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De quem estava se escondendo? But traumas from his past may jeopardize their relation. What will Byakuya do? True loves worth waiting for by Mashthekeyboard reviews Sesshomaru left Rin in the human village. But what happened after? But he finds the Lord missing and instead, he scents a human girl and that of a Rat Youkai. What would he find if he followed her scent?

To die, to drown, to remember me by shadowanime1 reviews Sequel to Angels fall. Set approximately one year later, when the former imprisoned king of darkness regained his freedom. Yet freedom And memories, memories die as easily as they were made to start with. The Curse of the Demon's Mark by CatDemonKayo reviews When her lord finally returns from a five year war in the East, Rin is more than excited to welcome him home, but when he immediately sends her away, Rin finds she may lose him again sooner than she ever imagined.

Submit to me by He will knock four times reviews Forced to free Seras by uncontrollable conditions with plans to find her and claim her once Integra's dead. Alucard decides to find the interesting thing. He doesn't know its Seras. Why RinXSesshomaru? And why did people not bother with some other pair in the different yet similar setting? The story set after Rin had grown up. The world is different, but you are still the same. My Sick Youkai by aicherrycherie reviews Does sick and Sesshomaru belong in the same sentence? Thaw by tastewithouttalent reviews "Miyuki likes the way she fits against Tatsuya.

Seras feels the creeping tendrils of insanity as both the mansion and Alucard begin to toy with her mind, body, and soul. Sequel to Thirst. Milestones by xxIcyAngelxx reviews She was falling in love again. From the very beginning, he was already invested. Forever By Your Side by annitagrace reviews Rin thought that she could stay by her lord forever and ever. But what would happen if there's a hidden part of her life that she never knew about?

Will it change her life for the better or worse? Patients by gaarasmistress39 reviews This is just a remake of how Alucard and Seras meet. Baby Seras! Summary sucks, but the story is better. Rated M por violencia. Cap 33 up. Sesshomaru's Journey by sjsama reviews A story of Sesshomaru and his long journey with Rin!

Read on as Sesshomaru falls in love with the mortal Rin! My Husband is a Death God by evenstar lady reviews Rukia was a plain girl in the village when she was forcibly chosen as a sacrificial bride to appease the Death Gods who plagued the Karakura village. And when the powerful Shinigami Kuchiki Byakuya came to claim her, everything changed.

Till Death do them part, but then… he was already dead. ByaRuki, rated M for later. Alternate Bleach universe. Dawn of Demons by SetsunaSkye reviews 10 years have pass since the death of Naraku. Rin is now of age and decides to return to Sesshomaru's side once again. Little did they know, their adventure didn't turn out the way they expected.

With new surprises and enemies on the rise, Rin and Sesshomaru must fight against the new evil that threatens to destroy the west and their new found relationship. Enticing by 00Zero reviews She pressed her hips against his. Here she was again, seducing him. At first she thought she would detest being his prisoner, but as it turn out, she enjoyed herself greatly. She was not entirely sure if he or she was the prisoner here because the one being torture clearly was not her.

A Game Of Love by 00Zero reviews Rin has fallen in love with Sesshomaru and is trying very hard to fall out of love with him. He doesn't know about her feelings, she thinks. But only if she knew the truth. His Blood by Anemoi reviews A task was given to Him. To make Her accept her true nature. However, a hefty price lies waiting if he were to fail. London Nights by Jubalii reviews A collection of unconnected drabbles that I dole out when I'm brainstorming, all AlucardxSeras based in different ways. Learn to love a Beast by Nekomata The Cat King reviews A spell was casted upon the all mighty lord of the west and his only hope is a young woman he abandoned years ago.

Will she be able to shave him or will he forever cursed and powerless? Battle by Arlome reviews A series of one-shots describing the realtionship of a certain frustrated human princess and a shameless daiyoukai. Hormone Therapy by xxIcyAngelxx reviews It was utterly humiliating how he needed release. Bird on a Wire by Lanie Kay-Aleese reviews The youkai are nearly extinct, but dangers still pulse deep beneath the cement covering the Kanto plain. In a city where the winds blow too strong for birds to cling to telephone wires, what happens to those who find fate too much for their souls to bear?

