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Conclusion 5. Acknowledgments IV. VSM Overview Contents note continued: 1. Light-Bleeding 1.

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  3. GPU Pro 5: Advanced Rendering Techniques;

Solutions to the Problem 1. Sample Application 1. Percentage-Closer Filtering with Large Kernels 2. Application to Adaptive Shadow Maps 2. Soft Shadows with Variable Penumbra Size 2. Results 3. Introduction and Previous Approaches 3. Algorithm and Implementation 3. Comparisons 3. Conclusions and Future Work 3. Algorithm 4. Comparison and Results 5. Introduction and Previous Work 5. Penumbra Width 5. Screen-Space Filter 5.

Temporal Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion

Filtering Shadows 5. Mipmap Level Selection 5. Multiple Occlusions Contents note continued: 5. Discussion V. Overview 1. Page-Peeling Effect 1. Enabling Two Pages Side-by-Side 1. Improving the Look and Antialiasing Edges 1. Direction-Aligned Triangle Strip 1.

Performance Optimizations and Power Consumption 1. Putting it Together 1. Future Work 1.

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Conclusion 1. Acknowledgments 2. Overview 2. Technical Details 2. Case Study: Bloom 3. Techniques 3.

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Optimizations 3. Conclusion VI. Surveying the Field 1. Query Quandaries 1. Wish List Contents note continued: 1. Conviction Solution 1. Battlefield Solution 1. Future Development 1. Background and Related Work 2. Pixel Derivatives and Pixel Quads 2. Pixel Quad Message Passing 2.

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  • PQA Initialization 2. Limitations of PQA 2. Cross Bilateral Sampling 2. Convolution and Blurring 2. Percentage Closer Filtering 2.

    Simple and Fast Fluids (GPU Pro 2)

    Appendix A: Hardware Support 3. System Overview 3. Populating the Virtual Environment and Behavior 3. View-Frustum Culling 3. Level of Detail Sorting 3. Animation and Draw Instanced 3. Acknowledgments VII. Vocabulary 1. Manhattan Grassfire 1. Horizontal-Vertical Erosion 1. Content-wise this book features a similar mixture of geometry, rendering, mobile development, engine design and miscellaneous other topics see full contents here.

    Also interesting, but in my opinion of little use is the trick presented by Holger Gruen of using the vertex shader and attribute-less rendering for tessellation. The same is done in Gruens approach but the kind of proxy is fundamentally different. This shows that the more flexible programming models of GPGPU programming are gaining traction in the context of rendering.

    I believe that we will see much more compute-rasterization-hybrid render in the near future. Are they worth reading? Definitely yes. If your interested in real-time graphics, you will find some nice bits in here.

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    View abstract. With Xavier Bonaventura. With Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Christopher Oat, Diego Gutierrez. With Aleksander Netzel, Pawel Rohleder. With Christopher Oat, editor. With Eric Penner, George Borshukov.

    With Donald Revie. Echevarria, Fernando Navarro, Diego Gutierrez.

    Mer fra Wolfgang Engel

    With Emil Persson. Global Illumination Effects. With Carsten Dachsbacher, editor. With Holger Gruen. With Wojciech Sterna.

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