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It has the requisite tasteful jazz soundtrack. And it gives Allen — co-starring as Murray, a bookstore owner whose business is going down the tubes — plenty of classically neurotic, rambling Woody Allen-character monologues to utter. The premise of the film is patently absurd, founded in male wish-fulfillment of a sort that rears its ugly head repeatedly in Woody Allen comedies but has begun to seem retro at best nowadays.

That a quiet, reserved, rather ordinary middle-aged man like Fioravante could warm to a new role as a sought-after gigolo is not what puts this narrative outside the realm of credibility. On the couch to his right, what had been gray shadow against the shades became living bottle-blond color. She never heard him.


Her guy friend never saw him. He reacted to the gift without thinking, moving fast, because speed was the only way to maintain the upper hand, leaned in behind her, slapped a cuff on the nearest wrist, grabbed the other, yanked both hands behind her back, and locked her in. She rotated to free the leg pinned between body and couch cushion and registered his presence in a long, slow blink.

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She was high. Dulled reflexes would save him. He pulled her off her lover; snatched her shirt, purse, and shoes from off the floor; and hefted her, ass in the air, over his shoulder, his arm around her thighs.

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The weight on his shoulder pitched from side to side. His free hand grasped the cuffs, held on to that handle for life, and he swung for the door. He made it to the entry and the cardboard wedge and over the threshold before Lothario reached him. He snagged the front door, pulled it shut, and kept on moving.

Behind him the locked handle rattled, and Lothario, slowed by the unexpected, gifted him seconds. He hustled down the sidewalk like a laden drunk, focus narrowed into tunnel vision with the open trunk at the end, counting, counting, counting, only vaguely conscious of anything beyond the rocking weight that crushed him.

He reached the car, dumped her shoulders first into the trunk together with shoes and shirt, and slammed the lid before she could straight-arm block him from shutting it.

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Lothario, in the middle of the road, cut a swarthy, shrinking, headlight-blinded figure. At the nearest intersection, Jack swung the car around, pointed the nose in the right direction, and drove, jaw clenched, at just over the chest crushingly slow speed limit. The screaming in the trunk turned into swearing. Yelling from the back rose louder than the music, every word punctuated by a punch and kick.

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John Turturro delivers a lovable, low-key Lothario in Fading Gigolo | Hudson Valley One

Log In Sign Up. Lothario's Enchantment. Mark Lee. My heartbeat in harmony with each inviting undulation of his baritone voice, his aesthetic physique tantalised my unearthed fantasies. His evangelical charisma inebriated me into a sweet euphoria that would resonate for one year.

Eager to enter, the wispy hand of the wind stood no chance against the chill of isolation which lay inside.

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Hunched at a table, weary of life, the beautiful titian glow of a candle danced proudly to a sporadic beat — offering its soothing companionship. Each flicker of light crept further and further into the folds of darkness, smothering the room and inhibiting the concealment of a dusty photo album of Lothario.

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While my immaculate rosemary tea was brewing on the stove, I flicked through the forgotten images of the photo album — transitioning into a blissful sentiment of nostalgia. I recalled a distant existence, a planted memory to which I could only feign a relation. Each image captured his ravishing flaxen hair and his compelling voluptuous smile, crafting an iconic tapestry of his undeniable grandeur. Rushing up my nose, the discernible coating of dust on the damask cover of the album carried the ashes of our bygone relationship, reigniting an emotional despair that was superimposed through layers of isolation.

Pouring my rosemary tea in a polished teacup, a distinctive cycle of rings reverberated from the telephone.

The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand
The Lothario Upper Hand The Lothario Upper Hand

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