NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)

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The Birth of an Art Form
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They legitimized it in the eyes of the the art world, and through the galleries, it came to be accepted by the public as well. I hope you enjoyed this overview of some of the important originators of the art of collage. Loved this overview! As you saw I worked on a collage yesterday. It is what I do when painting is just too hard.

Yesterday was one of those days. It is interesting, while working it brought me back to my childhood… I made hundreds of collages as a teenager. Hi Teri, thanks for visiting! I did see your collage yesterday, but had no idea that was something you did. So cool that you did so many collages as a teenager! Welcome back to collage! Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. First Name. Last Name. Expansion of Dreams. Shop the Small Collages Gallery. As the Crow Flies.

The Art of Collage. While Picasso and Braque were the first in the age of modern art to use collage, it was not their primary medium, nor did they use it extensively. The Big Step , Hannah Hoch. Kurt Schwitters. Kurt Schwitters, The Birth of an Art Form. Money Worries , Hannah Hoch. Dada Dolls , Hannah Hoch, Merzbuild , Kurt Schwitters, Romare Bearden. The Block , by Romare Bearden. She-ba by Romare Bearden. Serenade, by Romare Bearden Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse painting, Dessert Harmony in Red. Check out the video below to see why. Stay tuned…. T Hoover on February 8, at am. Strange planets made on Hollywood sound stages and spacemen floating in the black void fuel my work. I take these remembered moments of television and sculpt new narratives from cardboard, styrofoam, paint, smoke, and costumes.

These still and moving images, created with a blend of analog and digital processes, function both as dioramas to be observed and as a secret distant world you might explore in person, if only you could find your way there. Michael Lewy is an artist who works in a variety of media including photography, video and computer graphics. He currently lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with his wife and daughter.

Complexity Replica, presents a dense writhing network of forms and figures interacting in virtual space. This simulation of an agent based system cannot be planned out or predicted in advance. Each entity makes its own decisions about where to go and what to be. Through myriad micro negotiations a larger pattern emerges.

Although each agent follows simple rules, the outcome is not simple at all. The process is less like controlling a robot and more like growing a garden or maintaining an ecosystem. Andre Malan is an interdisciplinary artist, architect and urban designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. His research and design work at MIT explored the future of rapidly growing cities in Africa over the next century. Andre is an Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Fellow. By working in formats ranging from highly abstract to grounded and precise, Andre aims to tackle problems with vast spatial and temporal dimensions while remaining grounded in human experience.

This animation stems from the pure love of tacos; every bite, an out of this world experience. Stars pass by as the bottle of Solar Sauce remains in the spotlight alongside the giant taco that sits below. Only something as bold and strong as this hot sauce would make it through the infinite dimensions of stars and space. Whether it is type, color, image or a montage of multiples, there is always something eye catching and at times distracting to gain inspiration from.

She is interested in the communication design is capable of, and the power it has had throughout history. She acknowledges these historical moments in time where design has made an impact, yet looks forward to what art and design will accomplish in the future. It is expected that by , two thirds of those living on this planet will be city dwellers. Life flourishes through these bustling cities worldwide giving opportunity, entertainment and a sense of accomplishment to those dwelling in them. Surrounded by the chaotic, complicated buzz and pressure of this city life is the millions of individuals that move in, out and around them.

With this over industrialization, what are we as humans to do with what is left? The solid color block shows us the opportunity we have to change the world before it is overrun by bland shaped buildings filled with people packed in like sardines. Andrew Schuster is a designer from Lowell, Massachusetts. Graduating in , he will receive a BFA with a concentration in graphic design from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. His scope on design spans an interest of many decades focusing on the content and mediums before and during his time as a creative.

These works influence him and his design psychology as he continues to grow and learn passionately. Amazing new technologies are created every single day. Once one is created, it is human nature to push the new technology further than ever before. So far, 3D printing has been able to create an object that was once developed in a computer but what if it could also bring it to life?

In this fun and whimsical short animation, it shows what if a 3d printer could bring to life its creations and how much fun that could be. Austin Vincent is an animation major attending Lesley University with a focus in 3D. He started his art career in high school when he found his love for film making and visual effects and directed a film that won him a Scholastic Regional Gold Key. As he continues his college career as a student, he strives to be a fulltime 3D artist working for the companies that have inspired him to keep on creating such as Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic.

It shows a transition from one season to the other The gently floating leaves will have a calming effect on the viewer. Below is a still images of the darker more rotted side of this transition, that of decay. From that decay there also arises the shimmering beauty of color and light. Madeleine Altmann has been active in visual arts for most of her life.

Starting off in photography, she moved on to film, television, interactive telecommunications and video art. Along the way she has exhibited work around the world and accumulated a variety of kudos including awards from the American Film Institute and Sony Pictures. Involuntarily, the figures in the piece become obscured by mysterious, curved shapes, and transported to a space somewhere between reality and the chemical processes of their minds.

Sophie Calhoun is a designer and illustrator living in Somerville, Massachusetts. Her most recent work has focused on relationships between people and their bodies, their memories, and the world around them. This project aims to explore the classic still life and how it can be re-interpreted and re-imagined for the modern age. Still lifes are the quintessential classical figurative art.

