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Anarchy and communism became the declared ideological enemies of American liberal democracy and the justification for implementing savage capitalism and for bashing unions. It resulted in what has been defined historically as the Red Scare.

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During the same period the industrial revolution was in full swing in New England. America had become at the end of World War I one of the most powerful nations in the world and was looked upon as the promised land by millions of poor Europeans. The American political authorities reacted strongly against radical political activities. Many subversives, such as anarchists, were arrested and put in jail without a fair trial; boatloads of Russian immigrants were denied entry on American soil oe simply sent back.

The Red Scare was, in simple terms, the hysterical reaction of the American political establishment towards the Russian Revolution and the communist ideology. Immigrants form Southern and Eastern Europe, Jews as well as Blacks and Asians were considered and treated as inferior beings. The same attitude prevailed also in the Dominion of Canada. In 11 Italian immigrants. They are deprived of the rights of white people and subjected to the discriminations and abuses of blacks.

Both of them belonged to the working class. Both had received rudimentary schooling and spoke poor, accented English.. After their arrival they struggled, like many other Italian immigrants, to fit into the dominant protestant American way of life. They were against the barbarian exploitation of the immigrant working class in the cotton fields of the American South or the coal mines of Pennsylvania and against savage capitalism and as it was practiced by American industrialists and factory owners in New England.

In , both Sacco and Vanzetti; being anarchists and opposed to the American participation in World War I, had fled to Mexico to escape the draft. At the end of the war they returned to the United States and belonged to anarchist groups active in the states of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. On May 5th , they were arrested because they were found in possession of guns, without legal permit. This led to their two trials. The allegation was that they had been involved in two robberies.

The second robbery had occurred earlier in that year. After their arrest both Sacco and Vanzetti pleaded not guilty to both charges. Their trials and appeals lasted seven years. In the process their trial acquired an international dimension. They seemed to be innocent but were being punished simply because they were working class Italian immigrants and anarchists. Notwithstanding strong opposition in many countries and pleas for clemency, on August 23rd , Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were electrocuted.

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were found guilty and put to death on account of what they represented and stood for; undesirable immigrants and anarchists. The execution of the two anarchists on trumpeted up charges shattered the myth of America as the land of freedom, of tolerance and of plentiful opportunities for everyone. In reaction to this unfair trial, riots and demonstrations took place all over the world. Throngs marched in Boston and New York City to demand clemency. Until the very end attempts were made to save the lives of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

Judge Webster Thayer adamantly refused the possibility of saving them. I am suffering because I am an Italian, and I am an Italian. I am suffering more for my family than for my personal fate. And yet I know I am right and if you could condemn me to death twice, and I came back to life twice, I would do exactly what I have done till now NULL, Gary. The Italian-Americans. Milano:Mondadori, www.

Something that would broaden their own characters while giving back to the community at the same time. The two were admittedly nervous when they started working with patients in remission, but the results that they witnessed soon gave them confidence to delve deeper into. They forget that patients need human contact, they need to be touched. They are so much more than just the disease. They are constantly buoyed by the response that they receive when walking into the hospital.

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No matter how sick the patient, there is always a sense of joy and gratefulness when it comes to receiving that massage. It really touches you. We get so much thanks. It means. After the third and fourth visits, both the patients and the massage therapists were noticing marked changes.

But the road is long and the red tape is extremely thick. There are still so. Contact information for their services will be listed at www. Now, imagine losing a child three years later to a cancer not usually found in children. How do you go on? For some, this situation is not something they will have to deal with in their lifetime.

Married in to Carlos Gomes, Pauline who works in the hotel industry had her first child Jason in and her second, Nicholas in It was in that her husband Carlos was robbed of his life at only 44 years old on February 27th after surviving just over a year after his diagnosis. Finding strength in each other, Pauline, Jason and Nicholas continued to live their lives. We just helped each other get through it. Jason Gomes, who was described as many as being very loving and kind-hearted, was diagnosed with the same disease that took his father.

