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Consider adding further type constraints. Is indexer notation on arbitrary types are supposed to work? I skimmed the docs but could not find anything relevant. For info, I just discovered that the solution proposed by alfonsogarciacaro. Executing eqByRef on a DUs returns false instead of true. The solution for me was to pass a callable function instead of Msg and Dispatch separately.

Which use-cases require passing a Msg in the props? Isn't the Msg only supposed to go from the UI to the update loop using dispatch , and not back again to the UI?

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Because it makes the code look the same as in "standard" view. I still don't get it. Dispatch makes sense, I use that too. But that isn't related to DUs as far as I can see. Furthermore, I can't see why eqByRef should treat DUs differently than all other objects; you can have to references to the same DU value, and eqByRef should return true. So I'm still a bit in the dark what exactly the problem is in your specific case.

Which DU are you passing using props?

Dispatch is a monthly subscription-based mystery that lets you wear the detective hat!

It has nothing to do with having it called Msg I just mentioned Msg because it was the name of my types For example here as you can see I am passing a string and a DUs from Test. If I highlight the changes made by react I get this:. Each flicker in blue react to change somewhere in my program model.

I can't show the whole application because it is my production app.

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The problem is that each time the view is re-render we create a new instance of CaseA and so eqByRef returns false. So the conclusion of all that is you can create a string on place to pass it to the props but you can't do that for a DUs. In my case, I had to pass the Msg via the props because it's doesn't always return the same Msg in the application.

So we can safely ignore my comments about DUs.

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  • It was just me not understanding and not using memoBuilder correctly in my specific case. Oh, right. It's actually string that's special. Constant strings within the same assembly are interned, and will always point to the same memory reference. It won't work for any other types, though. Update: The above is true for. I have another proposal so we can cache the dispatch argument and forget about it in the comparison :. Love the signature! Very low friction for Elmish users. Can't wrap my head around the implementation right now, but if it works without any drawbacks, that seems like a great option.

    And of course a memoElmishWith function that allows overriding the comparison. Latest release 5. I was talking with vbfox at FsharpX and he suggested to do this to cover the cases where you want to pass other functions besides dispatch not very common in Elmish but it can happen if you want to pass a function to modify the state of a parent component. The helper is an improved version of the previous proposal.

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    How to use memo with Elmish dispatch? Copy link Quote reply. Should the function be part of the props, and if so, how should one make sure that it's a stable reference? Is it then required to globally at least outside any changing view declare dispatch functions for the root component as well as any child components, and use these in the props? Is that even possible, given that the dispatch function isn't available outside the view functions? Perhaps with some globally mutable fields… Alternatively, should dispatch not be part of the props, but instead partially applied to the view functions?

    If so, does this require defining globally stable partially applied view functions somewhere and then using those in other views that want to use them? This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Although it's not the most elegant solution, I've personally implemented a swallow comparison that ignores functions and works fine: open Fable. Core open Fable.

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    DynamicExtensions open Fable. React swallow comparison I've personally implemented a swallow comparison Thanks for taking your time to reply coherently to my ramblings. Consider adding further type constraints Is indexer notation on arbitrary types are supposed to work? Sorry, I forgot to mention you need to open Fable. Dispatch ToggleSetting. We're thrilled you've enjoyed the entire Dispatch experience!

    This is done very well. I am ready to open box three. The story line in this series is excellent. I am impressed by the cleverness of folks who can create such an involved interactive, totally fun experience. We're thrilled you've joined the adventure. We have been getting each box monthly basically since they started. Every box we have gotten has been great. It makes everything feel real with the well designed websites and all the clues inside the box look amazing. Most boxes can take a while so it can be fun to do them with a group.

    Also each story line is more than one box long so every clue you solve feels very important. Also if you're like us and cannot figure out a clue you can go to the slack Chanel to get help from others with the same box. It is a great experience at an amazing price. Thank you so much for your review!

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    We're thrilled that you've enjoyed the adventure! Tried Marlowe's cat mystery box with a coupon from the website and it was great family time this last weekend. Packaging is very interesting and puzzles are very clever. We will be working on the mystery as we have time together and it will be a blast to see how thr story turns out.

    I got this for myself 47 , my husband 64 and our adult son I really like it but my husband and son do not like it. I am still giving them 5 stars, though, because they have EXCELLENT customer service, the materials that come in the box are of very high quality and very immersive, and I since bought this and I, personally liked it. Hubby and son did not like the fact that it can be text heavy and relies on researching stuff online.

    You have to want the story line that goes along with your puzzles! They wound up waiting for me to look stuff up online and therefore became bored. I happened to like that part of it. They have done an amazing job creating the online components to go along with the box. The really nice thing is that they have one series that is only 2 boxes, so you could try that to see if you like it, and once you are hooked, you can move on to one of the longer series, which is what I've done.

    Oh, they also have a really great online group for when you get stuck on a puzzle or whatever. The hardest part is waiting a whole month for the next box. Thanks so much for your review! You bring up a ton of great points about our product. If the rest of your family are more interested in physical clues and less interested in the text portion, the 'On the Run' series is the most text story heavy so maybe they'll join in on other series!

    Thanks again for your review! This was so much fun! We're thrilled that you're becoming immersed in the mystery! I've been scouring the internet for a "solve a mystery" subscription box for quite some time. I've tried a few in the past that were either too expensive for what they offered, had poor writing, no direction, or poor quality facsimiles. I decided to take a chance on this subscription and I'm very happy I did!

    As far as the price goes, it's one of the cheapest boxes in its category and the various included ephemera are some of the best-produced ones I've seen. Newspaper clippings look like actual newspaper clippings, complete with cutoff articles and ads on the opposite side. I really appreciate this kind of detail and quality. It makes the mystery and the story feel more authentic. Some of the puzzles are quite challenging while others are a breeze.

    Either way, you feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing each box and as you await the next installment. All of Dispatch's stories differ in length, so if you want to test the waters there are shorter storylines you can start with.

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    There are also options to purchase all the boxes in a storyline at once, which is great for impatient people such as me. If you are searching for a quality mystery adventure and don't want to kill your wallet, I would give this subscription a shot. Their newest series is entitled "The Disappearing Magician" Thanks so much for the review, Jessica! We're thrilled you're enjoying the adventure. Madelyn, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch
    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch
    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch
    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch
    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch
    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch
    Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch Way Too Much Fun In Dispatch

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