By utilizing digital painting techniques and software, I aim to flip the idea of a still life into something new. I am interested in deconstructing the still life to play with spatial dynamics in a painting that might otherwise be taken for granted. Subverting the standard perfect figurative representation with a more abstract, sketchy appearance, mimicking the parallel of 2D to 3D. Breaking a piece into layers brings out the shapes and images that live within the original visual work, and by doing so, renews interest in the world around us.

Elliot Keeler is a multi-disciplinary artist. It often sheds light on the mundane to provide new perspectives on common artifacts. His work has lead him to murals across the U. He currently spends his time coming up with new bios to write. It consists of large-scale abstract compositions constructed with analog video synthesis hardware, as well as four short poems. As a public work of videopoetics which both refers to and interacts with a variety of light conditions, it is a meditation on — and an ode to — the cycles of time and human action which comprise the hour urban landscape.

Lauren Klotzman is an artist, writer, and occasional curator. Their recent work and research explores planned obsolescence, digital entropy, and the s. They are a firm believer in lo-fi decadence. While conducting research on my Sci-Fi art project Bigfoot Island, I became interested in artists making work in the field of Lumia, the creation of abstract light through mechanical means and liquid light, projections of chemical reactions by means of an overhead or opaque projector. Traversed Collages is an experiment of color and shape using animation.

Typically I doodle, cut, glue, and collage repetitive patterns to help cure late night insomnia or anxiety. The rhythm of making similar lines and shapes is meditative. I translated my physical, static drawings into motion graphics hoping to provide a state of calm or hypnotism to the viewer. Hannah McGrath is an emerging artist and Boston native. She started with experimental stop motion and later progressed to digital and interactive art. She incorporates elements of painterly colors and abstract shape derivative from her fine art background.

After living 2 years abroad in Tokyo, Japan, traveling, teaching, and making art, she now divides her time as an art educator and animator in Boston. Taking inspiration from the optical tricks of Dutch renaissance interiors and the elements of classical architecture, we propose a journey through a strange sequence of retina-melting spatial scans.

Each sequence is a disorienting collage of black and white or saturated patterns drawn from contemporary technology — barcodes, stripes, structured light projections, glitches — projected onto a constantly changing caryatid. The result is a dance between space, plane, texture, and light: ambiguity between what is a texture of the object and what is projected, what is in front and behind, at once highly sculptural and highly graphic. The project revisits classical elements of architecture in an age of machine perception.

Certain Measures is an office for design science. We are a hypothesis-driven design practice that brings deeper insight to the design of experiences, systems, and spaces using mathematics, new technologies, refined intuition, and restless curiosity. We aim to understand, enrich, and transform the human experience of space.

Examining the present through investigations of the recorded past and imagined future, my research and studio practice exists at the intersection of documentary and fiction. Referencing speculative fantasy alongside quotidian roadside Americana, my work interrogates multiple forms of the souvenir, be it a commemorative squished penny procured in a dusty museum lobby, a graffitied name left behind on a roadside overlook, or a lonely Youtube video shot on a smartphone in the desert. All genres of memorialization, these various keepsakes reflect the fallibility of memory, the malleability of history and various methods for the distribution of narrative.

For the past several years the mythology of the American road has been the focus of my research. Through the lens of post-apocalyptic fiction coupled with historical research, I look to construct a notion of the American highways as not only pathways to and through , but destinations in their own right. The road becomes a setting for a post-modern liminality that is at once a reflection of the past, a stage set for a most terrifying end, or perhaps an electrifying new beginning.

With a wide range of artistic influences, Lukas makes sculptures, prints, drawings, and intricate publications alongside long-term research-based projects, videos, and audio collages. Since graduating in May of , Lukas has been traveling the country in his Ford Ranger researching occurrences of hyper-localized, unsanctioned public name writing. I gathered all the materials needed to film and make experiments with inks and water.

Initially a vase, to a fish tank, to trying different elements. I was hoping this piece might reach the right someones at all the right moments… beautiful synchronicities… spark a remembering within them. Take it and run with it. Infinite possibilities. She has collaborated with contemporary popular electronic and ambient music pioneer Roedelius, worked in studio with Counting Crows founding member Matt Mally, and studied tabla and Hindustani classical voice in Kolkata, India.

This piece was shot on the Concord River in Massachusetts during very special weather conditions. In order for the ice to look this black and clear the temperature needs to drop very quickly and there can be no wind, rain or snow. The temperatures were around minus 7 degrees Fahrenheit, making conditions very difficult to work in since the camera battery dies quickly. I spent three weeks recording ice cracks along 4 miles of the Concord River. One of the biggest challenges was the reflection of me obscuring the depth of the cracks.

This to me seems symbolic of how humans often approach life. Obscuring the depths of infinite possibilities in life by their own self, all too often reflected distractingly back at them. Madeleine Altmann been active in visual arts for most of my life. Starting off in photography she moved on to film, television, interactive telecommunications and video art. In my art practice I use video, sculpture, performance, and digital storytelling to explores the sociopolitics of community.

