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18th Century Embroidered Hatchments on Display in Craftsbury

Rumor has it that an older woman, attempting to burn papers connected to her upcoming Court case, was responsible for the fire. The Courthouse was rebuilt between and in brick to prevent the spread of fire …the Courthouse was Chartered in When he arrived, he saw a house he had designed, due to this he left the town unscathed. After the war, the town was occupied by Federal troops, which were not withdrawn until In , during the occupation, the worst fire to ever hit Darlington burned down the court house and the jail.

It was rumored that drunken Federal soldiers were to blame. Darlington is known for its agricultural significance in South Carolina. Cotton farming dates back to the first settlers of this area. In fact, Darlington had the largest tobacco market in South Carolina. Victory Lane Racing Association Foyt released from hospital, recovering at home: A. Foyt was released from Baylor-St. Luke's Medical Center Tuesday afternoon and is recovering at home from his Nov. Although his heart surgery was successful, Foyt developed serious complications with his lungs. He was kept on a ventilator for eight days to allow his lungs to recover full functionality.

Ten days in the Intensive Care Unit was followed by an additional 10 days in the hospital. The four-time Indianapolis winner's stay was his longest ever-a total of 25 days from when he was admitted Nov. We've turned a corner so everything's pretty good. I've got a long way to go but I'm feeling better every day. For Foyt, that is called motivation. PR Foyt remains hospitalized: Four-time Indianapolis winner A. Foyt remains in a Houston hospital, more than two weeks after he had triple-bypass surgery on his heart.

Anne Fornoro, the spokesman for Foyt's two-car IndyCar team, said in a release Wednesday there was a post-surgical complication, but that has now been resolved. She did not elaborate on what the complication was. Larry Foyt, the team director and Foyt's youngest son, says his father is doing "really well," though doctors have not said when the elder Foyt might be released. Larry Foyt also says his father is improving each day and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Associated Press Foyt underwent successful coronary bypass surgery today in Houston after being diagnosed with blockages on Monday. Foyt, 79, had been admitted to the Baylor St.

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Luke's Medical Center on Friday with intermittent chest pains but initial testing results were inconclusive. However, a cardiac catheterization procedure performed Monday revealed blockages in arteries where Foyt had several stents from past procedures, most recently in March, Foyt is expected to remain in the hospital through Monday. Foyt Racing SunBelt said it is working with local home builders to construct the homes. The project will get under way in October.

Atlanta Journal Constitution The late Lee Petty, a Randleman, N. He will be represented by his son, Richard Petty, at the ceremony. Lee Petty was known as a hard charger who had a "never-give-up" driving style and one who never backed down from a challenge. Harry Gant, from Taylorsville, N.

Gant and his family will be in attendance. Don Miller, the Chairman of the Board for the N. Auto Racing Hall of Fame is ecstatic about of the up and coming event. The N. Auto Racing Hall of Fame celebrates its 20th year, honoring the finest drivers in all of motorsports and the Walk of Fame expands its role for the fifth year.

We need to preserve this heritage. Main St. NSSN Tommy Baldwin Jr. New York natives, Tommy Baldwin, Jr. Headquartered at the famed Thompson CT Speedway Motorsports Park and Golf Club, the program offers three customizable skill levels to advance through utilizing everything from high-performance American muscle cars to authentic race-ready professional stock cars. The program utilizes professional motorsport vehicle data acquisition systems to minimize the learning curve, allowing participants to advance their skills quicker than any other driving school.

The program's custom data acquisition systems record driver inputs such as throttle, steering, and braking; along with other vehicle parameters such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, and accelerations. GPS and video-overlay technology is also used to map out racing lines and to make comparisons to our professional instructors. The American Muscle Driving Experience will also host several of the top racing drivers in the country.

Participants will not only get to meet and ask questions to these special guest instructors, they will also get to see comparisons of driving data to the professional driver in the same vehicle and can even go for a ride-a-long experience at full racing speeds. Can money be allotted to help retired drivers? NASCAR is a billion-dollar industry filled with wealthy team owners, deep-pocketed sponsors and a number of millionaire drivers, all directed by the ultra-rich France family.

Instead, a number of them need financial help in their everyday lives, especially with medical expenses. But there is no fund to provide such help. There should be. And the idea has some high-profile supporters. They make the best deal they can with an owner and hope they eventually hit the big time.

And it seems to have worked well for some of the younger, established drivers such as Denny Hamlin, Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch. But there are drivers in all series who struggle to survive competitively, which means they also struggle to survive financially. Their short-term needs are difficult to meet.

