Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)

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Regarding the complex of themes which indeed dominated the routine of other young people, in his conversation they nevertheless only seldom emerged, which pertained particularly the questions of his psychological and sexual situation on woman. In his comportment towards others, Weininger showed incomparable goodness and fineness of feeling. He could forgive like none else.

He was only unyielding when it had to do with a breach of a moral imperative or with some negative impact on his values. What he held as right, he championed with an energy exceeding beyond his youth. Despite being a bit wimpy and not informed in weapons, he challenged at the end of or beginning of an indubitably physically superior man to a duel, because this other had wished to presume a right, that Weininger took a stand on. He struck the opponent on the temporal, but he remained unhurt. In the year Weininger was called upon to join a literary undertaking as an employee: for the poor student, this meant peace from every worry.

When strife broke out between the financial leader of the undertaking and a friend of Weininger, Weininger was confronted with the alternatives, either to break with the friend or to relinquish his position. He supported the behaviour of his friend and relinquished without second thoughts his position. A few of his contantly repeated insistences were: "No one has the right to play with destiny! Concerning shallow sociability, Weininger's sense was never rich. Indeed, he belonged for a short time to a student organisation, because the possibility of sportive exercises allured him and he wished to observe the academic youths his friends as a close neighbour; still, he found no satisfaction here.

Conversations with friends meant more to him. Many evenings and nights he spent in disputing. All the powerful figures in the history of humanity, the deepest problems of the soul, he touched on in these conversations. Beethoven of whom he said, that no man would have delighted him so much to be, as him, because he found his great theme , Wagner, Ibsen, Strindberg whom he held as the most significant mind of his time and Zola always took the conversation on. They all appeared on a position too high to see, and he realised how only a greater genius can show and read them for others.

In addition, he spoke always of his latest crucial problem: Man and Woman! Even in the year the question was already existing for him that accompanied him up to his death: "Is there the possibility to have an influence on the sexual development of a child? Long before the writing of his book, he said that love and murder were related to each other in the deepest ground that possibly was.

Because a man, who took possession of a wife, evenso negated the will of the woman, just as the murderer negates his victim. Everything, that hung together in some way with murder, was his highest interest. Concerning a novel, that I showed him in April , he wrote to me Intimately entwined jostle the yearning for beauty and the affliction over beauty, to the tragic end, to lust-murder. But it is not the lust-murder of the human animal, the gruesomeness no pure savagery as with Zola. It is the necessary gruesome answer on the most gruesome home-seeking through love, it is the last act of despair of the highest sublimation of human meaning.

If this beauty truly threatened to appear, for him whose life had long been ruled by this sole desire, thus must he kill her. She must forgive! But on beauty. It is sadism, intellectual sadism, that, insofar as it remains bound to the physical sphere, makes absolutely probable an external conclusion. Ibsen's Hedda Gabbler — the woman that Khnopff always paints — has a similar fate.

But her cravings are those of a woman, psychological, compulsive; with G. Apparently through a thought-association on the discourses over the human animal, the theme "Murder" always resulted of itself, so often Weininger beheld one in the darkness of a racing train. Often we waited it was in the country , on his wish, for the Orient-Express.

The frenzied racing train, the glowing shower of sparks thrown off the locomotive, the shuddering of the earth, always transported Weininger into a certain agitation. Long could he remain and watch the spraying sparks, until the train was no longer visible. When he returned home in September from Norway, he seemed changed. His judgments were more stringent, the mood he wore outwardly, was grim and depressed. But this could not attract much attention; for actually, there had been sufficient dark insinuations in his summer letters: "It is actually not going well for me, inwardly.

Indeed, this knowledge also always attends me, that I give you, of my accursed vanity. On 20th November , his father came to me in the first afternoon hours and brought the communication that Otto on the foregoing day had been at the family house and had taken farewell of his family members in such a heartfelt and earnest fashion, that there was a reason to fear.

I knew no farewell. My friend was around this time in Heiligenstadt, where he gave classes. I hurried there and waited on the street. It was a long time until he finally came. Slow, solemn, his steps drew him home. The concentrated strength of his expression was given way to one of lassitude and dismal apathy, as if he saw nothing before him, his features seemed deformed, his face emaciated, dark and severe. On the tone of his voice, grave and bleak anguish could be heard. I had not thought his condition was this bad.

We had spent the afternoon and evening of the 18th November together, without perceiving a cause for this profound change. On the question for the reason of his visible malaise, he answered pointing: "Of my feelings of unease I could at the very least free myself, if I could entrust them to someone. Along the city road, we went to Gersthof where his apartment was located. It was a dim, stormy day. Despite wearing his winter coat, Otto was continually chilled. The anxiety of his friend he countered with the words: "I have the cold of the grave in me.

That he should not remain alone in this condition, was clear. Arrived in his room, he asked: "Is it not true, here is the smell of a corpse? I bade him to accompany me and spend the evening with me. Not by accident, I told him about the news was printed in one of the morning newspapers, but which later turned out to be wrong, that Knut Hamsun, whom he considered had inwardly changed, and whose books he possessed, whose novel "Pan" he had often termed the most magnificent in the word, had shot himself.

Weininger cringed, looked at me distraught and said: "So him, too? It became almost dark. On the entreaty to light the lamp, he moaned, as if it tormented him with unspeakable pain: "No, not light! In this dreadful hour, which dealt with the salvation and damnation of my dearest friend, no doubt could exist, that there could be only one thing to help: inflexible energy. Abruptly I asked him: "Do you have a weapon here?

I repeated my question. No answer. Then I demanded urgently the handing over of the weapon. We had never said a bad word to each other. Yet now, while I trembled in greater worry over him, now for the first time in his life, he yelled at me, as if he were my enemy: "You have no right to take command over my will! Painful the moment was for us both, an imperative was required of necessity to remain now absolutely hard, so as not to lose everything.

I threatened to look for the weapon myself, if he would not give it to me voluntarily. Then he replied more mildly: "I have not a weapon! When we arrived, it was almost eight o'clock. He complained of the cold and sat himself by the oven. The evening bread was brought, yet he declined to eat a bite. In vain was every request for him to take a little food and drink. Despite the window being closed, the fire burning in the oven, the heat in the room really unbearable, he kept his winter clothing on, always drew more coals up and huddled near the oven.

Finally, after hours, I succeeded in inducing him to eat a little. Now we sat together facing each other, his mien had brightened. In a short while he seemed as if everything were as it once was, as if again the future were full of hope before us. Yet soon the painful seriousness back back into his expression. The crisis was not yet past. The following hours were a struggle between us, a struggle of wills and energies. Always on the one side: "I will know! You must tell me! I cannot lose you this way! Finally, long after midnight, he gave in.

He stood up formally and said with a voice so dark, so cold as the grave, so hopeless and desolate, like I have never heard a man's voice: "I know that I am a born criminal. I am the intrinsic murderer! In the first moment the thought was that his noble, rich, pure spirit had been violated. He whom every worm, every cockroach of the way had abandoned, whether he was lost in the woods or else bore himself confidently, this benevolent man, this holy man, that he should really bear the dark, of which he spoke, in his own soul?

