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One of the attackers at the Bataclan is understood to be a year-old French national , who was known to French police because of links to Islamic radicals. A Syrian and an Egyptian passport were found on the bodies of the two suicide bombers who targeted the Stade de France.

13 March 2012

The Syrian passport belonged to a refugee who passed through Greece , according to a Greek minister. David Cameron has said the UK must be braced for British casualties , without going into specifics. Romanians, Tunisians, Belgians and a Swede are among the dead. The death toll stands at , while about are believed to have been wounded, 99 seriously.

World leaders have voiced outrage , with many pledging to help France with the ongoing investigation. Barack Obama says America stood shoulder-to-shoulder with France. Facebook Twitter. According to witnesses, one of the cars used by the terrorists had a Belgian number plate. We will do what is necessary to defeat extremism, terrorism and hatred.

A one-minute silence will be observed in schools and public institutions on Monday. November 14, Another group is available for the families of the victims at the Military School of Paris. Newest Newer. Older Oldest. Topics Paris attacks. France Paris Europe. Reuse this content. In the first twenty-five years, similar or identical movements arose on the other side of the Mediterranean too, in the Muslim world. One of these movements was certainly Muslim Communism, which everyone forgets about.

In the interpretation of the clash of civilizations, one would imagine that a Western movement like Communism would be inconceivable in what is called a non-Western society. In fact, Communism was a large and lasting movement. But the totalitarian ideal also arose in two other versions, which were distinctly not European. The radical Islamist movement — that is, the notion of Islam as a revolutionary political movement, not just as a religion — was founded in with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The Pan-Arabist movement in its most radical version, the Baath, was founded formally in in Damascus. These movements are conventionally seen as opposites. If you turn on the TV, you will see any number of people automatically saying that these movements have nothing in common; one is religious, the other is secular; they despise each other. And it is true that they have despised each other and have committed mutual massacres on a gigantic scale.

It is useful to point out the ways in which these two movements resemble each other.

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The totalitarian movements in Europe also were different one from the other, and sometimes were at war with one another, and yet there were underlying similarities. In the case of Baathism and Islamism, these similarities are easy to see.

Escalade entre Israël et Gaza : violences intervenant dans un contexte politique tendu

There is a people of God. The people of God are afflicted by internal corruptors within Muslim society. These internal corruptors are the Jews or the Masons or the Muslim hypocrites. The people of God are afflicted by sinister external foes, Western imperialists or the worldwide Zionist conspiracy. The people of God will resist these internal foes and external foes in a gigantic war of Armageddon.

This war will be the liberation of Jerusalem or it will be the jihad. Afterwards the reign of purity will be established and this reign of purity is described in the case of both of those movements in the same way: it is the re-resurrection of the Caliphate of the seventh century in the years after the Prophet Mohammed. The Caliphate is described by each of these movements in a slightly different way.

For the Baathists the emphasis is secular; it is the recreating, the resurrecting, of the Arab empire when the Arab empire was on the march. Finally, these two movements have lacked for nothing in the realm of practical achievement — killing millions. In the last twenty years, several million people have been killed in the course of the Iran-Iraq war, which pitted one of these movements against the other — the mass human wave suicide attacks on the part of the Iranian Islamists against the cult of cruelty, and of chemical weapons on the part of the Baathists.

It is estimated that between one and a half million and two million people were killed in Sudan; , are thought killed in Algeria over the last several years. It is conventionally said that in these movements today we face nothing like Hitler or Stalin, but statistically this is not true. The eyes of the world have not been on these millions who have been killed in the last twenty years.

And these grievances do exist, but the effort to take them seriously tends often to distort their madness in such a way as to make it unrecognizable, for totalitarian doctrines are always mad. The Nazis thought they were engaged in a biological struggle. The Stalinists thought they were the proletariat and their enemies were the bourgeois exploiters. The Baathists and Islamists see a cosmic Zionist-Crusader conspiracy.

It is important to keep a sense of the madness in these ideas, even if it is true that in the years after World War I some Germans were oppressed outside of the borders of Germany, and Israel and the U. Each of these movements in the past was defeated not militarily but ideologically. The defeat of Nazism militarily would not have been all that helpful if Germany, which is inherently an extremely wealthy and powerful society, had continued to remain a society of millions and millions of convinced Nazis.

