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Families across different parts of the country described incidents of violence in their communities that kept girls out of school for many years afterwards. Many parts of Pakistan face escalating levels of violence related to insurgency, and ethnic and religious conflict. One of the features of conflict in Pakistan has been targeted attacks against students, teachers, and schools. The most devastating attack on education in recent years in Pakistan was the December attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar city, where militants killed people, almost all of them children.

This attack was far from isolated, however. Between and , hundreds of schools were attacked, typically with explosive devices, killing several hundred students and teachers, and damaging and destroying infrastructure. One-third of these attacks specifically targeted girls and women, aiming to interrupt their studies. Pakistan can, and should, fix its school system.

The government should invest more resources in education and use those resources to address gender disparities and to ensure that all children—boys and girls—have access to, and attend, high quality primary and secondary education. The future of the country depends on it. This report is primarily based on research conducted in Pakistan in and Human Rights Watch researchers carried out a total of individual and group interviews, mainly in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

Most of the interviewees—a total of —were girls and young women who either had missed all of their primary and secondary education or had started some education but were unable to continue and dropped out. We also interviewed 60 parents and other family members of children who either had not attended school or had dropped out. In addition, we interviewed 12 teachers, and four school principals. An additional 18 interviews were with education experts, activists and community workers, or local officials. Interviews with children and families were usually conducted in their homes, or at the home of a neighbor.

Some interviews were conducted in the offices of community-based organizations or at schools. Whenever possible, interviews were conducted privately with only the interviewee, a Human Rights Watch researcher, and, where necessary, an interpreter present. In a few cases, interviews were conducted through double translation. Some interviews with experts were conducted by phone or in person outside of Pakistan. Laiba, age eight, a student at the lyari School.

All interviewees were advised of the purpose of the research and how the information would be used. We explained the voluntary nature of the interview and that they could refuse to be interviewed, refuse to answer any question, and terminate the interview at any point. Interviewees did not receive any compensation. The names of children and family members have been changed to pseudonyms to protect their privacy. The names of other interviewees have sometimes been withheld at their request.

We selected research sites in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta with the goal of getting a sample of different experiences of out-of-school children and their families, including in urban environments. We made an effort to include families who migrated to the city from rural areas, and refugee families. We also conducted interviews in some rural areas, but the research was primarily in urban areas. Security challenges affected our choice of research sites. We have used this rate for conversions in the text. As children reach middle school level—sixth grade, when children would typically be about age 10 or 11—the total number of out of school children increases, and the gender disparity persists.

In , 59 percent of middle school girls were out of school versus 49 percent of boys.

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Both boys and girls are missing out on education in unacceptable numbers, but girls are worst affected, especially poor girls. Among the poorest students, only 30 percent of boys finish primary school, and only 16 percent of girls. As of , which is the most recent published data, the percentage of people who had ever attended school was:. Across all provinces, generation after generation of children, especially girls, are locked out of education—and into poverty. One particularly concerning theme in some interviews for this report was numerous families in which children were less educated than their parents, or younger siblings were less educated than older siblings.

Some families were unrooted by poverty or insecurity in ways that blocked children from studying. Some encountered financial difficulties that made it impossible for children to reach the educational level their parents had achieved. In some communities, schools had closed, or the route to school had become more unsafe.

The number of private schools increased by 69 percent during the period from to alone, a period during which the number of government schools increased by only 8 percent. There has also been a massive increase in the number of programs offering religious education, ranging from formal madrasas to informal arrangements where children study the Quran in the house of a neighbor.

Why India and Pakistan Hate Each Other

Because many religious schools are informal, it is difficult to estimate how many exist, but commentators agree that the number has risen sharply over recent decades. A variety of nonprofit schools also exist in Pakistan, though there are far too few to meet the needs of the many families struggling to access education. Some nonprofit private schools are only for girls.

The lines between nonprofit schools and private tuition can be blurred, with some informal schools representing a mix of philanthropy and business, with some teachers charging students who can pay and letting the poorest children attend for free. In addition to schools run as charities, nongovernmental organizations NGOs also sometimes help other schools, for example by providing books to schools in poor areas. Many families said they had sought assistance from charities to educate their children but were unable to find help.

The area outside the classroom at the lyari School, a free nongovernment school in Karachi, Pakistan serving children who otherwise do not have access to education. Research on educational outcomes for different types of educational institutions suggests that when you control for the differences in intake characteristics of students between government and private schools, their outcomes are in terms of testing achievement are similar. Every province has a separate planning process, on a different timeline, with varying approaches and levels of effectiveness and commitment to improving access to education for girls.

Aziza, 45, lives in a fishing community on the fringes of Karachi. She never studied; all her five children attended at least a few years of school, though none went beyond primary education. So, everyone is interested now in getting an education. Some experts pointed to growing acceptance that girls should study. A school headmaster cited four reasons for this: 1 a desire by boys and men to marry educated brides; 2 growing availability of education as a result of the spread of private schools; 3 efforts by the government to push people away from studying in madrasas and toward mainstream education; and 4 a growing belief by families that educated women better contribute to their families, even if their role is only inside the home.

Bushra, second from the right, a 10th grader at Behar colony government Secondary School for girls, at home with her family. Now, because there are four people in the family earning, we can. She attributed the change to the work of NGOs and others in creating schools in the area. But very few people think like this now. This means that many children are too far from the nearest school to travel there safely in a reasonable amount of time, if they do not have access to transportation, a problem that becomes more acute as children reach higher grades and schools are in ever-shorter supply.

Compulsory education exists on paper but there is no functioning mechanism to require that children go to school. Corruption and nepotism affect who gains employment in the school system, and rural areas are particularly underserved. According to UNESCO guidance to governments, in order for the government to fulfill its obligations on education, it should spend at least 15 to 20 percent of the total national budget, and 4 to 6 percent of GDP, on education. Bushra, a 10th grader, sews to help earn money for her school expenses. As of , In its National Education Policy, the government is blunt about its own neglect of the education system, writing:.

This diagnosis is refreshingly honest. But there are few signs that it is triggering solutions. Professionals working in the education sector described a situation in which the government seemed disinterested, sometimes pointing out that policymakers send their children to high quality and expensive private schools, and lack any personal investment in the quality of government education.

Several experts pointed to the government failing to spend even the inadequate amount allocated to education, including funding from the government budget and from international donors, saying underspending occurs consistently and across regions. You need a system of checks and balances and monitoring and political will. In reality, however, there is no organized effort by government to ensure that all children study. When children are not enrolled in school, no government official reaches out to the family to encourage or require that the child study.

When a child drops out of a government school, individual teachers may encourage the child to continue studying, but there is no systematic government effort to enroll or retain children in school. This is incompatible with the constitution and international standards Pakistan has signed up to which require that education be free and compulsory at least through primary school.

