The Black Swan and the Colorist

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They are monogamous breeders, and are unusual in that one-quarter of all pairings are homosexual , mostly between males. Both partners share incubation and cygnet rearing duties. Black swans were introduced to various countries as an ornamental bird in the s, but have escaped and formed stable populations. A small population of black swans exists on the River Thames at Marlow , on the Brook running through the small town of Dawlish in Devon they have become the symbol of the town , near the River Itchen, Hampshire , and the River Tees near Stockton on Tees.

Black swans can be found singly, or in loose companies numbering into the hundreds or even thousands. Black swans are mostly black-feathered birds, with white flight feathers. The bill is bright red, with a pale bar and tip; and legs and feet are greyish-black. Cobs males are slightly larger than pens females , with a longer and straighter bill. Cygnets immature birds are a greyish-brown with pale-edged feathers. Its wing span is between 1. The black swan utters a musical and far reaching bugle-like sound, called either on the water or in flight, as well as a range of softer crooning notes.

It can also whistle, especially when disturbed while breeding and nesting. When swimming, black swans hold their necks arched or erect and often carry their feathers or wings raised in an aggressive display. In flight, a wedge of black swans will form as a line or a V, with the individual birds flying strongly with undulating long necks, making whistling sounds with their wings and baying, bugling or trumpeting calls.

The black swan is unlike any other Australian bird, although in poor light and at long range it may be confused with a magpie goose in flight. However, the black swan can be distinguished by its much longer neck and slower wing beat. One captive population of black swans in Lakeland, Florida has produced a few individuals which are a light mottled grey colour instead of black.

The black swan is common in the wetlands of southwestern and eastern Australia and adjacent coastal islands. In the south west the range encompasses an area between North West Cape , Cape Leeuwin and Eucla ; while in the east it covers a large region bounded by the Atherton Tableland , the Eyre Peninsula and Tasmania , with the Murray Darling Basin supporting very large populations of black swans. The black swan's preferred habitat extends across fresh, brackish and salt water lakes, swamps and rivers with underwater and emergent vegetation for food and nesting materials. Permanent wetlands are preferred, including ornamental lakes, but black swans can also be found in flooded pastures and tidal mudflats, and occasionally on the open sea near islands or the shore.

Black swans were once thought to be sedentary, but the species is now known to be highly nomadic.


There is no set migratory pattern, but rather opportunistic responses to either rainfall or drought. In high rainfall years, emigration occurs from the south west and south east into the interior, with a reverse migration to these heartlands in drier years. When rain does fall in the arid central regions, black swans will migrate to these areas to nest and raise their young. However, should dry conditions return before the young have been raised, the adult birds will abandon the nests and their eggs or cygnets and return to wetter areas. Black swans, like many other water fowl, lose all their flight feathers at once when they moult after breeding and they are unable to fly for about a month.

During this time they will usually settle on large, open waters for safety. The species has a large range, with figures between one and ten million km 2 given as the extent of occurrence. Ice Soldiers digital intermediate. The Captive digital intermediate. The Privileged digital intermediate. Wolves digital intermediate.

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    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist
    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist
    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist
    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist
    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist
    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist
    The Black Swan and the Colorist The Black Swan and the Colorist

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