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This demo was apparently recorded in John's home studio at his Kenwood residence, Yoko adding a few vocal interjections. This recording, available in bootlegs, has no resemblance to "Sexy Sadie" at all, but has been viewed by many as a precursor to this " White Album " track because of it's subject content. In any event, it makes for an interesting listen. The lyrics were all in place, but the arrangement and structure needed to be fleshed out in the studio. In order to add to the illusion that the song was really about a seductress, John jokingly adds some lovesick repetitions of " Oh, Sadie " as the performance winds down.

The instrumentation comprised Ringo's drums on track one, John's acoustic guitar and George's electric guitar on track two, Paul on organ on track three and John's vocal on track four. In fact, the lengths of the song on the takes recorded on this day varied from to just over 8 minutes, indicating they didn't quite know how to bring the song to a conclusion as of yet.

The tempo of 'take eight' picked up a little bit, which promped John to suggest, "a bit less frantic, everyone - it seems to be getting heavy" before the eight minute 'take nine' began. Other comments caught on tape during these 'takes' were Paul lamenting, "It's all right to go through all of this," John relating, "I'm trying not to think of anything - that's a hard job," and Yoko piping in that she thought they could do it better, which prompted John to reply, "Well, maybe I can!

The instrumentation was the same as before, John on guitar and vocals, Paul on organ and sometimes piano, George on guitar and Ringo on drums. George still began the song with his jazzy guitar piece while Paul worked out the piano intro that eventually made it onto the released version. Martin being uptight, right? We're all here to do this. I mean, you're being very negative. Paul replied, "Yeah, I know. It's not very good," which prompted John to say, "It's because we stopped believing in it.

We forgot what it's about. This instrumentation this time around was Ringo on drums with George on tambourine on track one, Paul on piano recorded with an echo effect on track two, and John's electric guitar recorded with microphones placed at different distances from the speaker cabinet on tracks three and four of the four-track tape.

John's guide vocals, although not miked, were detectible at times on the other open mikes. These eight new 'takes' were very spirited and played at a slightly faster tempo, Paul's piano replacing George's jazzy guitar intro from the previous sessions. Everyone was satisfied with 'take ,' this now being used for overdubbing. John sang a lead vocal onto track four, which wiped out one of his guitar tracks, this prompting a reduction mix to be made since all four tracks of the tape was filled.

Four attempts at a reduction mix were made on this day, numbered 'take ' through 'take ,' which combined John's guitar with Paul's piano on track two, thus opening up track three for more overdubs. The group then took to recording yet another Lennon composition entitled " Yer Blues " until am the following morning when they finally called it for the night. Track three, however, contained a huge amount of elements all mixed together because of the various reduction mixes, comprising three electric guitars John on rhythm and George double-tracking lead guitar lines , Paul on piano, backing vocals from John, Paul and George with ADT "Artificial Double-Tracking" applied when transferred from the previous tape's track three, and a second piano part from Paul.

It was only two weeks later that eight-track capability was available at EMI Studios, which would have allowed much more flexibility in the recording process and not resulted in so many elements being reduced to one track as on this recording. The song was now finally complete, the session ending with the official mono mix being created by George Martin and engineers Ken Scott and John Smith.

A tape copy of this longer mix was made on August 23rd, which was taken away by Mal Evans and given to Ringo who thereby gave it to his friend Peter Sellers , this extended version eventually appearing on bootleg albums. Subtle differences in the stereo mix are found in the song's introduction, an extra tapping sound being heard as well as Paul's bass which was faded down in the mono mix. Of course, this session never saw an official release George Martin's son Giles Martin , along with engineer Sam Okell, returned to the master tapes to create a vibrant new stereo mix of "Sexy Sadie" for inclusion on the various editions of the " White Album " for its 50th Anniversay.

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They also created a stereo mix of the Esher demo of the song The Beatles recorded on May 29th, , as well as 'take three' of the song as recorded in EMI Studio Two on July 19th of that year. Song Structure and Style. One thing here that isn't typical is the omission of a concluding verse, although the conclusion actually consists of three instrumental renditions of the verse with little snippets of lyrics from the first and fourth verse thrown in by John.

The introduction is three measures long and is a near replication of what is heard as measures three through five in each of the verses. Paul's piano is the primary focus here, being augmented by some clicks and a couple tambourine hits from Ringo's overdub, as well as Ringo's introductory drum fill in the third measure which brings us nicely into the first verse. George's guitar is present as well, but is discernible only periodically, such as at the end of the second measure.

Ringo puts forth a drum fill at the end of the third and seventh measures which both consist of a hi-hat splash followed by a simple fill on mostly the snare drum. Ringo performs similar drum fills in the third and seventh measures but adds an additional one in the fifth measure which doesn't include the hi-hat splash as the others have.