Some children try to enforce their right to education through their parents. Then if they want to, they can study further. Outreach by the government to encourage families to access education—and explain that education is compulsory—could make an immediate difference. Safina, 40, never went to school. She is a mother of 10 children, ages six to One of her children is studying, but she said her other children refused to go and said they were not interested.

She suggested the government should send people house to house to talk about education. Saba is one of the almost She sells potatoes on the street outside a private school and longs to attend school herself. In the absence of compulsory education, children sometimes decide themselves whether to study. Her father washes cars for a living. Sahar believes the government should force children to go to school. Some families are not aware that government schools, with free tuition, are available. Saira, 30, has three sons and one daughter, ages six to Her husband is physically abusive and did not allow Saira to leave the house, but he was away from the home after he found work as a cleaner in a school.

Not only are children not required to study, in numerous cases parents and children described situations where teachers urged children to drop out. Palwashay, 16, was in fifth grade and age 14 or 15, when her teacher at government school said she was too old for her grade and should leave. She had low marks and had failed the exam to progress to sixth grade. Her family hopes now to send her to private school. There simply are not enough government schools for all children to have access to one. When families can access a government school, they often find that it is overcrowded.

An area that size needs five to ten schools. In Peshawar, a local government official said the closest government school was a minute walk away. Because of this, she said, most children start school late, at ages eight to 12, because parents wait for them to be old enough to walk to school on their own. Saba, age 11, who does not attend school, with her mother. Almost 13 percent of Pakistani children aged 10 to 14 years are in paid employment, rising to 33 percent among children ages 15 to and work, also including housework or child care, often keeps girls out of schools.

In some provinces and local areas, disparities can be higher. For example, in Balochistan there are more than twice as many schools for boys as for girls. Aisha, around age 30, lives with her husband and their six children in an area of Peshawar where the nearest government school for boys, offering nursery school through 10 th grade, is less than a five-minute walk away. The nearest government school for girls is a minute walk and goes only through fifth grade. Many neighborhoods are education deserts for poor families.

The family had moved from a village near Multan to Karachi three years earlier, looking for work, and had no choice but to settle in an area where there are only private schools the family cannot afford, but no government schools within reach. The distance to school often increases as children get older, especially for girls.

The government has acknowledged this gap. This gap makes the transition from fifth to sixth grade impossible for many girls. Beenish, 14, left school after fifth grade, because the closest secondary school was a 10 to minute drive. But, she said, she is not allowed to walk through the bazaar, which is on the route to the government secondary school, because her family sees it as unsafe, and the family cannot afford to pay for her transportation.

A mother takes her daughter to school in Islamabad. These costs put education out of reach for many poor families. Girls face another difficult transition when they complete 10 th grade. In Pakistan, 10 th grade ends with an examination called a secondary school certificate, or SSC. After passing the SSC, students who wish to continue studying go on to a different school, often referred to as an intermediate college, where 11 th and 12 th grades are taught. Government colleges are in short supply.

Ghazal, 16, lives in a poor area of Karachi. There are two government schools within walking distance of her home, and she completed 10 th grade. But to continue she would need to go to a college, and the nearest government college is a half hour drive away, an insurmountable barrier to her poor family. Government colleges, where children study beyond 10 th grade, are few and far between, which creates not only barriers in terms of distance, but also fierce competition for admission.

The government should take this into account and open an institute here. She studied to eighth grade at government school, then attended private school for grades nine and ten, but now faces dropping out because her family will only permit her to continue if she can find a job at a college and pay the fees herself. The closest government college is four or five kilometers away, and the family cannot afford for her to travel there by rickshaw.

The situation is often far harder for families living in rural areas. In villages and the countryside, the distance to a government school can be far greater, and private schools are less likely to be available as they often struggle to earn a profit outside of cities and thus are less likely to fill in gaps created by lack of government schools. Some interviewees said there was no school—government or private—in their village of origin. Two students at a free non-government school for poor children in the Lyari neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan.

The school provides a few hours of classes per day to children who otherwise have no access to education. In rural areas, like cities, government schools are increasingly scarce as children move from primary to secondary to high school.

How a dry well dashed Pakistan’s hopes of economic recovery

Asifa, 20, delayed attending school until she was nine or ten years old, because it was a minute walk from her village. The path is lonely and isolated and there have been cases of two or three kidnappings in that area…. But then I realized I needed to study so I convinced my parents and I got friends to go so we walked to school together. Mina, 22, wanted to be a doctor, but in her village the only way to attend ninth grade is to travel to a college in a town a minute drive away.

Corruption is pervasive in Pakistan, which is ranked out of countries on the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. One of the most pervasive forms is bribery or nepotism in recruitment. Some people simply purchase teaching positions. Even the building is being used by the landlord in that area in some places for his own purposes. Others obtain jobs through political connections.

Maybe 10 percent is on merit. An education expert explained that politicians put people loyal to them into positions in the education system not only for bribes, but also for political influence, as teachers can play a role in elections. When people purchase a teaching position, they do not necessarily teach. They have to give some to the district education officer—it varies, sometimes 10 percent. This is a pattern.

They have paid money to get these appointments. There is no pressure because these people cannot be pressured. The impact of corruption is particularly devastating in rural areas. There is also corruption within schools. Corruption is an issue in both government and private schools, and some parents said that demands for bribes are more of a problem in private schools, perhaps because of the low salaries. The decision whether to charge fees at government schools is taken at the subnational level, resulting in a patchwork of different practices.

In Sindh, most interviewees reported that government schools did not charge fees. Government schools are also not automatically less expensive than private schools when you take into account associated costs, which may include registration, exams, books, uniforms, and transport. Private schools often have fewer associated costs, for example for books and uniforms, and may offer discounts on fees. Private schools may also be closer, eliminating or reducing transportation costs. Costs, even if small, put education out of reach for poor families, and there are many poor families in Pakistan.

Using this benchmark, the government in determined that about 60 million Pakistanis—6. Children often switch between government and private school for financial reasons. They will feel hurt at being left out. Government schools often provide some, but not all, of the textbooks children need and families must also pay for school supplies.

For example, they added a coloring book recently. Paveena, 13, said only one girl in her extended family ever went to school. She would leave the house at 7 a. Muskaan lives in a neighborhood of Lahore where she says the nearest government middle school for girls is a 15 to minute trip by rickshaw. Ann finished eighth grade at a school near her home but would have to travel by rickshaw to reach a school teaching ninth grade. Her mother is a tailor, her father a construction worker, and she has three brothers. Then I did housework instead. Higher grades are more expensive than lower grades, even in government colleges, in terms of both tuition and associated costs.

My daughter needed it for the science practicum class. Tutoring is sometimes seen as a more affordable option for parents who cannot afford the cost of school. Madrasas and tutoring are often closer and cheaper than school. Shumila, 12, said she and her sisters could only attend madrasa because there was no government school for girls the closest was a minute walk away in their neighborhood in Quetta. There was a private school a minute walk away that they could not afford, and six or seven madrasas, including one a two-minute walk from their home which was free.

