On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas

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But resistance is growing, and a counter-proposal aim Listen to the Amazon shared a post. The Arco Minero, mega-zone decreed by the Venezuelan government south Orinoco , for the exploitation of mineral resources.

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This story map shows the overlap of this area with natural resources and indigenous territories. We Are Made of the Sacred! Trees in the Amazon make their own rain. Scientists uncover why it starts raining in the region several months before it should. Listen to the Amazon shared a link. Listen to the Amazon shared a video. El Salvador is now the first country in the world with an all-out ban on the mining of gold, silver, and other metals.

This sonnet was published in the Review Trocha 5 , Iquitos, as an "anonymous contribution and a "literary oddity. Did you wish him your hoarded gold thus dropped upon, a fitting tomb, where the gallant bard be rested? Hail, O giant, your majesty torrential you who swell as through Andean peaks you wend and your kisses bathe my fatherland's terrains! Of the precious poet of your brawn's potential, of Fabriciano Hernandez, our inspired friend, miser that you are! Thirty three years later, in , Izquierdo Rios himself, in his volume Pueblo y bosquel 10 ["People and Forest"] brought to light, without any other information, the name of the sonnet's author, the doctor and poet Miguel A.

Rios reprinted the poem with variations in some verses and in the final tercet, taking it from an original that an acquaintance of Dr. Rojas had given him. He received his primary schooling in his native city and secondary education at the " Porvenir de la juventud " ["The Future of Youth"] private school in Lima, headed by clergyman Juan de la Cruz Rolando, where he was sent by his parents at the age of eleven.

He enrolled in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos to study medicine, and when still a student at San Fernando he enlisted in the service to defend the capital from the threat of Chilean occupation. On that occasion he was assigned to the San Bartolome hospital as an emergency- service surgical assistant for the war-wounded from the battles of Chorrillos, San Juan and Miraflores.

In he went to Chachapoyas as a full-time physician. In his native city he was also professor of the Seminary School, where Horacio Urteaga, who went on to became a notable historian and Dean of the School of Letters in San Marcos, was his student. In he was elected deputy Representative by the province of Bongara. He then resided for eight years in Cajmarca, practicing his medical profession A sonnet of his, written in and transcribed by Carlos E. Paz Soldan in La Reforma Medica , dates from this period.

The poem's tercets contain an accomplished metaphor of human life and destiny: Man is not the water drop unsullied, pure, that comes falling down from up above on high to plunge headlong in the lowly filth of swamp; he is the drop, turned mist, that from slime endures, up ever higher, pure, crystalline will fly to the cloud that thunderclaps in booming pomp. Rojas practiced his profession, en passant, in the cities of Moyobamba, Tarapoto and Yurimaguas.

Once in Iquitos, he was elected Municipal Alderman, eventually assuming the complete mayoral duties in that city. His name appears among those in attendance at a farewell banquet that the Iquitos community held on March 23, 13 for the Department Prefect, Don Hildebrando Fuentes. In , elected by popular vote, he occupied a seat in the Senate of the Republic, representing Loreto. Important public works in the city of Iquitos are tied to Manuel A. Rojas' municipal and parliamentary endeavors, including the installation of wireless telegraph communication services, city sanitation, the establishment of an experimental agricultural station and an industrial school, the paving of the first block of Raimondi Street with imported stones, and the construction of the Santa Rosa hospital and Matriz Church.

In the intellectual milieu of the Loreto capital, Miguel A. Rojas made known his oratorical and lyrical gifts by celebrating with rhetorical gallantry in the public forums he took part in, capturing both the heroic and noble soul of the native men and the exotic beauty of the jungle woman.

There is a brief journalistic chronicle and a comic poem by Monsieur Treville Romulo Paredes that celebrate this intellectual quality of Miguel A. Rojas l4.

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Some writings by this doctor-poet are published in Iquitos' El oriente under the nom de plume of "Mar", an acronym of his name. Rojas set down in words an elegy to the Amazonian woman, waxing epithetic and metaphoric, as we can see in this passage: Like a bud enfolded midst brocades, thus were you born, o chimeric flower! In these abounding forests of plenty, here you were born, prodigious flower; here, under this luciferous vault, where in hymns of vibratory strophes and a sun sparkling at the gentle touch, from resplendent, fertile Nature, bursts out in blooming song to life.

Rojas was in Mollendo and Arequipa, where he made the social rounds and shared in literary activities with Jorge Polar and Juan Jose Reynoso. In he took up permanent residence in Lima. On June 6, , he became a member of the National Academy of Medicine with a first-rate speech, "Reflections on the Medical Ideal", which he expanded into a book, El ideal medico y el medico ideal [ " The Medical Ideal and the Ideal Doctor "], published in , wherein he offers a series of essays expanding on his own reflections, and confrontations between his book learning and his knowledge gained from the experience of a long, sixty-year professional career.

