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As such, we will first consider how Monica is portrayed in the Dialogues, namely, as a true philosopher in possession of eternal wis- dom to which she guides her disciples. Here at Cassiciacum she is the woman endowed with a particu- lar divine gift of wisdom, guiding those under her tutelage to eternal wisdom. Lamb, Eternity, Time, and the Life of Wisdom, Her mystagogical vocation finds its culmination at Ostia.

In each of the three days Monica interjects to offer a decisive contribution to the overarching question about what constitutes the happy life. In the introduction Augustine lists the con- tributors to the philosophical colloquy. She has explained that happiness consists not in living according to the dic- tates of the will, but, rather, according to a will that is rightly ordered. On this account, evil is not the failure to attain what we desire, but consists, rather, in disordered desires.

The conversation is steered toward a consideration of what might be a fitting object of rightly ordered love. The nature of happiness entails that our desires not rest in any finite good. After all, the possession of many temporal goods is fraught with the fear of losing them. Again, Monica makes the decisive contribution: happiness, she explains, lies not in the possession of things, but in the moderation of mind. This is abundantly clear in the closing scene of De beata vita.

Monica, brimming with faith and joy, prays the hymn she received from St. Ambrose: foue precantes, trinitas. Augustine wants to record her name and contributions for the records. However, Monica objects: it is uncustomary for a woman to be included in a philosophical dialogue. But Augustine insists. He maintains that only proud men who are more concerned with external appearances than with truth would deem it unseemly to have a woman in their dialogues.

Monica Geller

Besides, Augustine continues, one finds prec- edent in the writings of ancient philosophers for the appearance of the most surprising characters, including shoemakers and women. All citations from the Bible in this chapter are from the RSV. It is this love that Monica has already cultivated. Both in De beata vita and in De ordine it is her confidence that happiness does not reside in this world, in what our eyes can see, but is, rather, the possession of eternal wisdom, that marks her off as the true philosopher. Monica is present from the outset of the second book of De ordine.

Then, he turns to his mother. But for you, whose talents are brought home to me anew every day—and I know your mind, far removed from all frivolity, both by reason of your age and because of your remarkable moderation, and now rising above the abject misery of the body, has already risen to great heights within itself—for you, those matters will be as easy as they are difficult for duller souls who live most wretchedly.

Here too, Augustine notes that those well trained in the liberal arts would quibble about the pronunciation of this or that word and that Monica might stumble on this score. She deserves a place at the philosophical table because she has grasped the end goal of philosophy, namely, love of eternal wisdom. One could And I furthermore believe that through your petitioning we shall obtain the great blessing which through your meriting we have come to desire.

Her prayers and witness have cultivated his participation in eternal wisdom. There Au- gustine and Monica face death unafraid; in fact, they are filled with hope as they touch eternal wisdom itself. In the Dialogues Monica teaches If anything, her grasp of these truths is more vital than the abstract knowledge of the academician because her understanding of them has its roots in faith, hope, and char- ity.

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All this finds its culmination at Ostia. In both cases Augustine recounts an ascent of the soul to a mystical, ecstatic experience of eternity. Indeed, much of the phraseology in the two passages is nearly identical with a Plotinian cadence suffusing both passages. Significantly, both texts share the con- clusion that eternity is not grasped in this life. Nevertheless, the presence of Monica at Ostia establishes a drastically different spiritual tenor.

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The Ostian narrative is charged with optimism: Monica leads her son to the awareness that time and its passing do not stand in opposition to eternity. Nor is the effervescence of time to be eventually lost in an anonymous sea of eternal nothingness. Rather, as Fr. Lamb so often reminds his students, time is created by God the Eternal, so that finite being is anchored in eternal being.

The transcendence by truth of space and time does not negate space and time, but affirms them. In those sixteen months Augustine has had a heart-rending experience in the Milanese Garden, through which he was converted to the Christian faith and subsequently baptized. The faith that Augustine now shares with Monica infuses a deep and abiding eschatological hope to the ascent narrative of Conf. I Socrates. As Fr. In the covenant with Israel and the new cov- enant in Jesus Christ, God has made known to us how death and evil are overcome.