In the spring of , he got accepted to two prestigious Prep Schools in the United States. Anne in Lachine, Jason got news that would turn his life upside down. It started with what seemed to simply be a case of acid reflux but after a battery of tests, Jason was found to have stomach cancer with a lot of lesions on his liver, which is highly rare amongst young adults his age.

His mother tried to be strong for him. After doing chemotherapy both intravenously and through pill format, it was discovered he was severely anemic and needed blood transfusions. It was discovered that the treatment had not had any effect on him. Jason then contracted a deadly streptococcal infection, which he fought against all odds. Things seemed to be looking up. Jason enrolled at John Abbott College but in the summer of , he started having other pains and it was found that the cancer had spread to his hip. By December it was in his brain and though they did radiation, making the brain tumor disappear and although he fought right until the end, his liver failed and Jason could no longer beat the odds losing his courageous battle on February 3rd, Its basis is to get funding for young adults with cancer.

Without them, I surely would not be here. She speaks openly about him, saying that it helps her with the healing process. She hopes the foundation will help carry his memory on. Pauline, along with other volunteers on the committee including Dr. With the help of volunteers, she is also organizing a benefit dinner, starting a website and looking for corporate sponsorship. She remembers the time Jason had an elderly lady in his hospital room who was almost blind.

In his article in La Presse, Jason told his story of constant struggle openly as his mother is now doing. I still talk to him. By Peter Pomponio Much of financial planning focuses on gaining tax advantages so that your investments can grow tax free until you have the need for them. Some life insurance products are commonly used as investment vehicles and, similar to Registered Retirement Savings Plans RRSPs , assets grow in a tax-sheltered environment.

However, not all investors are aware of the benefits offered by tax-exempt life insurance. These investment vehicles provide policyholders with life-long insurance coverage and include a savings component. Under Canadian tax law, life insurance assets accumulate tax free, much the same as tax-deferred investments in as RRSP. In many cases, tax-exempt life insurance is used by individuals who have maximized their RRSP contributions and are looking for additional ways to continue tax-deferred investing. This is why many financial advisors include life insurance as part of the estate planning process.

Effective insurance strategies While businesses can also make use of life insurance products for planning purposes, these strategies can be used by individuals: Maximize your estate: You can benefit from the two key advantages of tax-exempt life insurance. Savings are sheltered from tax, and the entire value of the policy — insurance plus investments — is received by your beneficiaries tax-free.

Supplement your retirement income: Savings accumulated in a tax-exempt life policy can be used to supplement your retirement income, either through withdrawals or a loan. However, tax-exempt life insurance can provide the necessary funds to offset these taxes and leave the estate intact. Leave a legacy to a charity: Thanks to tax-sheltered growth and a tax-free payout, you can leave a larger charitable gift with tax-exempt life insurance than through other means.

You receive the tax advantages — either by reducing your tax bill annually, or by providing tax relief to your estate. Types of tax-exempt insurance One distinguishing feature of tax-exempt life insurance policy is the cash value, which is the savings component. Whole life, universal life, or universal life with guaranteed investments are types of permanent insurance which include this feature and provide life-long coverage. All of these products can be effectively used for any of the solutions provided above.

The differences between the three involve the flexibility of the product and the nature of the investments: Whole life insurance: With this type of policy, the insurance company decides the asset mix of the savings portion. Although whole life has a certain degree of flexibility, it is usually customized when the policy is established. Whole life is also available as a participating policy. As such, policyholders may receive annual dividends, which can be in the form of cash, applied to premiums, used to purchase additional coverage, or left on deposit to earn interest.

Universal life insurance: With universal life, the savings component is separated from the insurance and the policyholder chooses the mix of investments. There is a wide selection to choose from including domestic and foreign equity funds, fixed income funds, and balanced funds, as well as guaranteed investment certificates GICs. Universal life is designed for flexibility and policyholders can increase or decrease the amount of the premiums and death benefit throughout the life of the policy.

