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He was parcelling a bunch of rugby videos to send to the Harris home in the Bahamas. He wants videos of every bluddy match that's ever played. When I go on holidays out there, do you think I can sit in the sun by the pool? Not a hope. We have to go inside and watch another match video. Him and his bluddy rugby.

Jack, in point of fact, had a slight obsession with rugby too.

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Any hope, do you think, Jack, of an interview down in Renvyle, just rugby? A few days later came a call be at Renvyle at six in the evening.

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But it's to be rugby, strictly. So like the famous ride of Paul Revere, we tacked our way through foul weather and arrived in good time and mixing our methaphors a bit, too. And where was Mr Harris? He's in bed, he's been filming since five this morning up to his waist in water, he'd be very cross if we disturbed him. The interview got away to a dicey start.

The tape on the tape recorder decided to entangle itself like a mess of spaghetti bolognese but Harris fixed it. His views on rugby as expressed to the spaghetti? They were graphic, unrestrained, glowering, fiery and mostly libellous. I'll stand over every damned word. It was just like a rugby debate in any Limerick pub where the laws of libel stay outside the door, don't intrude, and Cork and all its rugby machinations are accorded their due deserts. I had dinner that night with Dicky Harris, and not Richard Harris, the man who purchased and starred in Camelot.

That made Richard Harris a multi-millionaire and showed he was not just a rugby aficionado and a world-class actor but a very astute businessman as well. Alan J Lerner, who wrote Camelot, tells the tale of Jackie Kennedy, just a week after her husband was killed, remembering: "When Jack quoted something it was usually classical, but I'm so ashamed of myself all I keep thinking about is that line from a musical comedy. What she said appeared next day in every newspaper across the USA and that night in the huge theatre in Chicago where Camelot was playing, the actor reached that famous line They don't weep very much any more and, perhaps, Camelot is slightly cloudy now.

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It is, crack on Steve. Like Ryan Giggs, who played for England schoolboys but is Welsh, if you go to school in England, you play for England. We drove down to Dublin where I met Maurice Price.

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I was called up to the U18 squad. Kevin was already playing for England schoolboys at that stage. I just knew what was coming. Gallen looks back on his time in the green jersey with immense pride. For starters I could hardly understand them. So far Gallen has taken off Mayo, Donegal and Geordie, but his Dublin accent is without question his best.

I was like, what are these guys talking about? He estimates that 30 per cent of the QPR fan base has some link to Ireland. I ask how many of the players in the youth team can play for Ireland. How many Irish are at this club?

Bradley Simmonds can play for Ireland. Younger down, Nathan Corkery, an attacking midfielder and Reece Cox, a striker, both play for Ireland. Roy Keane was on the course with him. Gallen had an interesting time with the former Manchester United midfielder. At some stage, Gallen wants to have a crack at management.

Then I will be the Ireland manager. Gallen still loves the Irish team, but thinks the glory days are gone.

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After the interview, Gallen gives me a lift to Acton. En route he calls his wife Katie and asks to speak to his son and daughter, they are on the loud speaker talking and singing about Ireland. Regardless of what division QPR are in next season, Gallen will be around.

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Must visit that pub! Good piece.

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Hope some of the younger kids come through and make an impact in the green next few years! Good read and Steve is a top man and at least one of the Gallen Boys that does not like simple minds. Saw Jim and Tess on the touchline at Acton and Ealing Whistlers games, went to school with Lorraine and Susan — Lorraine was in my class, so knowing the Gallens as I do this article is close to my heart.

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Garryowen - Recorder Garryowen - Recorder
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