He must be wrong, he must be prejudiced in a delusion, for any other conclusion was not possible! Once the beginning was made, he was now in a position to speak: "I was in Munich one night in a hotel room. I could not sleep. Then I heard a dog howl. So terrified have I never ever heard a dog howl. It was surely a black dog.

It had become the evil spirit. I fought with it. Over my soul, I fought with it. On that night, from fear, I bit into the bed polster. Since that night I knew that I am a murderer. That's why I must kill myself! What I replied to him, I don't know any more. I only know that I spoke to him for a long time, that I defended this "murderer" on that night, defended him with conviction, because I did not believe in his "guilt".

I know that I begged and prayed for his life, that again, I kept pleading for hours and hours incessantly, and again always heard: "You cannot persuade me! You cannot force me! Let me be! It must be! I cannot live anymore! Soon it was almost day. The lamps had burnt down, I felt exhausted and spiritless, because everything had failed. All my energy was used up, he was stronger. In the great fear of losing my friend, and indeed also of losing him forever, I said still a few words with my remaining decisive power.

I wept and my agitation effected what my words had not been able to achieve. He placed his hand on my forehead, and in his eyes were tears. With deep solemnity he then said: "I thank you! I would be silent, then, because he would need quiet and solitude. In a few weeks, the last version of the book was completed. A Viennese scientific publisher rejected it. On 29th May, he brought me the first example the printing press had gotten off. In early summer , we spent some hours together.

Still, he often spoke about the criminal nature, but yet now in a genuinely milder form, that left hope that the crisis was declining into abatement. Around the middle of July he left Vienna and remained abroad until the last third of September. Then he came, apparently without having recuperated. That he again sustained plans to commit suicide, I did not suspect.

Indeed, he said at our last get-together: "The accusation could not be made against me, that my book was intellectually impoverished! Also a second remark: "You have not helped me with the corrections of the first edition. Now you have no examination before you. Promise me that you will fully take on yourself the work for the second edition! At these meetings he also said: "Now we will not see each other so soon!

The farewell was without ceremony, only heartfelt in the usual manner. The resolution to perform his plan so quickly, had Weininger still, at that time, not conceived. The next evening he cam to me. I was not home. On other days I learnt that he came upset to my room and had waited for many hours unavailingly. Later at night he went away. He let me know I should not expect him on the following day. I didn't expect him. But he came again, remaining for hours, until late in the evening, then he went. And again he left the message, that he could really not come the next day and came nevertheless and didn't meet me.

This repeated itself over a series of days. Thus I never saw him again alive. Perhaps the conflict between his messages and his actions was none other than the struggle for his life. Perhaps he feared meeting, because I had once held him back from death, and he still came again and hoped and waited; and believed from his lack of a friend that this pointed to a sign.

On the 4th October , at ten-thirty in the morning, he died in the Wiener Allgemeinen Krankenhaus, where he was diagnosed that night to be in a hopeless condition. Shortly afterwards two friends accompanied me to his corpse. On the face of the dead, there was no feature of goodness, no shimmer of holiness, to be seen. Also no pain; only an expression that the face of the living had completely lacked: something fearful, something ruled by horror, that which had pressed the death-weapon into his hand: the thought of evil.

After a few hours, however, his image changed: the severities softened, the features seemed gentler and smoother. And when I looked at my dead friend for the last time, on his visage was nothing other than the sought-after deep quiet of eternity, on his forehead only the reflection of his great spirit.

(PDF) The Austrian provenance of the worldwide Camphill Movement | Robin Jackson - revolexituju.tk

From Italy, Weininger had sent all the handwritten notes he possessed to his friend Dr. Moriz Rappaport, leaving the publishing up to his discretion. For almost 16 years, Dr. Rappaport has left this last notebook of Weiniger in my hands. The often-started attempts to disentangle the obscure and half-smeared characters remained always without result. After a difficult illness, I obeyed the demand of my friend to not keep what remained of Weininger's mind hidden to the world any longer.

I broadcast the notebook and published these last messages in mutual agreement with Dr. Rappaport, together with a few of the letters preserved by him over the course of the years, insofar as they are suitable for rounding out the picture of his personality. A few of the thoughts of the notebook might be known from "Letzten Dinge", so it is still always worth knowing the original form that they took in the consciousness of the thinker, Weininger.

A remarkable passage is composed of four lines, lines of tremendous tragedy, that throws light on the whole life-destiny of this unique man. His characters let it be known that Weininger, as if hunted, in a racing hurry, perhaps in torment and doubt, threw onto paper that though his pride floored him, his hand had still bristled up to write what his mind dictated:. One compares with this passage those two fundamental sentences in "Sex and Character", that had aroused such sensation and still more conflict: "Woman is only sexual, man is also sexual" and "The most lowest man remains still endlessly higher than the highest woman", so one recognises the degree of rank they had in Weininger's opinion towards the problem of sex.

But may I in these last words utter perhaps the real beginning of a new way, utter perhaps the first complete revocation of his earlier beliefs: In principle, the great significance of his deepest insights would not be affected, for the worth of the eternal thoughts of Otto Weininger on his attitude on the problem of the sexes surely is independent. For the deciphering of the shorthand, for the oversight of the material and the corrections rendered to me by the docent Dr. Oskar Ewald, Otto Weininger's friend from youth, such valuable help, for these passages exist thanks to him. Wenn er das will, wird ihm Gott helfen.

Sonst hilft ihm niemand. Du wirst auch hiezu die Neigung empfinden. Der Verbrecher nimmt, wie keine Schuld, so auch keine Einsamkeit auf sich. Kraft hat er. Meine Theorie von der Krankheit. Ich habe das selbe mit der Wahrheit. Es gibt ein ganzes Reich der Projektionen.

Hier liegt, was man freilich nirgends ausgesprochen findet, vielleicht das schwierigste Problem der Philosophie. Er hat der Zeit jede Bedeutung geraubt. Die Idee mit dem "Progressus" zur Heiligkeit , die Kant teilte, wird so vereitelt. Denn jede Begrenztheit ist Bestimmung von aussen, hat also Unfreiheit. Alles Handeln des guten Menschen geht nach dem, was man den Wert oder die Existenz oder das Leben nennen kann. Schwanken zwischen Schopenhauer und Fechner. Forderung des Lebens ist Lust! Die Lust ist an den Wert gebunden und nie direkt, nur durch ihn erreichbar.

Bis zur Lust reicht das Weib, aber nicht bis zum Wert. Bis zum Mitleid reicht es, nicht bis zur Achtung. Lust und Wert sind im tiefsten Grunde identisch. Und das Gute ist Gott! Wie in der Gegenwart, so sind auch in der Ewigkeit Raum und Zeit geschieden. Die Ewigkeit ist der Sinn der Gegenwart. Fechner ist nur der umgekehrte Schopenhauer; diesem war der Schmerz, jenem die Lust das Reale. Ebenso der Asket Pascal. Der Jude ist moralisch das, was die Dummheit intellektuell ist. Er ist die Fliege, die den Esel blutig schindet.

Zwischen Unsterblichkeit und Sittlichkeit kann es nichts geben. Darum werden alle Kulturen wieder hinweggeschwemmt. Nicht nur das Gute ist Eines in den Menschen, auch das Teuflische. Jeder Sieg des Guten in einem Menschen hilft allen anderen — und umgekehrt. Gott ist die Idee des Heils, die Gesundheit.

