Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)

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Article: Offiziersbrevet und Ratsmandat im jungen Kanton Aargau. Article: Jordanien : Beduinen versus Al-Kaida? Issue 5. Preface: Kontroverse um das Konzept des Aufwuchses. Article: Milizarmee konsolidieren und modernisieren. Article: Damit "die Hornisse" auch in Zukunft sticht! Article: Islamistischer Terror und seine Auswirkungen auf die Schweiz. Article: Flab Mittel I : Rapier. Rubric: Pro und Contra. Article: 8. Military Cross von Bellinzona. Article: Motivation : zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit. Article: Carl von Clausewitz, "Vom Kriege" 1. Article: Herausforderung Sicherheit. Preface: Investition in Informationsmanagment zahlt sich aus.

Article: Neue Herausforderungen bedingen Ressourcenoptimierung. Issue 6. Preface: Raumsicherung und Verteidigung. Article: Korea, der degradierte Auslandeinsatz. Article: Der Vorgesetzte als Motivator. Article: Umstrittene Teilrevision der Armeeorganisation. Article: Les Spahis en Suisse.

Article: Carl von Clausewitz, "Vom Kriege" 2. Issue Preface: Unser sicherheitspolitisches Manko. Article: Brauchen wir eine grosse sicherheitspolitische Debatte? Article: Sicherheit und Armee. Article: "A force for good in the world". Article: Im Visier von Netzwerk Article: Grosser Erfolg beim 8.

Article: Jahre Bourbaki Panorama Luzern. Article: Carl von Clausewitz, "Vom Kriege" 3. Article: Les Suisses accumulent une nuit blanche par semaine. Appendix: Nation Building. Preface: Nation Building. Article: Balkan als Katalysator des internationalen Krisenmanagements. Article: Den Frieden nachhaltig sichern.

Article: Eine stabile Nation braucht eine gemeinsame Vision. Article: Am rutschenden Hang. Article: Bewegung im strategischen Denken. Article: Zwei Szenarien. Article: Wegweiser zu einer strategischen Doktrin. Article: Schlussbemerkung. Issue 9. Preface: Konsolidierung. Article: Die Operationszentral der Luftwaffe. Article: Lufttransportdienst des Bundes. Article: Geschwaderkommandant im neuen Flugplatzkommando. Article: Die Fliegerstaffel 11 in Meiringen. Article: Logistik bei der Luftwaffe. Article: Das Panzergrenadierbataillon in der Raumsicherung. Article: Carl von Clausewitz, "Vom Kriege" 4.

Article: Sold und Lohngerechtigkeit. Article: Internationales Krisenmanagement. Article: Die Schweiz als Friedensstifterin. Article: Der Logistikoffizier : der Allrounder in der Armee. Article: "Die Raumsicherung erlebe ich hier! Article: Carl von Clausewitz , "Vom Kriege" 5. Article: Sicherheitspolitische Strategie der Schweiz. Preface: Krieg heute : Nichts Neues im Westen. Article: Die Wirklichkeit des Krieges oder der Prozess vom dissymetrischen zum assymmetrischen Krieg.

Article: Krieg heute : Guerillakrieg. Article: Operational art and asymmetric warfare. Article: Shock and awe : Simulation einer asymmetrischen Operation. Article: Dissymmetrie im Afghanistankrieg Article: Soldat und Recht. Article: Sommer-Armeemeisterschaften Article: Die Mittlere Kanonenfliegerabwehr : gestern : heute : morgen. Preface: Sicherheitspolitische Diskussionskultur.

Children of Michael Lybrand and Sarah : 1. William G. Samuel Lybrand Gen. War of Veteran. Margaretta Lybrand jr, 2. Catherine Lybrand, 4. George William H. Archibald Lybrand Gen. Samuel Lybrand jr, oo Isabella J. Joseph S. Lybrand, 3. Archibald Lybrand Jr. Robert G. Lybrand, oo Mary K. George A. Mary M. Lybrand Gen. Lybrand and Ozilla Creel were married by Alexander Morrow. Children 1 of George William H.