The same is true now. The struggle we are involved in now has, had, and will continue to have a military aspect, but this aspect must be secondary to the ideological aspect, to the war of ideas. The basic danger we are facing now is not weapons of mass destruction, per se, because we know very well that box cutters can be lethal weapons of the worst sort. It is above all ideological. As long as millions of people are committed fanatically to doctrines that are ultimately mad and that follow in the tradition of the totalitarian madnesses of Europe in the twentieth century, the danger persists.

I maintain that the struggle we are involved in is, or ought to be, ultimately a war of ideas. The problem underlying all of these movements that have done so much damage in the world is that they are the result of liberalism. Liberalism, therefore, because of its very nature of considering a wide spectrum of good and evil, as opposed to taking a position on one side, is very negative and probably should be considered unacceptable in the war of ideas. Liberals have fomented some of the major problems in the history of the world. Liberalism in the broadest sense, the notion of a liberal society, does in fact generate these movements.

I am not the first to make that observation. In The Open Society and its Enemies, Karl Popper explains at length, in a book written or completed in , a very evocative date, that the notion of freedom itself, which he traces back to Greece, inspires a rebellion of fear against it. There is a relation between liberal society and its enemies, and that liberalism does inspire these movements of rebellion, and has inherently a difficulty in coping with them. If that is what you are suggesting, I agree completely. We must recognize, first, that liberalism itself does bear some responsibility for the rise of these movements, and then bears a responsibility for failing to recognize them and to engage with them.

How can we find again a common basis with the Europeans and others, and with Muslims all over the world, to transform this Armageddon-directed Islamism, militant Islamism, into a more open society? So there are some tensions. I was at a conference in Paris last summer where the tensions between some of the American and European intellectuals were in fact quite great. The great chasm that has opened up between the United States and Western Europe, at least, is much more conjunctural, much more a matter of chance events, than it is anything deeper or structural.

I disagree with Robert Kagan on this point. Much of it is the fault of George Bush and could have been avoided. In France, before the Iraq war, a poll showed that 33 percent of the French supported the war. Of those 33 percent, most were on the Right, some were on the Left. Kushner supported the war. So if you figure that the most popular politician in France, who is a socialist, supported the war, 33 percent of the population supported the war, most of whom were on the Right, meaning that you could have got much support on the Left, all you had to do was convince 9 percent of the French to change their opinion and you would have had a majority of France in favor of the war.

The popular support for the war in France is much above that in Spain, where Aznar did support the war. If Bush had presented the arguments for the war along the lines that a Bernard Kouchner would have proposed, if he had argued for the war as a further extension of what NATO had done in the Balkans finally in the Kosovo war, he would have been able to carry that extra 9 percent in France, and if Chirac saw that even a small majority was leaning in favor of the war, he would have found a way to interpret the international situation rather differently.

I attribute the breach between the United States and Europe above all to these errors of Bush. It is difficult for outsiders to argue with or conduct an ideological debate with the Muslim world. An ideological debate must occur within a community. In many respects the intellectual capital of the Arab world is Paris and London, where you have the freest press and the most open debate.

The leading philosopher of the most moderate, fairly reasonable wing of modern Islamism is a Swiss professor who is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Second, the founders of the Muslim totalitarian movements, the most important theoreticians, like Sayyid Qutb in the case of radical Islamism, or Michel Aflaq in the case of Baathism, are Western-educated intellectuals.

A quarter of my book is devoted to the writings of Sayyid Qutb, born in , hanged by Nassar in And this guy knew what he was doing. I am happy to acknowledge the differences between Egypt and Italy, or for that matter Egypt and its immediate neighbors. But if the fundamentals of my analysis are correct, then all of these movements reflect the intellectual currents of the twentieth century coming out of the nineteenth century, and it is a great mistake on our part to think that the intellectuals behind these movements are coming from a different universe.

