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In , with the establishment of the foodservice division, the company began to sell sandwiches. By the mids Circle K had acquired 26 Quick-Shop stores, thus expanding its base of operation into Oklahoma and Kansas. Under the leadership of president John Gillet, Circle K began to expand overseas in the early s.

In , businessmen from Japan came to the United States to study the convenience store concept; their visit to Circle K in Phoenix led to Circle K's first foreign licensing agreement, in , with the Uny Company of Japan to establish Circle K stores there. Further overseas expansion in Asia, Europe, and Australia occurred in the s. By , Circle K convenience stores existed in 13 foreign countries.

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The early s were a period of aggressive growth. Linder, a director--was given credit for Circle K's ambitious posture during this time. Eller, who previously founded Combined Communications Corporation and served as president of Columbia Pictures, had a reputation as an acute dealmaker and business opportunist.

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An anecdote reported by Business Week claims Eller was once able to strike a good deal buying several television stations by reading about their owner's death in the obituaries. And, indeed, under Eller's leadership sales soared and the number of Circle K stores nearly tripled, mostly through acquisitions from other chains. During the early s, due to changing consumer needs and the growth of the industry, competition in the convenience food industry was fierce, and Eller's strategy was to buy up units from rivals hurt by this vigorous competition.

In Circle K nearly doubled its size with its acquisition of UtoteM units. Circle K expanded from its base in the Southwest aggressively into the South and Northwest and to a lesser extent into the East and Midwest, as well as internationally. In addition to expansion, the early s also brought a number of innovations to Circle K stores. In , stores in the Phoenix area installed automatic teller machines, while commissary operations developed the Deli-Fresh sandwich concept to serve company stores as well as some supermarket and military accounts.

A third innovation that year was a redesigning project to establish a unique corporate identity for Circle K. Stores were remodeled in orange, red, and purple.

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But the fast growth and creative innovation of the s were not without difficulty and controversy. Circle K's acquisition of The lawsuit, filed in , questioned the integrity of Nucorp's accounting practices, and threatened the financial stability and ratings of Circle K for five years. It was settled in , when a jury ruled in Circle K's favor.

Meanwhile, Nucorp filed for bankruptcy in , then Circle K sold its interest at a loss the following year.


In , however, there were other problems. Early in that year, Circle K triggered a gasoline price war in Alabama by cutting prices as much as seven cents a gallon. The state's attorney and a group of retailers claimed that Circle K's action violated the state's Motor Fuel Marketing Act and threatened to file a suit.

The impetus for legal action was stifled when Circle K raised its gas prices once again. A spokesperson for Circle K told National Petroleum News , "As a convenience store chain, we give our customers the best possible convenience and value in pricing, but we don't sell below cost. Circle K generated further controversy in when it instituted a new health insurance plan for its employees which sought to exclude "lifestyle-related" health care problems such as drug or alcohol abuse.

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This policy would also have excluded AIDS victims, except ones who contracted the disease through blood transfusions. It would not have excluded drug and alcohol rehabilitation, however. The plan created a furor among civil libertarians and gay-rights groups, who feared that other self-insured companies would rush to institute similar policies.

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Circle K eventually withdrew the lifestyle exclusions from its policy. Circle K's fast growth brought with it a number of personnel problems that the company had to address. Ohhh sorry it was the wrong bodygroup, i would mean the shoulder which is not available on this model. The Lieutenant has the Bodygroup and he can change between wearing it and not.

Or how do you mean that? A 7 Jul, pm. Would it be possible to add the kama on the lieutenant outfit, at least in bodygroup? I'll add you to the credits as soon as i'll find time for it. Venator 29 May, pm. Weathering was created by me -- not Smitty, but nice to see K-company models get posted. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Edit links. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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