Lybrand and Ozilla Creel: 1. Charles Lybrand. Children 2 of George William H. James T. Sarah S. Minnie G. King Lybrand. Lybrand and Maria C. Samuel Lybrand jr Gen. Son of Samuel Lybrand and Isabella J. Edwin G. Charles Lewis Lybrand Gen. Captain of Company I, 46th Reg. Daughter of Archibald Lybrand Jr. JONES: 1.

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Harriet S. Children of Robert G. Lybrand and Mary K. Blanch L. Robert H. Paul L. Charles Albert Lybrand Gen. Frances Louise Lybrand Gen. Children of Mary "Louise" Lybrand and Wesson: 1. Children: 1. Agnes Elizabeth Lybrand Gen. Came with his parents to South Carolina, listed as 23 years of age. Ship "Elizabeth". Came with parents to South Carolina listed as 18 years of age. The petition of Hendrick Lybrand humbly setting forth that the partitioner came into this province from Germany on the encouragement given him to foreign Protestants and shipped himself and family on board the Ship Elizabeth bound from Rotterdam to this port and had payed his passage money as appears by the inclosed discharge of Mr.

He has a wife and three children Viz Christian aged 23 years, Simeon 18 and Maria 16 years for whom not yet himself has any land been granted, and therefore he humbly prays his execllancy and their honours that they would have the Survey General to run out to the petitioner acres of land free of charges and that he may have his most gracious Majestys Bounty and the petitioner as in duty bound shall every pray.

Charles Town the 15th day of March , Hendrick Lybrand. The said petition being considered and the petitioner appearing and swearing allegiance of his Majesty and to the truth of his said petitioner the prayer thereof was granted, and the Deputy Secretary ordered to prepare a warrant and the Secretary General to lay out the acres of land prayed for that so a grant may issue to the petitioner for the same and that the Commissioner General do pay the charges and the Bounty.

Johann Christian Lybrand Gen. Son of Christopher Lybrand : 1. Annie and Elijah moved to Sand Hills. James Lutheran Lybrand Church was built. Sally Adaline Lybrand married Jacob Unger. Death date is according to tombstone info recorded in by the Lexington Water Power Company when Lake Murray was filled.

Her birth is recorded at St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Lexington S. Birth recorded in records of St. Birth recorded in the records of St. John J. John died at Trevillian Station from wounds received in the Civil War. His unit was Co. Married William Haltiwanger. Children of Christopher Lybrand and Barbara: 1. Martin Lybrand Gen. Never married. Henry and Nancy moved to Bush Creek newberry co. Children of Henry Lybrand 2 and Nancy Ballentine: 1. Fulmer: 1. Joseph Lybrand Gen. John D. JOHN D. JOHN C. Moved from Lexington S. Children of William Lybrand and Barbara Sease: 1.

Both buried in Family Cemetery on old homestead. Cedar Grove, p. Colonial Ancestors Fulmer of SC, p. Martha Rutha Lybrand 9 Sept Jack who was blind, became ill. South C, at 85 years of age. His body was interred New Holland aiken co. South C, New Holland Cemetery. She was buried beneath the waters of Lake Murray and has a memorial marker at Mt. Both buried in the Henry Wingard Cemetery near St. Martin Lybrand, oo Anna Sophia Arehart 2.

Jacob Lybrand 6. Isaiah Lybrand 7. Emerline Lybrand 8. Jacob is listed in the Grant Co. Children of Jacob Lybrand and Nancy Taylor: 1. Catherine Lybrand, oo D. Williams, farmer and merchant at Grapevine Arkansas 3. Reuben Lybrand, farmer, died in the Confederate army in 4. Cedric Lybrand, 5.

William M.


Joseph G. Levi Lybrand Gen. Served as 1st. Killed in Civil War. John Watson Lybrand Gen. Ellis, daughter of Samuel Ellis, of Grant County. Ellis: 1. Ashcraft, farmer of Grant County. Lott Huston Lybrand. Macon, of North Carolina. Rudolph Fitzhugh Lybrand. Mary McKee Lybrand. Lived in Madison township with Pauline and their daughter Lula and Lula's daughter. Buried along with his wife in Grapevine Cemetery. Children of William M.