Universal life insurance with guaranteed investments: The only difference with this type of product is that policyholders have some flexibility with premiums and can choose their own guaranteed investments. Choosing the right solution In many instances, the appropriate type of tax-exempt insurance will be determined by your particular investment personality and your tolerance for risk. For example, if you want to assume control over your asset mix, universal life may be your solution. If you prefer discretionary management of your investments and want guaranteed performance, then whole life insurance may suit you best.

Another consideration is how you wish to manage the policy over the years. Whole life suits investors who prefer a vehicle requiring little maintenance, while universal life offers more hands-on opportunities for those wishing to make changes in the amount of their premiums, or death benefit from time to time. He can be reached at , or by e-mail at ppomponio assante. Think again An exhilarating and efficient lightweight V8 engine with horses. And, the serenity and intuitive operation of Scandinavian luxury.

The all-new Volvo S Be exceptionally well taken care of. What can you expect from your Assante advisor? An a integrated wealth management strategy that incorporates investment objectives, cash and credit flexibility, capital preservation, estate planning In short, everything you need to make more, keep more and be more secure.

Please call for a private consultation. For a free consultation, please call En i1 gagne le premier championnat provincial sur route du 20 km avec un temps record de 1h. Le journaliste sportif de la Presse M. Sometimes a corporation is just a corporation. And sometimes a company can expand beyond that definition to become something more. La Cassa Popolare Canadese Italiana certainly falls into the second category. Along with providing indispensable services and advice to its members, the one-stop financial shop is also a pillar of the Italian community.

Established in , the Cassa joined forces with the Desjardins Financial Group, the most important cooperative financial institution in Canada, almost ten years ago. With eight locations spread all over the island of Montreal, the Cassa has expanded to offer a wide-range of services that are appealing for both business accounts and personal accounts. De Carolis. We are growing in step with the needs of the community. It is important that our members are able to receive their service in the language of their choice. As a result, we offer private courses in Italian for our employees who would like to improve their skills.

It is our desire to constantly raise the standards of both our service and the language that they are offered in. When you are referred to one of our affiliates, they already know your whole history — there is never a need to start from zero again. The members have received up to a It is important for us to give back, because they have given so much to us. Education is another major area of focus.

In association with the CIBPA, the Cassa through its members contributes to 10 different bursaries a year for Italian students who are concentrating upon furthering their studies. Devoted to helping members understand how to make the most from their money, the Cassa has also launched several educational programs in schools. From kindergarten through the highschool level, students are given valuable information about everything from opening a savings account to understanding investment tools and planning for an education. Built upon a philosophy of respect, understanding and honesty, the Cassa is devoted to helping its members manage their money successfully while helping the Italian community to thrive.

They are still little but with a lot of love, care and good, solid Italian food they will grow into strong, kind, proud and talented people! We welcome them with open arms and open hearts. Ecco I volti del nostro avvenire,del nostro amore e del nostro orgoglio. Sono ancora piccoli, ma, trattati con tanto amore e nutriti di buon cibo italiano, cresceranno e diventeranno grandi e forti e faranno fruttare il loro talento.

Accogliamoli con affetto ed a braccia aperte. I remember teasing some of my friends with that song. At that age, I was just convinced that getting married and having children was going to be in the cards for me. Seven in total: one child for every day of the week, I use to say. Talk about a handful. I knew what names I was going to give them and what clothes I would dress them in. All that was missing was a man and my adulthood — but that was no big deal for six-year-old Sonya.

I am working on it, though — getting married that is, not getting pregnant, not just yet. Two or three will be fine, thank you very much. Getting Down to Business Many women share similar childhood memories: a period where motherhood is not yet tangible, a mere fantasy. Now that motherhood seems possible for many women in their 20s and 30s, questions need to be posed.

