Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety

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Deer decoys are legal.

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Driving Deer: A person may not participate in a hunt for deer during which an organized or planned effort is made to drive deer. Four or more persons working together to move deer constitutes such an effort. One and done: It is unlawful to hunt deer after having killed or registered one during the open season of that calendar year, unless you are participating in the expanded archery season on deer see Expanded Archery Permit or possess a valid bonus or superpack antlerless deer permit.

Gift deer: Gift deer may not be possessed unless clearly labeled with the name and address of the person who registered the animal, and the year it was registered. Buying, selling, and bartering deer: For information on buying, selling or bartering animals, see Prohibition Regarding Selling of Wild Animals.

Municipal Ordinances : Several Maine cities and towns have adopted local ordinances that restrict or prohibit the discharge of certain projectiles e. Prior to hunting near densely populated communities, hunters should check with local authorities regarding such ordinances. Towns may regulate the discharge of firearms as provided by Title A; however, they cannot regulate or charge fees to hunt, fish or trap.

MDIFW biologists annually collect weather-related data i. This index has been used since at the statewide and WMD levels to estimate an all-inclusive annual over-winter mortality rate WMR of white-tailed deer, which accounts for predation, malnutrition, physical limitations of deer, etc. But because the metric derives from an ecological relationship, which may change over time, our high wildlife management standards require that we continue to monitor its efficacy.

All dates are inclusive except that hunting is prohibited on Sunday. It is unlawful to allow any dog to run at large at any time, except when used for hunting or training.

Deer Seasons and Zones

It is unlawful to allow any dog to chase, wound, or kill a deer or moose at any time or any other wild animal in closed season. Any person who knows or has reason to believe that they have inflicted injury to another person by the use of firearms, crossbow or bow and arrow is required to make themselves known to the victim and render such first aid and assistance as they are capable of under the circumstances. The incident must be reported by the quickest means, to a game warden or other law enforcement officer. It is illegal for any person to willfully interfere with the lawful hunting of any wild animal or wild bird, including the willful disturbance of wild animals or wild birds with intent to interfere with their lawful taking.

Note: This law does not limit the ownership, use, access, or control of property rights otherwise provided by law. Attention hunters! Some Maine citizens lack adequate nutrition. A gift of meat from your hunt can help reduce hunger in Maine. Clause 7 2 c amended: O.

Clause 7 2 d amended: O. Subclause 7 2 d ii amended: O. Clause 7 2 d replaced: O. Clause 7 3 b amended: O. Clause 7 3 c amended: O. Clause 7 3 d added: O. Subsection 7 4 amended: O. Possession and transportation of weapons. Clause 8 1 e amended: O. Subsection 8 1 amended: O.

How to hunt

Subsection 8 2 amended: O. Clause 8 4 a replaced: O. Clause 8 4 b amended: O. Subsection 8 5 added: O. Subsection 8 6 added: O.

Vertical Bow Regulations

Subsection 8 7 added: O. Section 8 heading amended: O. Weapon discharge permit. Subsection 9 1 replaced: O. Subsection 9 2 amended: O. Subsection 9 8 amended: O. Subsection 9 9 amended: O.

Top 3 Factors for Choosing a Deer Hunting Shotgun

Subsection 9 10 replaced: O. Subsection 11 1 amended: O. Subsection 11 2 amended: O. Subsection 11 3 amended: O. Subsection 11 4 amended: O. Clause 11 5 b amended: O. Subsection 11 5 amended: O. Subsection 11 6 amended: O. Subsection 11 7 replaced: O. Loaded weapon in vessel. Crossbows are considered loaded when fully drawn with a bolt in place. Telescopic sights are permitted. Arrowheads that are designed to open on impact are legal provided they meet the above requirement.

Antler-point Restrictions

Possession of a Firearm - Possession of a firearm while archery hunting is prohibited. Fluorescent Orange Requirement. During the period September 1 through the last day of February, hunters including persons hunting with deer damage permits are required to wear at least square inches of fluorescent orange clothing above the waist and visible from all sides. An orange hat, in addition to a coat or vest, is strongly recommended. Waterfowl Hunters while hunting from boats, duck blinds, or other stationary positions. Coyote and Fox Hunters when hunting from a blind except during firearms deer seasons and fall firearms turkey seasons.

Landowners while hunting deer only on their own property. Family members are still required to wear fluorescent orange. Private Land Permission All hunters are required to have permission from the landowner when hunting on private lands. Verbal permission for the hunting of species other than deer and turkey is sufficient. Copies of the form do not have to be sent to DEEP, but must be carried while hunting.

Deer-specific Hunting Regulations

Old forms, still available at some town clerks and DEEP offices, or a photocopy of the official form found in this guide must be used. A landowner must have a minimum of 10 acres to authorize the use of a rifle or revolver for deer hunting. There is no minimum acreage requirement for using a shotgun, muzzleloader, or archery equipment. Trappers - must obtain, and have in possession, the written permission of the landowner when trapping on their land. Landowners and Lineal Descendants - are exempt from the requirement to carry written permission while hunting deer or turkey on their own land.

Landowner Liability Release Connecticut law provides protection from liability to landowners who allow, without a fee, the recreational use of their property. Owner of land available to public for recreation not liable, when b Except as provided in section h, an owner of land who, either directly or indirectly, invites or permits without charge, rent, fee, or other commercial service any person to use such land or part thereof for recreational purposes does not thereby:. Owner liable when: Nothing in sections f to i, inclusive, limits in any way the liability of any owner of land which otherwise exists;.

Definition of Bag Limits Daily Limit - the number of a particular species that may be taken by an individual during a day from A.

While in the field, a hunter may not have in their possession more than the daily bag limit for a species. Possession in Storage - the number of a particular non-migratory game species kept in storage may not exceed the cumulative daily bag limits for that species since the season began, and at no time can it exceed the season limit. The possession in storage of migratory game species such as waterfowl, woodcock, snipe, coots and rail may not exceed the federally regulated possession limit.

Season Limit - the total number of a particular species that may be taken during an open season. To comply with the provisions of C. Section g , any person having their hunting license suspended for the following safety violations will be required to complete a remedial hunter education course prior to reinstatement of such license following the suspension period.

Please note that if enrollment in the Remedial Hunter Education course is less than five individuals, the class will be cancelled and you will be notified beforehand by telephone of the cancellation. Laws Section as amended by PA Suspension of license, registration, or permit. What is HIP? Its purpose is to improve the estimates of migratory bird harvests throughout the United States. These improved estimates will give wildlife managers the additional information needed to make sound decisions concerning hunting seasons, bag limits, and population management.

HIP became effective in Connecticut and all other states in fall Legislation Public Act that took effect July 1, , changed the requirements to hunt migratory birds waterfowl, woodcock, snipe, rails, and crows. All hunters, regardless of where they hunt, should be prepared for the possibility of being harassed. Your behavior if you are harassed is extremely important.

Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety
Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety Deer Hunting : Deer Hunting Weapons And Safety

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