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Diamond on a Landmine Songtext

Strangely though love sips in the relationship blinded by passion, oblivious of contradictions. Her strong desire and need to be loved, accepted and valued, takes precedence over her own desire to evolve and grow. She marries and financial comfort and the allure of possessions distract her from who she was and who she likes to be.

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For a long time she is bribed and blinded by the sparkle of the diamonds. She knows she is going against her purpose, her destiny. She knows she is giving up something very precious, something no diamond can fill.

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It takes a long time before she realizes that by giving up her dreams and values she is disappearing and is metamorphosed into a complete stranger. Events in her life force her to make drastic changes and after loosing something very precious she finally embarks in a journey of the soul.

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  • The book is about her journey to reclaim herself and to find the courage to shed any attachment she still has to the shines of the diamonds. She does this to give rebirth to her true self. Book: Trapped in a Diamond.

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    She's not a bauble you can brush aside She's been out doing what we just talked about--example Gave us back our businesses, got the English out And when you think about it--well why not do One or two of the things we promised to? But on the other hand she's slowing down She's lost a little of that magic drive--but I would Not advise those critics present to derive Any satisfaction from her fading star She's the one who's kept us where we are Chorus boys: She's the one who's kept you where you are.

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    She Is A Diamond She Is A Diamond
    She Is A Diamond She Is A Diamond
    She Is A Diamond She Is A Diamond
    She Is A Diamond She Is A Diamond
    She Is A Diamond She Is A Diamond
    She Is A Diamond She Is A Diamond

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