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Top 10 Cheap Backpacking Tips

The easiest way to do it is to go to the store which are literally on every corner and ask for a True Mobile SIM card costing around 49 Thai Baht. You can then load your SIM card with an internet or phone package. The cost is Thai Baht for 1. See more packages here. While not voted the cheapest country to travel in Southeast Asia by our readers, it is possible to backpack Thailand very cheaply. Why not try them all! There are many amazing Western restaurants across the country, from Italian to Greek to Japanese.

A small can of Singha Beer at the store is 35 Baht.

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In a restaurant, a small bottle of beer starts at 50 Baht at a cheap place or 70 Baht at a more upmarket establishment. Wine is expensive Baht per glass and generally crap compared with European wine. Try to avoid if possible! Pick up some mangosteens, fresh mangoes or hairy rambutans for less than a dollar.

Read more about the top fruits to try in Thailand here. Accommodation is of a very high standard and excellent value for money in Thailand. Backpacker hostels are modern, clean and have awesome facilities think swimming pool, lockers, shared kitchens, laundry etc. Private rooms are very reasonable and if you decide to splurge, luxury can be had on a budget. Of course, the price of accommodation varies greatly from place to place. Generally, prices are cheaper in the north and in the less touristy places. Fierce competition drives prices low in Thailand and hostels have even been known to give beds away to those who buy food, drink or tours at the hostel.

Further Reading! For Baht and up you will start to get better quality. Prices on AirBnB are inflated. The more you want to experience, the more you will spend in Thailand. After all, these activities will probably be much cheaper to do in Thailand than in your home country and you may as well make the most of your backpacking adventure!

For cheap prices, check out our Thailand Backpacking Tours here. A Thai Massage will cost Baht. An oil massage Baht and a foot massage Baht. Pedicures and manicures from Baht and a haircut from Baht.

Backpacking Europe 101 - My Top 10 Tips

Why not pamper yourself! The buses are more comfortable than local buses and all of them have air-con with reclining seats. You can buy these bus tickets at most travel agencies across the country, particularly in touristy areas. The buses are likely to be older, with people squashed more closely together, and with a fan rather than AC, however, they are still reasonably comfortable.

The cost is cheap from Thai Baht and the journey is relatively comfortable, despite some very fast Thai racing drivers! All lines pass through Bangkok. Overnight trains are a great way to travel in Thailand and all passengers get their own bed with a privacy curtain. Tickets are very reasonably priced and must be bought directly from the train station or online. Cheap, easy and efficient methods of transport for the city. Tickets are bought on the day at the train stations. While in some places you will need to negotiate the price of your journey before you travel, in Bangkok, all of the public taxis run on a meter.

In general, taxis are cheap and reliable. Grab: Grab is the most popular way to hire a private driver in the city. They are noisy, polluting and uncomfortable for journeys longer than 10 minutes. Apparently, tuk-tuk drivers spend two months of the year stuck in traffic! Furthermore, tuk-tuks are more expensive than taxis.


Scam alert! For more on scams see here. These red vans drive around cities, in particular, in Chiang Mai, following a particular route and locals hop on and off when they fancy. In Bangkok, watch out for the men in orange vests and negotiate your price before you get on the back of the bike. You can use 12Go Asia to book local transport in Thailand. Search here:. Your personal Thailand Backpacking Route will depend on how long you have to travel, your budget and the time of year.

You may want to avoid certain places during the monsoon season, for example. Here are some rough Thailand backpacking itineraries to give you some ideas! See more places to visit in Thailand below the itineraries….

Travelling to Thailand for 2 weeks? Check out our Thailand 2 Week Itinerary! Here are some of the best Thailand tours…. If so, this trip is for you! This tour takes in the highlights of Thailand where you get to visit waterfalls, beaches, hill tribe communities, elephants, go kayaking, trekking, island-hopping, snorkelling — a jam-packed adventure with like-minded travel buddies!

This epic day adventure is the ultimate beach holiday! Well now you can on this unique adventure through some of the best scenery in Northern Thailand. Meet adventurous people, explore the Thai countryside and have the time of your life on this unusual group tour! Explore the best bars and clubs in the city, meet people for your onward travels and have a ball! Start in Bangkok , a thriving metropolis of old and new.