What are the implications related to pregnancy and parenting? The census shows that 38 percent of Montreal couples are married with children, whereas, The number of births in the province of Quebec has increased from 74, to 76, in the timeframe, according to the Quebec government. After almost five years of marriage, Rita Bartolucci 36 and Sylvain Gordon 41 have a three-year-old daughter, Alexia, and have just welcomed their second child. The Blainville couple revealed that pregnancy and parenting is very much influenced by culture — or culture s , in their case.

Rita is of Italian descent and Sylvain is French-Canadian. They are one of the many intercultural couples representing the diverse demography of the Greater Montreal Area. Both parents juggle work and parenting. Hormones also play an important role. Pregnancy also involves physical strain, especially during the last trimester. Simple actions like bending and reaching become difficult movements to carry out. But when he came home, he [helped me].

Choosing a Name When dealing with interculturalism, couples face particular challenges — sometimes big, sometimes small. Should it have an Italian or a Canadian ring to it? Store:Kindle eBooks:eBooks in Foreign Languages:Italian:Humour

Some intercultural couples will dwell within this sea of interrogation and others will not. I am Italian-Canadian, and he is of Lebanese descent. We have decided to pass down his family name and choose Italian first names — for example, Giovanni Ojeil. This way, our children will have a story to tell every time they will say their name.

This is our way of integrating both cultures. Use of Languages Parenting consists of providing the proper discipline, education, affection, and values to children. It has become common knowledge that children are like sponges, especially during their pre-school years. I remember that growing up, I spoke English, French, and Italian with my family. My mother spoke to me in Italian and English, and my father conversed with me in French.

By the age of five, I was trilingual. For Rita and Sylvain, a similar situation is taking place. Rita acknowledges that the act of transmitting the Italian language to her children vitalizes her Italian heritage. Talks about Religion For the past 50 years, religion has been in decline in the province of Quebec. Rita and Sylvain are both Catholic and believe in the importance of baptism. That is why they decided to have a traditional baptism for their daughter Alexia and are planning to do the same for their newborn. A family meal usually succeeds the religious celebration.

It is not uncommon for families to stop at a photography studio right before the family meal. Individual measures need to be taken. Before her daughter goes to bed, Rita lays beside her. Both mother and daughter say their prayer. Rita has taught her three-year-old to give thanks to God.

Support from In-Laws Rita and Sylvain are thankful for having support from their respective in-laws. However, they differentiate between Italian and French-Canadian cultures. Rita explained that her parents worry a lot. Calling her parents everyday to talk about the well-being of her family is a normal act for Rita. The same goes for many Italians.

In contrast, Sylvain pointed out that French-Canadian parents are more easy-going in terms of daily calls and family talks. It is thus more difficult for them to babysit their grandchildren. Use of Daycares Talks about daycares have been the source of much debate recently. When is a child ready to attend a daycare?

What is too young? Sylvain finds that many French-Canadian couples let their children attend a daycare at a very young age — younger than 18 months. They can go to the bathroom. They can play on their own. They interact with other children. They are then ready to attend a daycare.

The trick is to find a proper daycare, one where parents feel comfortable to send their children, said Rita. Nevertheless, Rita acknowledges that some parents have no choice but to bring their children at a young age to the daycare. Such situation is often due to financial limitations. Gender Roles and Parenting Since Rita is home more often than her husband, she assumes more of the domestic tasks: housekeeping and childrearing.

Alexia interacts more often with her mother in the course of the day. However, Rita mentions that when Sylvain comes home at night, Alexia is right beside him, spending time with her father. Sylvain admitted that he conducts most of the disciplining. He plays the authoritative role. She presses my buttons more. Pregnancy and parenting are not necessarily embedded within a cultural framework. I , rue Ste-Catherine O. St-Martin Ouest, Laval T Taschereau Brossard.