History of Darlington

They'd rather not think about the long term. We see a lot of players in all sports that end up on hard times. If teams contributed a small percentage of that money each year to a pool for retired or disabled drivers in need, fewer retired or disabled drivers would be in need. But without drivers, there are no TV contracts, no fans in the stands and no one buying high-priced souvenirs. And if it's run properly and managed properly, it could be a huge assist to all those guys who are struggling, especially when you get older and the medical bills start piling up on you.

Yeah, I think it would be a great thing. Wallace made his debut on the top circuit in in a Roger Penske-owned car and joined the series full-time in Wallace moved to Penske's team in and ran the final 15 years of his career for the car owner, who presented him for induction Wednesday. Five of those victories came at Michigan International Speedway, once owned by Penske. Franklin St.

The Drivers Walk of Fame, located in the sidewalks of Watkins Glen, honors the drivers who have competed in Watkins Glen events since the first race in Elmira Star-Gazette Edwards gives the crew chief's daughter Ashley guest-star Spencer Grammer , who is an up-and-coming race car driver, tips about excelling on the track.

In the new episode entitled "Luck of The Half-Irish," Keselowski plays himself and finally breaks his losing streak. He played himself and got into a fender bender with character Ok Cha Jodi Long when attempting to parallel park. The depth of his dedication can be measured in what he went through to attend practices.

Since practice was held after class hours, this meant Benny, the student body president his senior year, missed getting to ride the school bus home-and he lived deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He had to either walk the several miles across steep ridges or else hitch-hike, hoping a kind soul would give him a lift to his family's old homeplace in a picturesque valley called Parsonsville. Parsons died in at age 66 of complications from cancer. Now, a school in the area of Wilkes County where he once lived is undertaking a drive to memorialize Benny.

West Wilkes High, into which Miller's Creek was consolidated, plans to upgrade the broadcast booth at its football stadium and name the facility for Benny. His best seasons was when he won twice for Chip Ganssi and Felix Sabates and led the standings for 25 straight weeks before suffering a neck injury that caused him to miss the final seven races. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel While admission is free and open to the public, there will be a silent auction of NASCAR memorabilia to raise money for Feed the Children, a charity Waltrip supports that provides resources for those without life's essentials.

For services and visitation info or leave a comment at the blog set up by Billy's family, go to: Billy's Battle , a site for posting and sharing information for Billy Standridge. I made a page back in with some notes and images of the 47 Jayski. Standridge also raced in the Nationwide Series from to JD Motorsports owner Johnny Davis formerly worked for Standridge as a crew chief, engine builder, truck driver and all-around mechanic. Billy commented on the page: "I just want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. This has been a hard time but the support has lifted my spirits.

Thanks again. I made a page back in with some notes and images at Jayski's Talladega Experience page. Standridge, who raced in the Nationwide Series from to and in Sprint Cup from to , is battling cancer.

He lives in Shelby, N. He has a lot of years in the sport. Standridge, 60, ran 23 Cup races and 84 Nationwide events. JD Motorsports Rudolph [WI] has racing legend Dick Trickle, and now friends are working to build a memorial in Trickle's former stomping grounds. Trickle, 71, died May 16 in Iron Station, N. Memorial plans include a statue of Trickle with ceramic tiles featuring photos of Trickle and his cars.

Aluminum frames will have descriptions of the cars, owners, sponsors and the years Trickle drove the car. The project kickoff date is May 18 at the Rudolph Community Park on the west side of highways 13 and 34 in Rudolph. Reffner didn't have any cost estimates; the project still in in the planning stages, and no numbers are set in stone, he said. Or money can be sent via PayPal to: dicktricklememorial yahoo.

Breaking Limits Ricky Rudd to be honored Monday: Created by Rotary Club of Daytona Beach West to honor legendary drivers and personalities in stock car racing, the Stock Car Hall of Fame event has raised funds for local charities for almost 25 years. This year, the proceeds from the event will benefit Habitat for Humanity. Well known for its community based housing initiatives, Habitat for Humanity has already earmarked the funds it will receive from the SHOF event to build a home for a wounded veteran. The Inductee will be Ricky Rudd.

Glenn Jarrett - The Crittenden Automotive Library

Rudd had made consecutive starts. More info at stockcarhalloffame. Michael Waltrip will replace his brother Darrell in the booth for the Sprint Unlimited. FOX Statement: "Darrell Waltrip underwent a minor surgical procedure today [Thursday] near his home in Tennessee and is resting comfortably. We wish him a speedy recovery and his on-air status is day to day.

