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You are correct. Requiem was actually several years later it seems vs for the novels. I remember the game setting being affected by the events in the novels, I thought it was in the form of Requiem. Sorry for the wrong info, it's been over 10 years since I played. Just in case you didn't know, the videogame was an adaptation of the tabletop RPG of the same name. Starting with the HarperCollins books of dubious quality around , production was brought in-house around and quality started to improve from there. The book Clan Novel series and its associated Clan Novel Trilogy spinoffs were the best of them, in my opinion.

Bloodlines was based on VTM, and there was never a novelization of Bloodlines. Jack and Beckett were the only characters from the tabletop to be used within Bloodlines , and Activision held the rights to the rest of the characters from the game, so none of them ever appeared in any of the novels although I think LaCroix gets mentioned briefly in one of them. They're great, for game novels, game meaning the tabletop rpg, not Bloodlines. Don't expect incredible literature, but I enjoyed them. Dark twisted monsters clinging to their last bits of humanity and involved in various plots and intrigues while even more ancient and powerful monsters move in the shadows.

Great power system through the different clan abilities and my absolute favorite depiction of vampires and a vampire society. The masquerade clan novels came before the game and separately. So to my knowledge, those characters don't appear, but there are some fantastic characters in place already. I'd recommend picking up the Clan Saga omnibus instead of individual clan books.

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View all 16 comments. Oct 27, Veronica Morfi rated it it was amazing. I never thought it'd be so hard to write a review about a book I loved, but here I am, not knowing what to say about this fabulous book Ok, let's take it one step at a time. The story: Masquerade is the first book of the Heven and Hell series. Heven is a teenage girl who after a terrible attack she can't remember got disfigured. Her life had changed completely after that, she lost everything, her friends, her selfconfidence, her life. But after a new boy arrives at her school everything is about I never thought it'd be so hard to write a review about a book I loved, but here I am, not knowing what to say about this fabulous book But after a new boy arrives at her school everything is about to change once more.

Sam is everything any girl would ever hope for, or at least that what it seems like. He has a terrible secret and he seems to know more about Heven's accident that even she does. The characters: I loved Sam. Through out the whole book he was my favourite of them all. Always protecting and loving Heven, but still always feeling like he was evil deep inside. Perfect boyfriend material from any point of you. And I loved seeing everything through his eyes. His PoV was my favourite. Heven is the actual main character but although I loved her and felt sorry for her she wasn't my fav.

I didn't like seeing her not feeling comfortable in her own skin, but after thinking about it I realized that she was the most normal person in the whole book. Exactly like a real life person. She has her own fears and insecurities and she grows the most as a character. I really started liking her new self at the end of the book. I think I am going to love her even more on book two. All the other characters where great too. Kimber and Cole, Heven's cuckoo mum, her granmother, they were all very unique and interesting characters.

Yeah, even Heven's cuckoo mum. The writing was adorable. Cambria is a really great writer and you can get captivated by every single word. I especially loved the last few chapters. They are setting the mood for the next book, which I am sure I am going to love because of where it'll take place. No spoilers, but I am also going there this March!

View all 21 comments. I really enjoyed Masquerade. It was intriguing, and quite different to have a main character be so psychological scarred but still easy for the reader to identify with. Yes, she was a cheerleader, a trendsetter, a social butterfly I was worried at first that the youthful voice of Heven might grate or turn into a pity party, but I really don't feel it did that.

Masquerade manages to balance on that fine line of remaining true to a younger character but without the common s I really enjoyed Masquerade. Masquerade manages to balance on that fine line of remaining true to a younger character but without the common side effect of alienating an older audience.

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I found the story to be innocent but innovative. I am quite interested in continuing the series to see what the future holds. I have a few theories of my own on what may happen. Quotes "I took a minute to fully stare at it. In a way it was beautiful - scary as hell - but beautiful. If you are an adult with a love for YA, this book should not disappoint your craving for angst.