By using my body and the camera I am able to navigate landscapes and recall personal stories that are transformed into abstract narratives used to explore my identity as a multicultural, biracial woman, continually discovering the negotiation of belonging. By using imagery of nature, I am interested in communicating current condition of parks and greens spaces throughout the city of Boston. Urban development and tampering have also caused a decline in native New England flora. The video Growing is made by printing onto a fabric I make dresses from. The image is from the Boston ivy I usually project and perform with.

I wanted to take the digital and turn it into a 2D from that would again translate into a 4D time-based media through video. This translating from one media form to another refers to the use and manipulation of nature in urban green spaces. How many of these environments are constructed at a high cost and are used as bargaining tools for development negotiations. Pointing to the changes and control these types of green spaces have on a neighborhood and city, and how access is decided by location and design. A Day at Walden Pond consists of a series of vignettes based on ink drawings created while at the pond over the summer.

Recently, he has created nine site-specific animations for the 80 foot-tall outdoor marquee at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center as well as a video art for a digital billboard opposite Fenway Park in Boston. Apparition is an investigation and translation of an amalgam of systems that is inherently invisible to most of us. Using low-tech sensors, I have extracted wind patterns, temperature, humidity, and movements of snow storms during the winter of I compared this data to the data extracted from the internet.

Using mathematical formula, I begin the translation of those data points into video. It is the numbers that formulate each of the rings. Temperatures link to colors. Bang Luu is a Boston based artist whose work explores the way current social and technological systems apprehend the world. She is investigating the role visual aesthetics play in the translation and understanding of new and existing algorithms for the discovery of patterns, correlations, and outliers.

Everything is connected. I think the key word is sacred. Justin Freed is a multimedia artist. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in His original artistic output consisted of single channel videos and films. He then moved on to integrate a variety of electronic and digital technologies into his 3D and sculptural work. In addition to this, he has been building electronic musical interfaces, and is very active in electro-acoustic improvisation. His music is available on Sublingual Records. Hurricane Turkey experiments with old and new media to create an uncanny effect.

A surreal stimulation of static and moving image, Hurricane Turkey uses tactile and digital content alluding to our internalized dissonance. Using tertiary colors provocative of queerness, they reproduce everyday icons and imagery into androgynous, new hybrid forms. Her latest project is a hand painted apparel line named Nippy Gibbler. Keaton Fox is a multidisciplinary artist who uses art and technology to reflect the digital disarray of the modern world.

The narrative art of Walton Ford.

Fueled by childlike fascination and frustrations, Fox combines the natural with the virtual to create visual experiments that playfully explore the varied realities of our time. She has exhibited nationally, internationally, physically, and digitally. The Meridional Overturning Circulation is the primary system of ocean currents spanning the entire globe, driven by temperature and salinity-dependent instabilities, and large-scale wind patterns.

Cold, salty water is more dense than warm, fresh water, and when you have this vertical instability in the water column, you have overturning. This is the depth to which photosynthesis can be sustained — the deepest direct influence of natural illumination from the surface the Sun. In the context of global climate, the deep ocean is the most dominant reservoir of heat on Earth, a density-driven, multi-layered network of flows connecting the polar regions. The deep ocean is essentially unfathomable, a vast commons for doubt, where our relationship oscillates between rigorous debate and detached ambiguity.

Like the Arctic and the Antarctic, it affects innumerable downstream climatic changes, but is far more difficult and expensive for scientists to explore and sense directly. And so, it remains a hiding place — a dark, massive, subconscious presence that lies outside the domain of what society generally perceives as under its control or as its responsibility. The ocean is deep relative to our knowledge of it, but also shallow relative to our influence.

Benjamin Bray is an artist of oceanography and new media. His works range from experimental renderings of ocean science and climate change to site-specific installations in the Arctic, utilizing photos, maps, video, and often glass, ice, and water. Mark J. Stock is an artist, scientist, and programmer who creates still and moving images and objects combining elements of nature, physics, chaos, computation, and algorithm. He has spoken at numerous scientific, graphics, and art conferences and workshops, and has published papers in a variety of fields.

My work is concerned with dimensional folding of time and space in addition to the peace and evenness of space that she discovered in New Mexico. What does a dimensionally splitting sky look like? Her work focuses on lived experience blended with well-honed paranoia, using her body as the primary vehicle. Her most recent work is on the foot tall 7-screen marquee at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Anne Lilly uses carefully engineered motion to manipulate our perceptions of time, place and self.

Her austere, meticulously constructed sculptures move in organic, fluid and mesmeric ways, pressing rational qualities against the sensuous response of each piece. She works in Somerville, Massachusetts. The collaboration between Shi and Schade animated the altered landscapes, creating rain over the mountains, floating clouds over the Colosseum, and the rising sun over ruins. Wenhua Shi pursues a poetic approach to moving image making, and investigates conceptual depth in film, video, interactive installations and sound sculptures.

