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Idle About, Revel Within

I was discomfited, but didn't show it. We met another guy there. She proceeded to lavish her attention on him until the chap had to turn her attention back to me. Looking back, he was a pleasant enough fellow: he knew i was being left out of the conversation and tried to include me, but of course my jealousy would have none of that! She refused to watch a movie with me but was willing to travel over an hour to meet him? She asked me to go with her so she'd have company on the train!

She totally ignored me! I, who knew her better than anyone. I, who'd done so much for her. Those were my feelings back then. Of course, i fell out of crush on the 1 hour journey back. Lol Looking back, i see now that it wasn't her fault. Could she have handled it better? But she neither asked for my affection nor made me into a doormat.

I felt used, true, but ultimately it was my choice and therefore, my fault. I'm still, however, a type 2 nice guy, albeit slightly improved. I choose to shower fionraelynn with more love and affection than i do others, with the purpose of being in a relationship with her. Therefore, i heartily disagree with the notion that guys should be nice for the sake of being nice, and not with the ulterior motive of winning the girl. Perhaps my readers would disagree but i don't see why i need to be as nice to my colleagues as to a girl I'm interested in, assuming I'm single.

And now type 1. These are the guys who are just nice in general. They helpfully open doors for women, offer seats, help with weight, and all sorts of other things that i like to call "Old World Gentlemen"-ly behaviour.

Not Necessary for Survival

Now you notice the actions i said are different from type These are the nice guys women always tell men to aspire to be. I agree! I typed that earlier while in character for a typical type 2 nice guy. Most type 2's haven't gotten to the stage of understanding why girls ask us to be type 1. They'd rather lavish their energy and niceness on the girl of their choosing than on others.

And also, they haven't learnt to differentiate the different nice-nesses. So i guess I'm not really a type 2, maybe a type 1. Lol Intellectually, i understand the appeal of type 1's, but emotionally, i have yet to achieve that level of niceness.

Beyond Mr. Nice Guy – Sidebar Strategy

In any case, my personality is way too abrasive to be a type 1. So what makes type 1's so appealing? This is my personal theory, mind you, and not fact. It's NOT the niceness that attracts the girls, it's what comes from that niceness, or rather what causes it. People who are nice for the sake of being nice, barring some trauma, overly strict upbringing and the like, tend to be more self-assured, confident and at ease with everything. This confidence is what makes them so attractive to the fairer sex. Girls always say they want nice guys but actually they want assholes.

Girls are not attracted to assholes. It's just that these "assholes" are confident. Perhaps what we perceive as asshole-lic behavior are just confident men strutting their wares, comfortable in their own skin. That's what i meant by gangsters having made peace with their violence. They are so at peace with themselves they know who and what they are, and who and what they want.

Nice Guys Or Bad Boys?

It's just a huge case of sour grapes on our part as types 2 and 3. Have you noticed how unlikeable we find cowardly men? How do you expect the girls to be attracted to them? They can't respect us. Being a doormat who does everything with the hopes of affection achieves the same thing.

We can't garner any respect and thus, no affection.

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They'd be friends with us, no doubt, but why would they expect us to be able to provide them with a proper relationship? Of course, guys have it hard too. Most of us find it hard to be ourselves in front of a girl we like. We stammer, sweat, lose our train of thought. If the girl is bitchy, we'd get laughed at. If she's sweet, we'd evoke pity. No win. It ain't easy, being a proper nice guy.

Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) Episodes 5-6 Reflection

To be confident in yourself, to be at ease in your own skin. That's why most males are still boys. When you've truly achieved manhood, the world and worthy women, not girls is at your feet. It ain't easy, but it sure is worth it. I'm a nice guy. I'm not a type 1. I found my other half. So can you.

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Postscript on type 3's These weren't so easily identifiable in the past, but just look at the internet comment trollers nowadays. Without fear of being caught, previously "nice guys" behave like gangster wannabes; flaming and picking fights online like hooligans but are cowardly in person. These are the people who give other nice guys a bad name. They just like to lash out when they're hurt or perceived to be hurt.

Thanks elainempress for the follow! Welcome to my wacky world. I took a peek at this week's Editor's Pick. While i don't often go gaga over the picks like when michxwanderlust , dubeersdrc and theknittingbiologist you still owe me harry potter pics, oi! This week's EP post annoyed me for no reason other than her listing out all the people who liked her post or followed her.

I felt they smacked of self-gratification and followfollows. Then it hit me. For heaven's sakes i do the exact same thing!

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Okay, maybe i don't thank everybody who liked my posts, but i do make it a point to thank people who thought me worthy of following, because I'm grateful and flattered. In the highly unlikely event that i become an EP though, I'd probably find it too painstaking to have a shout out to everybody who clicks on follow. I admire people who have the patience for those shoutouts like themusician does. The point is, i started judging this week's EP before i looked at my own actions. It's a humbling experience, for sure. Just thought I'd share that bit of thought diarrhea.

Lol In any case, i do appreciate and am grateful to all of you for following my random thought diarrhea over the days. It's ironic that i chose today to write about this topic, because my friend just shared this picture with me. This girl accepted a vday date from a guy clearly interested in her hello it's vday? Lol Poor guy. I hope this incident wakes him up as mine did. While I'm not sure of the background story, that girl is definitely at fault for accepting both date and present if she didn't have the intention of pursuing a relationship with that guy.

Oh well. All the best to him. It can be from the older generation, I'm totally generalising here, mid to late forties, who complain about materialistic Singaporean women. Or it can be the younger immature guys. Just that majority belong to a particular age group. After all, not all males become men. A guy texts a girl, saying she's so pretty. She doesn't respond. He feels rejected, so he feels better telling himself and the girl he was trying to get attention from that "she's not worth it anyway, she had flaws". That's fine and human, but it's how you handle your rejected feelings after knowing it was all for naught that is a true measure of genuine niceness.

Also I obviously expect my boyfriend to treat me better in some ways than he does other girls.

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Like he can buy Ipoh flat noodles for me, but if he goes up to Ipoh to get flat noodles for another girl there'll be hell to pay. File Type:. Clip ID: Copyright: kopitin Depositphotos. Length: 9. Aspect Ratio: Similar Royalty-free Videos:. Man brushing his teeth in front of mirror in bathroom. Hairdresser cuts hair of man with electric razor.

Hairdresser cuts hair of handsome man with electric razor. Sexy girl, tall, beautiful blond woman chooses clothes in the store, admiring herself in front of a mirror, smiles. Shopping in a stylish clothing store. Same Model:.

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Reflection of Nice Guy

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