View 1 comment. Dec 27, Karla Book Addict rated it it was amazing Shelves: romantic , trapped-me , favorites , supernatural-men. View 2 comments. I really loved this book. After receiving the short prequel for review a few weeks ago I could not wait to get my hands on the full length novel, for the 'real' start to this series. I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I loved every single second of it and became so hooked to the story and unable to put it down I almost missed my train home. Yea, no more reading at the train station for me.

Heven has always had the perfect life, she was pretty, popular and could have any guy she wanted. But t I really loved this book. But that was before her accident. An accident she has no recollection of that left her with scars running down one side of her face. Now she believes she is ugly, she withdraws into herself and refuses to draw attention to herself.

Enter Sam, the gorgeous mysterious new boy at school that Heven feels drawn to. But Sam is hiding a big secret. One that may force Sam and Heven apart forever. I was completely blown away by this book. Every time I had to put the book down I just wanted to pick it back up again. I didn't want to sleep I wanted to stay up all night and read to find out what was going to happen next. Heven is such a great character, I really felt for her throughout the whole book.

She has had such a hard time lately, having to come to terms with her facial disfigurement and when things start looking up, bad things start to happen again. I love how vulnerable she was. Usually I'm all about the lead female character being strong and taking no crap from nobody and don't get me wrong she is a strong character but I loved seeing her vulnerable side. You can't expect her to be completely strong all the time and at the beginning of the book she isn't very strong. She is so ashamed of her face that she withdraws from everyone and I felt so sorry for her. This thing I loved the most about Heven is how she grows as a character throughout the book.

She starts off as a social outcast or she Heven believes and she grows stronger, she starts seeing herself and the world differently and I thought that was amazing. She overcomes so much and I love how she grows into a strong character who won't let fear run her life anymore. She's such a great character and she really develops over the book. Oh, Sam. The first thing that comes into me head is just how much I love him.

He is the character all the girls will fall in love with. He's strong, protective, gorgeous and mysterious. He is such a tortured soul and what girl doesn't love a tortured soul who needs saving? I love the way Sam is portrayed even before he meets Heven you can completely see his love and protectiveness of her. I love that about him. He doesn't care about anything else, let alone himself as long as Heven is okay. I just love him. When his secrets started to come out I was reading with bated breath for Heven's reaction and praying that it didn't separate them.

What a brilliant start to a series I am so excited to see where the story goes and cannot wait for the next book. Cambria is definitely an author to watch out for and I can't wait to read more of her work. View all 7 comments. Heven scurries home from her late, study session at the library. The crisp, click of her heels on the pavement, echoing in the darkness, as she hurries to each inviting, safe, splash of light, dotted along the sidewalk that break up night's dark blanket.

Suddenly, there is a rustle in the bushes, a streaking blur, followed by ferocious growling and clawing. Heven's piercing scream shatters the stillness, as she awakens; a sweaty, trembling heap in a tangle of sheets. Another nightmare disturbs her slumber. A cool, slosh of water on her face and an inadvertent glance in the mirror reveals the cruel, slashes on the side of her face, reminders that the terrors in the night are now reality. The twisted scars, remnants from that fateful evening, when an unknown assailant attacked her and forever changed her world.

Now, Heven is thin, pale and constantly hiding her once beautiful face behind a curtain of golden hair. Gone are the short skirts and bright smiles, replaced by baggy hoodies and slouches. The halls of her high school where she once chattered and giggled with friends, today are a gauntlet of whispers and stares. At least Kimber, her best friend, has remained loyal and at her side. Heven is haunted by the fear that something is stalking her every move. She continually glances over her shoulder, trying to shake that terrible feeling of unease.

Then a handsome, blonde boy shows up at school and Heven is inexplicably drawn to him; yet, her scarred face holds her timidly in the shadows, but why is it when Sam is near she feels safe? Why is he such a source of comfort? What secrets is he hiding? In the beginning of the book, she is a frail, scared recluse, far removed from the glory of her head cheerleader days.

It was an eye opening experience to see her decline and witness the suffering, that stems from the mutterings and pitiful gazes of her peers. This novel brings to light the pain and struggles that so many disfigured people endure. Hopefully, Heven's story will speak to readers and perhaps it can even help some of these victims. As Heven navigates through her new life, she begins to accept her image and slowly she transforms and becomes the beautiful girl that radiates from inside; no longer letting her scars define her.