So we can argue with these people directly. There is every reason to think that the other people prowling those bookstores, who might have a different ethnic origin than my own, are nonetheless reading some of the same books that I am reading, and that the gap between us and them is not so great. Do you not think that this concept is slightly different in this context, because one could say that about an aspect of what is going on in this country?

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After all, there is a rather large segment of people in this country who have affected policy who call themselves the Christian Right. They believe in Armageddon, Revelation. There is this aspect in what you would characterize as the liberalism force as also the people of God. Our President has said that God is on our side. This is slightly different from the analysis that you presented of all the other contexts.

First, it is not true that everyone who calls himself a fundamentalist is the same. The mainstream of American Christian fundamentalism has, even if they allow themselves flights of fancy, political goals, such as prayer in schools, the end of the right to abortion, etc. Maybe if they were given free rein, they would lose control of themselves and the goals would multiply.

The mainstream of these people are not dreaming of abolishing the U. Constitution and replacing it with a theocracy. However, there are groups like the David Koresh cult and certain kinds of cults that arise on the fringe of the American Christian fundamentalist movement that have this idea. If you could picture one of those cults becoming a mass movement led by David Koresh, then you would have something much more like radical Islamism, or the Taliban.

But the language he is using is not so different from a language that you can trace among American politicians way back into the nineteenth century and is well understood both on the Right and the Left. But to many people around the world, in Europe especially, this is language that only a follower of Franco would use.

Bush has no idea how badly he has weakened the United States internationally by using this language and how badly he has weakened the struggle ideologically. After all, the most important thing that we want to do is persuade millions of people in the Muslim world that Islam is excellent but what they want to establish is a secular society which is not theocratic, which has the qualities of a liberal society, and that there is a fine and esteemed place for religion within it.

Bush sounds like a Christian Crusader, exactly the worst fantasy of the Islamists and Baathists who are against the United States. Industrial espionage, such as practiced by Uncle Sam in Europe, especially Germany, becomes much more important. Even our modest Bundeswehr might be a stronger force than I reckoned. On a brighter note, Israel suddenly looks much more vulnerable. Iran much stronger. Unfortunately, Turkey does have a strong army. About Leo 2 tanks. On location. And Uncle Sam and his vassals will support it. Could anyone oppose this force in Northern Syria?

Russia is far away. How could Iran deploy troops? Would they want to? War is best avoided. It must be seen as a perversion. About as honourable as child abuse. People in North America and Europe need to redevelop an understanding thereof, such as they appear to have had back in the hippie age. In fact, I think it is imperative Russia deploys tactical nukes to Syria as a defensive move to defend Syria from outside aggression.

The world, including geopolitics, makes much more sense once you accept this truth. Plus, it is tremendously good news for the entire planet. Syria has been so far spared widespread use of DU munitions; this is a good thing. Cleaning up after unexploded conventionals and explosive residues will take decades. Then suggesting tac nukes? Tacs are a ridiculous option; the Syrian people have suffered enough without adding fallout and radiation sickness to their woes, and NATO would be pleased as punch to see Russia escalate, which is what they want to do.

They want limited nuclear war; as if settling geopolitical differences can be settled in the geopolitical equivalent of a gentlemanly duel. Nuclear waste remediation techniques and technologies do exist, so the Fukushima disaster is a little exaggerated, likely to try and save the nuclear material. But this whole nukes are a hoax thing is suggestive of a Western ad hoc propaganda trial balloon to see how far captured alternative media can be used to push nutty warmongering ideas.

A collaborative blog for those interested in the Enlightenment

Well Lumi, nuclear terror surely does exist and I suppose it does us little good to be afraid of dying. We need to turn the tables on those responsible and what better way to do that then by taking complete control over our own thoughts. We do not believe your lies nor even in your truths. Your science is suspect, your doctors are euthanists, your history is backwards and your teachers make us stupid. Human bodies, Uncle Sam assures you, have been vaporized, leaving nothing behind, but these trees still stand, complete with branches, and some even with twigs.

It does not take a university degree to decipher this message. The practical common sense knowledge a boy or girl of twelve years has typically acquired is enough to understand that Uncle Sam is lying about what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For if his atomic phantasy were true, the trees would have been vaporized along with the human bodies.