Upon graduation he attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Currently he is an assistant professor in painting at UMass-Boston. Originally made in and using oil on pigmented plaster, the significance of these works is even more striking today. Christen Shea is an interdisciplinary artist with an interest in moving between physical and virtual space to explore fluidity in material and meaning. She works in sculpture and 3D computer graphics and animation to create dynamic virtual assemblages that spread out into physical space.

Working with the physical site of the marquee and the physical medium of painting, she uses animation to continue these investigations in fluid materiality. Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz is new to the world of digital art but has been making paintings and sculptures of a socially engaged nature for over four decades.

She shows regularly at the Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston. Rise of the Conical Hat s is a site-specific work that explores the discourse of Vietnamese culture and history through an illustrative narrative of hope. Ultimately, the heroine prevails in the struggle for freedom. She is invested in socially engaged art that sparks discourse and conversation on social justice. Daniel Lam is a Vietnamese American multimedia artist, biologist and licensed pastor. He has a passion for storytelling through digital art and wants to utilize his skills to document and preserve history for future generations.

Vanishing Points is a site-specific, video installation by Allison Maria Rodriguez and Ashley Billingsley exploring entanglement and exploitation in the natural environment. The landscape is animated with life and movement, locating the figure within a context that becomes progressively less hospitable to other life forms as the figure undertakes an allegorical and self-serving process of accumulation. Allison Maria Rodriguez is a first-generation Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist working predominately in video installation and new media.

Her work focuses extensively on environmental issues, particularly species extinction and climate change. Her video installations aim to create immersive experiences that transcend conventional ways of knowing and understanding the world. She is the recent recipient of the grand prize at the Creative Climate Awards and a Earthwatch Fellowship. Her influences range from martial arts philosophy, practice and cinema to the folklore and sense memories of her home state of Virginia. I would like to show this work on the Marquee to describe a state of observation, a self-reflection. The rituals of personal landscapes like touching water and walking on the ground, are elemental relationships we have as humans in bodies.

To recapture those last and peripheral moments, a sculptural transformation of water with a slow motion video of a bare foot traveling through water and a triplet of still images below grouping us, literally, juxtapose two visual interpretations of human movement. Through performance work, drawing, video, installations, and other methods, I try to work with material specificity according to site and its implied corporeal relationships. She currently resides in the US. To make this peice I photographed multiple buildings around the city and combined them into a morphing surface.

I then embeded that into a 3-d rendered blueprint type design to show the relation between the surface designs and basic geometric concepts. Glints of light, passing of shadows, the choreography of perpetual existence sets the stage for this Delphian ballet. The transmigration has begun, the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning.

Jing Wang , a composer and virtuoso erhu artist, was born in China. Her compositions have been selected and presented throughout the world. This is Just a Test Self Portrait is a conceptual, abstract, autobiographical piece created specifically for Boston Cyberarts and the marquee. The fleshy color palette here references structural racism encoded in cinematographic color tests which the field of anthropology perpetuated by incorporating into its fieldwork practices. The proportions of the flesh tones in This is Just a Test Self Portrait , as well as the colors moderating between them and the traditional video test bar palette, were generated by a consumer genetic test.

So this is also a report on the results of that test—a data-graphic portrait of my personal genetic history. Heather Kapplow www. She creates engagement experiences that elicit unexpected intimacies using objects, alternative interpretations of existing environments, installation, performance, writing, audio and video. Her work has received government and private grants and has been included in galleries, film and performance festivals in the US and internationally.

Dancers and floats adorned with ornate plumage and costumes are the work of thousands of hours of artisans and craftspeople who bring this vibrant West Indian tradition to New England. This piece was created with help from production assistant Prophet Parker-McWhorter. London Parker-McWhorter is filmmaker and digital artist based in Boston. His visual work is informed by tradition as a third generation photographer. Visit bit. It all started when people began taking cats aboard ships, probably since ancient Egypt.

Cats provided companionship to the sailors far from home. As people sailed everywhere, so did the cats. There on a secluded wild beach a colony of feral cats live in a sunny paradise. No longer expected to do anything for people, the cats are free to simply exist. They emerge from the rocks at sunset to listen to the waves while dolphins frolic in the water. Discharged into the Palos Verdes Shelf during the s and 60s, the pesticide wreaked havoc in the marine and avian ecology.

The area became a Superfund site in , and the DDT concentrations have slowly declined over time. Despite the danger in the water, the cats continue to exist. And so it turns out that the cats are still doing something for us. They are living symbols of a post-work society transcending a damaged environment and offering hope for our future.

Misha Rabinovich is an artist, developer, and educator investigating the idea of waste as a cultural construct. He was recently growing plants using only the dynamic light and sound of projected Internet video to create a web-enabled alchemical installation that transmutes cultural waste into fertilizer. I was wondering if I could reach through the earth and get someplace else on the other side. Perhaps with very long arms I could dig through the snow and find sunshine. My excellent sister, who shot some of the images, introduced me to the beautiful city of Santo Domingo this year.

