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Then it should be debated as such. I think you have captured the essence of the stated concern in your third alternative: e. So the concern is that he is more than a two dimensional character?

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I can, for example, present myself as a housekeeper, or as a graduate student, or a laboratory technician. All are job functions I perform and pieces of my life, but do I lose credibility for having multiple facets? The primary criticism in the above article is that President Obama is promoting one facet of his history over another to persuade his target audience. Does that make him a liar?

The entire US political system is based on ability of a individual to persuade a majority to vote for them, and then people get upset when our politicians use every reasonable avenue at their disposal to accomplish that. What some refer to as two faced other call pragmatic. Politicians are all of the above. Well said. For example, he continually rags that resources are limited and implies that using them in a capitalist way is immoral , but the truth is that no one could really know this.

One might as easily believe that there is a carbon or gold, or uranium cycle, just like there is an hydrological cycle. My guess is Mark never listens to an opposing point of view prove it Mark, what did Limbaugh say today about Sotomajor? True, true. There might just be a black hole at the center of the earth from which magically new resources are created.

You might try brushing up on your physics before offering inane comments. Let me know when the TOE is finished and validated. Just skimming through this block quickly, but wanted to agree out loud with Chignos that Rush Limbaugh certainly does typify narrow-minded idealogues. What on earth is Mark doing listening to an exceptionally illogical wanker like Limbaugh?

I could care less. Since no one here seems willing to listen to any point of view other than one that likely reinforces their own, what would be the point of having a debate? Limbaugh has some good points—if you never listen to him you never hear them. It is boring. Farsighted and fascinating predictions for a new world order in which America is no longer number oneThe world is now at a hinge moment in its history, according to veteran international correspondent Paul Starobin.

A once-dominant America has reached the end of its global ascendancy, and the question of what will come next, and how quickly, is not completely clear. Already the global economic crisis, in exposing the tarnished American model of unfettered free-market capitalism, is hastening the transition to the next, After America, phase of global history. While what is going to come next has not been resolved, we can discern certain narratives that are already advancing.

In this sense, the After America age is already a work in progress—pregnant with multiple possibilities. In this book, which masterfully mixes fresh reportage with rigorous historical analysis, Starobin presents his farsighted and fascinating predictions for the After America world. These possibilities include a global chaos that could be dark or happy, a multipolar order of nationstates, a global Chinese imperium, or—even more radically—an age of global city-states or a universal civilization leading to world government.

Starobin feels that the question of which narrative will triumph may be determined by the fundamental question of identity: how people determine their allegiances, whether to the tribe, nation-state, city-state, or global community. There will be surprises, Starobin thinks. In the After America world, both the nation-state and the traditional empire may lose ground to cosmopolitan forces like the city- state and the universal civilization.

California—the eighth largest economy in the world and the most future- oriented place in America—is becoming an After America landscape, as illustrated by postnational, multicultural Hollywood. Prestigious educational institutions like Harvard are migrating from an American to a global identity and thus becoming part of an After America universal civilization.

While these changes may feel unsettling, our best hope for adapting to an After America world is by becoming better borrowers of the best ideas and practices developed all around the planet. Thought provoking and well argued, After America offers a way to think about a dramatically changing world in which the United States is no longer number one. Pretty much as predicted by the back-to-the-landers as well as high thinkers like Richard C. If anything is predictable, this is. Free-market capitalism, when conducted ethically and honestly, works.

It is only when you throw fraud and greed into the mix that problems occur. Looks like one of those books that mixes some known facts with some generally accepted beliefs and formulates a future view using some nice vocabulary. The basic premise of the demise of nation states will hold, no matter what anyone does about it. Not so fast, grasshopper. The Fed just announced it may require them to raise even more capital. So the incentive to keep the market high may continue. Let the good times roll! Neither was directly involved in the rental; the name of the broker and agency that arranged it were not immediately available.

He was in Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders. The roller-coaster housing market helped spawn the recession Geithner is tasked with ending. Despite some signs of a national housing-market turnaround, analysts expect prices to take some time to stabilize because of the overload of homes available. In the meantime, many homeowners, like the Geithners, are deciding to rent their properties, brokers say. Some are buying themselves time to wait for prices to rise. His Westchester home has a Larchmont mailing address but is just outside the village boundaries in the town of Mamaroneck, a yachting hub and the home of the Winged Foot Golf Club, a frequent site of professional championships.