Low cost tutoring is often available. Some madrasas charge fees, but many are free. Both tutoring and madrasas are generally free of associated costs that come with government and private schools. They are also typically easier for children to join, often accepting children on a rolling basis without administrative requirements such as identification and birth certificates.

The lines between a madrasa education and informal tutoring can be blurred. Asadah, 12, is the oldest of six children in her family. She left school after second grade, because the family could no longer afford the expense, and she was needed to help with chores at home. She is the only child in the family in any type of education.

While madrasas and tutoring can provide some education for children who otherwise would go without, they are not an adequate substitute for school. They do not generally teach a full curriculum, and typically lack a path for transitioning students to the formal education system or helping them obtain formal educational qualifications. Students at madrasas often learn only religious subjects.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities and Risks

Children attending informal tuition learn whatever the teacher chooses to teach, in whatever time the child shows up. Najiba, 12, was unable to go to school because there is no government school in her area and her family cannot afford private school. She went to madrasa instead, six days a week for three hours a day, but studied only the Quran, which she said she has now finished.

Busrah, 17, lives in a poor fishing community in Karachi. When her family could no longer pay, she moved to a government school for grade six. Poor families, unable to afford elite private schools, are left with the options of government schools or low-cost private schools. Parents in this situation often expressed concerns about the quality of education. Some felt that the quality was so poor that there was no point sending children to school at all. The government itself acknowledges concerns about poor quality government schools.

Quality concerns differ in government versus private schools. At private schools, particularly low-cost private schools, concerns more often related to teachers being poorly educated and under qualified. Families had a range of complaints about government schools, including absent and abusive teachers, violent forms of punishment, overcrowding and insecurity in the schools, poor facilities including lack of toilets and water, and frustrations with the curriculum. Many families complained of teachers being absent from school.

I am speaking from experience. In a week, they would come once or twice. Mostly this is the case in primary schools—this a crucial development time for children, but the teacher is not there. Atifa, 16, and her sister, Hakimah, 17, live in Karachi. They both left school after fifth grade. Their younger sister, Zafra, 12, left school after grade two or three. After completing fifth grade, Atifa and Hakimah tried to register for secondary school.

Many interviewees pointed to teacher absences as one of the key factors in their preference for private schools. Although teachers in government schools typically earn more than private school teachers, some experts cited poor salaries as a reason for teacher absenteeism in government schools, along with the corruption issues discussed above. The director of a community-based organization said that the Sindh government had discussed creating a biometric system using fingerprints to track teacher attendance, but it was never implemented.

There is no shortage of money in the education system in Sindh, but it is not being used properly. We face this a lot. The politician thinks about his voter and his own benefit. He has to reward the people who support him. Government schools often suffer from unmanageable class sizes.

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Class sizes in government schools are meant to be limited—in some areas, for example, to 35 students. One section is supposed to be 35 kids but usually it is more—45, 50—so you have one teacher for 90 to kids. A teacher in Peshawar said she struggled to teach high school subjects to classes of sometimes over 60 students. Overcrowding drives children out of government schools. Maryam has worked at a private school for nine years. She attended government school for her own education, and said that overcrowding has grown worse:.

Overcrowding can lead to government schools turning children away. A headmaster of a private school in Punjab said the government school in his area refuses to enroll new students. Because of overcrowding, many schools have several shifts a day. This shortens the school day, typically to only four hours, making it impossible to cover a full curriculum. Government schools are often in poor physical condition, unable to offer a safe learning environment. He described specific rules about the number of rooms and chairs schools should have but said these are not followed.

He had recently been assigned to a different school where the situation was worse than at his previous school. No chairs—we are trying to arrange chairs. Kids sit on the floor. There is no water at the school—kids go home to have water. There are no washrooms or toilets—they go back home [if they need the toilet]. An education expert pointed out that poor infrastructure, particularly lack of toilets, creates greater difficulties for girls than for boys. Thirty-seven percent of schools do not have basic sanitation or toilet facilities. Without private gender-segregated toilets with running water, they face difficulties managing menstrual hygiene at school and are likely to stay home during menstruation, leading to gaps in their attendance that undermine academic achievement, and increase the risk of them dropping out of school entirely.

Poor facilities also affect school staff. Shazia, 24, is a private school teacher. Experts and educators raised concerns about the quality of education in some low-cost private schools. Kids spend six or ten years in these schools and learn nothing. Private schools often maximize profits by paying teachers as little as possible, which results in them hiring teachers with few qualifications. Private schools are obliged to register with and obtain a certification from the relevant government authority. But oversight, both through and after the registration process, is sparse.

Government officials inspect private schools periodically, but inspections are often cursory. They come, but they are not doing a good job. They want tea and to be entertained. You have to please them or they will say that your school is not good. Private schools are free to choose their own curriculum, though some use the government curriculum. Because private schools are so unregulated, they can vary dramatically in terms of not only teaching quality but also the adequacy and safety of the facilities, with some low-cost private schools in very poor facilities. There also exists an entire world of private tutoring, often providing additional help for children in school, but sometimes the last resort for children unable to access schools.

Tutoring often consists simply of a teacher—usually a woman or girl—setting up classes in her home. While some tutors are motivated by philanthropy, other are businesses, and such tuition is often entirely unregulated. Private tuition does not provide children with a path for transitioning into a school or obtaining educational qualifications. Parents who are uneducated likely have difficulty assessing the quality of private tuition and are vulnerable to exaggerated claims by tutors. Because there is such unmet demand for education, and the sector is so unregulated, establishing a school has become a business option for educated girls and women.

Gulrukh, who left school after eighth grade, started her own tutoring business. She helps those in school with their homework and teaches the Urdu alphabet to those not in school. Basma, 12, left government school after class two or three because of abusive behavior by teachers and violence among pupils. She moved to a private school but left after class five when the family could no longer afford the fees. Rukhsana, 30, and her year-old daughter, neither of whom ever studied, are employed together in a private home as domestic workers.

They moved to Karachi from a village in Punjab seeking work. In Karachi, Rukhsana was approached by a woman providing private tuition. She worries about the quality of the instruction and is frustrated that the teacher sometimes cancels classes. Use of corporal punishment and other types of abusive behavior by teachers is widespread. It seems to be a greater problem in government school but also occurs in private schools.

You sit like this for a long time—like a half hour. Corporal punishment drives many children out of school. Somia, 12, was 11 years old and in class three in a government school when she quit. She has a temper. She was hitting every kid every day. If anyone said anything, they would have been beaten by the teacher. Although private school teachers are under pressure not to drive students away, due the financial interests of their employers, private schools also use corporal punishment. The teacher used to pull our hair.

She used to hit me every day. She went to both government and private schools, and was beaten in both. She said she was beaten when there were fights between students and when the principal told her to cut her hair and she resisted. She saw other students beaten after missing class, so when her family went away to a festival and she missed school she was afraid to go back and quit.

