Running Your Own Business Made Easy

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Your Business Road Map - Defining your Business and Marketing Success:

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Your Business Path So far

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Simple company formations

Thank you so much! Im actually from the philippines, a very poor country. Anyways,I read so many success stories about making money online. Can I ask? What can be the first move I must do? Is it join a program and series of training? I know success is depending on my effort,what I need is a guaranteed program.

Pls send me a reply darren, Im begging. It depends on what business model you like. I think thats the first step — is to learn about the business models and the resources you need. If you dont have a product idea — or a physical product you want to sell — affiliate marketing is a good route. Take my free course. Research Research Research. That is the first step for many people. I spent nearly a year researching and writing my business plan. It has paid off. I got an investor on my first try, and the best part is the upfront costs are going to be paid through a grant, so I do not even have to pay back the investment.

We are currently finalizing the financials and exactly how and where the money is going to be spent. Yes, we went through 3 rounds of changes on the business plan before they accepted it, but the time spent researching has paid off. That is my little 2 cents. Good luck with your future business. Hi Darren, Just went through your article and it came at the right time. Especially for a startup choosing a single product prevents you from an overcrowded idea.

I am about to start an e-commerce business and have been having problems on which products to start with. Thanks for the article. Hello, I want to start an ecommerce store selling homemade natural beauty products. I primarily want to just create the products from my home but an concerned with the legality of doing so. Could it be possible to do both dropshipping and a home-created product sales with ease?

Hey Marissa — thanks for writing in. Yeah its no different than Etsy. I am really good at building wordpress website and I can code I went to school for it. But no idea what to do my business on.

67 Proven Home Based Business Ideas | List of Work From Home Plans

Could anyone help me with ideas or a way to start a ecommerce website for low money. An ecommerce business is like any other business — you need capital to start. Even if its a small amount — you need something. I need some more presides guardians Thanks Darren.

Accounting & Finance

Hi Darren, your information is very useful and it applies to anyone who is curious about the online world, well done. My question is if I start my e-commerce site using a third party supplier like Wix and Go Daddy will I have full autonomy of the site which will enable me to scale up as I progress? I ask this question because I am not really sage at coding or using WordPress at all. Would you recommend learning WordPress to launch my site? Or do you think using a third party web builder is equally as beneficial.

Hey Marlon — Godaddy is awful — dont even go there. Hello Darren, valuable information you posted. Thank you. Got my mind wired up and now I will study each aspect more into details. Thanks again.

Thank you for this article. Your article covers everything in one place , and you give off a very reliable and comfortable vibe. I want to start a small ecommerce business using private label or white label, though leaning more toward private label since I like the idea of being part of the formula creation process. I need help in the selection process of manufacturers, and web developers, Emarketing, etc.

Are you available for consulting? It would make me feel a lot more comfortable to go through this process with someone with your expertise. You can imagine how intimidating this could be for someone who wants to start and no ecommerce or marketing experience.

Please let me know. Thanks so much. Thank you Darren. This by far is perhaps the most comprehensive, easy-to-navigate guide for newbies like me. Hey Darren, thanks for this article, I really needed it to clear up some things. I do, however, need to ask for an advice. What I wanted to do is start selling luxury clothes. Why this category? Simply because everyone likes wearing branded apparel and it can prove to be a lucrative business, in comparison to Ali Express and their cheap quantity over quality products.

I found this Swedish company called Brandsgateway. Which one would you recommend? They use WooCommerce, Shopify, and Prestashop.

Tips for starting a small business

What do you think? I am not a reading guy but you made me read this article from the first sentence. I have an ecommerce store dropshipping There is no niche. I want to convert my store to a niche store with my brand label. Is there anyplace that I can find products that I can sell with my brand lablel? Hi Darren Your article is very informative. I have an idea to start an ecommerce business in adult toys. I know that is a market that is flooded at the moment but i have a niche. My problem is how do i start?

Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy
Running Your Own Business Made Easy Running Your Own Business Made Easy

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