Lybrand and Pauline "Dee" Johnson: 1. Daniel Jacob Lybrand, 2. Lula Lybrand. Each with historical roots going back some years. Set out below are some key milestones in the history of both firms. Montgomery, William M. Lybrand, Adam A. Ross Jr. Henry 3 and his wife were laid to rest in the union medthodist cemetery, at Westover Alabama. Children of Henry 3 Lybrand and Anna?? Shaw 28 Mar Children of Anna Lybrand and Hugh L. Shaw: 1. George W. His body was interred Fairview dekalb co Alabama. Burnett 20 Jan Mary was born 27 Apr Coosa County, Alabama.

Mary died 18 Sept at 72 years of age. Her body was interred Fairview dekalb co. William James Lybrand Gen. Mother: Anna?? William James and his wife were laid to rest in the union medthodist cemetery, at Westover Alabama. Nancy Y. Oscar S. Children of Oscar S. Lybrand and Rose Lee Evans: 1. Emory Charles Lybrand Gen. Emory Charles and his wife were laid to rest in the union medthodist cemetery, at Westover Alabama.

David Delano Lybrand Gen. Sylvan, Smith Co. Worth, TX. Ida, AR. JIM A. P house moved to Mississippi after marriage. Killed in civil war. RUBY L. KARL C. James Madison Lybrand Gen. IRA P. Lybrand, JR. MARY F. Four generations carried on the business, beginning with Julius Lybrand, who was the first licensed embalmer in Van Zandt County, then John C. Lybrand, and his son Herschel. The present building was built in after fire destroyed the original location in the downtown area. He was born February 25, in Smith Co. Texas, and died February 27, in Tyler, Texas.

Little Rock, Ark. JANE: 1. FRED C. Lybrand: 1. The Majestic Theatre Karl C. Lybrand launched his long and colorful career in the entertainment business in Wills Point in as manager of the Wednesday Book Club Opera House. In , the theatre building was built to show the silent movies that were all the rage. Probably the most memorable thing during the silent picture days was the orchestra that won fame in our area providing musical accompaniment to the films. The orchestra included Karl C.

Lybrand on trumpet and Ms. Eva Lybrand on piano. The orchestra played until talking pictures took over the screen in Karl C. Lybrand III carries on the tradition of his father and grandfather operating the Majestic Theatre today. It is the longest continuously operated movie house in Texas. George Jefferson Lybrand Gen. Mother: S. Owned Majestic Theatre over 55 years in Wills Point Bank director First National Bank Served on volunteer fire dept President and sec. Mother: ORA? Lybrand III Gen. In that time, many Germans settled in Poland.

Between and these areas were covered by the German record and after — by the Russian. Map of the areas around Warsaw 4. He settled in the area around Warsaw. With Jacob Jonathan starts the Leibrandt line in Poland. David Jonathan Leibbrand, Dawid Jonathan Leibbrand Gen. Christoph Friedrich Leibbrand Gen. Gottfried Leibbrand Gen.

Children of Gottfried Leibbrand and Christine Eisele: 1. Friedrich Leibbrand Gen. Christian Leibrandt Gen. Karl August von Leibbrand Gen. Jan Leibrandt ur. Matyfola Leibbrand, I. Andrizej Leibbrand 7. Mother: Christine Bauer. Jakob Scheirer 3. Jonathan Scheirer 4. Justina Scheirer 5. Ludwig Scheirer 6. Matthias Scheirer 7. Andreas Leibrandt Gen. Children of Andreas Leibrandt and Katharine Schwarz: 4.

Wanda Leibrandt, 6. Jan Leibrandt Gen. Karol Leibrandt Gen. Children of Karol Leibrandt and Zofja Mathis: 1. Resettled in Australia, arrived 28 September in Sydney. Alfred Lejbrandt Gen. Juni , oo Elisabeth , Maschinenbauingenieur Dipl. Oktober , Betriebswissenschaftler 2. Januar in Warschau, ca. Oktober in Karlsruhe, Christoph Leibrandt Gen. Oktober in Karlsruhe, Dipl. Jakob Leibrandt Gen.

Before the second word war, Johann had sweet shop in Warsaw on 40 Prosta Street. Children of Johann Leibrandt and Marianna z domu Cieplinska: 1. Child: Agnieszka Jasinski. Waldemar Leibrandt Gen. Leibbrandt's in Australia Juliusz Leibrandt Gen. They arrived 28 September at the port of Sydney and resettled in Australia.