The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America is racing's Cooperstown, memorializing achievement in all forms of motorized competition. Over the years, motorsports luminaries have been inducted. The person nominating panel itself reads like a who's who of racing, including names like Mario Andretti, Don Garlits, Craig Breedlove and Richard Petty. The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, motor racing's Cooperstown, announced today that it will move its operations and collection of historic racing machines and memorabilia from the Detroit area to the "World Center of Racing," Daytona International Speedway by January DIS The occasion coincides with the 25th anniversary of Wallace's championship and the approaching 40th anniversary of the original Miller Lite beer.

This retro firesuit will also be worn by Brad Keselowski and the 2 Miller Lite Ford team crew members at the upcoming Daytona as well. This will be my first time driving the new Gen-6 car, and I think it will give me a better perspective on how I cover the races for ESPN as an analyst.

This is going to be a lot of fun, yet there is also a business component too. Man, what a fantastic way to start the year. I feel privileged to be a part of it. During his time behind the wheel of the Miller Lite machine, Wallace earned 39 victories. A grand opening will be in the spring. The campus also has two service centers specializing in Honda, Volvo and Subaru service. In , , I won 24 races and two championships driving a Buick Regal," Waltrip said. Tennessean The Clint Eastwood movie Grand Torino brought these vehicle to a younger audience, building more appreciation for this sleeper among collectible Fords.

What may be the greatest version of them of all will be auctioned at Russo and Steele's Scottsdale event during January 15 - 19, the Bud Moore 15 Grand National stocker driven by Bobby Isaac. Hot Rod Magazine According to an article on RollCall. Congress in in North Carolina. The district would be the one currently represented in North Carolina by Republican Howard Coble, who announced Thursday this would be his last term. He's 79 years old, after all. The third-generation driver's accomplishments at Watkins Glen International include three Top-5s and his eventual final win in the series, which came in Since , Watkins Glen International has selected drivers from all racing backgrounds to the elite class known as The Legends of The Glen.

Last year's inductees included: Former sports car and Formula 1 great Derek Bell; sportscar legend Scott Pruett; and James Hunt, who was inducted posthumously. WGI Foyt, who has not been to an IndyCar race since the Ft. Worth event on June 8th, underwent successful hip replacement surgery on his left hip Monday in a Houston hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Foyt had been battling pain in his left leg for most of the year. In April, he underwent a laminectomy in the lumbar region of his spine to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

He had missed two races Alabama and Long Beach, Calif. The chronic leg pain increased dramatically after he fell while working on his ranch before the Texas race. He had consulted with several doctors before agreeing to the most recent surgery. Foyt will be in the hospital for several days.

Elliott, in the 9 Aaron's Dream Machine-Hendrickcars. It was about 10 years ago that I was sitting in victory lane here with my dad. Despite an event-filled race, Elliott was the story of the show, setting the age mark on a track that his father won five career NASCAR races at. The elder Elliott stood alone atop the Hendrick Motorsports ARCA team transporter for most of the race watching his son make laps, take the lead, and then hold on for the victory. It was strange coming here because I am so used to coming here with dad and watching him race.

It definitely opens some doors for us and enables us to do something different. Nadeau crashed driver's-side first into the outside wall between Turns 1 and 2 during a May 2, , practice at Richmond. He was airlifted to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in critical condition with a moderate to severe head injury, partially collapsed left lung, fractured shoulder blade and left-side rib-cage injuries. It took 20 days for Nadeau to regain full consciousness and begin to speak again, and four more before he was transferred to Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation to begin physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Nadeau was in inpatient care until June 6, and in therapy until July Associated Press UPDATE: Jerry Nadeau still draws an imaginary line down the middle of his body to describe the accident that changed his life 10 years ago this week. On one side of the line his body feels normal, on the other side it's still numb.

His Chevy spun and hit the Turn 1 wall at times the force of gravity. The line is also a kind of metaphor for a life that is a mixture of frustration and joy, courageous acceptance and occasional regret. Jerry Nadeau does not live in the past. He go-karts often with daughter Natalie, 10, born months before the crash. And he's a proud father in the stands at her gymnastics meets. His marriage to Natalie's mom ended the year after the accident, but he remarried last year to Maryana, a Ukrainian he met online.

But if Nadeau doesn't live in his glory days of racing, he remembers them. And though he's accepted that his physical limitations ended his career at 33, it still frustrates him. The toughest part, Nadeau says, is that a brain injury makes you feel like a different person. He adds that he'd rather have broken every bone in his body at once than have his mind altered. Unless things change, he not sure when or if he'll be able work again.

But he's not sad. But I'm a different person. I've moved forward and I'm trying to make the best of everything. An out-of-court agreement has been signed by both sides, according to Phil Kurze, vice president of Connecticut-based Whelen Engineering, who also serves as president of the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project, Inc.

