Beyond the Event Horizon

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In this manner, black holes can have powerful effects on their surroundings. Rotation can also make black holes more effective at converting any matter that falls into them into energy. A nonrotating black hole would convert about 5. In contrast, a rotating black hole could convert up to 42 percent of an object's mass into energy, scientists have determined.

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Recent work has greatly upset the conventional view of black holes. In , physicists suggested that anything falling toward a black hole might encounter " firewalls " at or in the vicinity of the event horizon that would incinerate any matter falling in. This is because when particles collide, they can become invisibly connected through a link called entanglement, and black holes could break such links, releasing incredible amounts of energy.

Event Horizon

However, other research seeking to unite general relativity , which can explain the nature of gravity, with quantum mechanics, which can describe the behavior of all known particles, suggests that firewalls may not exist — because event horizons themselves may not exist.

Some physicists suggest that instead of abysses from which nothing can return, what we currently think of as black holes may actually be a range of black-hole-like objects that lack event horizons, such as so-called fuzzballs, Loeb said. By imaging the edges of black holes, the Event Horizon Telescope can help scientists analyze the shapes and behaviors of event horizons.

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All Topics About Us More. So your image would redden and dim with time, until it faded entirely. How this point is possible????????? Think of the black hole like a hole at the bottom of a steeply sloping valley: the steep ground outside the hole is the space just outside the event horizon. Doing the math puts the required size of a black hole to allow all that at about 10 times the visible mass of our universe. In addition, at a point You must be logged in to post a comment.

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What’s Inside a Black Hole?

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Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon

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