The home has been renovated, making it appealing to renters looking for a ready-to-move-in home, Meiliken said. The market is the market. It does not care what the participants can or cannot afford to lose. There are many people in this situation in their primary and second homes, holding on for the gamble that the market will come back. Never mind that the peak price was illusory.

At some point, many will be forced to capitulate. Well, probably only conceptually. And, quite likely, a big bank account. Gee, sounds like he should securitise his mortgage and then have the treasury buy it with TARP proceeds. We are on pace for a loss of 6. Add that to the 4. How many have bene created? All was fine when the Private Side was making handsome incomes due to selling and producing stuff like America did from to and paying lots of taxes….

Much of the nonsense economists talk about is just that…. During the boom banks lent to consumers freely and foreigners lent to President Bush until banks and foreigners realized we simply borrowed too much slowed lending as it became much more difficult to service the debt. It is fine at the beginning…. Due to fewer funds flowing into non government side of our economy…our private economy is becoming much poorer much faster…. As the Private economy shrinks, the whole economy will shrink including tax revenues so the government will be forced to borrow even more to just keep things afloat.

So long as government keeps borrowing it can keep spending….. HOWEVER, interest obligations will grow and grow sucking dollars away from goods and services it purchases, with time a greater and greater percentage of a contracting economy will be directly consumed by rising interest payments resulting in LESS government spending and further contraction. Due to unstainable interest obligations, it is not too far off now where we will rapidly degenerate into hyperinflation due to borrowing exponentially more and more just to pay interest causing the dollar to crash and prices to rise.

In such an environment, wages will NEVER be able to keep up with exploding commodity price and unfortunately many will starve. This is the Paradox…. Right now a BIG part of government spending is feeding, housing, and providing medical care to the poor and elderly driving sales at Hospitals, Clinics, WalMart and Walgreens and a variety of other retailers across America. It is easy to grow an economy when you can borrow seemingly limitless amounts of money….

It is now time for Americans to take responsiblity for America…. Welcome to Zombulation……. Now ask yourself……what will the public do when they really find out what is going on and are we ready for the task?????? MM CA is our resident genius, all other discussions are not getting to the heart of the matter. Our consumption economy is unsustainable. We had money to create a radical production program, but we gave it to the megabanks. We should have cut the megabanks out of the loop and used the money to benefit the production economy.

Securities and Exchange Commission and the inspector general of the Troubled Asset Relief Program were working to track where federal money is going. By the time they revise the statistics, no one cares about the data being revised. All that is happening is that tax payers, current and for generations to come, are having their payments re-circlated, inefficiently, by a bureaucracy that provides nothing.

This is what people have refused to do. They have counted the cost of doing something radical. They have counted the immediate cost of doing nothing new. It seems low. They prefer doing nothing. But what about the long term? What about Retirement no Social Security or Medicare 2. Falling house prices5. Rising unemployment6. If you turn out to be wrong, you will be ridiculed or at least treated as a child. If you are correct, you will be hated. You will also be hit up for money.

If you are a Christian, you will be told you are heartless. Mandarin above said the magic words. The elite have no intention to institute a progressive marginal tax rate reform not topay more for capital gains and dividends. This is the opposite of the European Social Democratic State. This is a Chinese model. If you are poor and show no survival skills, you are screwed.

If you show survival skills, you are allowed to be exploited. Civil Society will crumble. Obama was brought in to manage an austerity revolution with a smile. None of the Govt fixes have worked or are working: Not fixing housing, not creating jobs, not fixing the auto industry, not fixing health care…nothing…. This is becoming such a joke these days listening to people and pundits say things are better… I would be the first one to admit it too, if things were better, but the NUMBERS and Fundamentals do not lie.

And niether does what my own 2 eyes see, and that is shuttered auto dealers, big box retail, strip malls, less traffic, rising gas again, many friends unemployed, for sale and foreclusre signs all over, big time lower attenedance at MLB games, less foot traffic in stores,… and rising prices in food and neccessitiesThe Only fix that has occured is ensuring the Banks and the Rich have kept thier pockets lined…Foreclosures: No End in SightA continuing steep drop in home prices combined with rising unemployment is powering a new wave of foreclosures.

Since it went into effect in March, some , homeowners have been offered a modification, according to the Treasury Department, though a tally is not yet available on how many offers have been accepted. It is even more worrisome when one considers the size of the problem and the speed at which it is spreading. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported last week that in the first three months of the year, about 5.