Waldemar Charles Leibrandt Gen. Custer children residing with them were Francis , William , David and John. Mary A. June 26, , oo Sept. Martha A. Johann Jacob Leibbrandt Gen. Johann Jacob and his family travelled from Kleiningersheim on April 19, and settled in America. In , they lived in Tiffin, Seneca county, Ohio. In and , they lived in Knox county and Wells county, Indiana State. Johann Jacob Leibbrand t married Rebecca Snyder and had one or more children born in Indiana before moving in to Santa Cruz, California State and completing their family of eleven.

John W. Johnnie Leibbrandt built the West's first hot saltwater plunge in , on the waterfront east of today's "Neptune's Kingdom. They named the plunge "Dolphin Baths," with a large main-floor pool, and a fine upstairs ballroom. The steam generator that pumped and heated the saltwater also regaled bathers with steam-powered music from its poolside calliope. Beach Street didn't exist then, and carriages drove on the beach itself. The Leibbrandts built the original boardwalk along the waterfront in , for easier access to the baths.

A gravel foundation for the railroad tracks was placed on the sands, and later fill-dirt flanking the tracks became Beach Street. Leibbrandt Gen. Jacob Leibbrandt Gen. Children of Maria Leibbrandt and John Hoffmann: 1. Emma Hoffmann. Alvin Hoffmann. Billy Ray Deeter Gen. Graduated from High School June Graduated from College May Hobbies are a. Peirce, Peirce: 1. Martha Leibbrandt 2. Millie Leibbrandt II. Annie Leibbrandt 4.

Also, visited Amsterdam in November and it was the most beautiful city I've ever been to! Mar 4. Metselaar en bakkersknecht bij bakkerij Wagner in Amsterdam. Cornelia Leibbrand, A1 B Christian Heinrich Leibbrandt Gen. C Christoph Friedrich Leibbrand Gen. Adres: Grote Kattenburgstraat 2 grote Wallenburg straat 2? Willem Frederik Leibbrand, C1 David Jonathan Leibbrand, C6 7. Johan Andries Leibbrand, C7 Johan Friedrich Leibbrand, C8 9. Moeder: Geertje Amoreus. A3 Hendrika Leibbrand Gen. B1 David Jonathan Leibbrandt Gen. B2 Christiaan Hendrik Leibbrandt Gen. Jurriaan Volkerts Zwaal is eerder gehuwd te Harlingen op 10 december met Mijsje Pieters Duinmeijer, geboren te Harlingen op 24 mei , overleden aldaar op 28 juli Kinderen II.

B3 Johan Ludwig Leibbrandt Gen. Gotlieb Frederik Leibbrandt, Poelmann, 3 zonen: 1. Sea Captain in Kuala Lumpur. Leibbrandt hotmail. Duuren - Leibbrandt Gen. Slachter in Amsterdam, wonende Torensteeg 9. Hendrik Jonathan Leibbrand, C Kinderen van Christoph Friedrich Leibbrand en C. Marenisse: 1. Jacobus Johannes Leibbrand, 3. Johan Friedrich Leibbrand, C77 Christoph Friedrich Leibbrand, B42 Cornelis Aris Leibbrandt Gen. Moeder: Angelina van Gasteren. Op 3 feb. Op 19 Jan. C14 Angelina Wilhelmina Leibbrand Gen.

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C22 Jacobus Johannes Leibbrand Gen. Sophia Leibbrand, C 4. Adriaan Leibbrand, C C61 David Jonathan Leibbrand Gen. C72 Jan Willem Leibbrand Gen. C74 Heinrich Jonathan Leibbrand Gen. Slachter en slager, adres: Prinsengracht , hier was ook de slagerij oo ca met Cornelia Susanna Dekker ca jaar geworden, begraven op Zorgvliet Kinderen van Johan Andries Leibbrand en Cornelia Susanna Dekker: levenloze zoon Suus Leibbrand, C75C 2. Corina Leibbrand, C75E 3.

Jo Leibbrand, C75B 4. Hendriek Leibbrand, 6. Dora Leibbrand, C75D 7. Frans Leibbrand, C75G 8. Bertus Leibbrand, C75H 9.