Mandouze, Saint Augustin, While both ascents are fleet- ing experiences, that of Ostia is described as a foretaste of heaven, to which they remain bound religatas in hope even after the conclusion of the experience.

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Augustine and his mother are leaning out of a window at a house in Ostia, the port city of Rome where the Tiber flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The context that Au- gustine establishes in Conf. Augustine and Monica were alone soli , removed from the crowd remoti a turbis after an ex- hausting journey and were in the process of regaining their strength. In many ways this scene is the realization of what Augustine and his friends had proposed years earlier in Conf.

The plan, over which Augustine and his friends then conversed con- loquentes , was to withdraw from the crowds and storms of human life turbulentas humanae vitae and to have all things in common while living a life of contemplation. In Ibid. Augustine ascends to an experience of eternal being. What he comes to realize in these experi- ences is the difference between time and eternity. It is helpful briefly to sketch both passages. In Conf. The turn within is the first step of the ascent for Plotinus. Finding eternal beauty does not involve the external trappings of flight, but involves turning to something already present to everyone.

So this is precisely what Augus- tine does.

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He enters into his most intimate self intima mea. Augustine emphasizes that this light was a mystical light; it was unlike any material or even intellectual light. In fact, it was this light that created him ipsa fecit me. In this mystical experience Augustine comes to realize the real distinction between participating being and par- ticipated being; between the being that creates and the being of the creatures created 1672ec ita erat supra mentem meam. In short, Augustine comes to grapple with the concept of eternity. He who knows this light, exclaims Augustine, knows eternity nouit aeternitatem , but it is known only in love.

This word sigh suspiro is significant and will appear again when Augus- tine recounts his mystical experience at Ostia. My heart at home in your embrace. Using music, imagery, ritual and sacred clowning, Monica and Hilary will provide an opportunity to reflect on Jesus as he invites us into a renewed appreciation of God's continual self-expression within the context of the New Cosmology. In these celebrations, Monica integrates her music with mime, dance, scripture storytelling, imagery and ritual, leading participants in an intimate reflection and celebration of their experience of God and their spiritual journey.

This is much more than a sing-a-long, but rather an interactive spirit-filled celebration of faith and life for children, with special emphasis on the dignity of who they are. Faciltated by Hilary Musgrave and Monica Brown, this will draw participants, through creative reflection and ritual, story and imagery, music and song, into a deeper awareness and appreciation of Celtic spirituality. The weekend retreat offers a unique opportunity to touch The Celtic Heart Within We will provide, in true Celtic spirit, time for story and song, dance and stillness, silence and conversation, ritual and prayer.

Through music, song, story and myth, dance, mime, imagery and scripture-storytelling, Hilary and Monica will help you breathe in the depths, touch the sacredness and be drawn into the richness of the Celtic landscape and spiritual experience. Click Here for Adults. Click here for Children. Our Intranet Licence allows schools to legally upload our audiovisual resources on their intranet.

Prior to the episode, the show had "appeared to be in serious danger of out-staying its welcome. From then on, it was clear that they were meant to be. The two ended up getting married, which just goes to show that some one night stands are meant to last. Immediately established as one of the show's primary settings, [20] Monica's large Greenwich Village apartment has since become one of the most famous and iconic television sets in history.

It was full of color, clutter, and personality. It was a space cobbled together of kitsch and class, and it was just magic", citing its windows, color and openness among her favourite things about the apartment. Friends ' female characters had a profound influence on women's fashion during the s, [] [] becoming fashion icons in addition and household names, [] in addition to inspiring a generation of women. But the world has finally caught up with the poster girl for 90s normcore ", to the point at which it rivals Rachel's.

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Monica's Service Trip to Bolivia

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Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed
Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed
Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed
Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed
Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed
Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed
Monicas Love Renewed Monicas Love Renewed

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