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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn. She never set out to be a detective but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there's no turning back It was a ghost.

There, at the foot of Emerald's bed. A pen hovered above a piece of paper and scrawled these alarming wor Emerald O'Brien , single mother of two, owns Chintz 'N China Tea Room, where guests are served a blend of tea and tarot reading. A pen hovered above a piece of paper and scrawled these alarming words: I was murdered by my husband but nobody knows. Help me. True, Emerald was considered town witch but owned a teashop, not a detective agency.

What did the spirit expect? After another darker entity emerges, bent on destroying her world and her family with it, Emerald's life takes a screeching detour onto a wild and dangerous road. As she careens into a web of lies and secrets woven around her ghostly visitor, death strikes again. Now, along with her friends - ex-supermodel, cop, and new love interest - Emerald must search for clues to put the killer behind bars and this tortured soul to rest.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published August 5th by Berkley Prime Crime first published More Details Chintz 'n China Mystery 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Ghost of a Chance , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Meh, hopefully I enjoy the future books more since I bought the first five at once. I like the paranormal aspect - the protagonist is already familiar and comfortable with her abilities. She has a successful tea shop in a small town, which isn't as interesting as you'd think - she mainly sells china pieces and sets, but it's fun to see her randomly drink tea throughout the book, make it an important ritual with what pieces she chooses for the tea, but besides that it's in the background.

I think m Meh, hopefully I enjoy the future books more since I bought the first five at once. I think my main issue is this character got on my nerves. She spends a lot of the book being a 'good mom' by disciplining her kids and trying to teach them lessons. She grounds her son for a serious mistake, but she takes it too far by removing from him the one friend he has.

He committed the crime to look impressive in front of his friend, but it wasn't the friends fault. Taking away a friend should never be a punishment. Then she turns around and tells her daughter her next punishment will be sending her away to live with her father, pointing out the father doesn't want her there, if she argues with her brother again.

Who the hell does that? It's just weird. Also her and her friends keep calling each other 'babe'. That's another small thing that didn't sit right with me either. Seems unnatural. Small irritations aside, I just found the protagonist too high on her horse with lecturing a man who losing his temper slightly, going over board with not giving her kids tea with caffeine but then turning around and being ridiculous with punishment all the time - it felt like the author was on a soapbox with lectures on parenting and it became the main focus of the book.

She also jumped in bed way too quickly for my tastes with the love interest so I didn't care at all about the relationship. There is a clumsy attempt at a weird love triangle at the end that didn't come across well. The mystery itself is good. I didn't see it coming, the villains worked well, the ghost stuff was awesome, and there was definite tension when it should have been there.

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Stakes were high, pacing strong enough, the and theme intriguing. I hesitate to call this is a cozy - instead let's say a regular mystery series. Cozies usually shy from language and detailed sex - this one wasn't vulgar but it wasn't cozy material which is not a flaw at all, of course, but something important to point out. First novels in series can be rocky, so I'll be continuing with the second and hope it works better at winning me over. View all 3 comments. May 25, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery , series , borrowed.

I can't decide if I enjoy this or not. This is mostly because the book is full of contradictions, almost like the author couldn't make up her mind about anything. Such as: The main character, Emerald, keeps saying she wishes she knew more about how to deal with ghosts, but she hasn't bothered to read through her grandmother's diary that's essentially a how-to guide.

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Her children are the most important thing in the world to her "Take care of my babies! Emerald doesn't want to get into a relationship too quickly, but on the first pseudo-date she brings the guy home to meet her kids. And after the third date, she dumps her four cats on him. And then rather than visit the kids she just loves so very much and dumped on somebody else she instead spends time gettin' it on with the guy. But as it turns out, sex makes the ghosts stay away She is warned not to trust anything the ghosts say, but all of her actions are based on trusting what the ghosts are telling her.

Emerald has a tea shop, owns umpteen numbers of tea pots, but just drinks standard bagged herbal teas. And she keeps stopping at Starbucks for coffee. Don't break the bottle! It will be a huge disaster! But let's leave the bottle where it's just so easy to knock to the floor and shatter.

These, and many other contradictions, have prevented me from really enjoying the story. View 2 comments. Feb 28, Sherri Bryant rated it did not like it Shelves: cozy-mystery. Story couldn't hold my attention. The diaglogue seemed too over the top for the story and didn't hold relevance to the plot. I mean, really, when you have a ghost of a murdered woman showing up in your house with an evil spirit tagging along, who gives a flying crap about decorating a Christmas tree???? View 1 comment.

And live in a small town. I also like a little romance with my mystery, so this was just my cuppa tea forgive the pun. Perchance too likeable for some? So are her friends. There are a few neat twists. Mar 07, Dez Nemec rated it did not like it Shelves: I must be weird. I can deal with the ghost, the tarot readings, the seance, but I have to draw the line when her son became possessed by the evil entity.

No spoiler, this happened in the first 50 or so pages. After that, I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. Sorry to say this was a DNF, and I'm not interested in continuing this series. Jul 20, Michelle Gilmore rated it liked it Recommends it for: fans of paranormal cozy mysteries. Shelves: 1st-in-series , mystery-thriller-suspense , psychics , ghosts , cozy-mystery. It took me a little while to get into this book. I even thought about putting it on hold, and picking it up at a later date.

I'm glad I stuck with it, because the story was well worth it. I loved the fact that the heroine- Emerald O'brien was an almost 40 yr old, single mother of 2 children, who owned her own business.

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Sometimes its nice to read about a heroine who's a little more mature. I like the setting that Galenorn created too. I think fans of paranormal cozy mysteries would really enjoy t It took me a little while to get into this book. I think fans of paranormal cozy mysteries would really enjoy this one. Jan 17, Aileene rated it did not like it Shelves: paranormal-ghosts-magic-etc , mystery-thriller-horror , fantasy-modern-urban-etc , galenorn-yasmine , a-wallbanger , not-impressed-disappointed-etc , dnf.