A dark reincarnation fic. Shadows of Moonlight by Jaden Kismet reviews Years ago, Integra and Seras accidentally released a creature imprisoned by the Hellsing family centuries before. Now, years later, the vampire Alucard is searching for Seras, for it was her eyes that drew him, her scent that called him, and her blood that he wanted. Can Seras resist the temptation? Or will she fall pray to the No-Life King? Follow the Scent of Flora by HiddenTruthandLies reviews It had been nine years since Rin had been left in Kaede's village and only three since she had last seen her Lord.

One day, while she rests in a field of flowers her scent merged with flora along with the scent of salted waters reach a certain demon's nose. Little does she know, that he has been waiting to be by her side for a long time, perhaps that day is now. Rated T. Not Letting Go by Domricanchick reviews She was his mate and he wasn't going to let her go so easily. You Are Mine! Instead of answering her, he pulled her close and kissed her thoroughly. After all, he only speak when necessary.

Finally, she was where she belonged. By his side. Identity Crisis by xxIcyAngelxx reviews He isn't quite sure how to handle her alternate-self. Road to Ninja movie tie-in. Fever by abracadaver reviews Sesshomaru still travels with the young Rin, who is now a young woman. Time has passed and although some things have remained the same - some things have not.

The Lord of the Western Lands is still fueled by the desire for conquest, but perhaps it's not the conquest he spoke to his father of those many years ago. Perhaps a lot more has changed, he just hasn't realized it Calendar of Venus by xxIcyAngelxx reviews He doesn't question why she was always with him in the dark, from dusk till dawn. A study of close encounters. Set during Shinobi World War. Prequel to Canvas in White. Humanity by Wolflover reviews Sesshomaru gets his powers drained from him by another demon and is turned human.

He and Rin must journey to find the demon who took his powers. This journey will strengthen their trust and friendship towards one another. Rin reveals her secret when she tries to defend her lord when they are both vulnerable to the demon world. Rated M for later chapters. Diamond in the Rough by BurrSquee reviews Rin and Sesshomaru: Rin lives in a village where she was born with a friend, but suddenly her friend gets married and she gets kicked out of the house.

Her life seems empty when a demon lord needs a new servant. Is it the change she needs? Hollow Ground by Pandora Lillith reviews Codename: Hollow is one of the survivors of Project Ground, orphans who were taken and experimented on for biological warfare. Rated M for coarse language, sexual references lemons , occasional violence and suggestive themes. Thirst by CzyDauTep reviews After the death of a comrade, Integra punishes Alucard by having him not feed for a month. Unfortunately, after ten days Alucard's thirst gets the best of him as he begins to stalk Seras Victoria.

Lady of The Western Lands by PlatformFire reviews Rin has been left in the care of a human village for a few years, but now she's 17 and waiting for her lord to return! Rated M For Reasons. This is the first fanfic I've written in a long time, so please leave reviews! Oneshot Byaruki, advertencia: ligero romance. La Danza by December Chocolat reviews He had made the mistake of making his wife a Kuchiki; he would not make the same mistake with his wife's sister. Hanging down from it was a black bra.

Her bra. The culprit, Sesshomaru who was lying beside her, felt shamelessly proud at how he put it up there. Su primer amor y el amor de su vida? Veamos si puedo responder esas preguntas en mi primer Fanfic Ten years later, she encounters him once more and learns of his curse. As repayment, she vows to set him free. The only question is will she have what it takes? At least, that's what the people of her village think, anyways. Her constant companion — a raven — is clearly her familiar and perpetrates her evil will.

One day, a certain armor clad wanderer arrives in the suspicious little town, and… Well, you know how the story goes from there, don't you? Embrace by silentlight reviews [rukiaxbyakuya]An impossible possibility: What if the two got married? As her new talents begin to surface, vampires flock to her.


