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The Mercator European Dialogue makes it personal. We put you in touch with fellow parliamentarians to discuss pressing issues and help you realize your own initiatives. This is your chance to join a vibrant network of changemakers in parliaments across Europe and leading international policy experts. If you are a member of a national parliament in Europe and are interested in learning more, contact us.

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The MED Network. Dialogues Dialogues take place once a year, hosting between 30 and 60 Members of Parliament from all over the EU. Workshops Workshops give small groups of up to 15 participants the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation on specific topics, accompanied by expert input. Workshops take place approximately four times per year in changing locations, such as Athens, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona. Connecting and supporting our network Connecting and supporting our network is an ongoing task. Post-election calls are one way to ensure continued exchange within our network.

Modern cities can be built on time-honored principles and shaped by regional culture and local values, as demonstrated at Msheireb Downtown Doha. In this issue of Dialogue, we focus on the lifestyle sector and explore the role of convergence, experience, and placemaking in reshaping cities around the world. In a rapidly changing business climate, the most successful organizations are adapting their workplace strategies to focus on the needs of people.

The book captures the emotion and spirit of a super-highrise that is transformative in nature. Its chapters deal with the concepts underlying the design, the journey of construction, key components of the tower, and its impact on a world city. To a real estate portfolio replete with green branch banks, offices and mixed-use towers, PNC Financial Services Group adds a headquarters that raises the bar for energy response and workplace performance.

Workplace Revolution 2. An impressive roster of retail interiors for top brands that demand the highest level of design and an engaging customer experience.

Dialogue and conversation for learning, education and change | revolexituju.tk

A comprehensive survey of modern, passenger-friendly airports — the key connector to cities and regions in an expanding global community. Why Design Research? The first new downtown tower in 20 years marks L. LIVE as Southern California's premier setting for professional sports, headline entertainment and international conferences and conventions.

Completing a decade-long effort by AEG, the project doubles L. A rich resource on innovative design and best practices for buildings that boost performance for public agencies. A portfolio of design innovations and place-making solutions for a diverse range of education clients committed to excellent facilities. Once a generation, Las Vegas reinvents itself.

The Livability Issue. Issue Overview: Cities that can mix, fix, link and sync are the future Video. Taking Down the Walls. Healthcare and Its Communities. Why the future of health and wellness is human-centric and localized Article. An inside look at how we satisfy the insatiable demand for data Article. The Impact of Driverless Cars. A road map for making cities even more livable Article.

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Whimsy, Wonder and Imagination. On Track for Livable Growth. A survey of cities using transit-served urban centers to spark renewal Article. Dialogue 30 Livable cities weave community into every aspect of urban life. Learn more in the latest Dialogue.

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About A Gensler publication, Dialogue magazine is a forum to discuss new trends and issues of direct concern to our clients. We know that the most effective process for discovering these layers of meaning is through interactive and iterative dialogues and that if we undertake them sincerely and openly—and patiently—we can sometimes find our way to something entirely new.

We assume that individual voices speak and act for the system as a whole, and we listen carefully or a variety of voices and the competing values they represent. Logos means 'the word', or in our case we would think of 'the meaing of the word'. And dia means through'—it doesn't mean 'two' The picture or image that this derivation suggests is of a stream of meaning flowing among and through and between us. This will make possible a flow of meaning in the whole group, out of which may emerge some new understanding. It's something new, which may not have been in the starting point at all.

It's something creative. And this shared meaning is the 'glue' or 'cement' that holds people and societies together. The object of a dialogue is not to analyze things, or to win an argument, or to exchange opinions. Rather, it is to suspend your opinions and to look at the opinions—to listen to everybody's opinions, to suspend them, and to see what all that means We can just simply share the appreciation of the meanings, and out of this whole thing, truth emerges unannounced—not that we have chosen it.

Everything can move between us. Each person is participating, is partaking of the whole meaning of the group and also taking part in it. We can call that a true dialogue. Dialogue is the encounter between men, mediated by the world, in order to name the world. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channeling it toward something that has never been created before. It lifts us out of polarization and into a greater common sense, and is thereby a means for accessing the intelligence and coordinated power of groups of people. The roots of the word dialogue come from the Greek words dia and logos.

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Dia mean 'through'; logos translates to 'word' or 'meaning'. In essence, a dialogue is a flow of meaning. But it is more than this too.

In the most ancient meaning of the word, logos meant 'to gather together', and suggested an intimate awareness of the relationships among things in the natural world. In that sense, logos may be best rendered in English as 'relationship'.

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