Colors of the Night

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Colours of the Night

You and I moving in the dark Bodies close but souls apart Shadowed smiles and secrets unrevealed I need to know the way you feel [Chorus] I'll give you everything I am And everything I want to be I'll put it in your hands If you could open up to me oh Can't we ever get beyond this wall 'Cause all I want is just once To see you in the light But you hide behind The color of the night I can't go on running from the past Lave has torn away this mask And now like clouds like rain I'm drowning and I blame it all on you I'm lost - God save me 'Cause all I want is just once To see you in the light But you hide behind The color of the night 'Cause all I want is just once Forever and again I'm waiting for you, I'm standing in the light But you hide behind The color of the night Please come out from The color of the night Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

The Color Of The Night song meanings.

Color of Night

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Hearts & Colors - LA On A Saturday Night

There was an error. General Comment She's singing about her lover's reticence. He could be in great despair and self-loathing, but won't talk about it, and she is in turmoil over this. Doesn't want him to hide away anymore. General Comment This song always reminds me of my one love I lost, we were deeply in love with each other but because of certain circumstances we could not be together, our affair lasted 7 years and in the end I had to give in and move on, I remember I would always tell her to come out from the color of the night.

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Log in to add a tag. Learn to recognize color temperatures so you can capture them accurately. We are actually approaching a new age in nighttime color: In the United States, the orange glow of sodium vapor streetlights is quickly disappearing as more and more cities replace them with eco-friendly LED lights, which are cooler and have less character. The common incandescent light bulbs that were in every household have been phased out in favor of CFLs compact fluorescent lights. At least CFLs come in three flavors: soft white, bright white, and daylight.

Have you ever shot an office building and noticed a green or magenta color cast coming out the windows? That is the light of low-cost fluorescent bulbs. In rare instances you might see the greenish blue light of the metal halide or mercury vapor in light sources in parks, streetlights, parking lots, and industrial sites. How your camera reads color temperature depends on its white balance WB setting. This is one of the most important buttons on your camera.

However, a typical AWB range is —K, and it is heavily influenced by the strongest light source.

Color of Night () - IMDb

AWB struggles at night, especially when you have multiple light sources with varying temperatures. One of the benefits of digital is that every camera has several source-specific white balances. Each setting applies varying degrees of the opposite color temperature, so any color cast is neutralized. The two most popular settings at night are the Tungsten, or Incandescent, setting and the K for Kelvin setting.

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  4. The symbol for the Tungsten or Incandescent setting the name varies depending on the manufacturer is a light bulb. This is a good setting to start with in most night scenarios.

    Color of Night

    Streetlamps and moonlight tend to warm up the night, so by setting the WB to Tungsten, you can cool the image down and give it a nighttime feel. The K setting lets you take even more control over the color and mood. You can dial in temperatures from —K to suit your needs. This setting is very important when there is a mix of several different colors in the image.

    The combination of metal halide and high-pressure sodium vapor in Figure 4.

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    I turned on Live View in my camera and toggled through the WB settings before settling on one that best represented the image. If you are new to WB or the light is tricky, this is an excellent technique to employ. Turn the temperature up or down to see which one looks best to you. The WB setting influences the overall mood of the image. You want to incorporate, not neutralize, the colors of the night. Sometimes they just need a little adjustment to tone them up or down.

    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night
    Colors of the Night Colors of the Night

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