Like a bee to a flower, Alucard seems to always be there to push away a potential match for Seras. What she doesn't understand is why her Master always seems to be angry. Will he tell her his motives? Or will he continue to shrug her off? Rated M for later chapters! She longed to be his, to entice the beast that lay within. Would she get her wish? But something happens a month before they wed. Fleeing back to her safe haven she deals with the lost, betrayal and pain. How will fate deal her stack of cards?

Will there be redemption and salvation? Is love truly blind? Or will true love show its true meaning? Of Oceans Or Of Blood by He will knock four times reviews Fey folk were never meant to be in captivity or to coexist with others. When one of the number is spirited away, this fact is tested. It is only a matter of time before someone breaks or something gives because this fey waits. She will have her pelt back at any cost The only question is if that time will be before she is turned Hot Spring Accident? Or should it be the milky water that hid her figure.

Or was it himself for did not make sure she was really out. Either way, the harm had been done. He was standing in front of her face to face, both naked. Of the Forest by pokemaester reviews What's a girl to do when the family is trying to marry her off? Wait, now there's a prince pursuing her too? And who's this Naraku anyway? Through a series of misunderstandings his family and everyone else presumed that the baby was his. He raised that baby to be his daughter. This is the story of her life and her obsession with a man who would eventually become her captain.

This is a redux of my first Bleach story. One restless night, would she finally get her wish to take a walk on the wild side? How to Court your Dog by Wolflover reviews Rin is turning New thoughts and emotions have been consuming her lately.

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Especially about her Lord. Full summary Inside. Please read and review! Mi primer intento de Fic AU! But what happens when she realizes that she's not the apple of his eyes? Can Byakuaya save Rukia from herself? Or will Ginrei step in to take matters into his own hands? Warning: AU. Mature subject matter. Viewer discretion advised. Nice Things by SirForgotAlot reviews Sesshomaru returns bearing gifts only to find that his are not the only gifts Rin's been receiving. We all make Mistakes by DarkPhoenix reviews After the demon suddenly leaves her, Rin wants nothing to do with Sesshomaru, but the son Sesshomaru never knew he had might have something to say about it.

Mind Game by Gentle Liar reviews Sesshomaru is a perv. One would never think him to be one from the way he carried himself. He had always been so refine, cold, expressionless, elegant, and emotionless. He never showed any interested in woman. Or so the world would have thought. Rules of Courtship by Jubalii reviews Seras isn't thrilled to attend Hellsing's summer dinner party, but she goes and befriends a vampire lord. However, the young lord is completely smitten and, used to having his way, he kidnaps the Draculina and takes her back to his palace.

Things only get worse when Alucard comes to take back what's his and Seras becomes the grand prize in a battle to see who can win her heart! El destino ha conspirado, porque el destino ha querido hacerlos coincidir. Inspirado en el tema Coincidir de Nicho Hinojosa. Es un proyecto de armar una historia completa con canciones, se aceptan sugerencias y peticiones. She's his soon-to-be fledgling, give or take a decade. The vampires of his court have to be nice to her, have to think happy thoughts, because if they don't… Well, Alucard is not known for being The Impaler for nothing.

A year ago, if someone had told her what her life would turn out like she'd have laughed. Her new reality is anything but funny. Walking Dead crossover. Rating may go up. Forbidden Lust by Starrilight-Hotaru reviews So she doubted again and again if she was right or wrong. Her people, yes her people wouldn't accept this. His people would look down upon him. So was this wild tumble in between satin and silk really worth it. Evil Temptation by 00Zero reviews There were trillions of people out there in the world who he could give his heart to.

He was allowed to even be with a guy if he felt like it, yet his heart only belonged to this girl. The only girl in the world that was forbidden to him. His own sister. Fluffy Crackshots by Avenging Neko reviews A new one shot collection dedicated to fluffyness and crack. Made special for VanquishLithium. Can Withstand Eternity by SilentSoundX reviews Four years have passed and now year old Rin is just about to complete her priestess training. Now she's been invited to attend a banquet with a series of young monks and priestesses. Sesshomaru knows nothing of her powers or what she needs to do.

