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“The sleigh was full of toys. ‘Who is it?’ mamma asked. “Some guy,’ I said. ‘A little guy.’ ”

This the testimony of an English soldier who wrote a letter to report this event:. This led to an exciting incident the other day. Our fellows have been in the habit of shouting across to the enemy, and we used to get answers from them. This is what happened:. One of our fellows thereupon filled his pocket with fags and got over the trench, the German got over his trench; and right enough, they met halfway, and shook hands, Fritz taking the fags and giving chocolate in exchange.

Scrutton, Essex Regiment. Christmas and football united for a few days the enemies of war. This was perhaps one of the most curious moments of World War I since this was an informal truce that happened spontaneously and was not planned. This moment shows the humanity that unites the soldiers and that despite being on opposite sides of the battle are all the same. Soldiers playing football during the Christmas Truce, At p. I looked at her gray, bald head and sad brown eyes.

Are you losing hair in the shower drain? Her mouth dropped open.

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I peered at the elephant, on the couch. Do you have belly fat? Are you having trouble losing weight? In reality, K, Kunda was slender. But I knew that women in their forties are paranoid about everything, and for no reason that I understand I was intent on showing Kunda that she was suffering from iodine deficiency.

Those are all symptoms of a deficiency in iodine, the mineral most essential for fertility. Suddenly it was done. She opened the door, closed it carefully behind her, and walked into the dark yard. Beyond the glass dome of the circle room was clear black sky; under the Christmas tree sat mounds of gifts decked in sparkling gold-and-red paper and tied with organza ribbons.

Behind her, the black cat sauntered across the kitchen tiles and out the door and into the grass. It padded left, past the swing set, and headed into the trees. And I was, like, Christ. I felt terrible. She tried so hard and no one thanked her. Then an immense fist like a sledgehammer punched my jaw. I fell on my butt on the trail. An orange pain was my jaw and also the world.

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I had three faces and saw three sisters. Adira begged us to leave the sliding door open for the cat. The house was quiet. I guessed everyone was asleep. I figured I could sneak into the kitchen and eat half a pecan pie and no one would know. I entered the kitchen and found half a pecan pie, covered in foil, on the counter. I unwrapped it. Stale pecans, wheat crust, lard, and corn syrup—I was desperate for it. Outside, it was coal-black.

Cold wind blew through the open door. I stuck my finger in the pie and scooped out a big blob. The pecan-syrup blob was moving toward my mouth when I heard a high-pitched cry, outside in the yard. I felt afraid. I put the blob back in the pie tin, and stepped away; a black ball shot into the kitchen, moving toward me fast, uttering a high sound, once-cat, but it moved on its belly, pulled itself forward by using its front paws, which scraped madly, nails clicking, across the floor; it had no legs, only a head and a torso, it seemed to roll past me, it paused between the circle room and the kitchen and looked at me.

It was Crow, but her back legs seemed to have disappeared—she was half a cat and her face looked gigantic, puffed to twice its size. My sister appeared in the hall. My elder niece appeared.

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The whitish blobs slid across the floor—golf-ball size, like undercooked eggs with red tendrils. In one I could see the golden disk and the dark pupil. Revelstoke is an unusual town.

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We left the clinic at 6 A. A somewhat odd thing happened that morning. My sister, who stuck up for me when she was a kid, but whom no one stuck up for—ever, in any way—thanked our mother and uncle for coming, and told our uncle that he had to go. Some say that those born between December 22nd and January 19th carry existential sadness within them.

They say that Capricorns are at the end of their line; everything they want to do, they have to do within this life. My sister made a new rule: no cats outside.

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My niece started playing her game again. Her hand waved upward. On the screen, she leaped over a mushroom. Her black pupils went large. On the couch, my niece shook her head. My niece looked down. Wiped her cheek. She stared at me. We heard shrieks and giggles. Adira peered at her. Adira muttered. My sister said that she needed help in the kitchen, and told my nieces to clean up their mess. We had thirty minutes until our guests arrived. I said it was her room. Everyone has wrinkles! Her trunk curled down. The orangutan next to her frowned. Everyone stared at me.

I thought, Yes! She has Lyme disease! The elephant turned mauve. She rose clumsily and headed toward the kitchen. Recommended Stories. Sign in.

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The three-foot 1 m Christmas tree stands in the window as a symbol of their love. How can I thank our friends? Will they ever know how much I needed them and how grateful I am? While my thoughts were turned to nothing but my husband, they were loving my children, scrubbing my house, restocking my fridge, doing my laundry, wrapping our Christmas presents, and bringing love to me through hugs, dinners, gift cards, cash, phone calls, texts, emails, messages, bags of cinnamon-scented pine cones, and a suitcase full of decorations.

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  7. They cried with me and prayed and fasted. And in doing all of this, they gave me the most precious gift they could have given: their time. How I love them all!

    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle
    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle
    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle
    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle
    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle
    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle
    A Christmas Miracle A Christmas Miracle

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