The first bridge is heard next, which is five measures long. Ringo's beat throughout the bridge in focused on the snare and kick drum only without any use of cymbals whatsoever.

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George plays a fragrant winding lead guitar passage throughout the chord changes of this bridge. Double-tracking is evident in most of John's lead vocals during the bridge, but Paul's piano work is pushed more in the background revealing instead his Hammond organ chords as a backdrop to the proceedings.

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Ringo keeps up the snare and kick drum pattern for the first measure of this verse which then results in him performing a drum fill at the end of this first measure to go back to his hi-hat drum pattern from the previous verses, he then adding another drum fill in the fifth measure. The fourth verse is also similar in many respects, Ringo performing fills in the third, fifth and seventh measures again as he did in the second verse. Paul's frilly piano accent is heard again in the second measure but more prominently this time. This goes directly into the second bridge which is virtually a repeat of the first bridge except for the different lyrics.

This moves into the song's conclusion which, as stated above, is an instrumental version of the verse repeated three times. An instrumental bridge was also recorded here but edited out during mixing, as discussed above. Ringo then comes out of the bridge in the same way as he did from the first bridge, drum fill and all.

The tambourine finally makes a reappearance in the song in the fifth measure of this conclusion and continues then throughout the rest of the recording. Paul noodles around on the piano throughout this conclusion as well as plays chords on his overdubbed Hammond organ, thereby revealing Paul playing two keyboards simultaneously as well as bass guitar during this section of the song. American Releases. The " White Album " was released in the U. The album was first released on compact disc on August 24th, , then as a 30th Anniversary limited edition release on November 23rd, , and then as a re-mastered CD set on November 9th, The first mono vinyl version of the album didn't hit American shores until September 9th, , while an excellent new stereo vinyl release came out on November 9th, Various editions of the " White Album " were released on November 9th, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of its original release.

The "Deluxe" set, which was made available in a 3CD set and a limited edition gram 4LP vinyl set, contained the newly created Giles Martin mix of the " White Album " as well as the complete set of Esher demos that The Beatles recorded in late May of Live Performances. Isn't it a pity? While the Maharishi was dumbfounded at Lennon and Harrison leaving India in April of in such an uproar about something with such a slim premise, he appartently didn't hold a grudge. Twenty-five years later, in , George and his friend, author Deepak Chopra , visited the Maharishi and took the opportunity to ask him for forgiveness for the song "Sexy Sadie" and any bad press he may have received because of their visit.

This world religious leader replied that he viewed The Beatles as angels in disguise, siting how he heard that, during their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance in February of , no crime was reported in the U. Instrumentation most likely :. Written and compiled by Dave Rybaczewski.

Sexy Sadie (Remastered 2009)

Home Site Map. Search by Keyword Search. John Lennon and the Maharishi, circa Songwriting History "That was inspired by Maharishi. Recording History Although John abandoned his "Maharishi, what have you done " song in place of the title "Sexy Sadie" at the request of George Harrison in April of , John still recorded a half sung, half spoken demo sometime in May of that recounted his disillusioned feelings about his trip to India. George Harrison and Deepak Chopra. Conclusion While the Maharishi was dumbfounded at Lennon and Harrison leaving India in April of in such an uproar about something with such a slim premise, he appartently didn't hold a grudge.

First Name. Last Name. Lennon was deserted by the driver after his taxi got a flat. He said they waited for hours, and began to feel he didn't even want to go. Shumsky references Pete Shotton's book John Lennon: In My Life quoting Lennon as saying Maharishi "sent out so much energy he was like a magnet, drawing me back to him. Suddenly I didn't want to go at all, but I forced myself before it was too late.

He was also the happiest person I ever met, and he was filled with this energy that you wanted to be near him all the time. That transfer of energy you just get if you're close to him, you get it by osmosis, by sitting close to him, but if he looks at you and puts his attention on you, it's amplified tremendously. You're feeling these waves of bliss and waves of love, this unconditional love, this love that you've never experienced anything like it before.

Harrison later mused the incident may have caused the dysentery he caught in Madras which was cured by some amulets Ravi Shankar gave him. Lennon's instant karma kept flowing as he confessed to his wife Cynthia all of times he slept around. In her book John , Cynthia explains that she initially viewed the India visit as a second honeymoon and this litany was a shattering end. It was a long flight. When they landed in Delhi, Lennon and Harrison told reporters they had business in London and wouldn't appear in Maharishi's film.

Lennon told McCartney the Maharishi was "just a bloody old letch just like everybody else. What the fuck, we can't go following that! Maharishi "claimed to be Bal Brahmachari, which means 'life celibate' and he was not. Also, he encouraged his disciples to be celibate. He told his skin boys to be celibate," Shumsky explains.