A lot will get in the way of the demon lord and the young girl, especially when other humans and demons get involved. Belonging by ShadowSesshoumaru reviews Rin had been Sesshoumaru's companion since the day he found her lying lifeless on the forest floor and brought her back.

Though he loved her when she was a child, how will he react now that she has grown into a beautiful young woman? SessxRin pairing, rated M for a reason starting in chapter 5. The Unknown by 00Zero reviews Rin found herself in the unknown land, no idea how she got there and how to survive.

She was trying to find her way home. Soon she met a young man traveling with a white wolf and befriend him. How would her journey end? Rat T for now. Hidden in the Heart by Amanda Catarina reviews Three years from the battle against Aizen, something strange happens to Byakuya. Ichigo is anguished by the absence of Rukia, while she is longing to see him again. When they finally manage to find each other, they're faced with unexpected adversities. Rin's home, Rin's clothes, Rin's land, Rin's flowers.

These are cute short little one shots that would make you laugh then say "aw" Read and reviews. Devouring Fire by Renfield E. Kingsfate reviews Much can be seen between the lines I draw to define our roles and within the cracks that I struggle to hide. What use is it for me to deny it now, when such a fire will devour us both eventually. The Missing by He will knock four times reviews Seras missing, a new threat thatleaves Integra puzzeled and Alucard enraged.

Hazy by Allana reviews Rin is finally of age. She can choice her path in life; to live with humans or return to Lord Sesshomaru. Guess which ones she picks? But what if Sesshomaru has a different plan for Rin? New Story I'm trying to work on.

Do you think I should keep going? Canvas in White by xxIcyAngelxx reviews She reached out to him first. It began with a curious touch, lingering with uncertainty. What they were doing was questionable. But no one needed to know. An exploration behind closed doors. Post-Shinobi World War. Dreams by Yuniee reviews A Byakuya and Rukia story. Lots of lemons. Feudal Seduction by Networkling reviews A home to a series of sensual drabbles. The Shapeshifter by Sheeple reviews Assuming that Rin started traveling with Sesshomaru again post manga Rin is 16ish Rin is off thinking about Sesshomaru.

Meanwhile, a demon is watching her, and a very particular demon at that T just in case Chap 1, 2 , 3 all revised! Grammar mistakes have been exterminated. Love No Other by quechan89 reviews She has lost in the darkness, trying to recall who the real she is and someone appear before her eyes, claiming she is his to begin with. She should be happy, she finally found her light but why her dreams filled with long, ebony hair and grey eyes?

Ripples of Lust by Midnight Tiger Lily reviews Disasters looms over Byakuya's empire as the elders pressures him to remarry but Byakuya refuses to. What happens when a geisha whose sole purpose is to sing and dance is chosen to become his bride? Rukia Harem. More info inside. The demoness shot her an annoying glare before answered, "To bed him. You are now his mistress. Whether you like it or not, you have no say in it!

Measuring Eternity by Jubalii reviews For humans, eternity has neither a beginning or an end.

The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman

It takes more than simple measurements of time and space to understand the value of an eternity with someone. The only ones that notice such things are the creatures that hold the power of eternity in their hands. Fireworks by fluffymushrooms reviews When a series of mysterious human deaths and Hollow appearances shake the Living World, Rukia is sent to investigate. Byakuya, worried for Rukia's safety, decides to follow his adopted sister into the Living World.

There, events unfold and the two discover themselves developing unwanted feelings, feelings which neither desire to acknowledge. This is my perspective of what i imagined when they have awoke in the Kirin Palace. The Smile I Wish To Protect by KurenoxArisaxx reviews When laying with her lord under the night-time sky one evening, Rin decides to ask the question she's been wishing to know the answer to for years: "Why did you save me with tenseiga back then, Lord Sesshomaru?