Wenn wir wollen, so ist die Idee, so ist Gott bei uns. Der Verbrecher ist eitel, denn er hat den Wunsch zur Einzigartigkeit. Man braucht den Zuschauer, das Theater, die Pose. Darum entsteht der zweite Mensch. Darum ist der Verbrecher homosexuell. Das Genie ist entweder das umgekehrte Verbrechen oder die umgekehrte Krankheit insbesondere der umgekehrte Irrsinn. Denn er hat auch von Wieland, Byron und etlichen Malern seiner Zeit sehr viel gehalten, und an denen war auch nicht viel. Herkules ist dorisch.

Sie verhalten sich wie Armut zu Reichtum, wie Einfachheit zu Wohlstand. Der "Farnesische Stier" erscheint daneben wie ein Ausdruck von Talent. Um zu wissen, wer Michelangelo und was Rafael ist, vergleiche man ein weniger bedeutendes Bild, die "Sintflut" der ersteren, mit einem der hervorragendsten des letzteren, dem "Brand des Borgo". Diese eignen sich sehr gut wegen der inhaltlichen Homologie und weil von Michelangelo sonst keine Massendarstellungen vorhanden sind.

Einheit und Allheit sind so problematisch. Der Neurastheniker verzichtet auf Allheit, der Verbrecher auf Einheit. Der Neurastheniker ist zur Allheit, der Verbrecher zur Einheit zu schwach. Wer wollte das entscheiden? Die Sterne winken von der Grenze des Raumes her. Die Sterne lachen nicht mehr; sie haben zur Lust keine Beziehung mehr, nur mehr zur Seligkeit und Freude. Es fehlt die Physis.

Darum sind Leben und Flamme so oft verglichen worden. Er kann das aber nur, indem er Sklave eines Herrn wird. Der See : Versuch des Flusses, zur Allheit zu gelangen? Jedenfalls sind es Stationen des Flusses und Ruhepunkte. Der Neurastheniker hat auch eine Gegenwart zeitlich ; der Verbrecher hat keine Gegenwart.

Jedes Tier hat ein Gesicht, in dem man irgendeinen menschlichen Affekt, einen Trieb, eine Leidenschaft entdeckt, eine menschliche Schwachheit oder Gemeinheit entdeckt. Sie ist schief und hingestreckt am Boden, zum Kriechen verurteilt; und dabei ungeschickt. Ein Tier, das nicht eitel ist und sogar Schmerz kennt.

Realisierung des Zufalls. Absolute Nacht, ohne Hoffnung. Schlange und absolute Sicherheit des Losfahrens. Gerechtigkeitsproblem ist hier Zufallsproblem! Die Pflanze ist Krankheit. Die Astrologie hat eine Zukunft, die auf der Inkarnation beruht; aus der Konstellation der Sterne kann der Charakter erschlossen werden. Stoff ist teilbar: das liegt in der Zahl 2. Alle Resultate, alle Synthesen sind Dreizahlen: das liegt in der Zahl 3. Die Griechen kennen keine Heiligen, darum kennen sie kein Zeitproblem. Er ist frei! So entsteht kein Kind. Sie geht ganz zugrunde.

Der Mond Luna ist der externalisierte Traum. Der Verbrecher hat aber dabei die Halluzination des Schlangenbisses und stirbt von falschem Schreck. Sicherlich steht auch dieses unter einem ethischen Gesetz. Der Jude ist von Anfang an; und doch kann er auch kein Ende bedeuten. Er ist zwischen Anfang und Ende. Der Jude kennt darum den Handel, nicht die Tat.

Der Jude ist zu dringlich gegen Christus. Christus ist nicht umsonst auf einem Esel geritten. Eselskult beiden Juden. Diese betrachtet als ihr Verdienst, was Verdienst Gottes ist. Der Verbrecher kann keine Zeugen brauchen. Denn durch verbrecherische Art hoffte er zu siegen und ist unterlegen. Ob er sie zur Mutter macht oder nicht? Aus den Dingen erkennt der Mensch sein eigenes Wesen. Goodness is nowhere! Suicide from disability, from the too-long recovery from illness, is actually as conflict-shy and as unbelievable as the cowardly suicide committed to escape a crime.

It can be characteristic for a truly shallow man to see suicide as permissible and an uniquely profound man to see it as constantly impermissible. I know it and also, against my expectations, have had the happiness to meet a greatly outstanding man whom I have persuaded, and whom also believes the same. The coming centuries must testify this to be true of me.

There is only psycho-therapy, plainly not only that defective psychotherapy from the outside that we have today where the foreign will of a suggestor must be performed wherein one's own will is too weak, not only that heteronomous type, but to the contrary an autonomous hygiene and therapy, where everyone is his own diagnostician and truly, also even therapist.

Each one must cure himself and be his own doctor. If he wishes this, then God will help him. Otherwise no one helps him. He ought not take my suicide as a personal thing, as you have done with F. You would also discover herein that inclination. But don't believe that it is correct! I believe that my mental abilities are certainly of such a nature that I would become, in a certain sense, the solver of all problems. I do not believe that I could have remained long in error anywhere.

I believe that I would have earned the name of the Redeemer, because my nature were that of a Redeemer. The guilt of the man for whom "community" becomes a problem, is simply solitude. The criminal accepts no guilt, thus also no solitude onto himself. That he must be there. Writer and people who cannot write. More on the Farnese Hercules. About himself. He has strength. My theory on illness. Because strength is the consequence of goodness its means, to assert itself, to find itself , never of itself-as-goal.

For G. I make fantasy unto me, not me unto fantasy. I do the same with truth. The need for originality is thus a weakness. To narrate is sadistic. The sadist feels the organic is real. How the will is, so also is its projection, the movement, the child, something between existence and non-existence. There is a whole realm of projections. The empirical realm, that we take as truth, originates through such projections of Something onto Nothing, projections of the higher life. Here lies, truly what one finds pronounced nowhere, perhaps the most difficult problem of philosophy.

Kant has expelled the psychological life wholly, into the phenomenal, such as the life of the outer world. He robbed time of any meaning. But thereby would the possibility of ethics be negated. If all good feelings in me belonged only to Phenomena and not to Being, thus the case is also with the meaning of my life. Because the meaning of my life stands and falls on whether I can proceed in a positive relation to good or not. If all psychological life only seems, so I can in no wise make myself worthy of an eternal life.

The idea with "progress" to holiness that Kant shares, would be thwarted. The genius does not need the transcendental method, for the normal intuition possesses enough certainty. The justification of the psychological method lies in seeing things in a vision of God! The nearer the intuition comes to a concept, the sooner the transcendental method becomes superfluous. Because guilt and strife are not truly different, for this reason one may be calmed: no criminal really goes unpunished.

What I argue is: that the will is always good and that there actually can be no will to evil or an evil will. Evil is the resignation of the will and the coming-into-being of the animal instincts out of want. The ideas of freedom and universality must be identical. Because every limitation is a determination from outside, it thus has no freedom. But if man is free, then he must be able to become what he wills.