This is the aspect of the story I appreciated most. By the end of the book, Heven is confident, determined and strong; an amazing transformation. He is brave, noble, and protective, as well as good looking. The tender, terms of endearment that fall from his lips will cause many hearts to flutter. Yet, he is clearly hiding a big secret. There are hints that lead you to believe that Sam might be one of the typical, paranormal, male leads but when his true identity was exposed, I was shocked! The reveal was unexpected, creative and far different from anything I anticipated.

A clever, twist that readers will devour! To learn the specifics of his past tore at my heart strings, but it clearly defined him and helped him to become the strong man he is today. He may have his stash of secrets but he is still a responsible gentleman, who loves to drink bubble tea I am now in search of a taste of this delightful beverage.

He has definitely thrown his hat into the competition for favorite, paranormal hunk. A wonderful message! Hebert's fluid, easy writing style. The story naturally flows along with just the right amount of precise detail. I liked the way she carefully described Heven's apparel, a well as a typical day. I loved the different and clever array of descriptive words and phrases that are prevalent throughout. Cambria Hebert is certainly a talented new voice in the young adult world. This book is brimming with the unexpected.

Just when you think you have the story figured out, it morphs into something beyond expectation. It is unique among the other books I have read in the paranormal genre. Be prepared to be shocked and dazzled! In the beginning she appears to be a typical mom, who cooks an ample amount of atrocious chicken. She is always nagging Heven to attend bible study, which caused me to raise an eyebrow in skeptic wonder even though I can't really do the one eyebrow trick. As events transpired, I understood why she insisted on Heven, reading the Bible don't worry this is not a book with heavy, religious undertones but I never had a firm understanding of the why and how behind her motives.

I would like further clarification on the mother's behavior and her beliefs. I am not clear on all the motivating factors behind the voices. Sometimes, the additional view points broke up the even movement of the story line; leaving me pondering their importance in the plot. Cambria Hebert's, Masquerade, is a paranormal, debut novel that should end up atop the lists for best, new, young adult novels of This book delivers everything you hunger for in a good book. There is tender, romance, biting action and thick suspense, as well as several, shocking turns of events.

Many of these unforeseen elements will no doubt, astound and astonish readers. Masquerade is a book you won't want to miss. I advise you to get your hands on a copy immediately! You will tear through it and wonder when you can read the next installment! I can't wait to take a tour to Italy with Sam and Heven in the next book, Spring !

Favorite Quotations: "I shouldn't feel safe. I never felt safe around anyone new, but his presence was like a blanket to my shivering insides, whatever he projected reached out and wrapped around me, keeping my fear at bay. Your actions do. View all 10 comments. Nov 09, Becca rated it it was amazing Shelves: release , current-favorites , part-of-series , 5stars , reads , arc , paranormal.

I must admit; I'm a reading addict. I love the feel of paper books, the instantaneous gratification of an ebook and the anticipation whenever I'm starting a new book. Will this book pull me so far into its story that sleep, school, work, family and maybe food will pale in comparison to turning the page? Most of the time -- sleep is the only thing I skip so please don't call Book Addicts Anonymous. Inspire me. Scare me. Make me cry. Make me care about the characters in your book! And once I get beyond the creep factor of that I feel so privileged that she offered me a copy for this book for review.

When doing a review; either for a first-reads win or an author request, I will say with tempered honesty if I like something or whether improvements are needed. I thought so after reading the prequel, Before and confirmed with Masquerade. There is an originality in this book that needs to be experienced by ya fans! You meet Sam and Heven in the prequel, Before. Heven is beautiful and popular, a cheerleader with boyfriend potential waiting in the wings. She sparkles, not in a vampirey-sun way, she has a spark that lights her up from inside.

Sam, lurks in the shadows, drawn to her. Poised on the brink of all things good in highschoolland, Heven collides with Sam's world and she's changed. Masquerade deals with the results. Where there could be cliques; there isn't. There is just a beautiful story with enough romance and mystery, you must delve head first into it now!!!! Everything was so much better Before. That they never mattered. Not knowing he was involved. I'm inserting She has no idea what I have done to keep her alive.