Not all of those families will lose their homes. Some will find the money to catch up on their payments. Others will qualify for loan modifications that allow them to hang on. But as borrowers become more hard pressed, lenders — whose participation in the Obama plan is largely voluntary — may not be able or willing to keep up with the spiraling demand for relief. One of the biggest problems is that the plan focuses almost entirely on lowering monthly payments.

But overly onerous payments are only part of the problem. For They have no cushion to fall back on in the event of a setback, like job loss or illness. That would restore some equity to borrowers — and give them a further incentive to hold on to their homes — in addition to lowering monthly payments. The mortgage industry has resisted this approach, and the Obama plan does not emphasize it. With joblessness rising, lower monthly payments could quickly become unaffordable for many Americans.

In a recent report, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston argued that unemployment is driving foreclosures and to make a difference, anti-foreclosure policy should focus on helping unemployed homeowners. The report suggests a temporary program of loans or grants to help them pay their mortgages while they look for another job. The government will also have to make far more aggressive efforts to create jobs.

The federal stimulus plan will preserve and generate a few million jobs, but that will barely make a dent — in the overall economic crisis or the foreclosure disaster. Since the recession began in December , nearly six million jobs have been lost, and millions more are bound to go missing before this downturn is over.

President Obama needs to put more effort and political capital into promoting the middle-class agenda that he outlined during the campaign, including a push for new jobs in new industries, expanded union membership and a fairer distribution of profits among shareholders, executives and employees. There will be no recovery until there is a halt in the relentless rise in foreclosures. Foreclosures threaten millions of families with financial ruin. By driving prices down, they sap the wealth of all homeowners.

They exacerbate bank losses, putting pressure on the still fragile financial system. Lower monthly payments are a balm, but they are no substitute for home equity. And until more Americans can find a good job and a steady paycheck, the number of foreclosures will continue to rise. If I am running a deficit it sucks regardless of the amount. Smoke and mirrors, creative accounting and blatant lies. What made things work, and always has, is velocity of money. We can counter this by all becoming farmers! Pretty damning evidence FOR disaster!

But this tended to raise my eyebrows: The key question is whether housing prices will go crashing through the trend line and fall well below fair value. Unfortunately, this is very likely. The fact that the banks invested in the company just a few months after Summers resigned suggests the appearance of corruption, because it suggests to other firms that if you hire Larry Summers onto your board, large banks will want to invest as a favor to a politically-connected director. It turns out now that those two banks have continued paying into Summers-related businesses.

Geoffrey Lean, The Independent — One billion people will go hungry around the globe next year for the first time in human history, as the international financial crisis deepens, the United Nations has told The Independent. The shocking landmark will be passed — despite a second record worldwide harvest in a row — because people are becoming too destitute to buy the food that is produced. Decades of progress in reducing hunger are being abruptly reversed, dealing a devastating blow to a pledge by world leaders eight years ago to cut it in half by Rich countries have failed to provide promised money to boost agriculture in the Third World; the financial crisis is starving developing countries of credit and driving their people into greater poverty, and food aid to the starving is expected to begin drying up next month.

Think Green Revolution. Worldwide grain harvests have been slipping. But now — obviously anticipating that the Government is likely to lose in court again — Obama wants Congress to change FOIA by retroactively narrowing its disclosure requirements, prevent a legal ruling by the courts, and vest himself with brand new secrecy powers under the law which, just as a factual matter, not even George Bush sought for himself.

The White House is actively supporting a new bill jointly sponsored by Sens. The certification lasts 3 years and can be renewed indefinitely. The Senate passed the bill as an amendment last week. Just imagine if any other country did this. Imagine if a foreign government were accused of systematically torturing and otherwise brutally abusing detainees in its custody for years, and there was ample photographic evidence proving the extent and brutality of the abuse.

What kind of a country passes a law that has no purpose other than to empower its leader to suppress evidence of the torture it inflicted on people? Elites that will bury the rest of us!! Whether we like it or not this is what we get for being passive. Imagine this. Never mind that the whole sordid innuendo is unresolved therefore no American citizen can really know what went on. The point is: when are you gonna get smart about what you believe? CNET — In the first case of its type, a federal judge in California has ruled that police can forcibly take DNA samples, including drawing blood with a needle, from Americans who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime.

Bush, said the procedure was no more invasive or worrisome than fingerprinting or a photograph. To rebalance the system and pay back the federal loan, lawmakers must raise payroll taxes on employers, reduce benefits for recipients, or both. I wonder if California should be entitled to federal aid considering that it is their proposition 13 which is partly responsible for their shortfalls.