No science is required to aid in comprehension, no presumptions needed to support speculation, no special inspiration demanded to read between the lines of history. If the atom bomb is a lie then so is science because a lot of science is based on it.. IE splitting an atom releases so much energy.. It would be very hard to deny nuclear energy.. Then why even have moderators like heavy water.. Glow in the dark nuclear material release low levels of radiation, used also in many things like fire alarms and many isotopes in medicine.. Without the science of nuclear fission, none of this would exist..

Also how do you explain part of an island disappearing? Even the US cant move such a huge area in the middle of nowhere.. Photoshop did not exist then so it could be done by hand but still, people can get a boat and go check it in the middle of nowhere if they doubt it.

And the best example would be, if india did not fear nuclear devices they would have whacked Pakistan for at least 2 events.. The US would have already struck Russia as they have overwhelming force and US would not care about Russia firing a few thousand missiles into europe.

If you saw mccaien you can believe they would not care even the russia was able to hit the US with a few thousand missiles.. Especially if many of the ones aimed at cities are shot down by missile defenses.. Nuclear fission, as discovered by Otto Hahn in in Berlin, does exist. Nuclear power stations do work fine. As for disappearing parts of islands, that is entirely possible such as in Krakatao by volcanic explosion.

Completely unsubstantiated. Uncle Sam is not a rabid dog or a mad scientist. Nor are the others. There is no reason to pussyfoot around North Korea, Syria, or even with Russia itself, if the overwhelming power of conventional arms remains the sole arbiter of military force. The West has a considerable qualitative edge in depth. That superiority has a shelf life; why not cash it in? To whom such cries are not taunts, but acclaim, a declaration of untouchable power. There really is no meaningful antiwar movement in the West.

No-one seems to make a big deal about fauna surviving conventional firebombings. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were detonated well above ground with the intent of maximizing the damage radius and the firestorm was included in the calculation. Not to mention, a callous disregard of the suffering involved either way. Bjorkman may as well be trying to say composite armour is a hoax and main battle tanks like the famed Lion of Babylon can be every bit as protected as an M1 Abrams. Even with this far more detailed information than wikipedia presents on nuclear weapons, it would be impossible for India or China to duplicate chobham armour.

They could come close, or make their own variants, but missing key information across the production chain, they could never duplicate the best composite armours used by Western militaries with just the general idea. So, Bjorkman asserts that his interpretation of wikipedia information, which is good only for the most general information, and even then needs to be verified by non-wiki sources, could be used to debunk applied nuclear weapons physics.

In order to prove him wrong, they would essentially have to demonstrate to him how to build an atomic weapon despite the holes in the publicly available information, because directions on how to build atomic weapons are no more public domain than any other restricted military technology. Claims that the U. No attacking commenters please. Why tone down language would you believe that a critical mass causing an uncontrolled fission chain reaction could not exist? The science is absolutely proven.

In fact, the functionality of a forced critical mass was so well-established by science that they did not even bother to test the Little Boy device. Literally, if you smash a critical mass together physical, it will explode by coloumbic repulsion. And it will kick up dirt, cause a supersonic shockwave, and make a big cloud.

Hi trav If you add fission byproducts to an explosive device TNT or whatever you want , radiation may be detected after the boom. No surprise here, right? But maybe he did, to add realism. It is not central to the question. DU still contains some U Why do I not believe in critical mass? And yes, as you can read here, it is being disputed. Some people are disputing it. The fact that the Hiroshima device was never tested but worked instantly is just another reason to be suspicious of the story, although it does not by itself constitute proof against the feasability of the atomic bomb or the occurrence of a nuclear explosion such as presented by Uncle Sam.

No embarrassing scenes trying to explain why no WMDs were found. No messy occupation either. Its hard to believe no-one in the professional military thought of it during the planning stage if an armchair amateur militarist can dream it up on the fly. Unless, nukes are real and such frauds can be easily discerned by people who know what they are talking about.

Unless, nukes are real and really take the fun out of conventional warfare. Russia today is much removed from the darkest days immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union. About another thirty years of relative peace and Russian industrial infrastructural momentum will propel it into a position of world leadership, if not necessarily hegemony, comparable to the U.