For that, however, possibility is the requirement of freedom. The ideas of freedom and totality are thus identical! It is really not true that all human actions are driven by desire. All actions of the good man are driven by what one can call the worth or existence or life. Indecision between Schopenhauer and Fechner. Both fail to recognise that the ethical and the world-principle lie together, on which the "Desire — Pain" link is dependent in the "Good — Evil" link. With it, the link "Desire — Pain" runs parallel, but its relationship is of a secondary nature. How does desire relate to life?

The insistence of life is desire! Desire relates itself to life like punishment to guilt like pain to death. Human wanting is driven not by desire; it seeks that which another, also myself, has named worth , life or existence or reality. Desire is bound to worth, and reached only by way of it, and never directly. Woman arrives as far as desire , but not to worth. She reaches as far as compassion, but not to consciousness. High regard for man: "moral" argument for masculine women?

Desire and worth are in the deepest basis identical. They contact in the concept of the Good. And the Good is God! Boredom and impatience are the most immoral feelings that can be. Through grace , the temporal necessarily steps in relation to timelessness, eternity, freedom. The expression of this relation-condition is most commonly, in belief. The psychological expression of this common meaning of time is called: courage! It is the direct effect of grace with reference to time non-positing all other principles , like how belief is the direct effect of grace without reference to the same.

As in the present, so also in eternity are space and time separated. Eternity is the meaning of the present. The present remains itself in eternity, as the beginning of things before the Downfall and remains to the end, as the goal redemption from Downfall. All compassion is universally: willingness to desire and is therefore immoral, because desire directly striven for becomes compassion instead of worth. Compassion is immoral not to mention the foundation of morality because it stays within the link "Desire-Suffering", not within the "Worth-Nothingness" link, to which that functionality is tied.

Desire is dependent on conditions, worth is not dependent on conditions.

Schamgefühl liegt unterm bett ^^

Here indeed pain becomes directly seen, but negated; and desire directly willed, instead of affirming worth, as in respect. Cruelty means: to wish to make pain real as a sole reality , instead of placing desire with "Freedom-Worth". Schopenhauer whose Nirvana is as the only real, suffering -free , victory over one's own cruelty and Fechner are poles within the same progression.

Both only ever find the desire- and pain-element as the nature of the world. Even the ascetic Pascal. Courage is the correlate of truthfulness. It is the respect-nothing of Nothingness. Jewishness, meanness, and stupidity. The Jew is to moral, what stupidity is to intellectual.

It is the fly that flays the donkey bloody. Neurasthenia and illness: to become passive towards the perception in space outside the body: neurasthenia; in space within the body: illness. There can be nothing between deathlessness and an ethical life. That is why all cultures are washed away again.

The cheat is related to the pathological liar. He cheats through his physical body: trickster. The master of a dog is he who has really nothing doggish in him. That is why he has a dog. He has the doggish from outside. The vain man is sensitive in equal high measures. Because were he not willing for one to watch him, so would one not look over his shoulder.

Not only the good is one in man, but also the devilish. In any victory over goodness in a man, all others are helped — and the reverse. God is the idea of salvation, of health. If we will, thus is the idea, thus God is with us. The mirror is the surrogate for creating-oneself. It has a relationship to vanity and equally to individuality. The problem of individuality is the problem of vanity. That there are many souls, is the result of vanity. The criminal is vain, because he has the wish for uniqueness. One needs the spectator, the theatre, the pose. That's why the second man comes into being.

That's why the criminal is homosexual. The genius is either the reversed crime or the reversed illness especially the reversed insanity. The artist must create something inferior to the philosopher. Because he is more dependent on the moment than the other. If the vapid-headed Schiller instead of the mess of his beautiful-sounding, easily-ethicised phrase: "Shared joy is doubled joy — shared pain is halved pain! That Goethe had considered Schiller great, naturally proves nothing at all.

Because he had also considered Wieland, Byron, and a number of painters of his time to be very great, and these were also not great. Hercules is doric. Doric and Ionic must become sharply separated in Hellenism. They are related like poverty to wealth, like simplicity to affluence. The most godly work of art that I know is the "Farnese Hercules" in the museum at Naples. It is more holy than the saga of Hercules himself, and has an eternally gripping impact.

The "Farnese Bull" appears next to it as an expression of talent. That one could mention the Raphaelesque filth next to Michaelangelo, I comprehend; one would always do just this, because one understands Raphael wholly without , Michaelangelo only through , genius. The latter makes all, the former truly no, consideration for the observer. Raphael was wholly impotent when he depicted God, Christ, philosophy. He helped himself by renouncing character from the outset; then one calls this originality and praises it as a contestation against Michaelangelo.

Raphael never dared let a body show its whole back, least of all God himself as Michelangelo had done in the second ceiling painting of the Cistine. To know who Michaelangelo and what Raphael is, one compares a less significant image, the "Flood" of the former, with one of the most outstanding of the latter, the "Burning of the Borgo". This is very suitable on account of the inner homology and because there are no other representations of masses available by Michaelangelo. Raphael paints here a group, there another, piece for piece, each preoccupied with something different; it wholly lacks unity.

Oneness and Allness are so problematic. The neurasthenic renounces Totality, the criminal Oneness. The neurasthenic is too weak for Allness, the criminal for Oneness. The deficiency of Oneness in the sea! Allness is here; but Oneness is here missing. The north German is constituted too much by the idiosyncratic north German levelling. The Islander, the Norwegian, the Scot, and to a point the English also, are more similar to the south German than to the north German. Opposites also in Nature: the most fruitful European regions and the nearby volcanoes, the detestable lava — the shit of the earth.

The child has no relationship at all to its future. Is the sea existing through the rivers or the rivers through the sea? Who wishes to separate them? So God and mankind relate themselves. The sea wills the rivers, the river wills the sea. I have the greatest appreciation for terrestrial vistas and for the Totality to which the Earth expands, for the aperture at the end of which one sees vastness, for music that opens itself up Trovatore and Lohengrin, Jubilarian : mouth.

Solar system and fixed-star sky have a separate relationship to space. The stars twinkle from the boundary of space. The stars no longer laugh; they have no further relationship to desire, only to happiness and joy. They lack physicality. Among the strangeness of fire is also that it needs oxygen to burn, exactly like its enemy, life. That's why life and flame are so often compared. The purifying effect of fire means that everything points to this element existing in the service of goodness. The dog is that criminal which continually seeks to prove others wrong to make itself right barking!

It can only be as the slave to a master. The body is not immoral, but the skin is. It is the threat of the body, the place where it acknowledges space, is vulnerable, besmirchable, becomes infected. Space comes into existence through making a real into not-reality, as with illness through emission of part of the I to the outside, incapability for Totality. It is the present devoid of eternity.

All animals are criminal, even the horse, even the swan aimless beauty, never flies a little further : there is a fear of the swan. The lake : attempt of the river to arrive at Totality? The Caspian Sea speaks of this. In any case there are stations of the river and points of stillness. Totality from the outer , Oneness from the outer. The snake is actually not in a narrower sense hateful. It is smooth; and yet seizes us with aversion for it: lie! The tortoise always makes a tired impression. An animal that is not vain and yet knows pain. Just as one finds all possible combinations in the human world, thus also in the animal realm: fish that fly; birds that swim; suckling beasts that fly; suckling beasts that can swim.

