Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook

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Shamanism is a complementary treatment to western medicine and psychotherapy. Shamans believe disease and illness have a spiritual component which they seek to deal with. Shamanic healing also may be able to restore a sense of well-being when a client may feel like they have lost a sense of vitality or power.

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Through several techniques a shaman may use divination to reveal a spirit-given answer to a problem a client may be dealing with. Would you like to know more about the services we offer? For over forty two years Rowan was involved in the health care industry as a dentist, a fire department paramedic and a college adjunct faculty instructor teaching pre-hospital medicine courses. He realized many years ago that even though a patient's illness or injury can be treated successfully for many people there is still further emotional, psychic or spiritual healing that also needs to occur for the patient to more fully heal.

Rowan was introduced to shamanism in December, when Canska Wakan; the red-tailed hawk spirit, revealed himself to Rowan in a most dramatic fashion. He started practicing shamanism 28 years ago. Since he has been formally studying shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Since he has been learning Ceremonial practices from Lakota, Dakota and Apache spiritual healers, ceremony people and medicine men and women. Our exposure to and experience in the sphere of non-ordinary reality is multicultural which we find strengthening. Nancy and Rowan opened a tattoo studio in Steamboat Springs and ran it for several years prior to moving to Missoula, Montana.

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Nearly all of their clients were older than 36 and new to tattooing. They had something they wished to physically express about themselves but were unsure how to or in what way to do so. Where does the medicine wheel come from? Medicine Wheel teachings have come down to us from the ancient cultures in all parts of the world.

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All over the world can be found the remnants of stone circles. The system of Wheels I work with originates in Central America, most probably the Mayan culture, though it is not easy to tell just what their furthest origins are. There are many Medicine Wheel teachings in differing forms from different parts of the world with the Elements and Powers often placed in different directions.

The particular direction is not important in itself as the teachings are about relationship. Each Medicine Wheel system is complete and usually cannot be mixed with another system, though the teachings are always complementary and similar. What is it for? The Medicine Wheel is a way of demonstrating fundamental truths about our world. It is not didactic and it is not a belief system, but a path to knowledge, a way of seeing the Universe and its great powers, of understanding our individual place in the scheme of things and learning about the relationships of these powers to each other and to ourselves.

These teachings have come to us from our ancestors who learned them through experience.

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It is for us to test them by our own experience and make them live for us. What will the study teach me? How we frame our world is very important. The Universe works like a hall of mirrors and what we see depends on our frame of reference, what we allow ourselves to see, on how we look at things. There is a story about some indigenous people in South America asking newly arrived sailors How did you get here?

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On that ship they replied pointing to the galley anchored in the bay. The local people were unable to see the ship, it was not in their frame of reference, and it was only when they had been taken out to it and walked upon it, touched it and experienced it for themselves that they were able to accept its existence.

We are all like that. We tend not to see things until we are ready for them. The Medicine Wheel teachings help broaden our frame of reference and enable us to see more. The Directions and their Powers There are four cardinal directions - and the Centre makes five. Then there is the Above and the Below, and that makes seven. Seven is the number of the Dream of the Creator in manifestation.

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The Medicine Wheel is a path towards understanding the Creators Dream and the multitude of powers that affect our life in the third dimension of material reality. Here is a brief introduction to the powers of the four directions. Powers of the East The East of the Wheel is where the sun rises. It is the place of beginnings and endings, of vision and inspiration - where spirit comes into matter and where matter touches spirit - the place that is beyond the confines of linear time. It is springtime and the planting of seeds and the beginning of sprouting. It is the place of the myths of Eagle and Condor who fly between the worlds and who see the big picture from high above.

It is the place of the Mage, the I-mage-a-nation where we learn that what we imagine can become real, the place of the visionary who sees beyond the apparent reality. It is the high place where we can go to be alone and to contemplate Life, the Universe and Everything. Powers of the South The South of the Wheel is the place of trust and innocence, the time of childhood.

We learn to touch and be touched, to feel and to be moved by the beauty and magic of the world; where the child experiences the world as alive, shimmering and connected. South is the place where time begins for us and later, in adult life, it is where our past experiences affect our present until we turn the mirror of selfreflection upon ourselves. South is the place of White Buffalo Woman who brings the Medicine Pipe to the people to teach and remind us of the sacredness of all things. There is a medicine teaching which says we can look at spiritual childhood as lasting until we are about 27, just before in astrology Saturn returns and turns lives upside down.

Powers of the West The West is the place of the setting sun where we draw ourselves inwards to do inner work. This is womans place, the deep, the dark, the inner, the womb where new creation is nurtured, the place of introspection.

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The West is the place of Grandmother Earth who gives life and who teaches of cycles and patience, of the permanence of change, of death, decay and rebirth, and that Death-Gives-Life and all things are born, live, die, decay and give new life. It is the direction of all things physical, of the now, the present moment which is the only time that physical matter knows. West is the place of Bear who hibernates for the long winter and dreams; of Owl who knows the night; and of Jaguar who teaches of death and the need to overcome.

This is the place of our spiritual adolescence, which can be looked on as the period from around 27 to 54 years of age, the time of apparent maturity in the everyday world during which we are working through adolescence in the inner world. Powers of the North The North is the place of winter when the ground is frozen and we have to learn to co-operate to survive.

It is where we learn to achieve adulthood with maturity and to giveaway to one another, and that the survival of the tribe, group, village, country or planet is more important than that of any one individual. This is where we learn to plan for the future and to look at how our actions will affect the next seven generations that follow us. The North is the place of the wind, of mind, of thinking, of intellect. The animal totems are the Great White Buffalo who gives all of himself to feed and clothe the people and so teaches of the sacredness of the giveaway and reminds us that we, in our turn, give away all we have borrowed from Mother Earth at the end of our time here.

Also Wolf who is teacher, direction finder and keeper of the family; Horse who is keeper of wisdom and philosophy, and Dragon who leads us to an encounter with direct knowing, a face-to-face encounter with power. North is the place of mystery teachings such as the Medicine Wheel, teachings of what it means to become fully human. Hu means divine, man means mortal Adulthood can be considered as the period of life from around 54 to 81 years, the time where we can gain maturity as spirit in matter.

And then we return to the East. And so as our life comes towards its completion we come back once more to the East, now as an elder. We can think of this as the period from about 81 years to , or whenever we move on to the next world. This is when we return to the simplicity of childhood as our outer faculties lessen and we move more inward, back towards our essential being, the Spirit-Self who came in at the beginning. All of life leads to death.

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  • It is a circle. The teachings say that linear time is an illusion which we experience in the third dimension only. That means that we will step back into the spirit world at the same moment that we left it to come into this world.

    Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook
    Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook
    Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook
    Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook
    Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook
    Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism Workbook

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