On March 10, , Miguel A. Rojas paid tribute publicly to another great physician of his generation, Leonidas Avendano, who died that year. This homage is published in a pamphlet l6. The speeches from this tribute are published in the review La Reforma Medica, Rojas died in Lima on December 6, , leaving an unfinished book, Elogio de la sordera ["In Praise of Deafness"], though it tortured him in his waning days. A selection of the speeches, poems and thoughts of Miguel A. Rojas was put out in by Gustavo Collantes Pizarro l9.

The sonnet To the Maranon was read by its author following his prayer In Memoriam, delivered on August 24, , at the memorial for Fabriciano Hernandez. The poem and speech prompted the high ecclesiastical authority, the Bishop of Chachapoyas, Fray Francisco Solano Risco, to attempto to excommunicate him.

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A pedagogue, he went to various cities in the jungle region, eventually heading the Centro Escolar No. As a journalist he wrote in Iquitos dailies and journals, a city where he was also Editor of El Eco for a time and a correspondent for El Comercio. Many of his journalistic works appeared under the pseudonym of Fradoc, an anagram of his given name and surnames.

Felipe Documet Silva authored an emotive Hymn to the Amazon , which garnered a prize, the Floral Games Silver Orchid, at an event held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National School of Iquitos. The poem is a lyrical postmodernist song written in octosyllables, forming nine-verse stanzas with even-line rhymes. The poem showcases, successively, the many and varied marvels of the Amazon River and the rain forest through which it runs.

Thus, present in the Canto are: the power of the mighty river's waters, the romantic charm of its red-hot beaches, the placid beauty of its shores where the planted fields lie, and the fury of the tropical storms with their lightning and hurricanes and other extraordinary and unusual wonders of the Amazonian landscape. Documet's poem makes constant reference to typical plants and animals of our jungle, alluding also to legends and well-known myths of the region. Comparison and simile are the most frequent and effective techniques in Documet Silva's poem, a work that brings to us an exaltation of the jungle and the river, together with the author's soulful impressions born of contemplating an awe-inspiring natural presence: Thus do I sing of your currents, of the urges that you feel to overspill your shores as if you only were anxious to grow as wide as infinity, for you cleave, and rend and steal away the lands that are your bed like he who takes one into his confidence to broaden his ambition.

Felipe Documet Silva wrote a three-act drama in prose, Huiracocha, or the Conqueror of the Chancas, which takes issues and characters from national history and recreates the life and customs of our Incan forebears. In Manuel Pantigoso devoted a eulogistic newspaper article to him, stressing his work as a teacher and poet.

It was published in Cronica Cultural on October 18th of that year. He brought his lyrical compositions to light in El Eco and other journals of the Loreto capital, achieving renown as a popular and extemporaneous poet. His most well-known poem, A Orillas del Amazonas "On the Banks of the Amazon" was published in Trocha 5 , and is a beautiful and accomplished composition, a true lyric canticle to the immense and arrogant panorama that is our jungle, the quintessence "of Nature's creative power.

Since his taking up residence there, nothing is known of his life. Most likely he died in complete oblivion, drunk on sun and solitude in some area of the rain forest he so dearly loved and of which he so often sung. Department Prefecture Archivist for many 20 years, he started writing engaging and good-humored critical and satirical newspaper pieces in , popularizing the pseudonym Amicus Plato. Among the species captured, L. Regarding the distribution of this species, L. The species of medical relevance are L. Further Desjeux reports that Le. Furthermore, the presence of Lutzomyia geniculata Mangabeira was noted.

This species belong to the subgenus Psychodopygus and has been reported by Feliciangeli et al. Since few variations in the spermathecae has been found, Feliciangeli suggests that this species could belong to the geniculata complex, however male specimens that could be appropriately identified have not been captured until now Feliciangeli et al. Nyssomyia and Psychodophygus subgenus have a wide range of species distributed in Southamerica and some of them have been incriminated in the transmission of Leishmaniasis Desjeux Our study show that L.

Even though they have not been incriminated as vectors, we think that high densities, wide range of distributions and antropophilic behaviour are some of the risk factors that could incriminate species in a transmission zone.

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Literature Cited. Agudelo, L. Oswaldo Cruz Presence of Lutzomyia evansi , a vector of American visceral leishmaniasis, in an urban area of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. Enzootic cutaneous leishmaniasis in eastern Panama. II Entomological investigations.

Deforestación en el Amazonas / Deforestation in the Amazon Basin [revolexituju.tk]

Data base. Computer aided identification of phlebotomine sandflies of America. Kreutzer, R. Tesh, J. Boshell, M. Palau, E. Duque, D. Nicholls, C.

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Morales, D. Distribution and etiology of leishmaniasis in Colombia. Gallego, R. Tesh, A. Morales, C. Carrasquilla, D. Young, R.

On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas
On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas
On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas
On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas
On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas On the Banks of the Amazon / En las orillas del Amazonas

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