The snake suffers severely in the cold. Death from outside. Realisation of chance. Absolute night, without hope. Snake and absolute certainty of hitting the mark. It hits sure and straight-lined, kills when it bites. The problem of justice is here the problem of chance! It lies from the outside. Lie from inside. The plant is illness. The animals and plants are not dead in men, but unconscious discardings in men, which he encounters only in unfree perceptions.

If medication has an effect, it is merely the psychological will, the belief, the hope, that have an effect. Constipation is indicative of being charged with mental and bodily impurity , without being directly expressed in a lasting pain. Astrology has a future that relies on the Incarnation; out of the constellation of stars can character be developed. Matter is divisible: it lies in the number 2. All results, all syntheses are trinities: they lie in the number 3. Space is related to chaos; its nature persists in the position of distance illness and aloneness are related , the three dimensions flee from each other , space has no Oneness, it is the collection of all externalisation of perception, the whole I as unconsciousness.

Homesickness is the wish to be a child i. Where the Oneness of consciousness is missing, as in the criminal, there aloneness is missing "The I senses itself", Rappaport , the awareness of time is missing because the separated debris of the I, unreal, nothingness, are positioned as real, becomes realised.

The holy that is the reversed criminal, Christ, Augustine, Kant suffers worst in the time problem. The Greeks know no holy men, so they know no time problem. Then is Nature-perception possible. And it is beautiful. He is free! To the other — unconscious — it is hateful, a threat to freedom, ruled by fear. The old maid is the nothingness developed out of the woman, created by the man who, from ethical reasons, never again meets with her. Thus no child develops. She perishes utterly. Theft is creation of the real out of the not-real or serialisation of things in the I that do not belong to the I.

The lie says its definition is the best, which is immoral: To posit the Unreal as real, or: serialisation in the I, where it ought not follow. The moon Luna is the externalised dream. The sleep-walker is the platonic idea of the dreamer. Who loves dogs, not cats, who has nothing doglike, i. The criminal liar dies from the inner, the occasional liar from the outer spatial snake-bite. But the criminal has the hallucination of the snake-bite and dies from false shock. The moral is always supreme to the intellectual; the enchanter can discern everything, but not the good God, the idea.

The weak and weaklings in regard to morality physicalise the weak degree of strength and courage: Jew and strength, woman and strength. One considers now, giving light to hopes of finding a simple rule of Nature by which sex is regulated. Surely this also stands under an ethical principle. But there cannot be a biological principle of Nature for a process, that deals with either the incarnation of a soul or the development of an evasive, delusion- and lying-form, as woman is.

It can, at least, be influenced by other natures experimentally. This takes effect again for men. Here is a wholly impossible infringement. Just as unthinkable is a mechanical principle for the evaluation of the manly birth. And whoever now still doesn't know what is unjewish and what is jewish, sinks himself into life like the awakening Adam of Michelangelo in approximately the fourth painting in the the middle row of the altar wall in the Cistine chapel , in whom everything is still as a possibility, but also all possibilities effectively exist — with exception of one: Judaism!

The Jew is from the beginning; and yet he cannot also comprehend the end. He is between beginning and end. But beginning and end mean "feat". The Jew understands business, not feat. The Jew is too urgently against Christ. Christ is not for nothing bestride a donkey. Donkey cult with Jews.

The Jew is the punishment of the donkey: he is absolutely not asinine. That the Jews instantiate themselves in Germany hangs together with "Michel". The idiot smiles over intelligence; the Jew smiles over the good. He places himself thereby near goodness. He also shows how smiling can still be immoral. The man who miscarries his suicide? He is the complete criminal, because he wants life so as to rage against it. Everything evil is rage! Vanity means: to want to calculate the merit of the I by what doesn't belong to the merit of the I.

Thus also individuality. Such a one considers to his own merit, the merit that is God's. The criminal can need no witnesses. For, he hopes to conquer by criminal means and is in an inferior position. That's why he must kill all witnesses. The holy man smiles, without knowing why. He laughs unfree. The holy man is the unhappiest, notwithstanding he only seeks happiness. The devil is the man, who has it all without goodness , who knows the whole heaven without truthfulness, while all things exist only through goodness.

Every man creates his woman, perhaps two women for himself: one prostitute, one mother. Whether he makes her into a mother or not? This depends on his relationship to the ethical alone. There's no greater plaintive nonsense and impression : One unfailingly seeks something behind woman because one expects this rather than finding there's simply nothing there.

And so one comes to the idea of identifying her with the sphinx, with which she actually has no similarity whatsoever. Christ redeemed Magdalene — she was a prostitute, as long as he was in the wasteland. How can I accuse woman after all, for serving man? Man wants nothing other than she does. There is no man who would not be delighted if he exacted a sexual influence over a woman. From things Man understands his own character. Each understanding is redemption , System and explanation is propitiation.

As either a man or a woman, there is neither or both, you need to harmonize yourself with eternity. What matters as a man or a woman is that you see that you are not a man or a woman. You are both. And that you create a balance on both sides of your being. And it's necessary to do a little work at the side that you have been neglecting. As you do that you become stronger and stronger and stronger. Two people are fighting each other. They are so busy fighting each other that they don't realize that they could be inspiring each other, or giving each other strength or learning from each other.

She will have to completely reexamine her life, her priorities, and specifically her use of the second attention, of course along with the physical attention, her sexual manipulation. What a man must do is to realize that his continued belief in the inferiority of women is going to produce a type of karma which is going to hold him back and already has. And he must be honest enough and have enough integrity to change the description of the world even though everyone else in the world may not feel that way. By doing this a man and a woman they will not necessarily change the world but they will change themselves.

They will enter into a state of balance. Simply meditating is not enough. You must accept what is real and what is true. And to do that you must examine yourself, your history, and simply start to observe. And that's how they act. But actually, it's not. It is quite the opposite. Men are much more emotional.

They love much more quickly than women do. It's backwards. And that's why not too many people in this world attain enlightenment. Many men have deep rooted problems regarding the status of women, and during sex these problems come out. They consciously or unconsciously project anger and hate towards women they have sex with.

This energy enters a woman's subtle physical body and damages it. There is this need to fight your way to the top. Men become obsessed with power which is completely unnecessary and destructive for them. It is better for women to be obsessed with power. Men are not quite as affected by the destructive vibratory forces of the world as women are. It's necessary to practice the yoga of love and to loose interest in power and conquest.

You need to surrender, take eternity as your lover and just open yourself up to and let eternity do with you as it will. You need to become stronger and more patient. It is best to meditate on love and the heart and just to learn to love more and more. And this will be a painful process for you because men have turned off their emotional selves [for the idea of being a man].

Meditate, ground yourself in eternal light , and see yourself in a new way. Because their subtle physical bodies are so much more sensitive they tend to pick up the total energy of the man they have sex with. The idea is that to be a woman is a lower birth. But still, all can attain enlightenment if they truly aspire.

So even in a high spiritual and philosophical book we see the concept, which is quite ridiculous, that to be a woman is in a lower birth, that to be a woman is innately wrong in other words. You made a mistake somewhere and that's why you are born in the body of a woman. That image is inferiority. If she is in the opposite environment her descent will be very very quick. They are jealous, they're vindictive. Again, simply because they don't realize that they have enough power within themselves.