If nukes are fake, the clock is ticking on conventional superiority. All those missed opportunities, from Korea to Cuba to Ukraine. Russia would not need to use tactical nukes to oppose a full blown Turkish invasion of Syria. Iran would send troops to fight the Turks head on, trade space for time, and focus on Smerch and cluster munition attacks to inflict maximum casualties on the Turks. No, even a fanatic and gangster like Erdogan who believes his own BS would not be such a madman.

Actually the US does it too.. All naval vessels protect themselves when they are in an enclosed area because of the attacks by suicide boats and such. Maybe using drones etc.. It is pointless for fighter aircraft as you can not see an aircraft km up and they would use laser targeting.. Maybe Russia only recently started doing it, US has been doing it for a decade. In fact a lot of fishermen have died because US naval vessels have shot them because they failed to move out of the way. The last one was like 10 indian fishermen in the Persian gulf..

Russia not flying the turkish flag now is also new. I like that: War is child abuse. Child abuse is the exact opposite, as an image, of mom and apple pie. It might get through the propaganda fog. To drop a few examples :. Well, no serious guy ever pretended that. The former, by definition, is dirty, breaking atoms into smaller pieces. When a fission reaction is controlled for it not to lead to explosion, neutrophages are used. When it is controlled to lead to explosion, reflectors can be used.

No smoke! The fission products are meant to be kept in their zirconium claddings. The 2 types of chain reactions are fission and fusion.. But controlled and uncontrolled are the impurities in them. Thats why in nuclear power plants they use moderators like water or salt. And you are right, fission wont lead to an explosion as we seen in naturally occurring areas. It just creates heat.. Which is why you smash them together using implosion to create a critical mass so it becomes uncontrollable.

Which is why you need PURE uranium to do it. It is the same way a gas cylinder can be used to cook your food.. Uncontrolled blows up the building.. So dont tell us that dont happen because in the last year dozens of people have died when gas cylinders blew up. The science is well understood..

Because almost all technological advancement now is from that very science.. You know this is not some secret black project like scalar weapons and such. Talking about science taught in high school and experimented with rather easily just makes you look worse than naive. You yourself can do most of these experiments.. Medical science using radioactive isotopes are one of the most researched topics on the planet.. And here I am doubting some of the way out science of the big bang and what not.

The energy of which are trillions of times higher. Where That minuscule amount makes up many billions of galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars.. The sun itself would not work without fusion.. But to doubt something that we work with everyday.. Thats beyond belief.. This is NOT rocket science.. It is high school science for the most part.. We cant do fusion but we sure can do fission experiments and we do.. The WE means us, me, you.. Lumi, this is not the place for lenghty discussions about whether or not nuclear weapons are a hoax.

Just add one 1 post with the links you want us to read, along with a few sentences about the links. Maybe you are having this discussion on other forums too, and if so, add the links to them. I will approve one 1 post with your links. All other posts from you about nuclear weapons being a hoax, will be put aside for the Saker to decide on. The fission reaction occurs at a far faster rate than melting or physical deformation of the physics package.

Single particle vs stochastic chain reaction, of course — which reaction is referred to, seems to me. Why would anyone have to rely on what Lumi, or any of us, say when such resources are freely available for those interested? Pretty much the same goes for all the sciences. Take 20 or 30 hours out of your busy 70 year lifetime and get some expertise on reality. And yes, despite my extreme joy and optimism at the start of the Russian campaign in Syria, I was well aware of the weakness of the Russian forces in the ME, surrounded by numerous and powerful foes. Also, there can be no doubt that Turkey acted with the full approval of NATO, despite the muted reaction from the Alliance.

There was also a more recent provocation on the part of NATO, or rather from its unofficial member, Israel, when they airstriked an abandoned warehouse outside of Damascus. Even though the target had no value, the message is still clear on the part of the Empire of Degenerates. These are extremely dangerous times we are living in, but if push comes to shove, I would wholeheartedly support Russia to the bitter end against NATO. Up to and including the use of nuclear weapons. Does anyone know of any realistic options available to Russia if the filthy Turks decide to close the straights?