Kurze said all previous agreements between the two organizations are void and that the USBSF is authorized to make any modifications on the bobsleds in their possession. However, Bo-Dyn still owns the intellectual property in those bobsleds, he said. But the two sides split in in a disagreement over intellectual property. Bo-Dyn sleds have won six Olympic medals, two of them gold. On Thursday, April 4, from 5 to 7 p. Allison is a long-time friend of "The Golden Boy," a friendship that dates back to the start of Allison's career in the s.

Allison's appearance at the Elmhurst Historical Museum was made possible by the Lorenzen family, and Tawzer added that Allison has been highly supportive of the On the Road to Glory exhibit from its inception. Allison narrated the original documentary that plays in the gallery, and he provided many anecdotes and insights on Fred's career to help develop the storyline of the exhibit. The Elmhurst Historical Museum is located at E.

Park Ave. Please note: no additional merchandise will be signed by Mr. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday from p.

Southern Speed Legends Of Darlington - Documentary film

For more information, please visit www. Rusty may have been born in Missouri, but we will always claim him as one of our own. Rusty gladly does media interviews, greets fans, and spends time with our promotional partners. The track is owned and operated by U. Iowa Speedway Find out how this Midwestern outsider, known as "Fearless Freddie," got the inside track in the early days of professional NASCAR racing to become a fan favorite and winner of the Daytona This exhibit is supported by Chicagoland Speedway.

There will be a special preview on Thursday, January 31st. More info at elmhurst. That color was green, and like the majority of up-and-coming drivers of that era Bethea didn't have enough green in his wallet to compete at his full potential. Although Bethea did experience some racism during his driving career, he is quick to state he was 'Not a Black Racer', he was a racer who happened to be black.

Currently employed as a high school automotive instructor in Newport, Tenn. Jarrett, 17, played third base for the Hickory High N. He also was a participant in the State Games after an All-Northwestern Conference season and a second-round appearance in the state playoffs. He posted 15 RBI in 62 plate appearances with a. He was also rated as a national "high follow" by Perfect Game Crosschecker. A two-sport star at Hickory, Jarrett was a member of the varsity basketball team which finished as the state runners-up in the 3A classification. Guthrie, who in became the first woman to start in the Indianapolis and the Daytona , will be presented the Mildred Marcum Pioneer award.

Her ninth-place finish in the Indianapolis , with a team she formed and managed, was the best by a woman until Lyn St. James, a seven-time Indianapolis starter, founded the Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation in to focus on programs for driver development, advocacy, diversity and education, particularly for women who aspire to become race car drivers. James said. I'm pleased we can honor Janet with the Mildred Marcum Pioneer Award, as she was truly a pioneer in motorsports. For information and reservations, visit www.

Although he had a sponsor willing to back him this season if an opportunity arose to run with a team in any of NASCAR's three series, no deal panned out for the veteran. Bodine, 63, ran select races in for Tommy Baldwin Racing. In his four starts last year, Bodine finished with a best of 30th at the season finale Homestead-Miami Speedway.

At that time, Bodine didn't feel that would be his last start in NASCAR, but he now is saying he will retire from the sport due to a number of factors. He said Wednesday he has other priorities in life - his family, charity work, running his new Honda motorcycle dealership, and building the next generation of bobsleds for the U.

So they were in Victory Lane with me, which was priceless. McReynolds: How could you not respect each other for what the two had just done? Miller: I mean, there was certainly contact on both their parts. Fennig: Kurt took it great. He just took it, I was surprised how he took it, but he took it just like a gentleman. He knew he drove his tail off to do that. It was OK to lose because of the respect that we had for each other on the track. Wells: It was pretty emotional.

Ricky had worked his whole life to win at a place like Darlington. Miller: Getting a win at that level of the sport is always an emotional experience. Busch: It was perfect. The tortoise always ends up winning. Craven: It was invaluable for me because I watched carefully as Kurt came into the sport. And Kurt had that. We sold the last tickets that Labor Day on Sunday morning. Our ticket director, Norma Nesbitt, called me down to the ticket office and I watched the last pair of tickets go out the window for the Southern Quite a sense of accomplishment.

He ended a year career as a crew chief in , having called 40 premier series victories from the pit box. After his Darlington defeat — his third runner-up finish in the first five races of — he won the following week at Bristol Motor Speedway. Busch won the premier series championship the following year.

His victory at Darlington was the last of his career. We won. Enter Parallax Text.

Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection) Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection)
Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection) Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection)
Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection) Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection)
Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection) Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection)
Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection) Darlington Raceway (NASCAR Library Collection)

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