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By Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline. The Irish Navy is set to get its hand on a boat that is impossible to capsize. Dubbed the 'Thunder Child', incredible footage shows the search and rescue vessel - with passengers inside - being pushed over in the water by a crane. Frank Kowalksi, managing director of Safehaven Marine, told MailOnline that keeping the boat upright required several tweaks to its design.

He added that the air inlets close automatically to stop water being let in. Also known as the XSV 17, the boat can hold up to ten people and is a robust, sea-faring vessel designed to tackle rough weather to reach people in distress quickly.

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The developers of the boat used a crane to pull the boat over to degrees. This is the point where it loses its stability and will roll over to be upside down - it capsizes. The boat automatically turns itself back upright.

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  • Much like in racing cars, the lower the centre of gravity, the more stable a boat becomes. Whilst this makes it much harder for the Thunder Child to flip over initially, it also helps return the vessel the right way up.

    Fast And Stealthy “Thunder Child” Is a Wave-Carving Thing of Beauty

    When underwater, the low centre of gravity shifts to the very top of the boat, making it unstable and capable of flipping back upright. Incredible footage of the boat in action shows a crew, including managing director,Mr Frank Kowalksi pictured left , inside the boat as it is pulled over before it rolls back to the correct orientation. The boat is pulled by a crane to the tipping point and then rotates through complete inversion at degrees pictured before the clever engineering tricks allow the boat to correct and go back the right way up.

    Thunder Child set a world-record for circumnavigating Ireland and is powered by two 9. The boat is designed as a high-speed search and recovery vessel.

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    Once upside down, the video shows the boat automatically rolling back to the correct, upright position. In the first run, the boat was empty and on the second run, a small team, including Mr Kowalksi, were filmed inside.

    There are three key engineering properties to allow for self-righting of the boat. Keep going for three videos: a generic promo vid, an example of the boat righting itself after being held upside down including footage from inside and some extreme weather testing. If it's "uncapsizable," then why did they have to haul it over with a crane and a big ass strap? The strap went all the way under the keel to twist it upside down and was slack when it righted itself. I was going to bring this up since they obviously named it after the show, haha.

    I just pulled up the intro and they are even using similar music, and my wife pointed out that I apparently watched it for different reasons than the cool boat action…. You guys realize you made a bot the top comment?! This comment is below as a response to my comment about thunder in paradise The robots have won. We officially can't tell the goddamn difference. I want to think its there in case it doesn't flip, but it never goes slack. Its clearly pulling it over. Also, I hope the inside of this thing is all memory foam as the people inside are definitely having a bad time otherwise.

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      The Thunder Child The Thunder Child
      The Thunder Child The Thunder Child
      The Thunder Child The Thunder Child
      The Thunder Child The Thunder Child
      The Thunder Child The Thunder Child

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