Get rid of that first and then ask for a handout from the feds. No federal aid for California. Bag every bailout. Are you for any particular brand of elitism? My question is who is WE? I understand why inflation is coming, but i dont beleive for one second why it would be good for about million americans, it brings misery to the nightly dinner table…. Kill your TV before it drives you insane! I did! So what does the our future look like? Are you saying there are no jobs?

Merry F.. MM CA I agree with you about those numbers technically we have a chance to go there , but do you really believe they will let the market fall that bad. I mean this means 10 of millions people can not pay their mortgages and on top of unemployment add another million at least. I dont think Fed will let anything like that happen , they will print money and throw in the system.

Interest rates will rise but they will still try to keep it artifically low and throw more money in the system. They have to inflate the crise no matter what they can not accept even an ounce of deflations. Dont u think we should shedule ourselves according to high inflation ratios for the coming future? Ah, the bear cometh. OK, on the theme of childish art work no offense to the creator of this, or to Tim, just a poor attempt to segway!

The firms are seeking to take advantage of higher prices later in the year. Much better than using your excess liquidity to buy Treasury Bills!

by Thomas B. Costain

Perhaps someone else can explain why this contango exists, because it has me stumpted. They can do a lot to hold more in storage, at tanks in plants, until prices soar higher. They can probably hold it in ships too, but it would make sense to keep the loaded ships at berth somewhere in the world. No point in risking an accident at sea. But what is setting the huge premiums in the forward futures market?

Who are the buyers? Why are they paying such premiums when everything one reads tells us consumption of oil based products are at a 10 year low? Bernake sounds nervous this morning, they are hammering him with some good questions…. And you know Summer and friends would hang him out to dry when the S hits the fan in and beyond. Brennan who are you?. Take them backTake them back to your red houseFor that fearful leap into the darkI logged in my timeIn the jail of your armsNow Ophelia wants to knowWhere she should turnTell me…what did you doWhat did you do the last time?

Do you pray? Do you wish them away? Are you still leave nothingBut bones in the way? Did you bury the carnivalLions and all? Excuse me while I sharpen my nailsAnd just who are you this time?

Frequência de nomes (formas) em inglês no COMPARA 13.1.17 [1 de Março de 2010]

You look rather tired Who drinks from your shoe Are you pretending to love? Well I hear that it pays wellHow do your pistol and your Bible and yourSleeping pills go? Are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes? Tell me who are you this time? The worse news: Even those who land jobs will likely suffer lower wages for a decade or more compared to those lucky enough to graduate in better times, studies show. Economic research shows that the consequences of graduating in a downturn are long-lasting. They include lower earnings, a slower climb up the occupational ladder and a widening gap between the least- and most-successful grads.

In short, luck matters. She used the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a government data base, to track wages of white men who graduated before, during and after the deep s recession. For example, a man who graduated in December when unemployment was at The impact on wages could be just as severe this time around, says Ms.

The rate hit 8.

One reason behind declining wage potential, economists say: The caliber of jobs available in a recession, and their accompanying wages, tend to suffer. High-end firms hire fewer people and drive down salaries because jobs are in such demand. That means many graduates end up with lower-wage, lower-skill jobs at less-prestigious firms or in firms outside their field of interest. Once the economy picks up and they try for better jobs, these workers have to learn skills they should have been developing immediately out of college.

In the meantime, colleagues who graduated in a better economy have already developed these skills and progressed much further. So what? There were according to the media no jobs and the economy was in the dumper. Get some perspective, dozer. You have to get out there and create an income. Obviously you have to work to create an income. But the point of the article is that current graduates are starting that much further behind and will have to work that much harder just to catch up, never mind excel.

Which then leads to a problem both with economic growth and funding the current entitlement programs. Nope, never heard of bu Suzy Welch. MM CA — yes it will be misery. The rightwing reactionary fear of big government is misplaced fear. It is government, of any size, being controlled guided, coerced, and limited by the stratospherically wealthy that you must fear …because your interests are diametrically opposed to the interests of the stratospherically wealthy.

Fear stratospheric wealth. Think, nimwits! The sky is falling!!!! There are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end. Bribery and corruption are common. Can you imagine? Yes, too many people for too few resources IS a recipe for disaster. Here is a recent take on the coming of the Apocalypse. They try to practice it every day.

