle Ages, when life centered around a castle and knights in shining armor defended its walls.

      A Million Bears A Million Cats Chubby cats. Smiling cats. Cats on buses, pedaling bicycles, playing instruments, and napping happily on branches: lots of cats to color and love! Fans of fabulous felines will find kitties aplenty on these fun and whimsical pages.

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      Each picture is rich in beautiful detail to spark the imagination of prospective artists—and keep them happily occupied for hours. A Million Christmas Cats A Million Dogs Chubby dogs. Smiling dogs. Pups wearing fantastic hats, piloting planes, playing accordions, and jumping playfully: so many dogs to color and love! Fans of fabulous canines will find puppies aplenty to color on these fun and whimsical pages.

      A Million Owls Origin — Dan Brown The Wanted — Robert Crais Twisted — Helen Hardt Darker — E L James The Rooster Bar — John Grisham The Alice Network — Kate Quinn Milk and Honey — Rupi Kaur The Midnight Line — Lee Child Little Fires Everywhere — Celeste Ng End Game — David Baldacci Year One — Nora Roberts The Good Daughter — Karin Slaughter. Darker - E L James. End Game - David Baldacci. Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng. Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur. Origin - Dan Brown. The Alice Network - Kate Quinn. The Good Daughter - Karin Slaughter.

      The Midnight Line - Lee Child. Alex Cross - James Patterson. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts. The Economist. The Economist - A compilation of romantic Christmas movies for you. Impossible Saints by Clarissa Harwood General Fiction Set in England in , Impossible Saints is a novel that burns as brightly as the suffrage movement it depicts, with the emotional resonance of Tracy Chevalier and Jennifer Robson.

      Paul, an Anglican priest, has a big ambition of his own: to become the youngest dean of St. Paul and Lilia must reach their breaking points before they can decide whether their love is worth fighting for. Impossible Saints. Friedrich Nietzsche -. Beyond Good and Evil Part 1 - Introduction. Friedrich Nietzsch. Friedrich Nietzsche. Neitzsche - Beyond Good and Evil. Foreign Affairs - January - February The leading magazine for analysis and debate of foreign policy, economics and global affairs.

      Foreign Affairs January February Saeed Chandio. The Call of the Wild by Jack London. The Call of the Wild. The New Yorker - December 29, Publishers Weekly - December 30, The Jobs - January 01, New Zealand Listener - December 28, A Journey to the Center of the Earth - Disc 1 of 8. Track 1 - A Journey to the Center of the Earth - Disc 2 of 8. A Journey to the Center of the Earth - Disc 4 of 8. A Journey to the Center of the Earth - Disc 3 of 8.

      A Journey to the Center of the Earth - Disc 5 of 8. A Journey to the Center of the Earth - Disc 6 of 8.

      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)
      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)
      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)
      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)
      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)
      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)
      POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2) POLLYANNA HAS HER ARSE WHIPPED (The Sexual Adventures of Pollyanna Book 2)

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