Where speedy tuk-tuks transport you from ancient temple to glitzy shopping mall; passing by the odd monk and the even odder ladyboy! Experience the famous Khao San Road , the bustling backpacker hub of South East Asia and the gateway to your backpacking adventure…. Did you know?

Search and book more than 33,000 properties in over 170 countries, from anywhere.

Bangkok in the Thai language has the longest name for a city in the world, consisting of 32 separate Thai words. Lush mountainous scenery dotted with gushing waterfalls, lakes and rivers amidst bright green rice fields, Northern Thailand is one of the most unspoiled and beautiful areas in Thailand. Many backpackers come here to visit an elephant sanctuary — where former working and street elephants are now being cared for. Despite what other travel guides will tell you, Chiang Mai is not a small quaint city with quiet streets full of Thai charm.

Its bustling weekend markets, hipster cafes and variety of cultural activities lure tourists from all over the world, most notably, nearby China. The city is also home to a fervent digital nomad scene and has more expats than any other city in Thailand. For a truthful take on the city, see this article. However, if you travel to Chiang Mai without false expectations, the city is undoubtedly a great place to visit.

One of the best things to do is go trekking in the national parks around the city. Check out our full Chiang Mai Trekking guide for more info. More on camping and National Parks around Chiang Mai here. Chiang Mai is also a fantastic place to lap up some Thai culture: learn about Muay Thai Boxing, indulge in Thai massage , try a yoga class or a retreat , take a cooking class or perhaps explore your spiritual side with a Vipassana meditation retreat in a Thai monastery.

In recent years the town has become a hotspot for backpacker nightlife and mushroom shakes.

5 Top Travel Tips From a Backpacking Pro

Plus, the opportunity to get off the beaten track and go trekking to visit ethnic minority groups in the area. Its medieval, cobbled streets of the old town Another world famous Italian city, the "floating" city of Venice. Considered one of the most magical, Italy is the birthplace of Western civilisation, therefore is rich in history, culture and architecture. Germany has a welcoming, old-world charm and feel, with many historical regions and much local diversity France is one of the most diverse countries in Europe, with world class cities, scenic countryside, The pretty, quaint towns and alive, happening cities; magnificent coast, lined with hundreds of beautiful islands, Make sure to check what and how much they cover.

Do they cover rides on a scooter? But you will probably ride a scooter in Thailand…. I have a great insurance in Germany called Signal Iduna and they saved my ass when I got hit by a car in Australia a few years ago! In Germany there is also a good one called Hanse Merkur!

Do you also pay expensive fees every time you withdraw money from an ATM abroad? The signup process is very easy and within a few days I had my credit card with all information in my mailbox! Your first trip is to Australia or New Zealand and you are afraid of driving on the other side?

No worries! Make sure you book a van with insurance. A friend of mine was too cheap and rented a car without insurance.

Backpacker Advice

Drove around the corner and into a different car, shortest and most expensive trip EVER! Might sound easy, but many big cities have more than one airport. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think a lot of these tips will go for any kind of traveling — but of course especially backpacking. And about the LCC airports — they are so tricky and it can become pretty pricy if you miss your flight, we know about that! Great post! You think it will be ok to take?

You should be fine with a 65L. Just try to not use the whole space!

Backpacker guides, insurance advice, travel tips and more

We tend to pack to much when we can. By choosing a smaller backpack you automatically force yourself to pack less! Great backpacking tips! Safe travels. You are so right about the backpack size. I have a 65l backpack and it is full to the brink. It is less tempting to buy stuff on the road and take too many things from home. Plus it is far less heavy. Wrong airports even happen to experienced backpackers like when I was in Kuala Lumpur trying to meet my then bf at the airport- I flew from Thailand, so I was at the LCCT airport, while he was at the lager Int one coming from South Africa.

It took us about 30 min to figure it out. Nothing is worse than leaving before you want to! The best thing i ever used travelling was my blow up travel pillow! Used this on almost a daily basis, weighed nothing, took up no room in the pack and made travel comfy! When i left it on a bus in Kosovo I was shattered!! Travel like a pro and sign up for our six weeks free school of travel!

Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips
Backpacker Travel Tips Backpacker Travel Tips

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