High school-Trade schoolUniversity-Postgraduate studies. We will publish it free of charge in our summer edition. Traditionnellement, la Sicile a toujours produits plus de vins blancs que de vins rouges. Toutefois, sa faible teneur en tannins rend son vieillissement difficile. Ici aussi, le fruit noir domine au nez. Fermez les yeux et laissez vous emporter par le vent. Pasquale L. Tra i presenti va segnalata la presenza dei giudici Brian Riordan e Antonio Discepola della. Numerosi rappresentanti del mondo politico erano presenti, come Michel Bissonnet, presidente. To see more about this event please visit our website.

Presenti tra gli ospiti anche rappresentanti. This is a jet-set and trendy-looking place, and you get very good-quality food, but for half the price. After having worked for years in restaurants himself, the year-old decided to partner up with Landucci to co-own Zioz. So, if the base of our clientele is Italian, you can be sure the food is good. Long benches line the entire side of one butter-coloured wall. Zioz can seat people, but Landucci says it is ironically a small room at the back of the restaurant that is a hit with party-throwers.

Italians are demanding…[but] the feedback has been great. In it Dario expresses his appreciation and emphasizes the importance of continued support and encouragement for our students. Each worked assiduously to seek many contributors and regrouped them or the foundation.

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In the future, investors are hoping to create awards in specific fields on study such as a Hydro-Quebec bursary for engineering students. Sono isole ricchissime di fiori esotici, di spiagge dorate con un mare limpido e splendente.. Thomas, U. Tante sono le opzioni nelle sale da pranzo: quella tradizionale sempre aperta e la popolare trattoria Sabatini. Proiezione di film sotto le stelle durante la notte o relax, nel santuario riservato agli adulti.

Prezzi per persona basati su doppia occupazione, incluso volo da Montreal andata e ritorno, trasferte e tasse. Terza e quarta persona su richiesta. I Prezzi possono cambiare al momento della prenotazione. Opened less than a year ago, the seat restaurant located at Yves Blais has already exceeded expectations. Owners Victor Salvatore and Antonio Ciarciello could not be happier. With a combined experience of over 20 years in the restaurant industry, the business partners felt that buying a Pasta Tutti Giorni franchise was a winning recipe for success. Specializing in delicious Italian cuisine, the restaurant is an excellent location for a business lunch, a family night out or a romantic date.

Antonio Ciarciello and Victor Salvatore welcome loyal and new customers on a daily basis. Pasta Tutti Giorni should feel as if it is a home away from home, a place where everyone can simply relax and have a good time. While the food and the prices might be wonderful reasons to eat at the restaurant, both partners acknowledge that above all, service is the most important element.

That personal style of service starts from the owners and trickles down to all the employees at the Pasta Tutti Giorni in Lachenaie. We make sure there is plenty of eye contact with our clients. Not a single customer should feel as if they are a number. I think that at the end of the day, I just want to know that my customers have walked out the door and that they were happy. That is what gives me satisfaction. We really want to build long-term relationships with our clients. The success of its first nine restaurants has led to numerous inquiries from interested parties who would like to start a franchise of their own.

Interestingly enough, many of these prospective owners are devoted customers who understand that good food, a friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices are a combination that naturally leads to success. For more information on becoming a part of the Pasta Tutti Giorni franchise family, please contact:. Disponible chez Milano. In less than one month spring will be in sight. Maybe one more snow storm before it gets warmer, the sun comes out of hibernation and melts away the winter for good, or at least a good while.

Ginger is in season and its fresh, strong flavour should be enjoyed in an Italian dish. By May everything should be green again including the asparagus which is at its best, especially when lying alongside pasta.

LETTERA DI UNA A.R.M.Y [ BTS italy project ]

Spring is a time of regeneration. Everything is new again, the earth, the air and the water. We are reborn. Our three seasonal ingredients mirror this feeling with their freshness, colour and radiance. We think of ginger as being typically Asian yet it has been used in Italian cooking since Roman times. Matched with garlic, pepperoncino and fire-red Italian plum tomatoes, this strong, peppery stem reflects some of the taste and character of the regions where its use is most prominent, the south of Italy. In a large saucepan, heat 3 table spoons of olive oil. Add garlic, ginger and chili peppers until garlic and ginger become translucent.