Changing politics and an ever expanding family test Sesshoumaru's love and loyalty. Winter Magic by extrobox reviews With a fondness for winter, Seras wanders outside to watch the snow fall. It's been thirteen years since that fateful day in the woods, that game of Hide and Go Seek… Little Red Riding Hood has changed, no longer the innocent child. Now, oh now… She's been training with the Huntswoman for a very specific purpose.

So she saw everything. She saw what happened behind closed doors Character death. On Hiatus. De la reina sin vida, para un simple mortal by Heileedrelli reviews AU. Returns To You by 00Zero reviews A Sequel of "Fabricated Memories" Without hesitation, Sesshomaru scooped Rin into his arms, pressed her soft body against his bare chest to share body heat. He was once again reminded she was no longer a child. The new sequel is up, "A Game Of Love". No Regrets by fluffymushrooms reviews Rukia is an assassin fallen on hard times.

After an unfortunate event, she is forced to try to assassinate the grandson of Duke Ginrei and heir to the State of Seireitei: Kuchiki Byakuya. However, she is unaware that her job is about to become even harder to do when she meets a masked stranger late one night. Walking home from school, Seras meets someone that will send her world spiraling. From that moment, her life had changed forever Completely different take on Hellsing.

Remember by Metallic Sharpie reviews [Haitus]Her lord abandoned her 5 years ago, leaving with no words. A daiyoukai is resurrected with no memories of his past life, wanted by the demon world. What will happen when their paths cross? Will his two sons welcome his return? A Heart Grown Cold by Kyraillion reviews Byakuya is used to the elders demanding him to find a bride. How will he react when they demand that Rukia be matched with a husband as well? A quick oneshot of the growing relationship between the demon and the young woman as they do nothing but write to each other.

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Homecoming by Gritten-Tells reviews Rukia was lonely, missing a certain someone and he decided to give her a surprise. Broken Pieces by DestinyRose09 reviews Rin was thrown into a dark prison as food for a starving dog demon. Will he decide to eat her, or will they help each other instead and try to escape? People had to make decisions that should have never been made.


And Seras is in the middle of it all. A love, a death, a resurrection and a conviction by aika-Lizy reviews Universo alternativo. Alucard antes conocido como Vlad el Empalador, a resucitado como un vampiro en esta nueva epoca, pero sus recuerdos le atormentan a tal punto que llega a querer morir But luckily, her sire Alucard has a game that will lift her spirits.

And give him the chance to finally confess something to her. Meanwhile, a new enemy is coming, to destroy everything that the Hellsing Organization stands for. Based on anime-verse. No family to miss her. No friends to remember her. That would make this very easy. I want her and I will get her. What secrets is she hiding from me though? A axs story. Rated M for a reason. Byakuya relives his past. Change of heart by OpenMindx33 reviews Lord Sesshomaru takes Rin back with him to his castle in the west. But what happens when Sesshomaru starts ignoring Rin and she finds comfort in another?

Will she have a change of heart or will Sesshomaru win her love with his dominate and Possessive ways? Getting a life time's education in your dreams sounds fun, until you realize it's all about being a vampire. A collection of drabble length chapters for grades K Rated for potential violence later, dunno yet.

Alucard takes his place as king, but refuses to accept Seras as his queen for the reason that she doesn't understand him at all. Read and find out. Aien kien by NiNa. Quais levaram Izayoi-Hime e InuTaisho ao seus destinos? My One and Only by KurenoxArisaxx reviews Takes place 8 years after the Final Act ends, when Rin is 18 When Rin ends up getting hit by a random traveler, Sesshomaru ends up losing his composure worst than ever before and results in an unexpected confession involving her.

The Undead by 00Zero reviews Rin's mind has aged, yet her body remains that of a child. What would she do when she cannot love Sesshomaru as a woman loves a man? All she ever wanted is to be in his arms. But that will ever remain a dream as long as she doesn't grow up even after fifty years. Rated for drugs, sex, violence, bad language etc. The Spirit of the Horse and Dog have grown almost inseparable over the cycle, but what will happen when they part?