Students also reported abuse in schools run by NGOs. Some teachers forced children to do chores for them. Even in school holidays she would make us do work…. We would go to her house—she lived far away. We would go and do the shopping for her and then go to school. Basma, 12, left government school because of fighting in her school. During inspections of the school, Basma said the teachers would behave well.

There was no discipline. They were even rude to parents. Teachers insult children. Students struggling academically are sometimes targeted for abuse. So then my mother took me out. She thought perhaps she was targeted because she is short. Children are sometimes afraid to complain of abuse because it may lead to their parents removing them from school.

Families sometimes face administrative barriers to registering children in school, including requirements for birth certificates, national identification cards, age restrictions, and demands for certificates from previous schools. These barriers can be difficult to overcome, particularly for families that are poor, that move frequently from one location to another, or where parents are not literate.

Requirements to register in school can vary from one place to another and be applied with varying levels of strictness. Children are sometimes required to provide birth certificates to register for school. Malaika, 45, registered her older children in government school without birth certificates, but when she went to register her youngest son the school had a new requirement for a birth certificate, which she did not have. Farzana, age 25 to 30, mother of six, moved from a village to Karachi two months earlier.

She is determined that her children, who were in school in the village, study again, but has been told she cannot register them in government school in Karachi without birth certificates, so she is waiting for their father to get birth certificates from the village. Other schools require that children provide national identification cards.

Some groups face barriers to obtaining identification. This means their children are barred from government school, and prevents individuals from working in the fishing industry, a common occupation in the area. The fear of problems with law enforcement further restricts their movement, making education even more inaccessible. Gulrukh, 20, studied through eighth grade, but was unable to continue.

Her father also came from Bangladesh, but earlier, and his parents were able to get him an ID card before the war. Some schools place age restrictions on who can study, which create barriers for girls who started school late or had disrupted schooling, putting them in a class behind where they should normally be for their age.

Many children, especially girls, start school late, and need to be able to access education behind the regular schedule. It should have to do with ability. Many poor families interviewed for this report move frequently, seeking work or struggling with insecure housing. Administrative barriers can contribute to children in these families falling out of school. Sara, 16, had completed fifth grade when her family moved from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Karachi. The family stayed temporarily in an area with a school nearby, and Sara attempted to enroll, but was turned away, first because she did not have a certificate from her previous school, and then because exams were taking place.

She was told to come back later, but before she was supposed to return, the family moved again. Many families are too poor to afford even the costs associated with attending a government school, let alone paying for private education. Poverty drives many families to put their children to work, which often keeps them out of school.

Other girls are kept home to do housework. Families short on resources often decide to educate sons and not daughters. An insecure environment, where sexual harassment is a regular experience for many girls, fear of kidnapping and other crime is pervasive and well-founded, and conflict and attacks on education pose very real threats, prompts many parents to keep their girls home from school.

Fear of violence and harassment may make what would otherwise be feasible walks to school seem too far. By fifth grade, there are only four girls left. For many families, the most fundamental barrier to education is financial. I was working in a garment factory, so my daughter had to cook. But she felt overwhelmed by financial difficulties. Her husband works in a chewing gum factory. At the end of the month, we are always out [of money] and wonder what to do—it is all gone. I want a school for girls who belong to poor families. Bad luck, failed crops, illness or a death can easily put education out of reach.

Muskaan was in seventh grade when her father, a construction worker, fell from a mosque building site and died. Her mother struggles to support her seven daughters and three sons. An uncle helping the family financially refused to pay for the girls to study. As children get older, they are sometimes obliged to pay their own school fees if they wish to continue studying.

Asima, 16, has an year-old brother who works full-time, pays his own school fees, and is in 12 th grade. Asima just completed 10 th grade and wants to become a doctor. Lack of future employment opportunities discourages some families from educating girls. Many poor families move between urban and rural areas as a survival strategy. Families living in rural areas sometimes travel to the cities where work may be more plentiful. Families settled in the cities often return to the village where they have roots for weddings, funerals, and other visits.

Noor said the frequent moves happened because the family wanted to live in the village but were repeatedly forced back to the city by lack of work in the village. Her father paints houses; in the city her mother finds work as a maid. Noor began school at ages 3, 10, and 13, but only reached second grade, because of disruption. At the age of 14, when the family moved to Karachi again, she gave up.

Families living between two locations may be able to access schools in one place, but not the other. Sheherbano is 15 and just finishing fifth grade. She was behind in her studies because she left school for several years when her family returned from Karachi to their village.

Children switching schools are sometimes obliged to repeat grades. She completed first grade in Karachi, but when her family returned to the village had to redo first grade. This time Rania did not go back to school because the family viewed the stay as temporary and rent in Karachi was too high to leave money for education costs. She hopes to attend second grade after the family returns to the village. Many children, girls and boys, are out of school because they are working. Sometimes they are engaged in paid work, which for girls often consists of home-based industries, such as sewing, embroidery, or assembling small items.

Other children—almost always girls—are kept home to do housework in the family home. The pressure to take on housework drives many girls out of school, especially when their mother works outside of the home. Basooma has three siblings, two brothers and a younger sister. All her siblings studied, but Basooma was told she was needed for housework.

Their mother works as a maid. Often one girl in the family sees her education sacrificed to housework, while others study. When Nadia was 17 and in ninth grade, however, a death in the family prompted a visit to their village. While there, Sahar Gul liked the village school, and their parents agreed for her to stay with extended family and study.

The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

Left to do the housework alone back in Karachi, Nadia could no longer manage both that and studying. Their parents sent Nadia to seamstress training, and she continued to do all the housework. Eldest daughters often bear the brunt of housework. Her younger siblings are all studying, and her older brother completed 10 th grade, but Rabia quit fourth grade. I have to take care of all the younger siblings and the house. When older daughters marry, the responsibility for housework often shifts from them to a younger sister, in turn pushing her out of school.

Parween attended school from age 10 to 13, completing second grade before she was forced to drop out and take on household work after her three older sisters married at ages 17 or Parween described her daily routine of cleaning the house, washing clothes, and preparing meals for her parents and her two brothers. Oh Father, I rejoice that my sister Asia Bibi has finally been set free! I pray that Your precious Holy Spirit will minister new strength and joy into her heart, that she will heal of all the darkness and pain she has endured all these years, and that her light will shine even brighter because she has seen the salvation of the Lord and the power of prayer!

You are a great God, and what You permit in the lives of your faithful ones leads them to greater and greater trust in You. Praise be the to the Lord our God for his mighty works. I pray also all missionaries that risks their lives to reach the lost. May your suffering and persecuted children be strengthened in their faith.

We thank God for His released. I pray for those in the captivity of the enemy that God will intervene in their affairs in Jesus name. Praise God for this wonderful news. May the Lord give you a new joy and peace as you begin this new part of your life. I pray you will find a wonderful welcome and a new Christian family.