Wetmore served as a juror for the video dance festival InShadow of Lisbon in Boston Letterpress highlights the history and current vitality of letterpress printing in Boston. Today, letterpress printing is alive and well with several thriving local shops. Mitchel Ahern is a letterpress printer and performance artist living in Lynn, MA.

He also performs on instruments he has invented such as the harrow, solo and in ensembles. Mitchel teaches letterpress classes at the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, prints out of his own shop, mitchelka Show Card Press, and refurbishes and helps maintain Golding presses. His work features the projection of live, video imagery using systems of his own design, which allow him to create interactive visuals out of movement, objects and light.

They are now in their 10th year of bringing together ensembles of artists from the worlds of theater, music, visual arts, and everything in between, as a forum for collaborative expression while enriching communities. FPTC assisted in this production, and will be hosting an educational event supporting Boston Letterpress. The Museum of Printing , in Haverhill, is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the graphic arts, printing and typesetting technology, and printing craftsmanship.

In addition to many special collections and small exhibits, the Museum contains hundreds of antique printing, typesetting, and bindery machines, as well as a library of books and printing-related documents. Museum staff assisted in this production and will be presenting at an educational event supporting Boston Letterpress with a presentation by Frank Romano, author and RIT Professor Emeritus. Keaton Fox is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses art and technology to reflect the digital disarray of the modern world. Fueled by child-like fascination and frustrations, fox combines the natural with the virtual to create visual experiments that playfully explore the varied realities of our time.

These spontaneous drawings created on my iPad erupt from a mirthful and meditative place within me. They are made in a joyful, searching spirit by a child who teaches me how to live. He takes my delight in abstraction, animation, humor and fantasy and somehow draws it out of me. It has become a daily practice of discovery. This piece could not have been created without the skill of James Manning. He deserves more than equal credit. The animation uses images of light graffiti created by the youth. The images are self-expressions consisting of words, movements, and symbols that represent something or someone of great importance.

The title is inspired by the process of bridging our differences through sharing our stories and expressing them visually. She is a documentary filmmaker and new media artist exploring concepts related to memory and community. The Web is a site-specific work created for the Art on the Marquee project. The imagery, which appears in inverse and slightly modified form on the top and bottom screens, references an outwardly expanding web-like structure that ultimately fills the entire screens.

Dennis H. Miller is on the Music faculty of Northeastern University. His mixed-media works, which illustrate principles drawn from music composition applied to the visual realm, have been performed at venues throughout the word and are available at www. This piece is based on dendritic solidification, the growth of branching structures in supercooled fluids.

Intricate forms emerge during crystal growth due to the interplay of phase change and temperature as liquid becomes solid. Nervous System is a generative design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. Designers Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg explore how simulations of natural processes can be used in design and coupled with digital fabrication to create one-of-a-kind, customized products.

Jessica and Jesse both attended MIT, where she studied biology and architecture and he studied math and computer science. Three Fountains is a series of three animated sculptural fountains created using procedural simulation in 3D computer graphics software. Translating blueprints of the marquee into a virtual 3D model, simulations are constructed to interact and collide with the marquee as a three-dimensional object.

Cloth, hair and fluid simulations evoke the idea of the fountain as a mediator through which these dynamic events occur. Christen Shea is an interdisciplinary artist interested in the transcendance of objects between physical and virtual space through video, sculpture, and installation. Sense s of Time depicts the lyrical and poetic passage of time and focuses on defining subjective and perceptual time with close attention to stillness, decay, disappearance, and ruins, by using time lapse to manipulate and preserve actual time.

Out for a walk in Florence is a bit of a reflection on the huge Bill Viola retrospective this summer in Florence at the Strozzi Palace, where the architecture was shot. As he spends time with simple gestures reflected in the local historical paintings, like The Deluge, I am imagining a world of many small surreal moments built into the Italian architecture with unexpected bends on the passing landscape of tourists. I designed Game Worlds for the Marquee to showcase how games bring people together on a global level. With a press of a button, the Marquee transforms into pixelated environments that evoke a variety of cities and towns around the world.

These five locations are inspired by places I have lived, where despite culture and language barriers, my passion for playing and making games helped me to find and build communities. In the face of cultural disparity, the power of play remains a uniting force. Sarah Zaidan is a game designer, artist, and researcher whose work explores how video games and comic books can engage in a dialogue with identity, gender, and citizenship.

She is an assistant professor at Emerson College, where she teaches video game design and history, and is a faculty fellow at the Engagement Lab. She is a co-creator of the feminist superhero comic My So-Called Secret Identity, and is currently developing a video game about the cultural importance of female superheroes through history.

Fort Point artists Matthew Shanley and Laura Davidson collaborated to create a video focusing on how their neighborhood looked over a hundred years ago. In a neighborhood currently experiencing unprecedented change and growth, this view into the past gives a glimmer of history to the buildings that surround us still. The photographer is unknown. Laura Davidson is an artist who makes books, drawings, paper mosaics and prints. She incorporates many types of materials in her work, including wood, paper, gold leaf, and objects found in her eclectic collections.