To enjoy other women and appreciate them it is not necessary to compete over a male. What an absurd idea! Women should be sisters and unite and pool their energy. It's easier to have someone to make the decisions for you, but it's not, because then you're enslaved and you don't grow your own power, and you become weak. Women seem to have this idea to always be nice and allow people to walk all over them.

You don't help men by allowing them to do that. All you do is fixate them in a bad consciousness. Whenever you allow someone to abuse you you don't help them, you are not a friend, because they are incurring bad karma. If you truly love someone, occasionally, you are being a little mean, if it's necessary. Or it may seem mean, it's not. The subtle physical body of men are much more denser, more tightly packed, fixed.

The subtle physical body of a woman is much more pliant. It's much easier for a woman to absorb and to retain light and to change. And there is something in the unenlightened side of men that fears that power. It doesn't understand that if it would open themselves to that power that that power would enter them and help them in their liberation. Fearing that power they seek to put it down.

And there is something in the unenlightened side of women that allows that to take place. It doesn't want responsibility. It wants someone to make the decisions. Ultimately that is not satisfactory because then a woman will be drained, tired and discouraged. Men appear to be more powerful than women while the opposite is really true. What appears to be light is dark and what appears to be dark is light. Women think of themselves as being women and they are not. Women have a preconceived notion of what it means to be a woman and this notion is incorrect. This notion has been given to them by our society, history , men and other women.

Women have become dependent upon men in our society. They feel that they have to draw power from a man. They build their identities around men, or around their children. And doing so they do themselves and all women, and men a great injustice. The kundalini flows through them much more readily.

It is the ability to manipulate men sexually [seduction]. They've had to, in order to survive. If men see you a certain way, the image that is projected onto you is not your real self. You have to become commanding and assume responsibility for your power. While the strength of a women is the fact that her subtle physical body is pliant and conducts energy it's also the thing that is problematic for her, particularly in this age.

It depends how you approach it. Change is necessary. The most basic change that we make has to do with our sexual identity. Sex does not matter. It's not important, unless you make it important. People place much too great a charge on sexuality. It's not necessary to be celibate to attain enlightenment. It's necessary to be yourself. There will come a time though when you will probably be celibate for a while on your way to enlightenment in one incarnation or another. When you're with someone it will be a giving, a pure self-effacement, pure giving, a transfer of energy.

There won't be any desire. There will be no concern for the personal self or physical satisfaction. Then it can't be harmful. Your emotions won't get wrapped up. Every action will be service and self-giving. In the act of sex itself, while making love, men become very hateful. They very often hate the women they are making love to. They sense this tremendous power and rather than helping to foster it or accessing it they want to cover it over. They are afraid of their own impotence. And the unrefined masculine energy enters easily into a woman, particularly during sex.

When a woman falls in love she will think of the man she is in love with constantly. And with meditation that power will grow stronger every year. Men are terrified of their sexuality. They're all afraid of impotence. Women are terrified of their sexuality because they've got so much of it. And we live in a society that says they don't. And it's very incongruent because women are told that they don't have sexuality, that men are sexual and women basically are not and actually quite the opposite is true in terms of the kundalini and the structure of the subtle physical [bodies].

Women are much more sexual — as Masters and Johnson have discovered — than men are and people are very put off by that. The damage that occurs to the subtle physical body of a woman occurs in several ways. Most of it is sexual. Most women lose their power in sexual relationships or simply by being exposed to the lower sexual energies of men. Sexuality is neither good nor bad. It depends on how you approach it. Appendix 1. Frederick Lenz, aka Zen Master Rama.

Personal avowals I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig. He's just incapable of it. Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.

Mary Daly US American radical feminist philosopher, academic, and theologian. Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage. Men, Women, and Rape , S. Or about being an underdog, or having to survive […] women didn't go to Vietnam and blow things up. They are not Rambo. Susan Griffin , Rape. The knowledge that some men do suffices to threaten all women. He can beat or kill the woman he claims to love; he can rape women […] he can sexually molest his daughters […].

The vast majority of men in the world do one or morre of the above. It coexists, never peacefully, with the love, desire, respect, and need women also feel for men. Always man-hating is shadowed by its milder, more diplomatic and doubtful twin, ambivalence. As a source of some of our most profound experiences, it continues to be such an integral part of our emotional lives that it appears beyond criticism.

Yet hiding from the truth of family life leaves women and children vulnerable. Woman are meant to be loved, not to be understood. Golda Meir Israeli founder, first female prime minister of Israel , source unknown. Susan B. A New Biography , Ecco, 1st edition Iconic waterfall of Iceland Gullfoss. Item Quality Votes for women Votes for men Equal votes for both genders 9. But I think the inability to see women in leadership in public life is indeed because we still associate female authority with childhood. That's when we see female strength. Video interview with Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem.

Williams, YouTube film, minute , minutes duration, posted February What really turned me off was what I call secret police. Core virtuous behaviors embodied by maturing women Dedicated to the creative potential of the relationship of maturing men and women Elizabeth Debold, Ed. Holding an evolutionary perspective Consciously evolving woman acknowledges her biological, psychological, and social conditioning and draws on her true self devoted to the process of human evolution.

Trusting in life Witnessing woman keeps releasing control urges. She incorporates to the best of her abilities spirit , undefended innocence , dignity. Taking responsibility for evolution Woman is aware of interconnectedness and cares to evolve in consciousness. Realizing unity with other women Consciously evolving woman is trustingly, transparently, and passionately bonding with her sisters, taking responsibility of her programmed urge to compete with others and outshining it.

Being emotionally rational Conscious woman is aware of her survival impulses, developing emotional maturity by is releasing culturally programmed fears and desires. Standing autonomously and not wavering Consciously evolving woman abstains from manipulative games and is cultivating simple, gentle-straight radical sovereignty in her relationships. Relinquishing sexual power Conscious woman refrains from seduction to win over. Her sexual relationships become profoundly intimate and straightforward. Leading by example Willing to pioneer leadership conscious woman remains vulnerable and authentic , following her inner guidance transparently and humbly.

Being trustworthy Woman devoted to a higher purpose remains honest and authentic when challenged. Rejecting victimhood Responsible woman is not a victim. She cocreated history with men. A woman wants — a man she can trust. A woman wants — a man who is safe to be with. A woman wants — a man who understands her inherent fears. A woman wants — a man who is attuned to her needs. A woman wants — a man who can handle emotional engagement. The women respond so quickly to a common cause as they see it as a way to help the community at large.

Iris , Georgia O'Keefe. General data Women do two thirds of all the work in the world. US women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than women in other high-income countries. Violence against women and girls — Status 1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. In the United States, a woman is abused, usually by her husband or partner, every 15 seconds and is raped every 90 seconds. Between , and 2 million people — the majority of them women and children — are trafficked annually into situations including prostitution, forced labor, slavery, or servitude.

Only 93 countries have some legislative provision prohibiting trafficking in human beings. The UN estimates that approximately 5, women are murdered each year as a result of honor killings , but many women's groups in the Middle East and Southwest Asia suspect the number is at least 4 times higher. Slavery is an extremely profitable, international industry.

Roughly 14, to 17, foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States each year. Some estimates claim there are at least , children in prostitution, while others believe the numbers may be as high as , Worldwide, an estimated 51 million girls have been married before the age of consent. In many parts of the world, parents encourage the marriage of their underage daughters in exchange for property and livestock or to benefit their social status. The sexual violation and torture of civilian women and girls during periods of armed conflict has been referred to as "one of history's great silences" and has generally been ignored despite the millions who have been injured and killed by the brutal practice.