But every day they find themselves with fewer and fewer choices to control their own financial destinies, with fewer choices that show respect for the law of supply and demand. Relentlessly and methodically, the Fed central planners are closing off every investment option, save one—the equities market, a market the Fed manages to its advantage by manipulation and money it prints itself out of thin air. It would be a bubble—a power bubble. They are criminals who have robbed the bank, and are just now running away in their black getaway car. Americans thought, and many still think, they had a system that gave them an even deal, where they could get something out of their hard work.

Getting rid of the Fed would be just plain stupid. Nobody with a lick of sense would have us return to the chaotic days before the Fed was created. Talk about handing over the farm to the foxes! You might as well just sign up with the corporate banking conglomerates for a lifetime of indentured servitude. I tend to believe the Fed best serves its function when it has at least some degree of autonomy from Congressional politics and private sector lobbyists.

The authority of the Fed to lend money is informed by Congressional mandate. Our elected representatives in Congress can modify, curtail, or expand that authority at any time. There is massive criminal activity walking the American landscape. Would you say that it is coming from hardworking Americans or from the financial sector? And keep in mind that the private bankers at the Fed are at the core of the financial sector. His authority was so great it could not be measured.

The private bankers have patience, the printing press, fractional reserve lending, the military, and the politicians themselves in their pockets. Also, congress has been known and prone to error. Thanks very much for that answer. I take your points, too, and find we have large agreement. While I appreciate the quote from Mr.

Sann, the fact is that the electorate has a responsibility to hold its elected representatives accountable. If they are wrongly kowtowing to someone, be it Al Capone or members of the financial industry, it is the people who elected them that need to take charge and fix that problem. Guest 2 I think the whole notion of the Fed having a dual goal of keeping interest rates steady and keeping employment reasonably low is a balancing act doomed to failure in a major crisis.

Central banks in the western EU can focus on one mission without worrying too much about unemployment because they have meaningful social safety nets in place that the U. The real problem, as you have rightly noted, is disparity in wealth, which leads to disparity in political power, an anathema to any society which values democratic rule.

You have an important point there,SWK. What I see is an American Central Bank that is controlled by the Banksters themselves ,indirectly rather than a true stand alone neutral operation. This past 10 years a Debt Pyramid was created and no one gave a damn as to the quality of the debt involved in the pyramid.

Eventually the pyramid fell down and we are all reaping the consequenses. I keep coming back to the fact the U. Clever Mark. Evil tidings molest ourhabitations and wound our peace. Oh my brother! Oppression is enough to make a wise people mad! If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift to the coming human hell.

These maxims of fundamental truths fly right over the heads of the masses, as evidenced by the criticisms here. And though they may have four wings, they cannot fly. The Bond Boys are set to pounce. Speaking of cutting pennies this is good! What IS it about moneylenders? MM CA,Pardon my ignorance and you may comment this already. What is your opinion on what the enormous liquidity US FedRes creates would result in? As Michelle commented and if my understanding is right, it pushes the US stock markets and others quite nicely.

Will appreciate if you can share your thoughts and comments on this. The FED and treasury have never before played in the market like this. Jim rogers above is joking because he thinks the dollar will crash…. Rogers may have a point in that Zimbabwe had the best performing stock market, in local currency terms, for years.

Might be positive in nominal terms. FED and Treasury missions accomplished. Smoke and mirrors, fraud and deceit, as always. Nothing new here. Dollar has never gone up, and never will. The securities markets are still in tatters, so there are fewer investment opportunities for this excess liquidity to go. So what do we have left? Commodities, precious metals, treasuries, stocks, real estate. Downward prices on residential and commercial real estate will continue for some time, but will eventually find a floor and stabilize. Then just maybe the stocks will not go to the sun. Michelle,Thank you very much for your comments.

You have very worthwhile posts. There is sexism on this blog. Anyone been around long enough to remember Sharzadh? Ungendered guest. Ya think??? Let this be a message to all you guilty dads out there, girls have value too, and your lack of interest in their activities is shamefully noticeable. All this talk of dollar crashes and hyperinflation is for the moment bogus.

The dollar amd bonds weaken and commodities rise when the market goes up. When the market goes down everything reverses. Until I see the market AND the dollar tanking at the same time as bond rates and commodities rise, deflation is firmly in control. I agree with you Gloomy, there is no clear up or down. The economy is peregrinating in an erratic fashion. In , health care reform is not a luxury. Soaring health care costs make our current course unsustainable. It is unsustainable for our families, whose spiraling premiums and out-of-pocket expenses are pushing them into bankruptcy and forcing them to go without the checkups and prescriptions they need.