Her interest in mosaic and other classical methods frequently show up in her work. She has received several grants for her work, and her books can be found in private collections and libraries throughout the United States and around the world. Matthew Shanley is a multimedia artist whose range of practice includes sound, installation, public art, generative computer projects, video, internet art, and print.

He currently resides in Boston, MA. Natural Holdings seeks to remind us to have hope and appreciate beauty, just as nature begs us to be present. Just like poppies and forests, good things in our lives can be gone in a blink. We may not even notice them or fully appreciate them until they are gone.

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Nature also reminds us that there is light and dark in the world — there are opposing forces. The wise recognize the difference and work for the good. The careful and thoughtful do not take for granted our earth or our allies. Award-winning artist Julia Blake has an impressive ability to work across many styles from abstract to figure. She tends to use vivid colors, high contrast and bold strokes to create aesthetic and meaningful works. She trained privately and at the MFA in Boston. She lives in the Boston area with her husband their six children.

He led a humanitarian documentary filmmaking workshop in Belize, and he has studied filmmaking at MassArt and marble sculpting in Tuscany, Italy. Boundaries between human and natural world break down as a wondrous spinal pathway is traced in a psychedelic field of sea-like flora, obscuring and revealing a landscape of arcing serpentine spheres that play with space, color and time.

Sarah Bliss is a filmmaker, educator and curator whose hand-processed films and expanded works are rooted in deep encounter with the sensate, desiring body and its relationship to memory, place and time. Her work is often three-dimensional, immersive, and site-specific. Current projects include a feature personal doc exploring the politics of desire in the context of aging, illness and death; and the production of film tints and toners made from mushrooms, lichen, bark and nuts.

Cynthia McLaughlin is a multi-media artist and choreographer. Currently, McLaughlin is based in Western Massachusetts where she has continually received fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to create public installation and performance work. Jan Roberts-Breslin is a media artist whose video art has been screened and won awards at U.

Daniel Breslin is an artist whose work has been show in group shows across the country. Religious and social themes, which have been the focus of much of the work over the past few years, has transitions to a more political focus of late. Most used are the traditional painting mediums of encaustic and oil, with the inclusion of found objects and wood constructions. The multifaceted practice of Jutta Friedrichs engages with people, public space, and the built environment. As a curator, she works with architects, designers, sculptors and other artists in a range of media to encourage dialog between new artworks and the broader context of the existing physical environment.

In her writings and multichannel audio-visual installations, she explores cultural and phenomenological interrelations between body and the built environment, as in her recent investigation The Inconspicuous Life of Walls and her video piece Dream, Echoes, Debris. As an arts producer, she has brought about a series of multi-sensory dining events designed to investigate the interdependencies of the food supply chain.

She is currently a mentor at the Harvard Innovation Lab where she advises students in the Cultural Entrepreneurship track and has served as an art and design critic at Harvard and MIT. She is the cofounder of Changing Environments, a company developing smart urban furniture, whose first product, Soofa, has been well received in publications such as The Washington Post, Mashable and Fastcompany. The Marquee has a monumental presence as it stands at attention by the side of the road.

Due to its digital nature it has ephemeral qualities as well, changing content and appearance with every moment that passes. Fragile Monolith translates these qualities into a simulated physical interpretation.

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Using techniques used in projection mapping, The Marquee appears to be re-formed out of a collection of fragmented pieces which build themselves up to fill the shape of the marquee, reconfigure themselves, and crumble away. Sean Bowes is an animator, designer, artist, and live visualist based in Boston, MA. For this piece I wanted to honor the very insides of the computers and machines that allow us to make this work in the first place.

The marquee starts as a building facade in a busy city. Chatoc lights flicker and cars zoom past. As the camaera zooms out it reveals the building to be part of a larger whole, and the city itself to be a working circiut board. Devon Bryant is a multi media artist based in Charlestown, MA. He is best known for large scale projection mapped buildings, stages and sculptures. Devon is a project manager for Zebbler Studios, projection coordinator for Illuminus Festival, and co-curator of Glitch Gallery.

Never Too Late uses uses a timelapse I had taken of the sun setting beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The purpose of this piece is two-fold. Popper is a site-specific piece composed for the Art on the Marquee project. Miller is on the faculty of Northeastern University in Boston. The brushstroke is an important element of my work, and it represents the starting point of my media art creation. Currently I push myself to work with multiple bright colors, and not just black.

The Art of Collage, part 1

This work is inspired by the cycle of life. But only after it swirls, a new life begins. Through my work I would like to make people look at their lives positively and differently. People are sometimes disappointed when something ends, however, I believe that the end is the beginning, and all matters will continue.

Mitsuko Nakagawa is a multimedia creator and an award-winning textile artist from Tokyo, Japan. Her textile work, made out of natural fibers by using a hand-felted technique, was shown at the Toyota headquarters building in Tokyo and received an award in the Material section at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. After running her textile studio in Tokyo for over 15 years, she changed her medium from textile art to media art to explore a new way of representing Japanese art. Currently, she has created a series of installations by using projection mapping or AR augmented reality.