Education — Status Of the million illiterate adults in the developing world, two-thirds are women, and nearly 1 out of every 5 girls who enrolls in primary school does not complete her primary education. Educated women have greater control over their financial resources and are more likely than men to invest their resources in their families' health, education, and nutrition.

Educating women increases productivity in agrarian communities. Women with formal education are much more likely to use reliable family planning methods, delay marriage and childbearing, and have fewer and healthier babies. Education fosters democracy and women's political participation. A study in Bangladesh found that educated women are 3 times more likely to take part in political meetings than those without schooling.

A study in Zambia found that AIDS spreads twice as fast among uneducated girls than girls who have access to education. Young rural Ugandans with secondary education are 3 times less likely to contract HIV. Are there more men or more women on earth? Louis chapter, January , YouTube film, minute , duration, posted by Chatham Hall Sitte und Sexus der Frau , rororo Sachbuch, , August Feministische Grundlagenwerk Ende der vierziger Jahren des Die Kraft der weiblichen Urinstinkte , Heyne Verlag, 3.

Auflage Juli , Taschenbuch 1. Kamphausen Verlag, 6. Auflage Alphafrauen an die Macht , Econ, 1. Mai Dr. Dezember Buchrezension Befreiende Worte. Buchkritik-Interview zu Dr. May Robert A. Understanding Feminine Psychology , , Harper Perennial, revised edition 1. February Elizabeth Debold, Ed.

September Carol Gilligan, Ph. July Recension: " August Helen Fisher, Ph. February Jean Houston, Ph. May Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph. November Paula Joan Caplan, Ph. May Daniel Pink danpink. Dirt, envy, sex, vulnerability , Vintage, 9. October Nicholas D. Mai Interview mit Prof. Wo sind die Frauen. Kamphausen Verlag, Wikipedia entries Carol Gilligan , Biography , Third wave feminism , Woman Free encyclopedia on matriarchal living Ethnia , web site for men and women on a different societal structure engl.

February Article Women on the frontline for human rights , presented by Amnesty International , August A research project led by Jean M. Louis Blog , June Violence against women and girls — Sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and girls — Education, derived from: Nicholas D. But all men must know they benefit from sexism , presented by British political and cultural magazine New Statesman , May Essay audio availed We are multitudes. Women are chimeras, with genetic material from both their parents and children.

Where does that leave individual identity? January , updated January Three kinds of "witch" language: 1 Calling someone a witch , as applied lavishly to Hillary Clinton during the recent election. Interview with Kate Manne, Ph. Cleary, Ph. Mehr als der sogenannte Unterschied? Oktober Videointerview Studio Talk mit Dr. Birkenbihl deutsche Psychologin, Managementtrainerin, Sachbuchautorin, Genial!

Vera F. Sonst garnix. Was wollen Frauen bei Problemen? Die wollen quatschen. Das ist ein gigantischer Unterschied. Immer wieder dasselbe. Video interview with Dr. August Video presentation by Virginia Valian, Ph. Do women give up too much with their life choices? Are Women Leaders Different? March Video presentation by Leonard Shlain, M. Video presentation by Mark Gungor , US American pastor, comedian, marriage counselor, international speaker, Boxes vs. When you start to humanize your enemy you in turn may be dehumanized by your community.

And that's what happened to me. Audio presentation by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. Jung Institute of Chicago, editor Benjamin Law, recorded in , duration, published Call all the women "When women are strong together, women can be fiercely protective of what we love. Video presentation by Riane Eisler, Ph. Audio conversation with Helen Fisher, Ph. October Featuring Fonda's disease to please, her new found spirituality raised as an atheist, last married to atheist Ted Turner , becoming whole, her film career, her three marriages, her activism opposing the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, her relationships with her children.

May , YouTube film, duration, posted September , YouTube film, minutes duration, posted September , reposted Video interview with Carol Gilligan, Ph. January Video presentation by Carol Gilligan, Ph. April , YouTube film, minutes duration, posted Video presentations by and interviews with Margaret Heffernan mheffernan. Video interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard US American futurist, champion and agent of conscious evolution, running Democratic candidate for US vice presidency, , co-founder and president of the "Foundation for Conscious Evolution", , spiritual teacher, public speaker, visionary author, Women Waking to Purpose , location "Prophet's Conference" Tipping Point , Vancouver, February Emergence of the liberated older woman.

April Audio radio interview Unplug from the Patriarchy — women standing in their power, men tending the heart , presented by Blogtalkradio station Freedawn Radio, host Glenna Mageau, minutes duration, aired June On remarkable happenings of the solstice where women are handed the reins of power and Mother Earth gives the Global Elite their due.

July Lucia's experience of dying, being reborn, and acquiring the 12D processor Audio interview Unplugging the Patriarchy , presented by Blogtalkradio show, program BIZ Juice , host Elizabeth Lengyel, minutes duration, aired October Audio teleseminar Mystical Counsel , presented by Unplugfromthepatriarchy. February Energetic work on the Global Elite between July and January which has fractured the Elite into two camps. Audio teleseminar Science, Spirituality, and the Sacred: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles , presented by the web radio program Audioacrobat, Lpannell1, duration, aired March On the depth psychology of power 3rd chakra and heart 4th chakra.

Video presentation by Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. March 2nd wave of gender equality : from identity to equality Video interview with Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. June Video interview with Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. November Video presentation by Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. October , Vimeo video, minutes duration, posted November Video keynote address by Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. January , YouTube film, duration, posted by Chatham Hall April Video interview with Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem.

June Conversations with Great Minds — Ms. Gloria Steinem — How does America recover from Patriarchy?

UBC Theses and Dissertations

February April Maya Angelou US American historian, actress, producer, director, educator, civil-rights activist, playwright, poet, bestselling black author, Phenomenal Woman , YouTube film, minutes duration, posted March Angelou reading her poem. September Movies on other women. Letzte Bearbeitung: Referenz : de. Liebe Frau , Manchmal bist du einfach zu sehr Frau. Marie Curie 1. Maria Goeppert-Mayer. Donna Strickland 1. Marie Curie 2. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin. Bestimmte die Kristallstruktur von Penizillin und Vitamin B Ada Yonath. Frances Arnold 2. Physiologie — Medizin.

Gerty Radnitz Cori. Vertiefte die Kenntnisse des Stoffwechsels von Glykogen und Glukose. Rosalyn Sussman Yalow. Entdeckte eine Methode zur Bestimmung von Proteinhormonen im Blut. Barbara McClintock. Erforschte das Wachstum und die Entwicklung des Nervensystems "springende Gene". Rita Levi-Montalcini. Erforschte das Wachstum und die Entwicklung des Nervensystems. Gertrude Elion. Linda B. Entdeckte wie der menschliche Geruchssinn funktioniert. Elizabeth Blackburn. Entdeckte die entscheidende Rolle von Telomeren im Alterungsprozess.