I fear the day she learns my secrets, finds out what I really am. But even then I cannot stop, I vow to make things right. Finally her hunter will be hunted, Heaven and Hell, faith and sin will battle, and we will be victorious. But first, Heven must learn to be what she never imagined. I know her strength is there — I feel it. If we are to overcome all odds, she must push past her flaws - her frailties - to become much more.

View all 6 comments. Dec 30, Jody rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: for those who love the knight in shining armour type of boy with a dark side. Shelves: most-loved , kindle. This was just amazing. It had my heart pounding! This has to be one of the best books Ive ever read.

There is something so effortless and beautiful about the author Cambria Heberts writing that just captured me immediately. The characters were just so easy to fall in love with and the story line was completely enthralling. She now hides under hoodies and shys away from everyone. Until Sam. He came to school and had every girl dropping at his feet. But there was only one girl he wanted. One girl that he has loved since the moment he saw her riding her horse through the woods. But Sam has a secret.

Even though Sam has a beautiful heart and loves Heven with all of his being. He is not human. Sam is something so terrible that he feels if Heven ever found out, he would lose her forever. Sam sweeps Heven off her feet. He loves her with such an unconditional, heart bursting type of love that Heven cant help but fall for Sam right back. He shows her how beautiful she really is.

Sam doesnt see the scars. He only sees Heven. Sam is just totally amazing, and one of the most beautiful, characters I have ever read. Infact Sam broke my heart. How could someone so loving, so committed, so protective still feel like they are evil inside. He was just perfect in my eyes. Infact he reminded me of one icy winter Prince Ash Iron Fey There are sooooo many surprises in this book.

There is a big one for Heven. Its also awesome when you finally find out what Sam is. There are so many gorgeous private moments in the book between Sam and Heven and it just had me swooning all the way through. The last few chapters of the book start to take on different and really exciting story which is making way for the next book. And I think its going to be freaking amazing!!!! Im so excited for it I may combust. I cant wait to read all about Sam and Heven's epic adventure. One of the things I did love most about this book was there was no love triangle.

It was just Sam and Heven and their story. Seriously one of my most fav books ever!!!! View all 15 comments. Christian Grey by: R2R. Shelves: reviewed. I received this book as a part of Read 2 Review. Overall, I really liked this book. From the first page, I was captured and enthralled by the words that leaped out of the page. The story is one of overcoming tragedy and the power of that story line is one many people need to learn or be reminded of.

For the most part, I had nothing to say a I received this book as a part of Read 2 Review. For the most part, I had nothing to say about this story at all. I just felt like, those could have been the beginning of the next story. After Heven died and came back everything else was anticlimactic. We will see. That added to the fantastic nature of this story. I would recommend this to mature teens. The story line was mostly tame but there were a few minor parts that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. I will also look to read other works by this author.

Dec 13, Jeanine rated it liked it Recommends it for: Everyone. Shelves: my-lendable-e-books. It is hard to put into words what I feel about Masquerade.

Paperback Editions

Although it is the same concept as most books that I've read and loved: Girl meets boy; girl and boy fall in love; their love is tested again and again by some supernatural force; Cambria Herbert's writing style and the new concepts she introduces took Masquerade to a whole different level. Not to mention, I think that Heven is one of my favorite heroins-- not because she is some bad-ass chick, but because she is a survivor who sees the It is hard to put into words what I feel about Masquerade.

Not to mention, I think that Heven is one of my favorite heroins-- not because she is some bad-ass chick, but because she is a survivor who sees the good in people even when maybe she shouldn't. With that said Heven's face is severly disfigured by scars she doesn't remember getting ten months prior. Once one of the most beautful and popular girls in her school, Heven now hides her scars from the world under baggy, hooded sweatshirts and doesn't talk to any of her friends except her two besties, Kimber and Cole.