Add tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally, for 35 minutes. Remove from pan and puree in a blender. Boil pasta, drain, return to saucepan and toss with lemon juice and olive oil. Add half of the Pecorino Romano, stir in pureed sauce, mix well. Sprinkle remaining cheese as well as freshly chopped basil over top and serve. Eggs may be associated with breakfast in North America but Italians also enjoy them for lunch or a late supper.

Saute spinach with garlic and olive oil, chop. Break eggs into bowl and beat. Preheat large non stick frying pan with 3 tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat. Add egg mixture, cook for minutes or until the frittata has almost completely risen and has become crisp at the edges. Cover with large plate, flip frittata onto plate, return to pan, cook other side for further 2 minutes.

Sprinkle more Parmigiano on top, drizzle with olive oil and serve. It is beautiful to look at, has a delicate texture, whether crisp or tender, and its flavour is phenomenal. Of the many options one has with this vegetable, the most tempting choice is to pair it with pasta. The richness of a carbonara and the bite of perfectly cooked penne and asparagus are a consummate match. Blanche asparagus spears for minutes in boiling water, drain. Lightly beat egg yolks, season with salt, pepper and Parmigiano. Melt butter in a separate pan, add asparagus, thyme and toss.

Boil pasta, drain. Add hot asparagus and butter. Mix well then pour in egg mixture. Toss gently letting the penne get coated with egg. I always wanted a pet. Unfortunately, my sister has always been extremely allergic to cats and dogs so we could never have one. Hamsters were out of the question, for my mom, it would be like having rats in the house. We started with fish but the trouble is that the fun is over before it even starts. The most exciting part of getting goldfish was walking around with that plastic bag full of water and one fish.

We had a lot of toilet funerals. Then it was turtles, those little colorful ones that swim around, at least they had feet. One summer a pigeon found its way into our neighborhood so I kept him. My dad built a cage under our vines and I enjoyed feeding him grapes and watching him get fat. But he got out alive. Then one day in Spring my grandfather brought home an interesting little creature, a baby goat.

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He was black with a bit of white and quite gentle. No one said anything about where he came from or why he was here so I assumed he was for me. I spent the weekend playing with him in the back yard… Easter is a great holiday. I loved having Good Friday off from school, driving around with my family in the rain, it always rained on Good Friday , Mario had a little lamb Oggi non si mangia carne!

I myself had just played the part of the high priest one of the guys who bribes Judas to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver in the Easter pageant at school the day before, I did okay. Unfortunately, the way I chose to do it may have displayed a certain lack of judgement. Lying in my bed every night and knowing what was underneath it began to take a toll on me. Two cases of perfectly good chocolate right underneath me! It was like The Last Temptation of Christ.

I took one of the heavy little eggs, unwrapped it, and ate it. The next night I had trouble sleeping another egg and so on. I finished the two cases. My parents were not pleased. Once again, my insatiable appetite had gotten me into a predicament. They had to pay for the chocolate and I would have to pay some other way. You slice the bread, spread butter on it and peel your egg, we each had our own.

When we returned from Mass, lunch was already prepared, so I was rushed to the table. I looked around at the faces but no one said anything. They were all looking away, avoiding me. I glanced at my grandfather as he succulently tore at the juicy flesh and smiled at me slyly. He had the look of a fox. I looked over towards his back yard. No little goat, just the cord still tied to the fence. I never did eat the meat. Gli immigrati trovarono nella parrocchia il punto di aggregazione.