I mean, he was really strong on advocating celibacy, and so people got angry because they thought that he was a hypocrite. McCartney called the Maharishi a nice fellow the band "wasn't going out with anymore. He's human like the rest of us. The Beatles wrote "48 songs in seven weeks" during their visit to Rishikesh. It was just a way of getting there, and you could go on amazing trips. Donovan showed Lennon the fingerpicking style he used on the songs "Happiness is a Warm Gun," "Julia," and a song about the sister of the future star of Rosemary's Baby.

The Beatles weren't in a popularity contest with Jesus, who spent forty days in the desert, though they spent little over a month in Rishikesh.

Sexy Sadie – I Won’t Let You Do This to Me lyrics

But those two people that I met, John and George, I really liked them, and they were very much up my alley. Cooke III tell the Maharishi. Cooke and his mother Nancy Cooke de Herrera traveled by elephant on a tiger hunt in Nainital. Richard shot and killed a tiger, just like in the song. The band wrote so many songs, a lot didn't make it to the "White" album, or to the Beatles catalog itself. The Beatles' publicist Derek Taylor reportedly remembered Lennon scratching the lyrics onto some wood in the Apple Corps office. Maureen Starkey saved the piece, which ultimately got into the hands of a Beatles collector.

The original lyrics were far more scathing before Lennon changed the protagonist of the song to Sadie. John played electric guitar and sang lead vocals, Paul played organ, George was on acoustic guitar and Ringo hit the drums.


The first track improvised lyrics about Brian Epstein and his brother Clive. The band also jammed on the George Gershwin classic "Summertime," for six minutes. The Beatles recorded 21 takes of "Sexy Sadie. The band recorded 23 more takes on July 24, using none. On August 13, they recorded eight takes, John played acoustic guitar and vocals, George played an electric guitar through a rotating Leslie speaker, Paul played piano through an echo effect, and Ringo played drums.

The band used the last take, numbered , for the basic tracks. The instrumental fade-out was longer and featured a breakdown based on the bridge. This was edited out prior to mixing.

The Deaths of "Lucy in the Sky" and "Sexy Sadie": A Tale of Two Women

On August 21, Lennon recorded a lead vocal and the Hammond organ. The band added bass, tambourine and two sets of backing vocals. George double-tracked the lead guitar on the ending. Ringo didn't take solos. His sound, the timing, the breaths, or cigarette puffs if the studio takes in the film Help!

The spaces he puts between beats on a run are drum solos by themselves. His bass drum and McCartney's bass strings invariably extend on each other to provide a solid foundation for slippery material. They didn't learn this on retreat in India, this came from a practice as regimented as daily meditation: rehearsal and performance.

Paul McCartney jauntily rises through the spiritual promise of the chords in the bridge, G Am7 Bm7 Cmaj7, as the band gives away everything to sit at her table. The glimpse fulfillment when the chords end on the C major chords as Sadie's smile lightens everything. Only to be let down by the "latest and the greatest" through the descending chromatics of A7 G G F 7. Lennon's vocals come in intimately, but not quite lovingly. He can't believe how far Sadie's foolishness has spread. The harmonies come in as he repeats himself in falsetto, creating a soft netting.

We don't know the singer is laying a trap, until Lennon warns "you'll get yours yet, no matter how big you think you are," as the piano tinkles backed with a high vibrato on the guitar. By the second bridge, the harmonies are calling to Sadie, at first seductively, but it turns into a heckle. As George's guitar riff takes over for the outro musical bridge, Lennon's voice becomes taunting, more distorted guitars join in.

The vocals seem to mock the giggling of the giddy guru with the head in the clouds. The Beatles "may have given everything they owned just to sit at her table," but they delivered a tasty just desserts as the song wound up on side 3 of The White Album , cuddled between "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" and McCartney's thrasher "Helter Skelter. Maharishi may have been coyly lampooned as Jeremy Hillary Boob, the nowhere man in the animated film Yellow Submarine.

After the Beatles left the Ashram, critics tagged them as eccentric faddists.

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  6. Lennon continued to look for himself through Primal Therapy sessions with Dr. Arthur Janov, but ultimately found solace in the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, Yoko Ono. Harrison embraced Krishna Consciousness under A. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, recording the mantra for the Hare Krishna movement and including it as the centerpiece of his song "My Sweet Lord. Harrison also gave a benefit concert for Maharishi's Natural Law Party in McCartney continues to quietly meditate in a dome in his home, reportedly on a round bed he got as a gift from Alice Cooper, who had gotten it from Groucho Marx.

    McCartney and his daughter Stella visited Maharishi in the Netherlands in He was 90 years old. I will miss him but will always think of him with a smile. The song itself turned 40 that day. Jai Guru Deva om. Read more of his work here or find him on Twitter tsokol.

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