Worst, she is paranoid and feels like she is being watched constantly. She feels as if she will never feel safe and secure again Sam is everything she ever could pray for and he sees past her scars to her very soul. He is perfect Sam hides a secret that could not only tear them apart, but that could make Heven hate him forever. View all 3 comments. Dec 03, Kate rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult. I didn't know much about it before I began, having only read the synopsis and skimmed reviews.

I don't like accidentally reading spoilers. I'm sorry to say I was a little disappointed. Other than a few moments of excitement, a lot of the story was rather slow. The first half in particular was mainly Heven talking about how miserable her life is which complaint, to be fair, was not without some truth to it , Sam mooning over Heven, and the random appearances of unknown characters, which were explained only much later. Building suspense is a little bit like building a tower of cards. If you do it right, it's really cool, but it's not easy and trying to draw it out for too long just makes it topple.

I was quite frustrated by the characters. They epitomized the qualities of YA leads that really bother me: from Heven, insecurity, clinginess, angst, superficiality; from Sam, overprotectiveness and possessiveness. Some of these attributes can be reasonable in small quantities, but when they make up a majority of a character's thoughts and behavior, it's gone too far. Sam's jealous reaction to Cole particularly bothered me, as did Heven's constant need to whine about something.

I don't want to trivialize her injury, because of course it was terrible, but at the same time I would much rather read about how determined she is to deal with it or at least see some kind of change in her, but she seems quite willing to go straight back to her old life.

I'm not a fan of love at first sight in general because it tends to breed this kind of character development and because it often excludes other characters from the story when the main couple are so wrapped up in each other. In 99 percent of cases, the love-at-first-sight trope just seems fake because there's nothing between the characters to back it up.

On a more positive note, this was a very quick read and did capture my attention. I finished it in about a day, even though it was rather long a little too long for this sort of story if you ask me, but that's not really the point. Masquerade's world is creative, containing a lot of religious elements without being preachy. Even though I personally didn't like it, I think other people who like the things I mentioned in the review might enjoy it. It wasn't horribly written or anything, it just wasn't my kind of book.

Nov 22, Evie rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , pure-awesomeness , mind-blowing , e-books , blog-tour , self-pub. Originally posted to: Bookish Blog This book could not have been more perfect. Cambria Hebert hit the jackpot, she created an unforgettable, magical, insanely gripping and astoundingly beautiful story. Fast paced plot that drips with tension and thick, mysterious atmosphere. Richly developed, swoon-worthy characters that you'll instantly connect with.

Totally unpredictable twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat non-stop.

Masquerade (Heven and Hell #1)

All that and so much more They Originally posted to: Bookish Blog This book could not have been more perfect. They tried not to stare, but they couldn't keep their eyes away. I was a freak now. I made people uncomfortable and not necessarily because of my scars-but because what my scars represented. Danger, fear, and the unknown.

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Something had had happened to me, something not even I could remember. They all probably thought that I was crazy, that I somehow did this to myself. I couldn't blame them. They might be right. Heven used to be beautiful and very popular at school. A perfect teenage girl. She had it all: cheer squad membership, closet full of latest fashion items, a group of loyal followers and admirers, beaming confidence and charm - you name it.

But all that was Before. Before the night of the accident, before her face was scarred and permanently disfigured, completely changing her life forever. She can't even remember what happened. Was she attacked? Was this an accident? A wild animal? Did she do it herself? It's a mystery. She's never been the same ever since. She's a freak now, everyone stares at her and whispers behind her back.

She stopped caring about her wardrobe and make-up, trading her designer clothes for baggy t-shirt and hoodies that can at least partly hide her hideous face. All that's left from her "Before" life is the ever-supportive and loyal friend, Kimber, and Kimber's boyfriend, Cole. At least until a mysterious new guy shows up in town. Not to mention that he's insanely hot, steamy and gorgeous-looking Awww, please, can I go for a Bubble-Tea with Sam?!

Heven is about to get into some serious trouble. She'll discover that what she thought to be her over-reactive imagination and silliness, was in truth her instinct trying to warn her about the evil thing lurking in the dark, observing her, waiting for the right moment to strike again. This time, though, it won't go for her face. This time it will go for the kill It was a simple, insignificant brush of his hand as he took the keys from my palm, but I would remember that one second contact with him like it was my first kiss. Every single nerve in my arm tingled, and my skin burned.

