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Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny, #2) by JK Ensley | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

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Electrical impulses go through these tiny filaments and tell the body warm, cold, soft, hard, pain, pleasure, etc. White is the color of prayer. It is the color of holy communications. White is the color of knowing God like a virgin knows her betrothed. Wedding gowns are white. But the wedding is not consummated until there is blood on the white.

The Bride of Christ will not come to maturity until she is willing to let her blood flow for His pleasure. This oil is replaced fresh every morning and every night. In the Torah, priests are described as taking 8 days to prepare this Holy Yellow Oil. It is amber colored, sometimes green if the olive oil is green.

This Fire causes the Heart of the Father to become known. This Oily Cloud condenses on the Temple ceiling like dew and rains down on those who wait on Him in prayer and worship. These spices are infused into the oil during a chemical process that happens when we worship and pray with the help of Holy Spirit and His FIRE. He spins around in joyful excitement in the billows of our worship and prayer.

The oil gets slathered everywhere. This is what I call a storm of Grace because the oil begins to collect on all the surfaces inside the Temple and condenses on the ceiling. These drops of OIL multiply and get heavy and rain down when worship and prayer are thick. This happens when the Grace rains down.

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Bowls are placed around the area in the Spiritual realm to collect this holy substance. When the bowls fill up the angels take the bowls filled with this liquid grace to those who are being prayed for and pour it into their lives. These bowls of amber or yellow glowing Grace oil shine on the angels faces. They stream down to the earth from the heavenly realms where the worship collects. Their paths light up and look like fingers of lava light flowing down the dark mountainside. It is an eruption of the River of Grace flowing to the places God is directing the prayers of the worshippers.

There are many waiting for this precious oil to fill their lamps. This is what is meant by turning lemons into lemonade. This is the process of turning something terrifically sour into something pleasant even sweet. This is why it is important not to rush the fire process. Our roots go down deep when there is no rain. That way when storms come, our roots will hold on at a very deep level to keep us from being overturned during storms.

If we yield to trust Him, God turns every sour situation into something He can use later to bring light to someone who needs it even more. This is a combination of Red Mercy and Yellow Grace. If our High Priest has not been given access to our mind, then our lampstand is not in order. Our oil must be refilled fresh morning and night. Our wicks must be trimmed. This orange power is the opposite of the occult.

Miracles and healings are broadcast with this color in the Spirit realm. Peach is sweetness like a ripe fruitfulness off the Tree.

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Our hearts are made glad as we see God bringing forth His fruit in and through us. The fruit of joy is symbolized in the peach. His delight in us is yellow and pink mixed together. It is sort of a light orange and it is very powerful! When He shows us His delight in us, we are strengthened in our inner man: we are empowered to delight in Him too! Joy is multiplied and we understand His joy is our strength! When we are graced to get our oil filled afresh, our lampstand lights up a whole new room with Faith for new levels in God: from Glory to Glory.

He purifies everything we yield to Him with His Fire and then hammers it into beautiful things in the Temple of our hearts. The closer one gets to the Throne, the more gold is seen. This is the color of WOOD. The wheat is brown, the bread is brown, the vine is brown, raisins are brown, badger skins are brown, the wood inside the furniture of the temple is brown.

That was why the veil was split and torn so we could now have entrance into the Holy of Holies. It is also the color of the bases of all the columns or pillars around the outer tent. These pillars have brass bases where they touch the earth and silver redemption on the top of each pillar. Emerald is the background color of the flag of Judah who was one of the 4 main standard bearers for the tribes.

Dark Green includes the attributes of Green and Black. A fruitful intimacy that tramples our enemies under our feet like ashes. When we yield to taking up our cross during times of pressure and trials and tribulations, we are allowing God to make oil to fill our lamps like the wise virgins. We must allow Him to make this dark green fuel from the dark times in our lives.

Evergreen trees are dark green. They have grace to stay green all through the winter time. These leaves are the healing for nations. Olive green also represents warfare. Much intercession goes into making this much needed oil. It is a battlefield. Green stands for Fruitful intimacy with Jesus. The pastures green where the Shepherd leads His sheep. Green is what happens when we garden with Him in our hearts. It happens in a dark place, but changes everything and invites more conduits to happen. The love of the Bridegroom for His Bride. Often there are hints of other colors as well.

Silver however. Silver reflects the colors around it. In my experience with the Lord, my armor in the spirit is silver, like a mirror so that my enemy only sees himself or the reflection of Christ. I am in stealth mode when I have put on all my armor. Jesus paid the price for our redemption. He is our Kinsman Redeemer: like Boaz to Ruth. To the carnal mind God was barely worth 30 pieces of silver. The carnal mind says it is either me or God. One of us has to die and it is not going to be me. So God died for us. So we could die to the carnal mind.