India, 70 years on from independence: a painful history but a bright future? | Letters

And the Lord will use you for his glory. Be glad and rejoice with all your heart, Daughter Jerusalem! The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you;. Praising with Blessing of love. Heavenly father we thank you in Jesus Mighty Name for your love, care, grace, mercies and your deliverance. We bless you for the live of our sister Asia Bibi and the family. Please God continue to give her and the family the grace to live for you until you come.

Through her draw many Muslims to the Faith in Christ Jesus. Let all the unborn generations from her remain in Christ Jesus. If any believer is in such Crisis please touch such people. Strengthen all agencies that promote the Kingdom. Lord God Almighty, I thank you for answering the prayers of many who like me have been praying for Asia for years. Please continue to bless Asia in this new phase in life, be near her and heal her wounds and those of her family. Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Ps We give glory to God for the victory to our sister Asha Bibi. I pray that this victory resonate to all Pakistani Christians. May the Lord bless the church in Pakistan. Heavenly Father, we thank You for our sister Asia and her family. We praise You for her release and hearing our prayers! Thank You Jesus for Your salvation and using her situation as a mighty testimony to Your grace. She shared Your suffering and You delivered her. We also ask that those who worked toward her release be protected from all harm. Thank You! Lord, This makes my heart sing tonight as I read this wonderful news!

I will continue to pray as they make the transition to their new home and make new friends! I thank You my Lord for Your great faithfulness towards them. God in Heaven, God Almighty, Lord of all there was and all that will be: please cover our sister Asia and her family with your wings. Also, keep our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Help them fear you, and not the one that can take their lives only for a while. Shield them, great One of Israel! Guard their hearts and their minds against discouragement and apostasy…in Jesus name!

When I heard you were free and were in Canada I was so overwhelmed with praise!! I have been praying and receiving updates about you since I was 15 years old. To know you are safe brings me such joy. I pray for healing of your mind and emotions from that time and that God connects you to the right people so you can share your story and ignite the church in awareness and prayer. You have SUCH a future. Jesus, bless my sister!!! This is just the beginning of your story. Father God, thak You so much for bringing Asia safely to Canada. Thank You for keeping her safe all these years.

And, Lord. Thank you, Father, for protecting Asia and her family as they have endured these very difficult times. Thank you Father for bringing Asia safely to Canada. I pray that you will bring them healing and peace and comfort as only you can. Please send them loving Christian friends to bless them and help them.

Thank you for your love and your grace. Please keep a hedge of protection around the other Believers in Pakistan and around the world. In Jesus Name. Lord, as in Psalm 28 speaks about the power of your voice, may that voice of your word not return empty in any of the lives of people who have heard about you, even with the testimony of Christians in Pakistan, who you are guarding their lives, give them strength and remove all fear.

In the name of Jesus, amen! You gave her what you have really for, Jesus, to give freedom from the sin, bondage, curses. Lord as she continues her future in new environment, we pray that you guide her, help her and through her life, through her testimony, many others would get encouraged. Give safety to your children in Pakistan, be with everyone and fill your people with your wisdom. In Jesus name. Asia I am overjoyed you are safe with your family.

Praise and gratitude to our God, whom we belong to and serve! Father continue to bless Asia with Your peace and Presence. Thank you for her witness of faith and love. Thanking Almighty God!! His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness O Lord! Great is thy faithfulness! I praise you that you answer our prayers always. I pray that this courageous woman may teach others to be as courageous and strong as she has been during this very difficult time of extreme hardship and torture. Lord, you know all of the future.

Father, your are still in the business of answering prayer, Psalm Thank you once again for what you have done for our sister Asia Bibi and to the Christian community. Continue to protect and provide for her and her family. Let them stand firm for You. We pray also for our brothers and sisters around the world persecuted because of their faith in Christ Jesus.

Fortify them and whisper to their spirit that they are not alone. May Your Grace, still available, reach persecutors! So very grateful that we have a papa that we can truly trust and who always listen and never is distracted from us or turns His head away!!

Thank you so much for your complete unconditional love When everything look hopeless. There is only light and hope in the foundation of Jesus…protect and cover those who are still waiting for your deliverance from their enemies.. We will stand and believe together in prayer…The power of prayer!

What I could of never conquered without prayer…. Lord, I thank You for bring Asia out of Pakistan safely! It truly is an answer to my prayers and the prayers of many others. Please keep her safe from harm and heal her body. In Jesus Name, Amen! We love and praise You. Please continue to help Your other children in this land that rejects them. May their witness win many others to You dear Lord. Praise and thanks be to God almighty!

So thankful that our Christian sister has been released and is finally with her family once again. We are rejoicing and now pray for emotional and mental healing from the traumatic events she has endured. Thank you Jesus for hearing our cry! Be glorified! Father, thank you for your infinite grace and mercy! Thank you for placing Asia in a wonderful place where she can be with her family.

We pray for the persecuted church and rest in knowing that Your love sustains all. All praise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Praising God that Asia and her family are safely out of Pakistan. There are many more who need our prayers. Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit: glory thanks and honor to you. You have done this wonderful thing for Asia and her family and you have been present to them in so many ways; as you are perfectly consistent and wonderful, gracious and loving, continue to be with Asia and her family; may those around them see the work of your hand and honor you! Praise and thanks forever and ever amen.

I give thanks to the almighty God. For sure delay is not denial. I give all the glory and honor to God. I just want to thank you for bringing this beautiful young-lady safe and sound to her family in Canada. Glory be to God for the release from prison of His servant Asia Bibi and her deliverance from Pakistan to the safety of Canada and her family. Lord, we praise and thank you for the freedom you have given to our sister Asia Bibi.

Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers for her safety. We will continue praying for others who are undergoing persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ and give you all the glory, through the same Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Jesus, yes, break forth in power and strength in Turkey! Continue to show yourself mightily in new ways for the salvation of many in Turkey. Most wonderful heavenly father thank you for Asia Bibi freedom.

Please help Asia as she starts a new life. Please help all your children around the world who are being persecuted for their faith. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Dear Lord, We thank you for answered prayer. Only you and only you, made this possible. We give you Praise and Thanks Giving. We thank all who prayed. In Believing and in Jesus Precious name. I pray. Miracles do happen. When the clouds rage overhead, the sun is still shining. And so it is with God. What a wonderful God! Father, we thank You and bless Your holy Name for granting Asia release from her captors and safely returning her to her family.

Heal her and oversee this time of reuniting with her family. May joy and peace fill their days. Watch over the church in Pakistan, destroy the darkness and bring the Light of the Gospel to the lost. Thank you Holy Father! Jesus, Lifter of my head! Thank you! As a person saved out of Islam, I pray for my sister set free!! Guide her, as You have all along, to reunite her precious family. You have saved her for a great purpose, or the dark one would have not fought Your Holy plan so hard for so long.