Every coherent thought I might have had completely faded away. I stared at him, entranced by his hazel stare, caught by the golden highlights that sparked through his eyes "Uh Noah Shaw, wherever you are, know that you have a formidable rival to the title of the Most Swoon-Worthy! Where do I begin? He is so painfully hot! Mysterious, brave, tough, handsome handsome?! He was so amazingly protective of Heven, so deeply in love with her and at the same time so.. And for the most part of the book you don't even begin to suspect who or what he is, what's his reason for being there Of course, me being a total sucker for mysterious, hot guys, I fell totally in love with Sam and got goose-bumps every time he worked his charms on Heven.

Sparkles were flying, tension was overwhelming, and the chemistry between these two.. It was a clear night, and there were a million stars nestled in the sky, twinkling brightly alongside the moon. I was nearly home, my street just yards away. The night was quiet, exaggerating the sound my heels were making on the pavement. Usually, I liked the clicking sound, it made me feel womanly, and it announced my arrival. However, at this moment, it seemed I shouldn't announce my presence.

I slowed slightly, gentling my steps and glanced to my right at a wooded, overgrown lot. This time, allowing my heels to slap loudly on the pavement, hoping the sound would ward off any animals that might be around. Behind me I sensed movement and whirled around to confront it.

OK, that was more of an excerpt than a quote, I know, guilty as charged! But can you see how wonderfully descriptive and captivating Cambria's writing is? And that's just a quote from the first page! It only gets better as you read. It's definitely one of those books that you can easily devour in one sitting.

Maybe not so much "can" but "have to", cause I bet you, you won't be able to put it down until you find out what's going on! From the very beginning there are many questions and mysteries, and very little answers. The title is so adequate! It's like a big masquerade, where nothing is what it seemed, there's a thick web of lies and pretending.

You will be biting your nails and wrecking your brain, begging for some answers! So intense! The road ahead holds many tests challenging everything she ever believed. I whispered a prayer for her inner strength to guide her on her path. She was going to need it. Four words: Multiple Point of Views! Yeah, baby! So well done and thoroughly executed, with clear marks as to whose head you're poking around at the particular moment. I loved it. It was such a great idea, not only because it gave us precious insight about characters' thoughts and motivations, but also because it was convincing.

Every character was different. You got the story from Heven's perspective most of the time , but you also got it from Sam's. And then you also got the POVs of two, um.. The Hope and The Hate! How wicked cool is that?! Your scars do not define you, young lady.

Your action do. It's not only a wild thrill ride with a great, unique plot and sparkly characters, but also quite an eye-opener and profound life lesson. It's entertaining, but it also teaches you something about how the world works. How appearance is only that, an appearance. And everything that truly matters lies underneath. How easily is to forget that your face, clothes, hairstyle, and all those silly little things don't define you.

How you can shape your life and change the way things are if only you give it a try. You choose who you are. No one else. It's a wonderful and deep story, and I am really glad I had the pleasure to read it. Her writing is expressive, graceful and insanely pleasant to read. She's a born writer, a hidden gem among the Indies. Expect to hear a lot about her in the coming years! Now, can I have the next part, please???

Good god, how many of these sh! My life is too short to waste with this carbon copy schlock and no level of completism or bullying from fans is going to make me push myself to finish crap like this. Nov 08, Michele at A Belle's Tales rated it really liked it. As a child Stories that capitalize on inner beauty and not the worn out, wearisome accounts of glamorous, perfect, unattainable lead characters. What if there was a modern day take on my favorite tale….

Masquerade (Liz Sansborough, #1) by Gayle Lynds

What if the beauty bore the disfigurement instead of the bea As a child What if the beauty bore the disfigurement instead of the beast? Masquerade Heven and Hell 1 is that book, complete with a uniquely refreshing, intriguing twist. Heven is a teenage girl with a stunningly bright future. Funny how perceived perfect lives never stay perfect. Following a long, studious essay-writing session after-hours at the public library, Heven is attacked on her way home.

