La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)

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Films as Actor:

Anche i puristi, ovvero i fedeli alla vecchia versione, sono stati accontentati: esiste infatti una funzione che permette la transizione scorrevole tra la versione nuova, ridisegnata a mano, e quella classica. Mostra tutto. Clicca qui per visualizzarli.

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Hochkofler, Matilde, Marcello Mastroianni: il gioco del cinema , Rome, Neubourg, M. Bojstad, A. Natale, R. Stone, Charley, "Addio Marcello! Grob, Norbert, "Mastroianni Since the s, Marcello Mastroianni has been Italy's favorite leading man, as well as one of his country's finest actors. This renown is symbolized by his earning the astonishing total of three Academy Award nominations for Divorce, Italian Style , A Special Day , and Dark Eyes , quite an accomplishment for an actor working in non-English-language films.

After World War II, Mastroianni joined Luchino Visconti's repertory company, which was bringing to Italy a new kind of theater and novel ideas of staging. At this time, he also was appearing on-screen, with his roles gradually increasing in importance.

Italian comedy films

Mastroianni permanently sealed his stardom in Italy in , playing a timid clerk whose love is not reciprocated, in Visconti's White Nights. Three years later, he graduated to international superstardom with his role as the jaded, world-weary journalist in Fellini's La dolce vita , a film that changed the look and direction of Italian cinema. Since then, he has remained a major box-office draw around the world.

From the s on, Mastroianni regularly worked with the top Italian and French filmmakers including Antonioni, Malle, and De Sica, in addition to Fellini and Visconti , in some of the highest profile foreign-language releases beginning with Il bell'Antonio in and The Night in While he was to become known for playing Latin lover roles, his characters often were far more complexly drawn. They were not one-dimensional pretty boys; rather, beneath their handsome exteriors they were lazy, world-weary, and doubt-ridden. But Mastroianni also was adept at spoofing the image of the Casanova, as he did so memorably in Divorce, Italian Style.

With waxed moustache and glossy, matted-down hair, he plays a married man who schemes to rid himself of his witless and unattractive wife so that he may marry his sexy young cousin. He further played against his image in A Special Day , cast as a lonely homosexual. Earlier on, he had displayed a light touch for comedy in Big Deal on Madonna Street , playing the exasperated member of an inept group of burglars.

His seemingly detached air was perfectly suited to satire as well, as he demonstrated in films as diverse as The Tenth Victim , Allonsanfan , and City of Women. Yet he remained perfectly capable of playing highly dramatic roles, as he did so well in The Organizer , cast as a highborn but now indigent professor who becomes involved in union organizing activities in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Italy. But he is perhaps best remembered for his pairings with Sophia Loren, with whom he was cast in the deliciously funny three-part sex farce Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow and the equally amusing sex comedy Marriage Italian Style.

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La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition) La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)
La Colonna Fantasma (Italian Edition)

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