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The BIG 4 Comic Publishers Submission Guidelines

Buy this book here. Email address:. Author branding. Rising authors. The experts. Success stories. An appendix at the back lists 35 useful sites and resources, many of which are free. You can leave it with any staffer. Be sure to include your contact info. Try to include examples of your sequential work, not just pin-ups.

NO story pitches, but they will accept published comics self-published or otherwise strictly and solely as an example of your artwork. Editors from BOOM! Studios do not accept unsolicited material or pitches. Any unsolicited submissions will be discarded and will not be read. I can tell you that we are VERY active in accepting good projects. I have personally approved well over a dozen titles in the last two months. We are actively and aggressively looking for creative teams. Caliber Comics primarily print black and white graphic novels, whether original stories or collections. They are NOT doing serialized individual comic floppies in printed format.

If you are submitting comics, Caliber will only release them in digital form and trade paperback collections…. They do NOT assemble teams for titles and do NOT pay page rates although some creators might hire letterers or colorists that is purely up to them. When a title comes to us, it should be with a complete team in place. They do distribute some titles via Diamond Distributors and put their titles out into the digital markets Apple, Kindle, Comixology, Nook, etc but sales are all over the place based on platform, title, creator, etc.

In alliance with digital distributor ComiXology, Comics Experience Publishing offers assistance for new talent to reach a broader audience with their creator-owned work. Comics Experience Publishing focuses on producing creator-owned titles from new talent associated with C. Writers : Submit no more than a five 5 page story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

DO NOT send in a five-page excerpt of a longer story. Pencils : submit no less than three 3 pages of a sequential story and no more than five 5. Letterers: complete the sample pages on their site. Also please include a tear sheet 1-page example of some of your sound effects and special effects. If you are doing a 4 issue mini-series, have at least one fully completed issue with scripts and layouts completed for the remaining three issues.

15 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement Quickly

Dead Reckoning publishes both nonfiction and fiction. Their primary focus is on military and naval history, military and naval biography, history, and stories of the high seas, but they are interested in any story that can reasonably be derived from that focus—consider espionage, space exploration, political drama, or historical action, just to give a few examples.

Topics should be narrative-based and need not be U. While they are interested in pushing their own boundaries, they prefer stories that highlight realism over those that focus on the fantastic or supernatural. Submit a complete proposal between pages in length. Proposals can be submitted in PDF or Word format and should include:.

Deadstar publish short story compilations, novels, comics and graphic novels and accept submissions for all of these things. Their focus is on horror, fantasy, modern fantasy, historical fantasy and science fiction and submissions should be sent to submissions deadstarpublishing. While they do at times accept single short stories for specific projects, as a rule they prefer to work with complete anthologies or collections.

At the moment Deadstar are more interested in one-shots or graphic novels than ongoing comics. If you do want to submit a comics series then have at least one entire arc complete or nearly complete. With one-shots and graphic novels they are a little more lenient and will accept pieces at the script stage through to fully finished pieces. As well as the general guidelines above, they like to see the longer of three chapters or 28 pages to assess the quality and style of artwork as well as to gain an understanding of the progression of the story.

Dynamite Entertainment will not read your submission without a completed and signed Submission Release Agreement. Unsolicited writing samples will not be read. It is their policy to respond to submissions only if we wish to hire the creator. Any flaws in the underlying black and white artwork will influence their opinion of your coloring.

PAINTERS : If you are submitting samples of fully-painted traditionally or digitally painted cover work, keep in mind that Dynamite Entertainment covers tend toward iconic shots of single characters rather than groups of characters or storytelling elements.

Golden Liberty Comics, a division of Golden Bell Studios, is looking for creators with an innate passion for storytelling. Writers: Include A logline that summarizes the premise of the project using 50 words or less. A fully typed synopsis of the story from beginning to end i. Use only one page for your synopsis, however, any additional pages outlining the rest of the story are not discouraged by any means. Do not be afraid to include every major plot thread and reveal in your pitch, and be sure to be as original and unique as possible Include any completed scripts that go along with the overview of your pitch packet.

Interior Artists: Submit at least five pages of sequential art with a minimum of 20 total panels. Inkers should send the initial penciled pages for comparison. A variable of detailed faces, backgrounds, and strongly rendered figures should be included. Be sure to show off a wide variety of textures and techniques in your submitted works. Colorists should send the initial inked and uncolored pages for comparison. They do not pair writers with artists. Stories can be as short as one page or as long as 96 pages and now and then, even longer.

Beyond that requirement, please feel free to include as much additional material as you wish. Hound Comics will only publish creator-owned material. Hound will only accept proposals for brand new series or stand-alone graphic novels.

Fast Company

Writers : No script-only submissions. Any script or plotline unaccompanied by art will be unread and discarded. If you are an established professional, please send samples of your published work and they may be able to work something out. Artists : They accept penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring samples. Art samples will be kept on file and may potentially lead to connecting you with other creators if and when the occasion presents itself.

