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  • Indian or Common Cobra (Naja naja naja).

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The present study evaluated the acute bio-physiological effects of Lethal dose 50 LD 50 of crude venom of Black Pakistani Cobra, Naja naja karachiensis, collected from Southern Punjab, Pakistan. Background: Najanalgesin, a toxin isolated from the venom of Naja naja atra, has been shown to exert significant analgesic effects in a neuropathic pain model in rats. See also Tropical savanna and grassland biome. Vegetation is made up mostly of grasses, the height and species diversity of which depend largely on the amount of moisture available.

Fire and grazing are important in the long-term maintenance of grasslands.

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  • Naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758)?

Discovery Channel. Reptiles and Amphibians. New York: Discovery Books. Breen, J. Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians. New York: T. Burton, J. The Book of Snakes. Quarto Publishing. Help us improve the site by taking our survey. To cite this page: Ramirez, J. Disclaimer: The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students.

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While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control. Naja naja Indian Cobra Facebook. Tropical Rainforest Animals, Terrestrial Biomes savanna or grassland forest rainforest scrub forest Physical Description The Indian Cobra's most known characteristic features are the wide black band on the underside of the neck, and the hood marking design which shows half-rings on either side of the hood.

India4U,; Discovery, ; Breen, Reproduction The Indian Cobra reproduces sexually by the joining of male and female gametes and produces eggs.

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Discovery, ; Burton, Economic Importance for Humans: Negative This species is highly venomous, and its bite can be lethal. Burton, Conservation Status Although the Indian Cobra is not an endangered species, it has recently been hunted for its distinctive hood markings in the production of handbags. Glossary Palearctic living in the northern part of the Old World. In other words, India and southeast Asia. Read more Preferred hiding locations are holes in embankments, tree hollows, termite mounds , rock piles and small mammal dens.

Indian cobras are oviparous and lay their eggs between the months of April and July. The female snake usually lays between 10 and 30 eggs in rat holes or termite mounds and the eggs hatch 48 to 69 days later.

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The hatchlings are independent from birth and have fully functional venom glands. The Indian cobra's venom mainly contains a powerful post- synaptic neurotoxin [13] and cardiotoxin. The venom components include enzymes such as hyaluronidase that cause lysis and increase the spread of the venom. Envenomation symptoms may manifest between 15 minutes and 2 hours following the bite. In mice , the SC LD 50 range for this species is 0.

The Indian cobra is one of the big four snakes of South Asia which are responsible for the majority of human deaths by snakebite in Asia. Polyvalent serum is available for treating snakebites caused by these species. The venom of young cobras has been used as a substance of abuse in India, with cases of snake charmers being paid for providing bites from their snakes.

Though this practice is now seen as outdated, symptoms of such abuse include loss of consciousness, euphoria, and sedation. As of November [update] , an antivenom is currently being developed by the Costa Rican Clodomiro Picado Institute , and clinical trial phase in Sri Lanka. There are numerous myths about cobras in India, including the idea that they mate with ratsnakes.

Rudyard Kipling 's short story " Rikki-Tikki-Tavi " features a pair of Indian cobras named Nag and Nagaina, the Hindi words for male and female snake respectively. The spectacled cobra is greatly respected and feared, and even has its own place in Hindu mythology as a powerful deity. The Hindu god Shiva is often depicted with a cobra called Vasuki , coiled around his neck, symbolizing his mastery over "maya" or the world-illusion.

Vishnu is usually portrayed as reclining on the coiled body of Adishesha , the Preeminent Serpent , a giant snake deity with multiple cobra heads. The Indian cobra's celebrity comes from its popularity as a Nipaie of choice for snake charmers. The cobra's dramatic threat posture makes for a unique spectacle as it appears to sway to the tune of a snake charmer's flute. Snake charmers with their cobras in a wicker basket are a common sight in many parts of India only during the Nag Panchami or Naagula Chavithi festival.

The cobra is deaf to the snake charmer's pipe, but follows the visual cue of the moving pipe and it can sense the ground vibrations from the snake charmer's tapping. Sometimes, for the sake of safety, all the venom in the cobra's teeth is removed. The snake-charmers sell the venom at a very high price. In the past Indian snake charmers also conducted cobra and mongoose fights. These gory fight shows, in which the snake was usually killed, are now illegal. Indian cobras were often a heraldic element in the official symbols of certain ancient princely states of India such as Gwalior , Kolhapur , Pal Lahara , Gondal , Khairagarh and Kalahandi , among others.

Indian cobra

Indian cobra outside a home in Yelandur , Karnataka , South India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Linnaeus , [1] [2]. Play media. Encyclopedia of Life. Retrieved 28 March Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Retrieved 23 March The Reptile Database. Snakes of India: The Field Guide. Chennai, India: Draco Books.

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