Would a route from St. Petersbourg and around Gibraltar do the trick? Or even from Vladivostock and through Suez? If they close the straights…well thats almost another act of war. Hm…the Saker is right that Russias forces in Syria are not that big, but they also support the Syrian army. Sure it would be more expensive…. If the Russian strategic calculation excludes them — well then — this is an an entirely different ball game. Yes, I also ask myself this question over and over again. Very good point! Thanks The Saker.

It would be interesting to know what the Iranian visit to Damascus last week was about. Why would such a high official come to visit Assad. Of course it might have been just a social call and to show support. But it also might be to discus important future actions. This was definitely NOT a courtesy visit by the Iranian delegation. The delegation was headed by the most trusted advisor of the SL of Iran , namely Dr.

He then visited Seyyed Nasrallah. Major General Qassem Soleimani is currently in Moscow, in your analysis you forget to take into consideration Iran, both Russia, Iran, Iraq and their regional allies will fight. The weakness I have seen in what could be termed the resistance countries is their independence.

They have no mutual defence agreements like NATO. There are advantages to being non aligned and independent, but in times like this it is a huge weakness. This point is perfect and brilliant! In fact, this proved to be the Achilles heel of the Non-Aligned Movement. The first, but not the last of these vetoes so priceless to us in India.

But, in , when Israel destroyed Arab Air Forces on the ground, it revealed the weakness and non-existence of military cooperation among non-aligned countries. United Arab Republic Egypt of Nasser had grave training deficiencies in its military, which could have been addressed by cooperation with India. There is not an IOTA of doubt in my mind that the SL of Iran , Ayatollah Khamenei will keep his alliance with Putin and whatever was negotiated between him and Putin in Tehran 2 weeks ago , will be strictly observed , no matter the costs and consequences.

Sara wagenknacht speech-Paris was caused by french and Belgian civilians…yet you bomb Syria etc. Probably not if Turkish are getting into the act of north east Syria, and Uk extends flights in that direction from Iraq………….. My half hope, half expectation, is Russia and Iran have decided the Iranians should keep a very low profile until ready to strike.

Une vidéo accrédite l'existence d'un neuvième assaillant - Libération

If all goes well, I hope to see a redux of the strategy used at the gates of Moscow in Suddenly — massively, I want to see bearded Siberians marching over the corpses of captogen soaked jihadi monkeys. I would not be entirely surprised if they were marching alongside Russians and fully supported by the Russian air force. This would make sense to me unless Putin is strategically inept and is willing to sacrifice all his soldiers and airmen gambling on a relatively weak and heavily exposed intervention in Syria.

Israel will freak if large numbers of Iranians suddenly begin marching in the direction of al Quds. Thus far a cornerstone of the Russian strategy has been to slowly boil the zio-frog entity. Turkey will also freak but here I judge them a paper tiger. Turkish special forces are high quality but otherwise their military is in relative or complete dissarray; possibly even bordering on rebellion. Which means the situation remains exactly as it was before Turkey downed the Su The bad guys are losing badly.

So despite all the tension, I think the Iranians are coming in huge numbers and if not I know absolutely nothing. When last heard of the Iranians were reportedly heavily involved in the relief of the SAA airfield near Raqqa. This is probably a good sign, Not advertising their location until they popup and whack some headchoppers is a wise move, otherwise the Anglo-ZioNasty scum might try to target them. Apparently theres only of them, which isnt a good sign regarding Iranian commitment to the future of Syria, imho.

Iran is in both Syria and Iraq with boots intel and weaponry. If and when more are needed more will appear. And any attack on Iran will be paid by Israel. Better tell the neocons that. They are still being held in reserve until hostilities break out. I have no worries regarding the Iranians, what I will like to know is where are the Chinese? This war is about ten years too soon for China.

They have a lot of men and materiel, but no way to move much of it to the Middle East. So other than providing economic and diplomatic support, they will pretty much have to sit this one out. They have their own agenda and can very easily fall short when Russia or an ally needs them the most. China is the same country that mercilessly crushed the most benign domestic social movements imaginable, routinely allows exports of poisonous products, and rips off all military technology that they come across.