Solidify, gird up, equip, meet every need for her and her family to walk in truth! Redeem the time, restore the years the locusts have eaten in all ways! In Your Holy Name I pray…a former slave. Thank-you that You have, in Your time and way, freed Asia Bibi! Bless her reunion with her family. Use this to build up Your people and increase Your church, and witness to the world about life and truth in You. Thank you Lord for bringing Freedom to Asia. May she and her family be blessed together with your continued good hand upon them.

Please continue to oversee your children back in Pakistan dear God. We ask all this in Jesus name, amen. I am overwhelmed by this news. Have been praying for years. Praise You, Lord!! One step at a time, you are answering our prayers, the latest being that Asia would be reunited with her family in a country that will give them full amnesty and protection.

Now, God, please continue to protect them so they can live out their lives in safety and with much healing for all of them, especially Asia. Thank You, Praise You. Thank you father for this act of grace and thank you for hearing the prayers of your people. It is also the first thing we should do, and the last thing we should do in giving you thanks and praise for your faithfulness to us. Heavenly Father, It is with sincere gratitude unto you that we rejoice in the release and freedom of our dear sister in Christ Asia.

Now Lord, we humbly ask for Your blessing upon the Christians remaining in Pakistan and for the conversion of many lost souls in Pakistan. God, we give you all thanks and praise for this work you have done. We thank you for Asia and her life and her testimony. Be with her now and may she continue to love you and serve you all the days of her life. Dear Lord, Your are always faithful. Our prayers never go unheard. Thank You for taking care of Your child and allowing us to see the answer to our faith. May You continue to be glorified. Her release is a testament of Your Goodness and Grace.

Allow her to continue Your ministry of spreading the Gospel; in ways, according to Your Will. Father God, Thank you for answering our prayers! Please continue to help us until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus name I pray. May His glorious name be praised! May the church in Pakistan be strengthened! May those who live in spiritual darkness see the true Light. Thank you Jesus. Praise you, Jesus. I have prayed many times for Asia Bibi to join her family in Canada.

Our good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has made it a reality. What awesome news! This is cause for celebration! God is good all the time. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

I praise our Lord God, for seeing the release of Asia Bibi after all this time! This is the best news and answer to my prayers for her and her fmily since she first got taken. Our God is Good! So joyful to hear Asia and her family are safe in Canada at long last! For the Lord is good — his steadfast love endures forever! Thank you Lord Jesus! Bless the Lord O my soul!!! Bless his holy name! To God be the glory! Our family has been praying for you for so many years you feel like family.

May you be reunited with you daughter in Canada and may the Lord give you peace as you wait. Lord I pray for Pakistini Christians who are facing persecution and disappointment. Lord I pray that you may change the heart of these Islamic extremists. Lord I pray that your church all over the world will continue to have hope and trust in you, even in difficult, arduous times. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, you are not alone. God is with you especially in difficult times. For he is near to the brokenhearted. Now to Him who is able to do immesurably more than all we ask or imagine, according To His Power within us, to Him be glory.

Ephesians Have mercy on Asia. Dear God, I lif up Bibi into your hands. I pray that you will watch over her, protect her, and keep her safe. I pray that you will reunite her and her family back to together. Give the church in Paskistan assurance that you are in control and that you are taking good care of Bibi. I pray to God the judge of all the Earth to bring forth justice speedly. If God be for us who can be against us, hallelujah He who spared not His own Son but delivered Him up for us all how shall He not with Him give us all things. I proclaim Jesus is Lord, He will work all things together for Good.

He has a table spread before Him in the presence of His enemies. Goodness and mercy shall follow Him all the days of His life. My dear sisters and brothers in Christ I know that our Savior God is with you. You are not alone. I pray that the Holy Spirit Will open doors so that you may share the glorious faith that you have been given by our loving Heavenly Father. Love, Elaine. I have no words left to tell you. So may you receive my sighs and inner turmoil as prayer for not only her but also every one paying similar events an sufferings.

Let her feel your Presence, for You will never leave nor forsake her. We thank you for bringing her family to safety; we ask now earnestly that You would enable Asia to join them quickly and safely. IJN Amen. Lord keep Asia safe and strong in her faith. Continue to keep her courageous in the face of disappointment. Throw open the doors of her physical prison as you have already opened the doors of her spiritual prison.

Give her opportunities to witness of Your love and mercy. Let her afflictions be the catalyst for others to come to know you as she continues in Your strength, in Jesus Name. Father in Heaven, we thank you for preserving her life and delivering Asia from all the plans of her enemies. May your peace lift her up and keep her strong as she waits upon you to be reunited with her family!! Praying that God will give relief to all those being persecuted. I pray also for the church to be in unity and present the simplicity and power of the gospel. Father, please protect Asia and give her the strength to endure and to continue in her faith and trust that you are with her.

God I ask that you tear down the walls that are holding all those who are being held for proclaiming their love for you. Thank you Father for all that you do for your children and we praise your Holy name God! May the Lord Grant her total peace and joy in Jesus and She be a light where she is until the day Jesus delivers her.

And I pray many blessings on her of health and provision of all that she needs. Also Lord be with her family and comfort them in the same way. In Jesus name Amen. Dear Gracious Father, please protect Asia in this time of her great need. Please allow her to leave Pakistan and find a safe haven where she can practice our faith in peace. Soften the hearts of her enemies and help them to find you, the only God so they to can be forgiven and become our brothers and sisters in eternity. Our Father in Heaven, We come humbly before your throne petitioning for Asia Bibi, sister in Christ to be encouraged by you in her time of weakness and isolation.

Father, your Word, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tells us He will never leave or forsake us and we proclaim that today for our sister you will be with her in every one of her steps. Holy Spirit fill our sister with direction and hope fellowshiping with you in prayer. LORD guide, protect and be with our sister and let her feel our p. Heavenly Father, we pray thank You for Asia. Father, we thank You for her heart to serve You, and for her release from prison. Father, we pray that You will reunite her with her family.

We pray, God, that You will give her and her family protection, strength and comfort during this time. We cancel all attacks and assignments of the enemy during this time in Jesus Name. Father, we thank You for those working on her behalf. We pray that You will give them the strength to keep fighting. Please stop them in their tracks, even as You did with Saul on the road to Damascus. Not one of us deserves Your love or salvation…we are all sheep gone astray! Please help Asia to forgive her enemies and continue to hide her from them.

We trust You to work out something miraculous that brings You glory in and through all of this. Thank You Lord. Almighty God and merciful Father. Now I humbly ask You to please t h. Please Lird God, continue to pour out Your mercy in saving Asia physically by letting her be a wife and mother again. Dear Asia the testimony of what you and your family have experienced for the sake of Jesus has touched the hearts of your brothers and sisters in the faith everywhere.