They have your back. Humanoids has published many comics in many genres throughout their history. Focus on sending a solid pitch, well written and beautifully drawn. Lady Death Universe is always looking for new, up and coming artists and if your stuff is killer, they may consider hiring you.

But before submitting samples to us, please note the following:. Writers : We apologize, but we are not looking for writers at this time. If you choose to physically mail an artwork submission, do not send originals. However, Lion Forge occasionally considers new ideas, formats, or concepts from outside sources. If you have an idea, treatment, concept, artwork — you may submit such materials to Lion Forge, but only if you first acknowledge and agree to the Lion Forge Submission Policy and Submission Release Agreement.

Please note that if you choose to submit materials, send a link to publicly-posted portfolios. Any submissions in excess of 25 MB will not be accepted and must be provided by sending a link. Your submission should include at least five 5 pages of your best sequential storytelling art, not just sketches or pin-ups. These pages should demonstrate an ability to handle a variety of scenes, technology, backgrounds, and characters… ranging from quiet dialog to intense action. Make sure the scans are of good enough quality to clearly see your work.

Red 5 Comics is always open to looking at quality creator-owned projects for publication. You and your team deliver print-ready pages, and Red 5 Comics looks after marketing, printing, distribution and related activity. The comic is published and there is a profit-split. You and your team retain full rights to the intellectual property. Your project must already have a full creative team committed and on-board, including a writer, penciler, inker, colorist if color , and letterer.

We will not accept R-rated proposals. No costumed superhero stories at this time. Unless they specifically ask you to snail-mail something to them — a printed book, a flash drive, bribes — submit your work to submissions redgiantentertainment. Writers: If, however, you have a completed work or you have teamed with an artist for a creator-owned work and are seeking distribution, please see Publishing Services. Artists: Please send all submissions to stranger strangercomics.

Please note your name and specific profession penciler, colorist, etc. Publishing Services: Stranger Comics is a comic book publishing company with full publishing and distribution services. If you have a completed book or a creator-owned work in progress with an artist team, they are happy to consider your book for release through Stranger Comics.

Contact joshua strangercomics. Time Bomb Comics wants to publish a wide variety of comics from a wide variety of genres — science-fiction, thriller, mystery, romance, horror, superhero, adventure — and are looking to work with committed writers and artists. It can be in any genre, but your story must have a beginning, middle and end. ARTISTS : Submit no more than five pages of sequential storytelling in any genre which demonstrates your understanding of the comics format. Contact them to find out if there are any current opportunities.

Titan Comics welcomes all submissions, and all submissions will be reviewed directly by the editorial team. They prefer to receive all submissions digitally. They are still open to writer-only pitches, and do read all submitted plots, so an electrifying concept will still make it through. If you have an artist on board, seeing art samples is essential. Artists and writers may submit portfolios and previously published work to submissions valiantentertainment.

Niki Smith has curated a list of literary agents who represent graphic novels and comics. Every agency on this list has mentioned an interest in graphic novels either on their website or their blog or made a GN sale— no second-hand info unless it was well vouched for. With the exception of picture book dummies see below , all submissions are reviewed online through Submittable.

Please wait until the first day of the next month to submit your query. If you are submitting a picture book dummy full text and illustrations , it may be sent to them through the mail. This is the only kind of query that will be accepted through the mail. Capstone is closed to unsolicited submissions. However, they are always seeking new authors and illustrators interested in work-for-hire assignments.

If you are interested in writing or illustrating work, please familiarize yourself with their books before reaching out to them. Capstone is committed to serving marginalized communities. They actively seek Own Voices contributors; please specify in your cover letter if you identify with a specific community. Their mandate is to publish high-quality, character-driven literary fiction.

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They do not publish stories with an obvious moral or message, or genre fiction such as thrillers or fantasy. Please submit no more than one manuscript at a time. Their emphasis is on stories of real children in convincing situations and milieus, both contemporary and historical, for all ages from infants to teens. Art may be realistic or abstracted and stylized to any degree, but conventional cartoon and animation styles are not needed.

Nonfiction illustrators are also needed: scientific drawing in natural history and other fields, and historical reconstruction are among the areas we are interested in. Kids Can Press are interested in and look forward to seeing illustrations of all kinds. I ended up getting over entries, about of which were new. Because the links in the post were all affiliate links to Amazon and I thought the additional buzz would sell more copies of the book, I was basically trying to grow my email list and break even.

That is, the additional book revenue and affiliate revenue from Amazon would pay for the books I gave away leaving me at break even, but having added a substantial number of people to my email list. In marketing parlance, I was trying to create a self-liquidating offer: a gift or free offer which generates enough additional sales revenue to cover the cost of the promotion.

Pick amazon categories. It is generally better for sales to be 1 in a small category than 10 in a big one. I picked one competitive category Small Business knowing if I ranked well, I would get a lot of visibility and one uncompetitive category International Economics so I would definitely hit 1 and could call the book an Amazon Best Seller.