Ah, a typical screed from the rotting bowels of empire. The Wall may be too large to make disappear, even for your great talent at dishonesty. If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Except your great democracies are pure evil incarnate in the flesh.. And they expand their influence by first subjugating the natives.

Slavery is like white on rye.. All the talk about freedom, democracy, progress etc etc etc… They kill us with bullshit…. Iran still being strung along with the carrot bait of dragging out the final final final yes, we really mean it! IAEA legal paper agreement. Their press. The Straights are always the bottle neck. Very true. And the Black Sea fleet could have a second home port. If it looked like Turkey was going to close the Straits much of the fleet would be able to move out first. And unlike in the Black Sea Russia would not be constrained by legal limits on the tonnage of its military ships.

There are important reasons to have that naval base in the Eastern Mediterranean. And be pretty close to the Suez Canal as well.

Bases in a friendly Syria,grateful to Russia for helping them to survive could be very important. Syria also as the empire very well knows is the bridge for Iran to wield influence through Iraq a very important future ally through to the hook-up with Russia at the Mediterranean Sea. Now its sometimes called the Shia Crescent since unlike most of the MENA, taken together the Shia are a majority of the total population there. All they can do is start a big war. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

I think there is one problem with your analysis. You think NATO is unified in this and they all pull on the same string. Hell, even bigger outlets here in Austria reported on the Russian findings, so no, there was no media block of this. They just tried to ignore it, especially in europe because! So if you are from Austria and follow events closely and also talk to people, then you should be able to tell whether the average Austrian or even German, Swiss, Hungarian, Czech Dutch etc buys all this propaganda over Russian aggression.

So, could you confidently state that at least a sizable minority can see through the lies and pull the carpet beneath their politicians and MSM propaganda? I have very close friends in Germany, Hungary i live near the border , Switzerland, and well obviously in Austria :. There are people who believe it, but they are the minority not the other way around.

However, the state media is pretty biased. So i got a reality check and a shock quite fast, realizing in what a media controlled narrative we live in. Big papers and the state channel are full of nonsense. After some while you can easily spot whats a lie by just listening to their false rhetoric. Naturally there are people who get influenced by this. People tend to laugh about that because they know very well, if that was the case then a different flag would be waving over Kiev.

The media tends to ignore the suffering of east Ukraine, almost completely. People would be outraged. To an extend they are allready. And while there has been bad blood with Russia in the past, we tend to share the Russian mentality that former enemies can be friends. Historicaly speaking we have been both. And i simply was not once confronted with an anti russia sentiment.

In a lot of newspapers we have reader corners, with letters printed from the readers. The opposit is the case. The people may have a lot of common but are also very different in every country, no matter how small it is. This distinctions are also the reason why the European Union will never work, and why more and more are against it and current politican parties, who sold us out to it are loosing support and voters in waves. Speaking for myself, i would rather have Putin as a leader OF Austria then what we have now.

But good luck finding a politican who hasnt :. The europe today is actually a lot different from WW europe. I think if a conflict starts against Russia, Nato will break apart and the rulling parties in the countries will have their hands full of not getting shred to parts. I would also say that at least a seazable minority is sceptic about the official news and that number is steadily growing.

And a considerable number of them even entered German soil without being registered. So we have roundabout And in addition to that potential of repression we now have a clandestine army in stand-by Modus of some ten thousand misguided muslim fighters. In such a case the US will act to let the situation in Germany explode. All of Europe is basically a castrated and spineless continent which the USA have turned into a voiceless colony. The Saker. Especially now. For a while it made an odd kind of sense. US geopolitical stances are costing them trade with Russia and quite likely central Asia.

US military and covert actions, and their own collaboration with those actions, are creating massive waves of immigrants and domestic political instability from the reactions to those immigrants. Meanwhile, toeing the US-backed neoliberal line is crippling their economies and, again, worsening domestic political instability.

Europe is being run by international banksters, the Goldman Sachs farm teams and the City of London bastards, with assists from the CIA and other American spooks. In evolution there is a thing which can happen that dooms a species to extinction: local optimization. Same thing can happen to workers with specialized skills to produce something outmoded by technological change — and then find themselves unemployable.

