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There Is No “Should” — Whatever Happened, Happened – The Ascent

That, in turn, allowed me to be more sympathetic to present-day me. One day, as I was driving to my therapy appointment, it occurred to me that I hadn't thought about Greg all week. At that moment, I realized that for the past 20 years, I had mentally housed memories of our relationship in a thought bubble over my right shoulder.

They were always there, every second of every day, like a devil or an angel from a cartoon constantly reminding me of the past. Yet that day, on my way to my appointment, I found the thought bubble gone.

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I could still recall the memories, of course, but only if I wanted to. They were no longer weighing me down. I literally felt lighter, as though a physical burden had been lifted. I had shed my emotional toxins and had grown stronger. It pains me now to read my first essay, not because it makes me relive the past, but because of how blinded I was to reality.

I consider myself an intelligent, reasonable, down-to-earth person, but my understanding of this situation was frightfully misguided. A couple people have asked if I plan on contacting a lawyer or the school board. I've thought about it, but I probably won't. The statute of limitations has passed now, so I'd have no legal recourse. I could go to the school district — I still have letters and emails that would serve as proof — but going public would put me in a position similar to that of other victims.

Are you obsessed with things you can’t change?

There's a fear of not being believed, a fear of needing to confront the perpetrator, a fear of my past being exposed for others to see and criticize. I know that keeping silent probably isn't the right choice, but it's the choice I've made, at least for now. I have considered writing a letter to Greg to let him know that he was right after all: a day did come when my past caught up to me and I realized how terribly he had acted. But I'm not sure I'll do that, either. Part of me wants to confront him, and part of me doesn't want to bother.

In many ways, this is an "It Happened to Me" that I did myself. I found the courage to finally write publicly albeit anonymously about my circumstance, and I'm the one who mustered the strength to make an appointment with a therapist and confront my demons. But I couldn't have done it alone. I couldn't have done it without the support of people in my life and without the gentle encouragement of some internet strangers who, at least for a while, had more compassion for me than I did for myself.

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This article is about the song written by Jim Weatherly. Pop rhythm and blues. Record Research. Library and Archives Canada. We believe that we can predict or control what is, in reality, a completely uncertain future. The truth is, what happened to my son was a unicorn situation. A bizarre convergence of events. What are the odds that an endoscopy causes life-threatening bleeding? I found a study done on almost , patients , and the odds were 0. Unicorn status for sure. So, how would my obsessive focus on an event with 0. In the end, those thoughts kept me paralyzed.

Frozen in time instead of living with, enjoying and interacting with my then healthy son. Expecting the worst instead of embracing the joy that he was, in fact, fine. And either way, no amount of re-living the situation will prepare me for the uncertainty of what comes next. We all process negative or traumatic events in our own way, and in our own time. And we each experience situations in a different way. What could feel traumatic to me could be a non-event for someone else.

I learned a few things from that situation that I will definitely take with me as I move forward in life. And seek out another opinion if I feel like someone is dismissing me.

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That said, sometimes you need to take the wheel. I had to let go of what I thought should have happened. To stop fighting the reality of what did happen.

It happened to me too / same for me [How to say it?]

And to embrace the dumb luck that my kid was fine. Five years have passed. He has had his share of scraped knees and elbows, of mosquito bites and stomach bugs. But he is healthy and happy. And literally standing right in front of me.

I Have Cerebral Palsy But It Didn't Stop Me From Saving My Dad

What can you redirect your mind toward? Obsess about that. And hold it tight. Sign in Get started.

It happened to me... It happened to me...
It happened to me... It happened to me...
It happened to me... It happened to me...
It happened to me... It happened to me...
It happened to me... It happened to me...
It happened to me... It happened to me...

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