A brutal and mysterious attack that left her scarred. Her answer to everything is Church, Bible study, chicken, and more Bible study. Sam was extremely appealing and quite fascinating. He made it his sole purpose to protect Heven - whatever the cost to him. His character and his back-story were heartbreaking. The way he ached over the attack and the blame he shouldered for what happened to Heven were incredibly sad.

His love for Heven: Beautiful. He was willing to go to the ends of the earth and back for her. He found her just as lovely with her scars, as he did the very first time he saw her. It tugged at me as I stood there, begging me to close the distance, for just one chance to see her smile. And that first time I saw her smile I knew that I loved her. Yet they were words that were more valuable to me than anything, and I was very afraid that they cost me my heart. His smile fell away and he grabbed me and began kissing me aggressively, almost like he was angry that I dared to make him feel that way.

I answered his kiss with my own. I was unsure about her timidness and withdrawal from the world at the beginning of the story, but watching her develop into a strong and confident young girl was immensely rewarding. Sam saves Heven in more ways than one, but I adore the fact that Heven saves Sam too. These are all things that will definitely make the reader anticipate what Cambria Hebert has in store for Sam and Heven in Charade Heven and Hell 2. Review originally posted at: A Belle's Tales where you can enter for a chance to win an E-book of Masquerade and read an original post by Cambria.

Nov 17, Natshane rated it it was amazing. One of the best debut novel of the year! Before, the prequel of Masquerade had already tied me up in knots, and Masquerade didn't disappoint! Reading Masquerade was a walk down the memory lane, it has been too long since I read a story dedicated to only werewolves and shifters, and I didn't realize how much I missed it until Masquerade.

And to say, Masquerade took the term Shifters to a whole new level! I never even thought that it was possible, so I have to award a good 10 points on the creativi One of the best debut novel of the year! I never even thought that it was possible, so I have to award a good 10 points on the creativity and originality of the story. Read Masquerade, and you will understand what I mean I don't want to give away any spoilers because it will spoil the fun, I had quite a jaw dropping moment when I discovered what sort of 'animal' Sam was.

The story gripped me from page one, and I do mean it literally. Don't ever forget the beautiful cover as well! It was one of the reason why I adore this book so dearly. Synopsis: Heven was scarred, and Sam blamed himself for being the one responsible to inflict such pain in her life. Because of that scar, Heven shunned herself thinking that she was imperfect.

But when Sam entered her life, she slowly accepts the imperfections she has, and they fell in love with each other. Sam was always there, his love for her was constantly professed through words and actions, but Heven never said those words, eventhough the love she has for Sam was overwhelming. In this game of love, will their love survive the horrifying truth that Sam desperately tried to hide? Or will a crazy mom, a dangerous stalker and a strange new world be the one that take them down? Sam has grown to be more than just a character in an amazing story, I was deeply compelled to reveal his secrets like Heven and it was a rush to do so something I haven't felt in quite a while when reading a paranormal novel.

In fact, Sam reminded me of Patch from Hush Hush, dark, mysterious, protective and capable of love. Every minute with Sam puts me on such high alert, maybe his intensity rubbed off on me too, the story was that vivid. Another character I came to adore is Heven. Before, I never really get to know Heven besides Sam was infatuated with her, she has a vibrant, happy life and it all ended when she got the scar. But one of the best part of reading Masquerade was seeing Heven change, and what is the best way than reading it through her POV?

Her character was such an interesting development I just can't bring myself to hate her. And come on, she has a devilishly sexy boyfriend, a bold best friend and an awesome Gran! The entire story was blasts of different colours! From the subtle attraction between Sam and Heven, to them discovering their ferocious feelings, and having so many mishaps happening to them including a party catastrophe and a nightmarish prom night , they kept me at the edge of my seat. But what awed me the most was the fighting scenes, it was so vivid it made the reading experience much more adrenaline junkie!

And I was so glad that Heven was not this helpless protagonist, she actually does something to defend herself. Note: Read the car accident and barn part towards the end of the story Despite how much Heven and Sam had occupied my thoughts, the addition of other characters also made Masquerade much more 'glittery'.