Cornelis Jacobus Jan Leibbrand, Cornelia Lia Leibbrand, 3. Henry Christiaan Leibbrand, 6. Anna Maria Leibbrand, 7. C Sophia Elisabeth Leibbrand Gen. C Adriaan Leibbrand Gen. Anne-Marie van Donzel Pigmans. E-mail:dopi kpnplanet.

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Zoon: Drs Henk J. Leibbrand in Best 4.

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Dokwerker, oo met Geertruida Jacoba Frings Jacoba Geertruida Leibbrand, C72B1 Geertruida Jacoba Leibbrand, C72B2 Elisabeth Leibbrand, C72B3 Jan Willem Leibbrand, C72B4 Cornelis Leibbrand, C72B5 C72D Theodorus Leibbrand Gen. Jan Willem Leibbrand, C72D1 Willemina de Meijere, C72F1 Jan Willem de Meijere, C72F2 Johannes Albertus de Meijere, C72F3 Pieter de Meijere, C72F4 C72i Theodora Leibbrand Gen.

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Op 7 mei uitgeschreven naar Meteorenstr. Eduardina Catharina Elisabeth C72J1 Moeder: Cornelia Susanna Dekker. Leraar in Muiderberg. Kinderen van Bertus Leibbrand en Christina van der Vliet: 1. Seffinga Seffinga: 1. Maartensdijk 2. Rob Leibbrand, C72G12 Edwin Leibbrand, C72G13 Richard Bohmerman C72G21 Marineman en rijksambtenaar, oo Slager, in naar Hilversum verhuisd I. Stefan Leibbrand, C72G11B Damion Leibbrand, C72G12A Rick Leibbrand, C72G43A Lianne Leibbrand, C72G43B Ham: 1.

Katinka Ham, C75A Miranda Ham, C75A Fiona Ham, C75A Moeder: Antje de Jong. Johan Andries Leibbrand, C75A Hij is gecremeerd op Johan Andries trouwde, 27 jaar oud, op Zoon van Johan Andries en Geertruida: 1. Zoon van Michelle en Mohammed Hamadi: 1. Johann Christian Leibbrand Gen. Gottlieb Leibbrand Gen.

Johann Friedrich Leibbrandt, Gen. Katharina Barbara Leibbrandt Gen. Children of Johannes Leibrandt and Maria Kayser: 1. Wilhelm Friedrich Leibbrandt Gen. Catharina Johanna Leibbrandt Gen. Andreas Friedrich Leibbrandt Gen. Andreas Leibbrandt Gen. Christian Friedrich Leibbrandt Gen. Carl Wilhelm Leibrandt Gen.

Johann Georg Leibbrand Gen. Daughter of Pauline Friedrike Leibbrandt: 1. Children of Johann Jacob Leibbrand: 1. Gottlob Leibbrand, 2. Karl Leibbrand, 3. Children of Christian Leibbrand: 1. Christian Leibbrand, 3. Children of Michael Leibbrand and Margaretha Scheyhing: 1. Children of Christian Leibbrand and Christina Blankenhorn: 1. Lawrence Town, Scott County, Minnesota. Johann Jakob Leibbrand Gen. Michael Leibbrand Gen.

Michael Leibbrand came to Minnesota, America from Stuttgart in at the age of George B. Alfred Leibbrand. Jacob Leibbrand Gen. Martha L. Lawrence Township, Scott Co. Leona W. Hans Leibbrand Leuprandt? Christoph Leibbrand Gen. Kinder aus I. Johann Konrad Leibbrand, oo Trin, , Johann Saxenmayer, Kanzleibot 6. Ziegler in Leonberg. Daughter: Agnes M.

Johann Konrad Leibbrand Gen. Bauer und Burger in Leonberg. Salome Leibbrand, keine Daten vorhanden 7. Joseph Leibbrand, oo Aus II. Sohn des Johann David Leibbrand: 1. Catharina Staudenmayer: 1. Stadsdekaan in Stuttgart. Sattler: 1. Mutter: Julie Charl. Ministerie-direktor beim Verkehrsministerium. Sohn des Max Karl Robert Leibbrand: 1. Kurt Leibbrand war in den er und er Jahren einer der einflussreichsten Verkehrsplaner in Deutschland. Hersteller eines seitigen Leibbrand Stammbaum. Tochter des Dr. Alfred Geyer, Apotheker in Stuttgart.