Nel Nicola Pace e Maria Stella Carini coadiuvati da Raffaele Tarasco ed Antonio Raspa, fecero una colletta tra i paesani e fecero realizzare una replica della statua del santo che fu solennemente venerata durante la precessione il mese di giugno del La sua completa realizzazione prevede diverse fasi. Simone continua la sua corsa alla vittoria. Ti denuncio [ Degan se la ride. Alessia comunica che occorrono due coppie formate, guarda caso, da un uomo e una donna: si compongono Simone-Nancy e Raz-Eva. Si tratta di un percorso ad ostacoli in acqua fino allo step finale, che consiste nel ricomporre un puzzle della Dottoressa Tibi.

E chiede subito come vanno le cose a scuola. Ti ha dato dei consigli? La pugliese riceve un bel mazzo di fiori. Poi, parlando della sua Isola e del suo lavoro, che ha intenzione di continuare, abbraccia la cugina, che ha per lei una sorpresa: un videomessaggio dalla Puglia da parte di amici e conoscenti. Inizia Eva. Tocca poi a Simone, che la supera arrivando a 44 secondi. Raz, invece, si ferma a 37, a pari merito con la Grimaldi. La Marcuzzi chiude subito il televoto.

Simone e Raz, poi, si avviano in macchina verso lo studio. In arrivo, inoltre, anche Paola Barale. La napoletana torna seduta, mentre Simone e Raz sono vicini allo studio. Poi lo benda per un gioco: deve riconoscere alcuni piatti e, di conseguenza, la regione di provenienza. Dopo aver salutato ancora una volta la Barale, riceve una sorpresa: un videomessaggio dal suo insegnante di yoga.

Buonanotte a tutti. In prima diretta su Canale 5, a partire dalle Con lei in studio Vladimir Luxuria, pronta a commentare le ultime prove dei concorrenti rimasti in gara.

Isola dei Famosi 2017: cosa è successo minuto per minuto nella finale di mercoledì 12 aprile

Non mancheranno le sorprese per i finalisti, che saranno accolti in studio da parenti e amici. In studio, inoltre, arriveranno Moreno e Giulio Base, i due ultimi eliminati della semifinale, che si aggiungeranno al parterre di ex naufraghi presenti. RSS feed per i commenti di questo post. Se sei registrato fai il login oppure Connetti con Facebook. Notifica via mail dei commenti successivi. Segui davidemaggio. Lucilla Agosti 1. Ambra Angiolini 1. Caterina Balivo 1 , 2. Dario Ballantini 1. Paola Barale 1. Pippo Baudo 1. Paolo Belli 1. Massimo Bernardini 1.

Lorena Bianchetti 1 , 2 , 3. Paolo Bonolis 1 , 2 , 3 , 4. Matteo Branciamore 1. Rossella Brescia 1. Lando Buzzanca 1. Luca Calvani 1. Fabio Canino 1. Gabriella Carlucci 1. Claudio Cavalli 1. Roberto Cenci 1. Piero Chiambretti 1. Gabriele Cirilli 1. Antonella Clerici 1 , 2. Carlo Conti 1 , 2 , 3. Laura Corbetta 1. Maurizio Costanzo 1 , 2 , 3 , 4. Lorella Cuccarini 1. Gigi D'Alessio 1. Cristina D'Avena 1. Alda D'Eusanio 1. Barbara D'Urso 1. Rita Dalla Chiesa 1 , 2. Wilma De Angelis 1.

Cristina Del Basso 1. Fabrizio Del Noce 1 , 2. Pierluigi Diaco 1. Riccardo Di Stefano 1.

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Massimo Donelli 1. Antonella Elia 1. Emanuele Filiberto 1. Francesco Facchinetti 1. Giusy Ferreri 1. Ficarra e Picone 1. Lorenzo Flaherty 1. Nino Frassica 1 , 2. Ludovico Fremont 1. Fabrizio Frizzi 1. Giulio Golia 1.

La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)
La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition) La Lettera di Pina (5) E Lì ti Troverò (Italian Edition)

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