I kept going back to this book and trying to finish it. I never made it. I am rather surprised by my dislike of this book and inability to fully finish it. For one thing I like her sisters of the otherworld series and its rare for me to find a book that I don't finish, no matter how much I dislike it. It may just be, that cozy mysteries aren't for me. Nov 15, Lyndi W. I don't care enough to keep reading. Feb 07, Denise Zendel rated it really liked it. She can see dead people, and those who died unsettled come to her for help. A ghost asks her for help in solving a murder, and 7. A ghost asks her for help in solving a murder, and the resolution is not as simple as it seems.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The paranormal elements do require a suspension of belief, but the author handles them in a plausible way, which I appreciate. I also enjoyed the cultural diversity in the cast of characters, and the fact that all the characters are dimensional. I particularly liked the relationship Emerald has with her children. She sets a boundary and sticks to it, even when it might displease the other party. The ending was a complete surprise, which is nice in a re-read. I was hooked all the way through.

I am glad there are a few more in the series I can catch up with. Jun 30, Regina K. Excited to find her Fiction! Many years ago, while still hunting down "book-learning" in the Craft, I ran across a couple of Yasmine Galenorn's non-fiction books being published when I was still digging around for different viewpoints books were - and are - smothering the market , and I found hers to be fresh, more meaningful and wider reaching to my, by then, somewhat starved for new information mind. I especially loved some of her "recipes"; oh my, the luscious scents she can evoke with he Excited to find her Fiction!

I especially loved some of her "recipes"; oh my, the luscious scents she can evoke with her blends and the results ain't bad either! Her writing style while teaching was wonderfully personable, as if sitting with me and explaining her ideas; she's down to earth and fun. She was a "real person" talking to me and sharing not only information, but "secrets" worth taking to heart if I'd only listen closely. Fortunately for her readers, her fiction treats us to that same style that draws the reader inexorably into her writing only this time she weaves a delightful spell of story around us in such a way that we're loathe to set it aside for the hum-drum of real life honestly, MUST I make those phone calls and do that paperwork BEFORE I finish the book?!

I enjoy a wallow into a Cozy now and then as much as any other avid reader who needs a lighthearted break occasionally, but Ms. Galnorn's 1st Chintz' n China Book, "Ghost of a Chance" has a good deal more meat on its bones than is usual for the genre. It's not my habit to give a rehash of the storyline; that's easily read in the book's description as well usually many other reviews. I only want to share whether the book is one I enjoyed enough to want to share. Or to definitely avoid, although it has to be awfully loathsome for me to actually offer a "bad review" I've learned to control my OCD issues about grammar and spelling, etc in this world of struggling self-publishing.

It's fun, it's interesting, it has fascinating points of view if the occult and the Craft are in your wheelhouse. Most importantly, it's just a darned good escape from reality for a few hours, and for that I offer my sincere gratitude to Ms. What the heck; those phone calls and paperwork can wait a few MORE hours, right? Hope it helps to convey how much I enjoy this author, however horribly unpolished my methods may be. First in the Chintz 'n China cozy paranormal mystery series and revolving around Emerald O'Brien in Chiqetaw, Washington, where Christmas is approaching.

My Take Definitely a cozy tale with a family you'll love. Well, except for their "ex"-dad. What a jerk?!! The story is told in first person protagonist point-of-view from Em's perspective. She is a stern mom, insisting on manners and consideration for others It's an introduction to the concept of the series, that of a single mom doing her best to raise her children well and cope with her own psychic abilities.

Love interests are introduced, creating slight conflicts. More conflict is the information Emerald imparts about her jerk of an ex. I do love the kids. They're smart, snarky, helpful I enjoyed the pace and the easygoing prose Of course all those red herrings Galenorn spread throughout the story made that twist at the end a pip. It's a fun tale that is both character- and action-driven that I couldn't help but enjoy. It's a cryptic message Susan Mitchell passes, and the reputation Walter has only cements its truth for Emerald.

Now if she can prove it to the cops Miranda , a. Mr Sanders is her teddy bear. Eight-year-old Kipling " Kip ", her son, has the gift as well. Sly is his best friend and a little con artist. Nanna is her grandmother who taught her how to use her psychic abilities. Nappa is the grandfather who died in the old country.

Rose is Emerald's baby sister. Grandma McGrady is Em's critical paternal grandmother. Roy O'Brien is her jerk of an ex-husband who refused to give up the family cat, Fluto. His parents aren't that interested in their grandchildren. The Chintz 'n China Tea Room is Emerald's place where she sells and sources fine china; serves tea, cookies, and lunch; and, reads the tarot.

One of her waitresses, Cinnamon , has three kids and lives with her mother since her boyfriend is in jail. A friend of Cinnamon's, Lana , is a new hire. Harlow Rainmark , a former model, is Em's best friend who runs Harlow's Gym and is a primary sponsor of the town's theater group. James , a photographer, is the childhood sweetheart whom Harlow married. Detective Anna Murray is another friend and the niece of a medicine woman, White Deer — yep, Murray accepts the supernatural.

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Sid , a seven-foot red-tailed boa, and Nancy , a three-foot, nasty-tempered emerald tree boa, are Murray's pets. Andrew Martinez is a local writer who wrote a play, Obsidian , to be performed by the Chiqetaw Players. He also writes romances under the name Andrea Martin. Jenny Dillon 's mom is one of the players, and Ned Cantrell plays the lead. Liam is tutoring Randa in English. Joni is a friend of Randa's. Karri Banks , a librarian, was one of Susan's closest friends.

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