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For whatever reason, I felt like people were not interested in connecting with me no matter how much I did each of these things. So naturally, I started to become more introspective, introverted, and focused more on myself. I stopped socializing completely to the point that I became a total homebody. I started developing more personal hobbies that I did alone and kept to myself. I started to enjoy my own company because I felt like I understood myself.

I have never been like this in my entire 31 years of living. Part of me feels like its the city I live in. When I travel to other cities, people are friendlier and more interested in being my friend then here. The other part of me thinks its just what happens when you turn 30 and you realize you are still single while all of your former friends are focused on marriage, kids, and career.

Where in life, or from whom, did you learn you have to be perfect and positive all the time? Is it possible that this is not sustainable or even real? Aged 28 to 30 is the time many women seek therapy for the first time because they start to realise there is a whole side to their personality they did not know about. Sure, we can blame it on the city we live in, the people around us. Or we can take the time to explore who we really are.

In summary, we would guess that this introverted, uncertain side you are claiming just happened because of other people putting you down, and this edge of low self esteem that is surfacing, have much older roots, that they have been part of your life experience since childhood but that you have managed to keep hidden until now. It creates a safe space to vent without being judged, to figure out who you are and what really matters to you, and to help you raise your esteem and feel truly comfortable in your skin instead of judging yourself.

When we are truly comfortable with ourselves -all of ourselves, not just the cherry picked, controlled version — we rather easily attract the friendships and relationships we have longed for. Hi, Recently I ended a friendship with my bestfriend and it was easy for me because I had been thinking about it for awhile. Am I just in the wrong crowd of people?

How To Connect With People - Alan Watts

Or is it something else? We do grow and change as people, and sometimes we do have to let go of friendships. Possibly connected to what sounds an unstable childhood. However I find it impossible to build those relationships. I really struggle letting new people into my life. I just have such a strange fear around people and theres no real reason or past trauma I can think of to back it up. Hi there, thanks for sharing this. We would say seek therapy over it, and not just as we love therapy! And because therapy itself is connection. You develop a relationship with your therapist.

You might find there are experiences you have overlooked that are creating your intimacy issues — often the mind avoids looking at things, but somehow the environment of the therapy room seems to pull things out. We wish you courage! Rej, thanks for this honest sharing. First of all, congratulations for getting sober. Can you give yourself some credit for this? Because what is needed here is that you start seeing what is right and not just what is wrong.

Part of the reason we can struggle to connect is if we have such low self-esteem we are terrified of others seeing us in a bad light so block connection with our own fear and sabotage. So look, back to getting sober. The reason we drink, take drugs, whatever it is, is that we are hiding from emotional pain. And when we go sober, well damn it lo and behold all those repressed emotions and experiences are still there waiting for us.

So yes, we can feel under a tsunami of shame and self hatred. You are sober, for today. What else? Could you make a practise of spending time each and every day writing down what is going okay? This is called a gratitude practise. It slowly reprograms our brains to see things differently.

How to connect with others | TED Talks

One, self compassion. We think it might be a good fit for you. In summary, you are on the right path. But you are on the right path now. But the best place to start is to connect to yourself. How can you be kinder and more compassionate to yourself starting today? We wish you courage.

Build on common ground.

Growing up I had a lot of family in the house, but I always stayed in my room because I knew every time. I expressed the way I thought about things I was always seen as weird. I would always stay in my room and watch sitcoms. Thinking about how great it would be to have a group of friends to talk to, a d understand. And now I have friends, but I always feel myself trying to be interesting to fill the uncomfortable silence. I have co-workers that try to talk to me, but I avoid all conversation because I know trying to connect with me is pointless.

I just found this article late at night and felt like sharing. Thank you! Thanks for sharing Eli! I cant bring myself to show the real me to people. Its always just bits and pieces of the true me or some fake personality altogether. I dont think i ever truly connected with anyone and even though I want to, I dont trust anyone enough to talk honestly about something concerning me or stressing me.

I had problems understanding them and i still dont understand people and the way they act and think. I have breakdowns once or twice a week where i just cry myself to sleep and it keeps me going for a while but its not really pleasant. Another problem is the anxiety. I have absolutely no problem with strangers and apparently appear like a normal person on the first few meets but if i truly like someone no matter if romantically or friendly I start to get so nervous i literally throw up or get the runs or just faint before even meeting them again my best friend is an exception.