I am fond of Cole and Kimber, I couldn't imagine a book without them, and most of all, I am in love with the badass monsters in the book without them there wouldn't be any climax won't it? And the brief appearance of Logan at the end of the book was a cliffhanger to the story. I was right to expect great things from Masqeurade, now I would give this a 4. This book was pretty intense and amazing.

Its hard to even believe how much happened. I cant believe it was only pages. It felt like so much more! When I think back to how things were in the beginning of the book, when Heven was hiding behind her hair and her hood, and that first conversation she and Sam had in the school cafeteria, it feels like years ago. At first, I was a little hesitant to accept Sam since he was totally stalking Heven for like a year, and that I would give this a 4.

At first, I was a little hesitant to accept Sam since he was totally stalking Heven for like a year, and that is totally creepy. But eventually I had to let it go and accept him, and even admit its part of what made the book so good. Sam was totally sweet and not dangerous. Realistically, psychologically, I dont know if it is possible for a stalker to not be dangerous, but this is a book, and a great one at that.

Sam's utter love for Heven and need to protect and be near her was very consuming, not only for him but as a reader. And it just made me all the more happy to see them together, to know how much it meant to Sam, and to know how long he must have been dreaming of nothing else. The first part of the book reminded me of Nevermore because of the high school setting, the sweet romance, and the subtle supernatural undertones. But once Heven found out what Sam was, things got more intense, with the story, the romance, and the supernatural elements.

Without secrets between them it made their relationship so much more real. I was a little disappointed how Heven freaked out at first, but she forgave him fairly quickly. This was also around the same time she started living with her grandmother, which meant they had so much more time together, and they grew so much closer without the secrets or Heven's mother in the way. And they totally had a couple of hot make-out scenes that I was really hoping were gonna turn into something else, but they didnt have the opportunity in this book.

But still, those scenes were hot and I am totally gonna reread them a bunch of times. I am not sure how much time passed in Masquerade but I think it was a lot.

Unnatural Troubles - Vampire: The Masquerade - L.A. By Night - Season 2, Chapter 1

Several months, possibly the whole school year. The way their relationship developed, I feel like they could naturally take the next step. I would normally be really looking forward to reading more about Heven and Sam. But I wont. I wont be reading Charade. I usually steer clear of books that deal with hell or demons, because they really scare me, but I didnt realize before I started this what it was about. This book didnt deal with those things too much, and because I have never actually heard of the creature that Sam is before, it didnt bother me too much and I could just pretend he was a werewolf.

But it still bothered me at times. I can tell that this story will be getting more complex and darker, and more engrossed in the supernatural world as it goes along. I wont be able to handle that. As much as I love Heven and Sam, it isnt worth the nightmares. I am sad I cant continue, but its just not an option for me. One last little complaint. I hate the name Heven. It seems so dumb to me. If you are gonna name you daughter heaven, why not just name her Heaven?! Why take out the 'a' and turn it into a made up word that makes no sense and just happens to sound like heaven?

Its so irritating. Nov 06, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-book-read. What I didn't know and wasn't expecting was just how much more I was going to fall in love with this series. And let me tell you, my expectations for this book were already high and yet, Cambria still managed to blow them out of the water with her beautiful writing, loveable characters, her creative and imaginative story line, the sweet forbidden romance and the mystery surrounding it all.

This book really is like no other. This series is like no other. It is fun and so hard to put down. The characters feel real and you just completely fall in love with them. You get so caught up in the story that it is hard to put it down. In fact once I started it, I had to force myself to stop and do other things that needed to be done, like you know, eat and sleep. I love that in this book we not only get Heven's point of view but also Sam's and then they mysterious names of Hate and Hope.

Heven is strong character that has been through so much already in her life, from being popular and beautiful to lonely and disfigured. She really is just lost trying to find her way in this new life that was created for her. And then there is Sam. Sam stole my heart. He is so wonderful.

He is loving and devoted and strong and just wants to be good.

Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1) Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1)
Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1) Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1)
Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1) Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1)
Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1) Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1)
Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1) Masquerade (Masquerade Trilogy Book 1)

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