Over the course of the past year, I have been conducting interviews with different female-identified artists about childhood fantasies that assisted them in overcoming trauma or extreme circumstances. Her work explores the limits of representation and the space in between meaning. She is consistently searching for methods and approaches that destabilize perceived ways of knowing and understanding the world. Hot Ocean is about the effects of global warming on a sea aquarium and its inhabitants, which escape and rise towards the sun. Hot Ocean is created by fabric artist, Clara Wainwright, and animator, Emily Hofelich, who are optimistic that the ocean and its inhabitants will eventually return to health.

Emily Hofelich is a filmmaker and new media artist. Her work focuses on the fusion of craft art forms with new media. A mutual interest in quilting sparked the collaboration with artist, Clara Wainwright. Clara Wainwright is a textile artist who has worked with more than 50 community groups, schools, churches and mosques to create collaborative quilts. Cube Experiment 2 is an exploration of form, weight, timing, and the laws of physics.

Cubes fall into the Marquee as if poured into a container. Jeffu Warmouth is a Massachusetts-based conceptual artist whose work asks the viewer to unravel their relationships to language, identity, and culture. When I was first conceiving this animation I was considering two diametrically opposed aspects of humanity, our scientific progress and how we can simultaneously regress on a societal level.

I decided to focus on the technological achievements of humanity using imagery of a space shuttle launch. We are the only mammal to migrate and thrive on every unique environment on planet Earth. I feel that it is absolutely remarkable that we then looked up and chose to travel to an environment completely inhospitable to us — space. I added a clip of Belka and Strelka, two Soviet space dogs who were launched into low Earth orbit for a day and were the first Earth-born creatures to go into space and return safely, thus paving the way for increasingly complicated manned missions.

I planned this animation to have the aesthetic of a moving ink drawing to purposely give a sense of tradition and physicality in juxtaposition to the mechanical engineering required for launching such complicated machinery into space. Additionally, I felt the appearance of a traditional medium on such a modern site as the marquee would further highlight our technological progress while staying cognizant of our humanity.

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  • Christine A. Banna is an interdisciplinary artist who pulls from both modern and traditional methods such as painting, drawing, video, sound and animation and utilizes them in her practice. The solidness of the giant marquee becomes broken into cubes, yet stays solid. I want this piece to elicit a very distinct feeling in the viewer, something akin to awe one feels when looking from the top of a mountain. In Squeegee , animated window washers scale the marquee, polishing the glass as the clouds drift by. Would a world-wide total jump perpetuate a disaster or unite humanity against all odds?

    Total Jump is an ongoing utopian thought experiment, mobile app, and arcade style game. The game trains people for a coordinated worldwide jump where every single able-bodied human lands at exactly the same time. The extreme difficulty of accomplishing a worldwide Total Jump combined with the ease and fun of training for it invites the audience to bridge the gap between a postmodern pluralistic world and the necessity of global coordinated solutions to immense problems facing the human race.

    This custom animation for Art On The Marquee visualizes a hypothetical Total Jump intended to provide a poetic interpretation of the Anthropocene and question where our cultural power is leading us. Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich work collaboratively as artists and curators to create works which engage ideas and practices that involve sharing communities, livable ecologies, and the transmutation of waste. Among other things they create interactive games, installations, and happenings where audience participation is a key component of the work and its message.

    She was also known for her strong views against slavery. This is why I animated one of her most important letters to President Adams, dated March 31st to honor her. More than years later women were still fighting for their rights. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or representation.

    She creates screen based, computer generated work using video, photography, physical computing and data. Her work incorporates contemporary languages such as video games, advertising, repetition and massiveness. This is why over 15 years her work has been focused on creating messages where she depicts the fragility of our environment, community equality and immigration concerns, exploring the questions of being Latino in the US.

    Lina truly believes in the power of contemporary art trough digital storytelling in public spaces. Notable achievements include being part of the team that created the award winning educational website JFK Lina was cited by the city of Boston for her work generating awareness on the dangers of heroin use.

    This Project is an ongoing large-scale artwork to document my village using digital painting of the individuals who together make up the community. The focus is on the villagers as a group, not a singular person. The final work will be an environment that houses metal prints of the villagers. I set out in on an ambitious project to digitally paint portraits of the people of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, my home.

    I have painted towards my goal of completing faces. Jon Goldman is an award-winning media artist based in Woods Hole, who explores ecology , technology, spectacle, community and archive as integral parts of his practice. He has shown extensively around the U. Japan and Korea since receiving his Masters at M. His work ranges from large-scale architecturally installed kinetic inflatable sculptures, to short films and animations such as Emmy-nominated Swim.

    He is currently illustrating a graphic novel written by Jim Uhls, screenwriter of Fight Club. Vortex is an experimentation using high and low fidelity techniques to create a whirlwind of pattern, color and texture. Timelapse footage of rapidly passing clouds in the sky are layered together with footage of a pen drawing radiating spirals on a piece of paper placed on top of a spinning turntable.

    The clips are layered together digitally to create a cyclonic montage reminiscent of early surrealistic film techniques. Many of his pieces straddle the line between a structure being torn down and a structure being erected. The Intersection is an ode to the art of the theatre marquee. In searching for inspiration, I found a broad range of styles from bold, bright colors, to classical arrangements of lightbulb sequencing. I incorporated a bit of everything in the final rendering.