I dont understand where that fear is coming from and i have no idea what it is that i fear. But if i get this fear i just clam up and break off contact sooner or later because of the health issues cant eat, throw up out of nervousnes, runs, loose weight, dehydrated, STRESS,… I feel hopeless and have no idea what to do anymore I tried convincing myself that its not so bad, tried anti stress exercises and so on. When i think of opening up to someone who knows me i get an adrenaline dose which makes me loose appetite instantly and usually leads to me not eating at all for the rest of the day so i push these thoughts away as far as i can.

Do you have some tips or tricks or some piece of advice to help me? These are deep rooted issues. I want to make sure my perspective is correct about this matter. Pam, an excellent question. And this means we never feel grounded when alone. What would it feel like it you DID belong? How would you think and behave differently? A powerful question to play with…..

10 Ways to Connect With Absolutely Anyone You Meet

Writers to look into here are Brene Brown and Toko-pa Turner. Hi, I have been depressed for some years due to some circumstances. I never understood what I was feeling until when I got into the college. People called me names and told me how bad I was.

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I got more depressed than ever. I stay away from people and I intentionally or unintentionally do things that will keep them off no matter how hard they try. And some times I want to be out there but I get so scared. Please I need help. Hi Hilda, that sounds really tough. Because nobody deserves to feel so lonely.

Some of us just have different ways of seeing the world than other people. Perhaps we have a personality disorder, or are on the autism spectrum, or are just really oversensitive. Because we are in the forest, we only see the trees, not the whole forest! We need someone else to come along with a different perspective to show us, hey, you are stuck in a forest, here is where you are and how to move forward… All colleges have counselling available for students these days, either low cost or free.

Can you look into it and see what you can find? I came across this looking for connection. Hi Mariah, sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed and your coping mechanism is to hide. A lot of us have it. In the long run it leaves us lonely, feeling misunderstood, and even creating a false self for others so we can hide our real feelings more and more. Often this arises from a whole lot of self judgement.

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In summary, you need support. He or she will create a safe environment for you to be any way you want, and they will never judge you for it. Good luck. When I go to university, I have a friend. They were close to each other through military service in the school. Because you are looking for a place to go to school. By the way, the room is empty, so please ask me to stay together.

He agreed. And so the two of them are in the same class, going to the same class, the one who cooks the dishwasher, the hero of the money together is generally very close. But in the second year, I have recently dropped a few subjects at school and so I have to study two different classes. Except for a few subjects, there are no prerequisites to study together. And I study e with b, I think thinking about studying together you will work together, help each other like that.

But it is not like it is very separate. She has to play with other students and learn together. I felt like I was not qualified to tell b speaking in English language every time the subject pass was promoted and gradually became uninterested and began to shun. Only when it is necessary is something important e ms say b. Is it too weak for me? Is it selfish? But we think what you are saying is that you want really intense connection or not at all? In small doses, we learn that we can manage and that the threat was unnecessarily inflamed.

Maybe we even start to embrace what we shunned. It is one thing to have a mouse phobia and another to have a social phobia , especially if the latter is culturally induced. Current research suggests that we do suffer without deep human connections. But how do you define a deep or true connection and how does it differ from say, a Facebook connection?

How do you develop it? A younger person explained that Facebook friends are not necessarily real friends. You may have never met them, and they may not actually care if you live or die or had a bad day. Facebook friendship no longer connotes a precious relationship. Read more here. As inner resources and empathy decline, depression , anxiety and stress are soaring: College health services are inundated with students overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, stress, fragility, fear, loneliness , helplessness and a feeling of victimization.

Boston College psychologist and educational expert Peter Gray describes the astounding situation i n this post. What explains the suffering? Device dependency, helicopter parents , image over substance, and a surfeit of superficial engagements compromise a deeper relationship with the self and with others.

The literature indicates that kids are so stressed about grades, social media and performance that they are sleep deprived, sheep-like and soulless. The very things that will help them succeed and stay well, such as meaningful relationships and conversations, are sacrificed. The strange thing is that there is now so much talk, hype, and valuing of connectedness —being connected, connecting the whole world, reaching out. However, those with resources may be inundated with so many meaningless connections that they feel overwhelmed, depressed, or hopeless—especially if they crave depth and substance.

Breadth does not do it for everyone, or perhaps anyone. But the impact on consumers may be less freeing and more fraught. They are beautiful and serve many purposes. As is the way with most things, balance breeds betterness. Just saying. And nothing, nothing is going right. Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there To brighten up even your darkest night.

Carrie Barron, M. CBT, psychotherapy, science, intuition and finding the care that fits. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Why Bilinguals Experience the World Differently.

Connecting with people Connecting with people
Connecting with people Connecting with people
Connecting with people Connecting with people
Connecting with people Connecting with people
Connecting with people Connecting with people
Connecting with people Connecting with people
Connecting with people Connecting with people

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