Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)

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A joy to share as a couple or with family and friends, this new catamaran promises every leg of your travels will be memorable. She features all the elements that contributed to making our latest new boat, the Saona 47, an international success. Je voudrais voir des pauvres et des reines; Je voudrais voir des roses et du sang; Je voudrais voir mourir d'amour ou bien de haine. Asia, Asia, Asia! Ancient, wonderful land of nursery stories Where fantasy sleeps like an empress, In her forest filled with mystery.

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Asia, I want to sail away on the schooner That rides in the harbour this evening Mysterious and solitary, And finally unfurls purple sails Like a vast nocturnal bird in the golden sky. I want to sail away to the islands of flowers, Listening to the perverse sea singing To an old bewitching rhythm.

I want to see Damascus and the cities of Persia With their slender minarets in the air. I want to see beautiful turbans of silk Over dark faces with gleaming teeth; I want to see dark amorous eyes And pupils sparkling with joy In skins as yellow as oranges; I want to see velvet cloaks And robes with long fringes. I want to see long pipes in lips Fringed round by white beards; I want to see crafty merchants with suspicious glances, And cadis and viziers Who with one movement of their bending finger Decree life or death, at whim.

I want to see Persia, and India, and then China, Pot-bellied mandarins under their umbrellas, Princesses with delicate hands, And scholars arguing About poetry and beauty; I want to linger in the enchanted palace And like a foreign traveller Contemplate at leisure landscapes painted On cloth in pinewood frames, With a figure in the middle of an orchard; I want to see murderers smiling While the executioner cuts off an innocent head With his great curved Oriental sabre.

I want to see paupers and queens; I want to see roses and blood; I want to see those who die for love or, better, for hatred. And then to return home later To tell my adventure to people interested in dreams Raising — like Sinbad — my old Arab cup From time to time to my lips To interrupt the narrative artfully….

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In this song, a young slave girl tending her sleeping master, hears her lover playing his flute outside. The music, a mixture of sad and joyful, seems to her like a kiss flying to her from her beloved.

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The flute melody is marked by the use of the Phrygian mode. The shade is pleasant and my master sleeps In his conical silk hat With his long, yellow nose in his white beard. But I am still awake And from outside I listen to A flute song, pouring out By turns, sadness and joy. A tune by turns langorous and carefree Which my dear lover is playing, And when I approach the lattice window It seems to me that each note flies From the flute to my cheek Like a mysterious kiss. The final song of the cycle has prompted much speculation. The poet, or his imaginary speaker, is much taken with the charms of an androgynous youth, but fails to persuade him to come into his — or her — house to drink wine.

It is not clear whether the boy's admirer is male or female; one of Ravel's colleagues expressed the strong hope that the song would be sung by a woman, as it customarily is. Your eyes are soft as those of any girl, Young stranger, And the delicate curve Of your fine features, shadowed with down Is still more seductive in profile. On my doorstep your lips sing A language unknown and charming Like music out of tune… Enter! And let my wine comfort you … But no, you pass by And from my doorway I watch you go on your way Giving me a graceful farewell wave, And your hips gently sway In your feminine and languid gait….

Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)
Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition) Le voile du sortilège (Nocturne) (French Edition)

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