Carol W. May-Britt Moser. Tu Youyou. Bertha von Suttner Baronin. Jane Addams. Engagierte sich als Sozialarbeiterin in der Friedensbewegung. Emily Greene Balch. Betty Williams. Mairead Corrigan. Mutter Teresa. Alva Myrdal. Aung San Suu Kyi. Jody Williams. Schirin Ebadi. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Verfechterin von Frieden, Gerechtigkeit und demokratischen Verfahren in Liberien. Leymah Gbowee. Tawakkul Karman. Nadia Murad 3. Grazia Deledda. Beschrieb das harte Leben in Sardinien in ihren Gedichten. Sigrid Undset. Beschrieb anschaulich das Leben der Frauen im Mittelalter. Pearl S. Gabriela Mistral. Nelly Sachs. Nadine Gordimer. Toni Morrison. Schrieb Gedichte, welche die Vergangenheit mit der Gegenwart verbinden. Elfriede Jelinek. Doris Lessing. Alice Munro. Swetlana A. Verlieh dem post-sovietischen Einzelmenschen eine Stimme. Elinor Ostrom. Kinderrecht auf Bildung.

Malala Yousafzai.

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Verfechterin des Kinderrechts auf Bildung. Reference : en. March Impactful work and achievements of women around the world awarded the Nobel Prize. If you know you are on the right track, if you have this inner knowledge, then nobody can turn you off […] no matter what they say. She will, of course, never "Keep Out. Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we're scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don't have a lot of time to take care of ourselves.

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don't invest any energy in them, because I know who I am. And most of the time I learn it by asking her. Black girl, brought up on the South Side of Chicago.

Was I supposed to go to Princeton? But I went, I did fine. The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women , last page, Bantam, 1st edition 1. MEN Emotional modus operandi of men There is this idea that women are emotional and men are not. Evolutionary stages of American feminism. Opening up various opportunities for women right to vote was denied to women ; empowerment of women Social movements: abolitionist and temperance movements Feminists felt morally superior towards men.

Connected to contemporary social movements: anti-Vietnam protests, civil rights movement, equality in employment, sexual harassment, empowerment of women Collaborative women were seen able to bring about a peaceful world. Gloria Steinem Betty Friedan.


Young women raising their voices Interest in various groups of women: women of color; lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered women, low income women. Rebecca Walker 6 Naomi Wolf. Wikipedia entry Icelandic financial crisis protests [Kitchenware Revolution]. Icelandic revolution led by women Iceland was in bankruptcy.

The main bank of Iceland was nationalized. The Krona, the currency of Iceland, was devaluated and the stock market halted. Initiated by women, citizens protested in front of the parliament which resulted in new elections. Prime minister Geir Haarde and his whole government resigned. Governmental investigations on those parties responsible for the financial crisis led to the prosecution of individuals.

High level executives and bankers were arrested. Former Icelandic prime minister Geir Haarde was on trial of charges of negligence over the financial crisis. Out of the candidates 25 chosen Icelandic citizens with no political affiliation formed a constitutional assembly to write a new national Constitution by synthesizing the recommendations handed in by citizens.

No loan agreement will be settled with the Icelandic state. Iceland is being governed by women since Agnes M. A young mother ran unsuccessfully for the office of president as well. Iceland's male political leaders have been caught in a cycle of financial and sexual scandals which have triggered three elections in four years. Iceland's new law mandates equal pay from companies for men and women delivering the same kind of work — effective from June Following a bank holiday on October 6, Torfason began to initiate a peaceful, weekly-persistant, legal, simple revolution in Iceland He asked two questions, "What has happened to our country?

Five months later during 1 The government, the national bankers and their supervisors resigned. August , YouTube film, minutes duration, posted 2. Es sind private Banken, und wie ich schon sagte, habe ich nie verstanden, aus welchem Grund Banken als die heiligen Kirchen der modernen Wirtschaft angesehen werden. Core virtuous behaviors embodied by maturing women. Dedicated to the creative potential of the relationship of maturing men and women Elizabeth Debold, Ed. Holding an evolutionary perspective. Consciously evolving woman acknowledges her biological, psychological, and social conditioning and draws on her true self devoted to the process of human evolution.

Trusting in life. Witnessing woman keeps releasing control urges. Taking responsibility for evolution. Woman is aware of interconnectedness and cares to evolve in consciousness. Realizing unity with other women. Consciously evolving woman is trustingly, transparently, and passionately bonding with her sisters, taking responsibility of her programmed urge to compete with others and outshining it. Conscious woman is aware of her survival impulses, developing emotional maturity by is releasing culturally programmed fears and desires.

Consciously evolving woman abstains from manipulative games and is cultivating simple, gentle-straight radical sovereignty in her relationships. Conscious woman refrains from seduction to win over. Leading by example. Willing to pioneer leadership conscious woman remains vulnerable and authentic , following her inner guidance transparently and humbly.

Being trustworthy. Woman devoted to a higher purpose remains honest and authentic when challenged. Rejecting victimhood. Responsible woman is not a victim. Women's wishes for their male partner to be like. Woman's wish. Dear Woman, Sometimes you'll just be too much woman. Too smart, Too beautiful, Too strong. Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man, Which will make you feel like you have to be less of a woman. The biggest mistake you can make Is removing jewels from your crown To make it easier for a man to carry.

When this happens, I need you to understand You do not need a smaller crown — You need a man with bigger hands. Nicholson, translator, The Masnavi. Book One , S. March English translation of a German translation of a French original. Angela Merkel. Dilma Rousseff. Melinda Gates. Jill Abramson. Executive editor for The New York Times. Sonia Gandhi. Michelle Obama. Christine Lagarde. Janet Napolitano. Sheryl Sandberg.

Indra Nooyi. Theresa May. Mary Barra. Susan Wojcicki. Abigail Johnson. Ginni Rometty. December Marianne Schnall , US American founder and executive director of nonprofit women's organisation Feminist. July First factor — Sexual identity: over-sexualization and disempowerment of young girls via the sexual empowerment movement has led many girls to be disempowered. Third factor — Obsessions: Expectating girls to work extremely hard at numerous activities Fourth factor — Environmental toxins: dangerous chemicals in lotions Qaisra Shahraz , British-Pakistani college inspector, teacher trainer, education consultant, freelance journalist, scriptwriter, novelist, The Holy Woman , Arcadia Books, reprint And the Rise of Women , Riverhead Hardcover, 1st edition September Study by Kate Manne, Ph.

November Misogyny as a debilitating process is policed, enforced, upheld, rationalized, and justified, whether overtly or covertly, in order to subordinate women and uplift men as a dominant, privileged and entitled gender. October The revolutionary potential of women today and the next phase in human evolution Video presentation by Elizabeth Debold, Ed. August Video interview with Gerda Lerner, Ph. October The gatekeeper and the gateway are the same — the way to a woman's innermost heart. March , YouTube film, minutes duration, posted May Men have 6.

September , YouTube film, minutes duration, posted by January After rereading Freud's thesis on the mental label "women's masochism", defined as "pleasure in pain", Caplan, missing the term 'Macho personality disorder' defeated Freud in 'The Myth of Women's Masochism. Daniel Amen: Women's brain is superior and they are wired to be leaders , presented by The Dr.

Oz Show, host Dr.

Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)
Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)
Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)
Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)
Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)
Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)
Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition) Ekel und Scham bei der Arbeit mit dem menschlichen Körper (German Edition)

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