    The marquee, in this case, is advertising for the theatre that is the intersection where it stands on Summer Street. The films shown are simply things that happen at that intersection. He continues to paint, draw, and write on the side — now that is living on the edge! What brings us solace in times of uncertainty? Maybe the fish knows. John F. Quirk is a filmmaker and a teacher.

    Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone (Official Music Video)

    His work explores the uncertain, the world of media and the subconscious. The intention is light-hearted visual play and an appreciation for four spectacular beasts from the suburban backyard to the savanna wild. She has a short but colorful background in studio art and animation, and has recently become interested in exploring spatial projections and exhibition design.

    She would like to express thanks to Boston Cyberarts and the MCCA for their dedication and kindness in maintaining this project. My Three Sided Moon examines the imprecise and simultaneously powerful use of symbols and classic tropes to communicate a story. This piece invites the viewer to react based on their first associations with common symbols such as a triangle and the moon, and classic narrative themes such as the expansion of technology and lusting after the unknown in outer space. Brophy primarily creates multimedia paintings and digital animations.

    In Under the Weather , shadowy figures trek with ponchos and umbrellas as ominous clouds boil skyward. The underwater aquarium tunnels at the Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain are the source of the underlying video featured in Aquarium Dreams. In the video, a school of fish is multiplied and transformed into an aquatic meditation of flow and color.

    Jon Forsyth is a multimedia artist specializing in video, sculpture, photography and graphic arts. I shot videos of several bodies of moving water throughout Massachusetts, displayed them on tv screens and projected others on a sculptural installation. My intention was to create a rapturous experience for the viewer, the feeling I had when I captured these events. I believe that water is our sacred vessel. The flow of water connects us to our essence. It is a dream come true to display my work on a three-dimensional light sculpture that illuminates the ecstasy of flowing water.

    Freed was influenced by people such as Eugene Atget and Walker Evans, and was also drawn to abstract art as well as landscape photography. He was a co-creator and programmer for the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge in, and took over the Coolidge Corner Cinema in molding it into one of the leading art cinemas in America. He also produced photography for numerous lps and cds for jazz musicians like Ran Blake.

    Breast cancer is well known and well documented with a social movement advocating research and treatment. Nonetheless, public comprehension of breast cancer is limited, and the actions that can be taken to prevent, detect, and treat cancer are still not well understood by the general public. The prevalent use of the pink ribbon and other products illustrate happy and uncontroversial symbols that have helped to shelter people from the biological terror that is breast cancer. I hope to engage and educate viewers with illustrated biological imagery of cancer and emphasize the importance of regular checkups and preventive measures.

    I hope to assist those who are battling cancer to be aware of support and to feel less alone by exploring grief and, ultimately, healing wounds developed from this tragedy. Bang Luu is a Boston based artist who seeks to link technology with various traditional mediums, tackling internal thoughts in response to the uncontrollable impact of the external world. Her work creates a transient artificial space that one can escape into, thereby breaking away from the normative world.

    Conventional architecture promotes social and economic hierarchies. It distinguishes public from private, welcomes us inside or bars entry, expresses our wealth or poverty, directs where we look, walk, sit, and stand. Because the surface of the Boston Marquee is entirely wrapped in screens, its architecture becomes unfixed. It is shiftless, more optical than physical, and through collaboration with artists, its architecture becomes participatory rather than impassive. These factors allow for the deconstruction of conventional architectural hierarchies, creating new possibilities for spatial experience.

    For this work, I constructed a virtual architecture that is fluid, animated, and structurally impossible, and mapped it onto the exterior of the Marquee. This architecture is adapted from the virtual structures of Paper-Thin. Visitors to the physical BCEC Marquee will see an impossible virtual structure transplanted into the landscape.

    After the sun sets, the effect will be exaggerated so that the entire structure becomes a virtual aberration in the physical landscape. The resulting virtual structure disrupts the spatial hierarchies of its physical surroundings, compelling a reconsideration of how we experience the world around us. In he founded Paper-Thin, an online, virtual reality art archive, which he directs and curates with collaborator, Cameron Buckley. Collins, Co. Stacks is an exploration of the multiplicity of identity, the fragility of technology, the awkwardness of performance and the effect of imperfection on geometry.

    Video monitors featuring moving heads of the artist are stacked onto one another, reorganized, and removed, in a minimalist gesture that may be graceful, awkward, or both. Cannonball captures the joy of summer swimming for kids. I was interested in the distortion offered by the wide angle video and viewing the swimmer from beneath the water, like a fish might. She was a summer visiting artist at the American Academy of Rome and served as a juror for the video dance festival InShadow of Lisbon.

    Portfolio archived here: www. The image captures the scale and serenity of a recently calved Iceberg in Eastern Greenland, north of the Arctic Circle.

    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)
    NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson) NOUNER Art - A Montage Collage Mix With A Person, Place or Thing (Daily Art by Dave Davidson)

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