We see the same thing when the empire moves into a nation and makes them dependent on foreign markets so they can no longer grow food to meet their own needs, and thus gains control of it. Or if a huge retailer contracts with a supplier for something, and the supplier goers into debt to tool up to make it, and then the retailer insists on paying continually lower prices so the supplier may even eventually go bankrupt. So this is a known strategy by the empire and the financiers — but even they themselves can fall victim to local optimization and dependency — and in the end, go extinct.

I do agree with the sentiment that the USA did this. The same goes for the EU. But that has not to be a permanent state. This is a pretty wild speculation and nothing more. Not to mention with what armies? I mean…just look at Germany, they are not going to do anything for that matter. This nails it. As for the rest, what do we know, why should we care?

So there. What more do you need? But I agree with cirdanx and Valjean72 that once we are called upon to fight in a major European war, this may change. Because a lot of people will die in such a war. The question will be, what are we fighting for? Of course, our rulers anticipate such a situation, which is why we see a militarization of police ford, crowd riot control RSU CRC, google it! Please try to translate your comments. Thanks for translating that EK. I have thought the same, that US and Russia have swapped roles. Russia is now the force for freedom. Essentially, the Open Door policy never died nor the unequal treaties that underpin it.

All of it enforced by the military as Friedman noted in the one factual thing he ever wrote. To defeat it, an international coalition similar to that used against Hitler is required, just as Putin stated. You are right and I got that impression too. As these various groups cannot continue to exist by themselves without the support of their foreign sponsors they are practically indivisible from them.

It also discusses the creation of Great Kurdistan in Northeastern Syria probably lead to a civil war in Turkey, for the subsequent Turkish Kurds claim of a similar project for them and that, therefore, Turkey, with the downing of Russian aircraft it has dug its own grave, losing its best option in Syria, Russia. I guess this is off topic but I think you will enjoy this — and a demonstration of what 12 year old boys do instead of playing video games like Americans..

All flights banned to and from RF. Not to forget the ruble which lost 55 pct, the oil price the brent at 43 usd from usd 2 years ago …it looks more as an humiliation than a victory. It took less events to start WW1 and WW2.

Drug Trafficking, Violence and Politics in Northern Mali

This is a very long list of weaknesses. This must be stopped. Their plan was probably when they started the maidan to take over all of The Ukraine including Crimea ,let the Ukraine join NATO and later the EU…it did not go as forseen with the Crimea take over by Putin,and then it was a chain reaction. They can not back down otherwise they are finished.

They are already bankrupted. They managed to regain Argentina in their orbit. Chile will follow. They just accepted one small defeat,letting the yuan in the IMF dts basket.. When i saw last year Putin making a lot a big deals with Erdogan,China,India,Egypt etc…I said to myself…want to see it happen to believe it. These countries are not reliable partners.

We just got a sample now with Erdogan behavior he said today that he will buy his gas in Qatar. Mc Cain killed the southstream…now there is a big lobbying against the Northstream 2…by the usual suspects Poland,the Baltics,Ukraine,Slovakia,Bulgaria… Putin still has the support of the Russian population but untill when? What will happen if he MUST send boots on the ground as well?

And hundreds of body bags are back home? This is A Carter and Mc Cain dream for two years ukraine and syria. It did not work either with Nemtsov as well. They will not stop even if they need more false flags in the West,more refugees in Europe,whatever necessary will be done and accepted by puppets like Hollande,Merkel or Camoron. Bye bye Gazprom …welcome Qatar pipeline to Europe,bye bye Assad…then they will destroy Daesh in one week or send them in Libya or somewhere else they will need them for more chaos. Check the numbers in the table and the text below here on German Wikipedia.

The maneuvering by the Hegemon in Syria is to preserver the ability to kill off Assad. That is a given. Now, there is the reality that, though Putin said Russia is in only for a short war. I never believed that. Russia is in Syria forever.

STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)
STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)
STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)
STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)
STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)
STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)
STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition) STRIKE, djihad dans le ciel (French Edition)

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