The church I am part of in Australia has offered up prayers for you and your family. We will keep on doing so until prayers are completely answered and we will give thanks. During this Easter season may the Lord cover you and your family with his grace and peace and may he reward those who have helped you in your troubles. I pray for a wave of your protection to sweep across the Nation, to guard and protect their faith, their lives, their testimony. I pray that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I also pray for your protection over those who are fighting for the freedom and justice of Asia Bibi and others like her.

Give them power and authority to do good and restrain evil. May your glory shine. Then we talk about rules and regulation for the Pakistani Christian and for others. This meeting for three days. We have shared all views and Ideas with each P. Father, this injustice offends you. You hurt with your children and you enter into our sufferings. PLease be with Asia Bibi. Protect her. Protect those who would support and help her. Would they not be able to kill her.

Would Jesus be made more glorious through her story and through her walk with You. Give her a confidence and a trust in Your goodness! It must be a scary situation and I pray for her to be protected. Dear God, please help the Pakistani church and protect Asia Bibi so that she can continue to preach your name. Its a privilidge to get to share in the prayers of my brothers and sisters at this site for our dear sister Asia Abib and her family as well as every Christian suffering for your name in Pakistan and other countries.

I ask you for her and her family: daily encouragment in the Word, protection from evil, and joy in seeing Your love and power. I pray for the people that she came to know in her imprisonment who are on her heart. Just as we Asia pray for your protection, that of your family, and those protecting you, Jesus is at the right hand of the Father interceding for you and your loved ones day and night.

This is always a comfort in times of trouble, or even in good times. Our hearts cry out to the living God for you this very day. I pray for protection and guidance for asia bibi. I thank God for her release. I pray that soon she will be allowed to leave the country with her family and be able to worship in safety. First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things. Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually.

Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred and violence. Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins. Please pray and intercede without. I praise YOUR interventions and this act of a miracle. Father God, we lift up your precious daughter Asia Bibi, and her dear family. You are so pleased with her as she has suffered much for Your Name. Now that she is released we pray Lord, You surround Asia and family with a wall of Your protection.

Lord, we plead that they will find refuge in a safe land. Lord, we pray for health and restoration for this family, and that You are not done revealing Your glory through them. We pray that You heal emotional wounds caused by this long separation. Lord Jesus, I pray that you would strengthen and protect Asia, give her the words to say when confronted, and soften the hearts of her captors so that they will be able to understand and receive your Gospel.

I thank you Lord for helping Asia to serve you during this time of persecution. Jesus, protect Asia Bibi and her entire family, the judges and her lawyer from any harm. Send your angels to fight for them and protect them. Surround them with your love and peace. Strengthen their faith and drive out all fear. Let a spirit of praise rise up from their hearts in the midst of their troubles, and may the global church rise up in boldness alongside them to share Jesus Christ.

Father God, Thank you for your protection. Please continue to protect Asia and her family from attacks and death, for your glory. I pray for all Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan, for your hand of protection and strength be with them. May they turn to You and feel Your comfort, no matter what their circumstances.

Praying for the safety of Asia and her precious family as well as the community of Christians there. To be strong in their faith and obedient to the law of Christ. My prayers are with you continually, dear family in Christ. May His strength be yours always. May He use you to draw lost souls to Jesus. Rest in the truth that His eyes are always on you and remember His promise to sustain you. With love in our Faithful Father, Jan. Oh Lord Jesus please have mercy on those who threaten the lives of Asia her family and all who believe in you.

Jesus in your Holy name please by the power of your spirit lead them into safety bring a spirit of love kindness and compassion for each other in this country. Show them the love you have for the world by the passion of your Cross and protect them by your precious cross which always brings peace to the human hearts and souls. In the name of of Jesus Christ I ask and pray Amen. And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.

To our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pakistan, You are not alone in this battle — we who are many are with you in prayer and in our thoughts and in our hearts. Our Lord Jesus who never changes but is the same yesterday, and today, and forever and is always faithful and will never leave you or forsake you give you his strength, courage, and peace. May those who persecute you come to know the love of Jesus through you. In Jesus name — Amen. Please Lord, have your way in their lives.

In Your Name I pray Amen. May our Father who allowed Bibi to be in jail and acquitted also be protected along with her family and those in the courtroom who saw no fault in her. May those who want her dead be stopped. Oh Lord Jesus, how we thank you for the church in Pakistan.

We thank you for the acquittal of Asia Bibi and ask that you would surround her, her family and others effected by her acquittal with your loving kindness and protection. Lord we lift Asia and her situation before you seeking your will, seeking your guidance and your victorious right hand. Let them know you have not abandoned them. Let them know the church around the world stands with them. Strengthen them and prepare them. Psalms 34 My prayer for Asia Bibi is that as the Psalms says that the Lord will deliver her from all fear. Look to Jesus and He will deliver you.

Keep on worshipping the One and only true God! Taste and see that the Lord our God is good — keep on trusting in Him and He will deliver you out of this situation. We pray for the hearts of the people who are agains Asia to be softened and that they will loose interest in her and let her and her family go!!!! May the Lord bless you Asia???? I pray God for His Ongoing protection every day over you and family and fellow christians. I pray that God would blind those searching for you, and increase your harvest of new christians in Christ every hour of every day.

In Jesus Name i pray, Amen and amen.. Dear Lord, I lift up my brothers and sisters in Pakistan and ask You to give them spiritual and physical strength. Also, give them the endurance they need. Help them to stay focused on You. I also ask You to give them a heart of love and forgiveness and restore their faith, hope, and trust. Please protect the Church in Pakistan. Thank you Lord that you are a very prsent help in times of trouble. Thank you, that at this time you are looking over her and protecting Asia and her family.

Father, thank you for hearing our pleas for our sister Asia by securing her release. Thank you for the courage of the Supreme Court to do the right thing. Please send a quieting spirit over those who would wish to harm them, Asia, her family and other believers. Encourage them to persevere in their faith in You. Supply all their needs. Heal my sister Asia from all her afflictions and fill her with your Holy Spirit. Father, Your arm is not too short to protect Bibi and her family. Send your Holy Spirit and Your angels to protect her and ward off those who plan to do evil. I thank you Fatger for this brave woman stand.

Guard her heart and mind and fill her with Your supernatural peace. Your live will cast our all fears. I call those things that are not as though they were, and claim safety and peace for her and all her family in Jesus name! In Jesus. All powerful God, place your hedge of protection around Asia and her family. Guard her heart and mind in the peace of Christ. Remind her that yours is the victory. Watch over all the brothers and sisters here and fill them with hope in your promises.

Father, we thank you that You have kept Asia Bibi safe all this time, and she has now been set free from imprisonment for her faith. Thank You that You set captives free. Lord, please continue to put a hedge of divine protection around Bibi and her children, and those who are housing and helping her. Make a way for Bibi and her children to be taken safely out of Pakistan to a safe country. We praise God for answered prayer and we continue to pray for the Pakistani People and for Asia and for the judges : for their safety.