Many men from different lands sought her hand in marriage back at the village where Sesshomaru had left her. Despite all of this, she desires to travel with her Lord once again. Under The Moonlight by 00Zero reviews Let just say, it is night, the moon hang low in the sky and Rin decides to take a bath. But someone else decides to join. Random one shots. LikeABoss reviews An unthinkable event, with an inappropriate couple!

There will be consequences for drinking too much, at the Ulquihime wedding. Myths and Realities by Jubalii reviews Everyone knows the common vampire myths, but the realities aren't quite what the human population wants to hear. Especially when it involves the Devil Incarnate and his little Antichrist.

Desire by Gentle Liar reviews Sesshomaru is being exposed to the drugs that made him feel the need to get a female. But this is Sesshomaru, The Lord of the Western land, we are talking about. He will not give in to such urge Or will he? Read and reviews. It's call, Rin You Can't Marry him! God of Destruction: The Prince of the Yotsuba by fujin of shadows reviews "Are you aware that you just cut your life to a third?

You will die in a month. Awaken the one person that my sister is terrified of. Rewrite published But Sesshomaru is about to prove her wrong! Miroku being Miroku, proposed to any girl in met. But what happen when he proposed to a girl and turn out to be Sesshomaru's ward, Rin? And what would Sesshomaru say in the matter? Dark Abyss by snowberrii reviews AU.

No one knows about the secret that lies in the heart of the basement. No one except for Princess Rukia who visits it at night. If it was that easy people would have done that already. So what patients need, is really practical advise about how you can put your good intentions into action. PETER: Talking about falling by the wayside, you may have an obese patient who makes good progress, looses weight and then does the yo-yo dieting and gets back to the original body weight in no time flat, how do you avoid that? So finding ways to actually combat that if we can, I think is critically important to long-term success of weight loss.

SUSAN: Feeling hungry can undermine even the most determined dieter, the challenge is how do you manage that? There may be some particular foods or ingredients, which have a modest effect on satiety. So high fibre foods for example are probably somewhat more filling, low glycemic index foods may help you to feel fuller for longer. So Susan mention dietary fibre, to actually get an effect on appetite with dietary fibre even acutely, you need to raise it by sometime in the region of about two to three times the amount we eat at the present time.

SUSAN: Practical things and the other thing doctors can do is, help patients to access the support they need. GARY: And to compliment that, healthcare professionals need to be involved, they need to not be afraid of actually managing people who are over weight and obese, and the advice needs to be practical and it needs to be long-term. Your not going to cure this or treat this over time, people need a lot of support to change any behavior not just food behavior, any sort of behavior.

Obesity underpins so much of the chronic disease that family doctors are spending a huge amount of time treating. And I really want to urge doctors to look into this in more detail because if we tackle obesity as a first-line, then actually we can reduce a whole raft of health risks in one go. GARY: And we know changing the way that the general practices engage with over weight and obese people can lead to successful management.

Quels sont les nouveaux traitements disponibles? Il est actuellement beaucoup plus facile de surconsommer, et de surconsommer un peu plus chaque jour. Quelles sont leurs erreurs? On a donc besoin de graisses. Les gens aiment avoir une assiette pleine. Peut-on en consommer? Il faut constamment faire attention aux produits choisis. Les patients ont besoin de vrais conseils pour mettre en pratique leurs bonnes intentions.

Les aliments riches en fibre, par exemple, rassasient davantage. Soy Peter Goodwin.

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Supongo que puede deberse a muchas cosas, por ejemplo nuestros genes. GARY: El placer de comer es muy importante Y eso supone un problema porque trae consigo una enorme carga de enfermedades. No me preocupa el aspecto que tenga la gente, me preocupa su salud y sabemos que la obesidad es la clave de gran parte de las enfermedades actuales.

No se puede disfrutar de buena salud sin grasa en el cuerpo.

Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)
Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition) Não sei... Vou pensar... Quizás... Talvez... (Portuguese Edition)

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