Every wound of Christ is a portal for us to learn to know God from His suffering. Every wound is an invitation to bleed out who we are in the world, the flesh, and in the devil. Every wound is a portal to invite us to open our body part to die away so His can come alive in us. This is true for each body part where Jesus bled. Silver when purified is heated until liquid metal and the dross comes to the top.

The dross includes all the impurities that were in the metal. As it is heated and melted to liquid form the dross is skimmed off the top over and over until there is no more dross. In the temple in the wilderness, Moses was instructed to make the pillars around the temple to have caps of silver on the top and of brass on the base of each pillar. The ephod is set with the twelve stones of multi-colors on it. To me the ephod represents our High Priest interceding for the nations, tribes, tongues, peoples.

The ephod was used by those in authority to ask God questions and get answers by using the Urim and Thummim which were housed within the ephod in a secret compartment. The foundation stones are many colors, there is a rainbow described around the throne of God.

I believe this clear sea is made up of transparent people. People who are not afraid of God seeing everything in their lives all come into unity and create a huge sea of clear deep places. Transparent like crystal speaks of having nothing hidden. Able to see all without fear. It speaks of invitation to know deeper, of exploring without fear of death or fear of anything for that matter. Reverence of His Power, love, and purity cause us to fear having anything hidden from Him or from each other.

We become transparent before Him knowing He knows all and yielding to that openness to Him. When we trust, we open up to Him and He opens to us. He takes us places through the portal of transparency. They are gazelles that can jump across deep caverns without fear or without bitterness toward anyone. They can blend in like camouflage and not be seen when necessary. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Join or Log Into Facebook. Email or Phone. Forgot account? Sign Up. February 24, at PM. Amplified Version Anything black is calling, waiting, yearning for the Fiery Voice of God to come and change it: to come and cleanse and for His Word and His Light to come and create something divine and different from that which was rejected and burned away old flesh nature.

Black is the place where God hides His treasures: the deepest parts of the earth where gemstones hide, for kings to search out. Darkness does not really exist, only an absence or calling of Light!!! Black is the deepness of where treasures are hidden. Black blocks the enemies of God with blindness from seeing what He is doing. The insides of a camera are black so that the film can develop an image.


He gives us vision to see how His Kingdom will be birthed and awakened in the seed He planted in that dark place. Any color that is dark includes the power of repentance ashes of repentance. Black can be very loud or very silent. When His voice is silent and still, we are in darkness. It is in these times that our roots are growing towards Him stronger Seeking, hungry, searching, thirsty, wanting Him reaching through every darkness into His Light If He kept His manifested Presence evident, our roots would be short and the first wind would blow us down He desires for us to have a large, strong understanding… Black mixed with another color makes that color stronger and deeper A color darkened by BLACK is crying out to be tried by the Fire of His Voice.

Black is a gift of humility: ability to repent to the point of creating ashes out of impurities in our lives. Our roots grow deepest during the dark black parts of our lives. Our praise is more valuable coming from a black place. It is easy to praise Him in the Light. Black calls out for exile to end. Black calls for resurrection Life, and He comes every time! It is black inside the womb at conception Miracles of LIGHT happen in the dark: The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.

Any color that is mixed with Black is thundering the response of His Redemption in that place. Black is the color of the burden of His Words. It is a humble color. Willing to have light totally removed for a season; In order for His Light to be manifested in a new way in a new place. Embrace the here and now.

Her mistakes were behind her, along with her bloody past. Alas, you must be certain you can pay the price before the bartering begins. But, what do you do when your life is just one big long string of bad decisions? Or you change nothing. Either way, the decision is yours alone to make. After wrongfully killing Merodach, Jenevier trades her soul for his life and wakes up all alone in a strange new world. She must pay the price, learn her lesson, and discover her intended blessing before she can start over.

Statue (dungeon feature)

No matter where you find yourself, there you are. Your flawed heart removes the bliss, negates utopia. Home was all she longed for, all she dreamed of. But was her home, her past, a place she could run to? Or would she find it was the one place she wanted to run from?

The Troll's Belt. JK Ensley. Mallory Kane. Dragon Born: Book One: Liliquin. How to write a great review.

Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2) Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2)
Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2) Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2)
Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2) Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2)
Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2) Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2)
Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2) Blessed by Sapphires (A Dance with Destiny Book 2)

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