Sonh des Kurt Leibbrand : 1. Vom Johann Friedrich Leibbrand Gen. Hans Johann Ulrich Leibbrand Gen. Hans Andreas Leibbrand Gen. Hans Jerg Leibbrandt Gen. Georg Michael Leibbrandt Gen. Georg Friedrich Leibbrandt Gen. Hans Ulrich Leibrand Gen. Johann Martin Leibrand Gen. Johann Jacob Leibbrand. Matthaeus Leibbrand Gen. Johann Jacob Leibbrand Gen. Abraham Leibbrand Gen. Hans Martin Leibrand Gen. Children of Jacob Leibbrand and Magdalene Nonnenmacher: 1. Johann Jacob Leibbrand, Gen. Hans Wendel Leibbrand, Gen.

Johannes Leibbrand, Gen. Johann Martin Leibbrand, Gen. George Martin Leibbrandt Gen.? Georg Martin Leibbrand, Gen. Jakob Martin Leibbrand, Gen. Jakob Friedrich Leibbrand, Gen. Jacob Leibbrand, Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm Leibbrand, Gen. Walter Friedrich Leibbrand, Gen. Georg Jacob Leibbrand Gen. Helina Leibbrand. Johannes Michael Leibbrand Gen.

August Leibbrand Gen. Elmer Philip Leibbrand 2. Mary's Hosp. Fannie Leibbrand, oo Elmer Johnson 4. Laura Ateina Leibbrand 5. Ada Augusta Leibbrand, oo Allen Poore 7. Wilhelm Karl Leibbrand 8. George Friedrich Leibbrand Gen. John William Leibbrand Gen. Donald J. Albert Liebrand 2. Muriel E. Martin Leibbrand Gen. Fred Leibbrand, I. James Leibbrand, oo Hilda?.

Johan Michael Leibbrand, F Pieter Hendrik Leibbrand, F Moeder: Annemarie Valkenhorst. F15 Carel Frederik Leibbrand Gen. Moeder: Margarita Wilhelmina Pieman. He arrived at the Cape in Siebert Coenraad Leibbrand, Firsten 4. Fought in the Anglo-Boer war Commandos as heliograph and scout. He fought under the command of General Smuts. Therefore he never got a higher rank than Sergeant-major and so he worked as instructeur in the army. He lived in Potchefstroom and later in Pretoria where he was a municipal-member and welknown as "Oom John".

Died in Pretoria general hospital. Erin Maretha Leibbrandt, 4. This man was called, on his fathers death notice, Peter Paul William James, but in the family bible he is named as above. His grandson Antony Errol has the bible. Children of Lionel Herman Victor Leibbrandt: 1. Chantelle Dianne, 2. Bianca Lizelle, 3.

Monique 4. Jethro Paul, 2. Natasha Diane. Stephen Paul Leibbrandt Gen. Abraham Johannes Leibbrandt Gen. Pieter Willem Heideman Leibbrandt Gen. Sebastiaan Johannes Leibbrandt Gen. Piet Retief Dis; II. Mother: Magrieta Johanna Maria. Children of Sebastiaan Johannes Leibbrandt: 1. Jacob Lourens Jacobus Leibbrandt Gen. Markus Johannes Leibbrandt, 2. Gesena Catharina Elizabeth Leibbrandt, 3. Sophia Johanna Maria Leibbrandt, 4.

Sebastiaan Johannes Lourens Leibbrandt, 5. The "Father" of the second line of Leibbrandt in South Africa. Johan Michael Leibbrandt Gen. Hendrik Albertus Leibbrandt Gen. Biography in the Pretoria Archives. Percival Fred Leibbrandt Gen. Mother: Doris Reid. Dante Freddy Vargas Andersen 2. Edwin Vargas Andersen. Vanessa Vargas Viruete 2. Ana Gladys Vargas Viruete 3. No children of the second marriage. Konrad Friedrich Georg Leibbrandt, Gen.

Richard Joseph John Leibbrandt Gen.

Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition) Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)
Als der Krieg zu Ende war - die Grenzstadt Schaffhausen im Jahre 1945 (German Edition)

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