We pray that God willbless and protect them. Lord, even as The Church gathered and prayed for Peter that he might be delivered from Herod, hear our prayers and deliver Asia Bibi. Lord Jesus we lift Asia Bibi and her family before you, that they will sense your hand upon them and have your peace. Be with all the Christians in Pakistan during these troubling times. Dear Lord God, we lift up Asia Bibi her family and those that are with them, and the church in Pakistan, for their strength, courage and steadfast faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus we pray protect them and guide them, in your powerful name we pray Amen.

We are praying for God to send His angels to surround you. God grant you stamina, peace and that you will be able to hold to Christ till the very end. God bless you. Praise God that our sister Asia Bibi has been released! We rejoice that God was glorified in this persecution and that Asia was faithful— We pray for you and your family as you seek asylum. His faithfulness will be a protective shield. I continue prayers for her safety and for God in intervene in the persecution in Pakistan. I pray for Asia and family. I ask your hand of protection around them.

I pray that they would be able to leave Pakistan into a safe country. I pray for peace for them during this time. You are sovereign and you are Lord. Lord, I pray that these people find peace in you, Lord that they will remember that this pain is temporary. Remind them that Jesus too was persecuted by man but was favored by God. Remember, that the rejection of man is meaningless is the favor of God is upon them.

Protect them, remind them of Your love, Lord for you will be with them here on earth and in your righteous kingdom. In Jesus name, amen. Dear God in heaven, I continue to lift up my sister, Asia Bibi, and ask that you strengthen and encourage her, and her family, as well as all Christians there in Pakistan. I praise you that the false conviction against Asia has been dropped. I know there is much turmoil in her country, and I ask that you diminish the anger and hatred and bring in your love to replace the hate.

I cling to your word that brings hope and peace, like no other. I intercede for Asia from Psalm , in Jesus name. You are my glory! You are the one who restores me. Selah 5 I lie down, sleep, and wake up because the Lord helps me. Asia, I am praying for you. Psalm 3: Yahweh, how countless are my enemies, countless those who rise up against me, how countless those who say of me, No salvation for her from her God!

But you, Yahweh, the shield at my side, my glory, you hold my head high. I cry out to Yahweh, he answers from his holy mountain. I have no fear of people in their thousands upon thousands, who have set themselves against me wherever I turn. Arise, Yahweh, rescue me, my God! Be with her and her family during this time of persecution.

Make your presence felt. Oh, Lion of Judah! Stand between our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and the evil that is confronting them! Stand between them and the sword. Protect them as they share the only true Gospel, and fight alongside them in this time of hatred and violence. Do not let them be persuaded by the world, but keep their eyes upon you for their safety. Cast this evil into the fire, and being peace to your children as they reach so many unreached hearts!

Our God, Savior and Good Father place a veil of protection around her that will shield her from harm. Her and her family until they reach safety. Thank You for her testimony, her unswerving love and dedication to You that has reached the ends of the world as we all join in prayer because her fight. I live up the church in Pakistan and pray for Your complete peace upon them as the turmoil and violence continues in the land. I also ask Father for all hate to radically change into unconditional lov. Father, We lift up Asia Bibi and her family today.

I pray for divine protection and a way of escape. I pray for encouragement and perseverance in the name of Jesus. Dear Father, We pray that by your grace you protect and strength your daughter Asia Bibi. Thank you for your faithfulness in Jesus name. Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to you all the peoples of Pakistan. We pray for peace and understanding. Make Yourself known to them and protect them. Continue to protect Asia and her family.

We ask that you make a way for them to escape to a safe place. Place a hedge of protection around the believers and hold them near to You. Give them Your supernatural peace. Surround Asia and her family with your angels in holy protection. Give them safety from those who want to do harm. Supernaturally, Lord, bring the nation of Pakistan to its knees in holy surrender to you. I know you love them as you sent your Son to die for them.

Change hearts and transform lives in your precious Name. Praying with all my heart for your safety. So many want to see you live a peacful life with your family. Our Heavenly Father has brought you so far and our prayers for you have brought us together in the Spirit. We feel a true love for you as our sister in Christ. Our prayer is that He will put His protection around you and Father i humbly ask that you would lead her to a safe place soon where she can be a witness of your love and justice on her behalf. Thank you Father for hearing our hearts.

Dear Hevenly Father I thank you for what you have already done for Asia.

India, Pakistan & Partition: Borders of Blood Part 1 l 101 East

That you have changed the hearts of the Judges to make the decision to free her from prison. I ask that you will provide a safe haven for Asia and her family. I ask that during this time you will give her courage.

Great is thy Faithfulness. Praying God will keep His arms around you and that you will sense His presence as never before. Praying every day for you all. Praying for you mighty Woman of God! Angels around you in Jesus name! God Almighty has spared you for His purposes and you will be here until His mighty purposes have been fulfilled in and through you. Stay strong in the power of His might! Lord Jesus, Your will be done for Asia. You have called her to this ministry and you will see it through.

If it is your time for her suffering to end and for her to live in everlasting joy, may that be so. I believe you are in the process of bringing many in Pakistan to faith and joy, and that you are honoring Asia for her part in this work. Many are praying for this situation and I know you are using these prayers to work your will in our lives as will.

All praise and glory to God! Dear Father, Please surround your children in Pakistan right now with peace and protection. Cover them with your strength and power, turn aside their enemies, thwart and confuse any plan against your people. In the name of Jesus, we intercede for the deliverance of Asia Bibi, who has already suffered so much. May your Holy Spirit give her endurance, and forgiveness for those who hate her. Have mercy on the persecutors, using this situation to draw them to the truth of Jesus.

Our Almighty Father we thank You for sending your angel to guard us being Your beloved children. We thank you for your unlimited love and mercy that those situation cannot separate us from your love, Lord continue let your angel guard our sister bibi and her family seal them with your precious blood that any attack of the enemy will never succeed in Jesus Name i pray Amen?

Dear Lord, I bring Asia to You this morning, I ask that You will give her inner strength to hold onto her faith no matter what. Thank You for being so faithful in her life already, please use her story and her life to reach more and more souls for Your Kingdom. Holy Spirit, give her words of wisdom to share with those around her. Almighty Father, Asia Bibi is Your child who had languished in this prison for years under false accusations.

I pray your comfort, peace and deliverance over her and her family. Deliver them from evil people who scheme against her freedom. Please fight against them, LORD. Protect all the Christians who are being persecuted. In the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray with praise and thanksgiving to You. My Father, You hear every prayer that we pray. You are the Great Listener of Your children when we cry out to You. Thank You, Father, for releasing her from prison.

Work yet another miracle and give her and her family a means of escape so that they can live in peace freely as Christians. You are all powerful and they need Your protection, Lord. Keep them safe. I pray against every plan of the enemy to rob, kill, steal, and destroy from Asia and her family.

I pray for divine protection and strength for everyone involved.



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