It is unsustainable for businesses, forcing more and more of them to choose between keeping their doors open or covering their workers. And the ever-increasing cost of Medicare and Medicaid are among the main drivers of enormous budget deficits that are threatening our economic future. In short, the status quo is broken, and pouring money into a broken system only perpetuates its inefficiencies.

Doing nothing would only put our entire health care system at risk. Without meaningful reform, one fifth of our economy is projected to be tied up in our health care system in 10 years; millions more Americans are expected to go without insurance; and outside of what they are receiving for health care, workers are projected to see their take-home pay actually fall over time. We simply cannot afford to postpone health care reform any longer. This recognition has led an unprecedented coalition to emerge on behalf of reform — hospitals, physicians, and health insurers, labor and business, Democrats and Republicans.

These groups, adversaries in past efforts, are now standing as partners on the same side of this debate. At this historic juncture, we share the goal of quality, affordable health care for all Americans. But I want to stress that reform cannot mean focusing on expanded coverage alone. Indeed, without a serious, sustained effort to reduce the growth rate of health care costs, affordable health care coverage will remain out of reach.

So we must attack the root causes of the inflation in health care.

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Press to Select an action Download. The rest can stay home and sleep, sing, dance, paint, read, write, pray, play, do minor repairs, work in the garden, and practice birth control. Any number of alternative cultural, ethnic or religious communities could be established by popular vote. Religious communities could have public prayer in their schools, prohibit booze, allow no television to corrupt their kids, wear uniforms, whatever. Hippies could establish communities where free sex was the norm.

Writers or painters could establish communities where bad taste would be against the law. Ethnic communities could be established to preserve language and customs. In short, the one big freedom that individuals would have to give up would be the freedom to destroy the commons in its broadest sense.

12 Frugal Living Hacks To Save Money (That ACTUALLY Work)

Couples would be allowed only one child. And in return, they would be given a guaranteed income for life and the freedom to live almost any way they choose. The changes I am proposing can be accomplished without rewriting our Constitution or violence. The two quotes at the end suggest tactics that worked for the anti-Vietnam War and civil rights movements.

Sign-carrying activists should fill the streets of D. Activists should just stay there until the powers-that-be concede. I expect that organizing this movement will take a few years. Jay— www.

It is only when the other party is concerned or feels threatened that he will listen—in the arena of action, a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication No one can negotiate without the power to compel negotiation To attempt to operate on a good-will basis rather than on a power basis would be to attempt something that the world has not yet experienced. They think the politicians are going to yield to the emotions. I think the corporations are wrong about that. I think the companies will have to give in only at insignificant levels. The environmentalists are going to have to be like the mob in the square in Romania before they prevail.

We mine our minerals and fossil fuels from the Earth's crust. The deeper we dig, the greater the minimum energy requirements. The most concentrated and most accessible fuels and minerals are mined first; thereafter, more and more energy is required to mine and refine poorer and poorer quality resources.

America 2.0 By Jay Hanson

But now it is depleted and society must use lower-quality taconite ore that has an iron content of about 25 percent. By the s, that number had dropped to about twenty-five barrels. Within a couple of years, that number will become one for one. Decreasing net energy sets up a positive feedback loop: since oil is used directly or indirectly in everything, as the energy costs of oil increase, the energy costs of everything else increase too—including other forms of energy. Every day, about 85 million barrels of oil are burnt.

Imagine having a motor scooter with a five-gallon tank, but the nearest gas station is six gallons away. Precision here is impossible because the data is not available. Suppose that the only thing Americans had to do was to eat. How much energy would be required to feed them? In , Americans consumed about ,, Btu per capita, per year. Studies show that food grains produced with modern, high-yield methods including packaging and delivery now contain between four and ten calories of fossil fuel for every calorie of solar energy.

In , oil production in the Middle East was only 1,,, tonnes! Obviously, there is more to life than eating, but equally-obviously, the market system is the most inefficient organization in human history!! If the load exceeds capacity, then the environment is damaged and carrying capacity is reduced. This paper is hereby placed in the public domain and may be reprinted without further permission. This paper is the culmination of almost 20 years of study—working almost full time—to understand why our civilization is self-destructing.

My brevity here is not due to my lack of understanding or scholarship. Original here. By , it was universally agreed that racial segregation was forbidden.



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