Send final guest posts and recorded podcasts — Most of the guest posts I did were adapted parts of the book so I cleaned them up at this point and adapted them to the site they were going to be posted on. Set up Thunderclap. Instead of asking people to remember to share on your launch day, you can coordinate it so they all sign up to your Thunderclap campaign and automatically send out a message at the same time, in this case during a book launch. I got people to support by downloading my Gmail contacts from the last three years and sorting people into two lists close friends and acquaintances , emailing them a copy of the book and asking them to support the Thunderclap.

Important note : Personalize all the messages. The point is people react differently when they know you spent time personalizing it. I probably spent hours sending these emails. In retrospect, I should have spent more. From people I spoke with, blurbs seem to have very quick decreasing marginal returns. If you can get blurbs with at least 1 being from a major player in your space, that seems to be more than enough. Barack Obama had this to say about my book. I think your audience would be interested for XYZ specific reasons.

Finalize set-up and test King Sumo giveaway — Go through and thoroughly test giveaway funnel. I ran the giveaway two weeks before the book launch and timed most of my promotion to go live at the same time as the giveaway. My thinking was that the giveaway would be a more compelling offer on podcasts pitch to hosts: in addition to doing a good interview, I want to give listeners a chance to win 67 business books.

Because they had written books on a similar topic, there was a lot of potential overlap with people who would like my book. Give away early copy of the book to FB group — This let the people most interested get an early copy and have some time to read it so they could leave an honest review on Amazon when the book went live. Pre-write launch announcement — I wrote the announcement which I posted on my site and emailed out to my email list. The first day the book was out, I released it to people that signed up to be notified and the Facebook ambassador group.

The goal here was to create a little momentum and get 25 reviews ASAP. At this point all the narrative, tension, and urgency hit a peak. The next step is to try and keep the momentum going, both to see how high it will go and also to extend the tail. This momentum aspect of narrative is done outstandingly well by the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Everyone shouts on social media which leads to more people going to the page, buying and then:. Will they add another reward tier? For the two weeks following the launch, my daily activity was continuing to promote the book by responding to emails, posting the book stats, and sending people thank you notes for all the help and support. I probably read: definitely could have made better use of this time, but I was mostly in shock that it kept going. Email readers and post on social media that book hit 1 in the Small Business Top Free category list:.

One of the turning points for the book happened Sunday afternoon when a reader who had already given me a lot of suggestions on the marketing made an introduction to Buck Books which emailed their list on Monday and played a big role in driving the book to 1 in Business. Email readers and post on social media that book hit 1 in Small Business Competitive Category Top Paid category list:.

There is a period you have after the launch to capitalize on the virtuous cycle. Because the book is ranking well in Amazon, it will be very timely to reach out to media. Media will sell more books, which will make the book continue to rank well in Amazon, which will make it easier to reach out to media. I also offered anyone that wrote a review of the book a spot in an article and got a lovely response. Thank you and here you go! My two biggest takeaways from the whole process? You can download the whole book marketing plan toolkit by entering your email below.

The toolkit includes all of the following:. This is an awesome write up. It will be fun to test things out.

Re: relationships — I totally agree. I have been thinking more and more on how to double down on this going forward. Well done. Lot of gems here. Certainly lines up with experience. If you were ever so inclined, would love to read a write up of your experiences. Thanks for the incredibly in depth article Taylor! It makes a lot of sense from a leverage point of view. I noticed you had a number of testimonials from big names like James Altucher and Jeff Goins.

Beautiful Wikipedia table of contents box in the top there!

See a Problem?

Did you code that yourself or is there somewhere I can find one like it? Great posting, happy to share it. Quick note — I assume you work on a mac bc you ran into the bad font problem — parts of the posting are near to unreadable on a windows machine. You might want to replace that with a more readable font. Thanks for the share!

Thanks for letting me know about the font problem as well and sorry about that! I am working on a mac and will have someone looking into it. As some quick marketing feedback for you, I first came across you and your book during your launch. Glad it was helpful and thank you for taking the time to comment! If you did just offer free access to ebook format, when in the process did you release softcover option? If I had a funnel that I knew converted on the backend, I would totally give away free physical books.

That was not the case for me. I released the softcover createspace version at the same time as the free book. Some people prefer physical and bought even while kindle was free. For the KDP footnote, you can publish duplicate content, but you have to own it. An outstanding post. Question for you. How would you apply this strategy to a traditional publishing deal i. Have you seen someone do it?

I would google for what Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday have done with traditional publishers. That was who I moddled off of. The sort version is that you use bonuses to create urgency instead of price increases.

Buzz vs Viral Marketing : Exclusive Contrast (Infographics)

Browse the full archives below. Contents Book marketing plan principles Feathers vs. Comments This is an awesome write up.

Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media
Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media
Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media
Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media
Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media
Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media Social Media is Dynamite - How to Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media

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