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Tracing the history of wine from New Mexico and beyond.

I bloated, cramped, burped and all the other ghastly results of over-fruiting. I am dead against juicing and smoothies owing to the amount of sugar consumed in one portion. Good morning Lily it has been mentioned to us that we eat far too much fruit. I must emphasise that I am extremely health conscious most of the time, but occasionally binge. Every second day we have a smoothie consisting of 1 stick celery, 1 carrot.

To this we add 1 tablespoon raw honey. I eat as a very large breakfast daily — in my nutra bullet raspberries,blueberries,blackberries,ground almonds,chia seeds,pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds,flax seeds,q 10,walnuts,Brazil nuts,sesame seeds,full fat Greek yogurt,agave syrup,dates and almond milk.. Having suffered from gallstones from a diet high in cheese years ago I find that on the rare occasions I have had an attack after being tempted with a cheese dish the only food my body will willingly accept and feel good on is the above mix of nutrients.

I eat in one day 2 granny apples, 2 nectarines or peaches, a good handfull of strawberries and oikos yogurt with a ton of fresh blueberries added to it. Feel very bloated and agitated afterwards so now i know why, thank you for this insight and please know that i try to be very healthy with my food choices, i used to weigh pounds and now i am pounds and have kept it off with diet and exercise for 10 years but in the last year have become addicted to fruit but have severe bloating so any advice would be appreciated, i am 41 years old and female if this means anything.

I got prove that eating too much fruit is harmless. Even for diabetic type 2 patients. For reference, a small apple weighs about g. So glad I found this!! In total shock that you can eat too much fruit! Yes I have been extra amounts since I got my new blender. I will be cutting back as from today, learning I suffer the side affects.

Thank for the tip! Thank for the tip. I definitely suffer fruit side affects. Will be cutting back as from today. I have all the five symptoms mentioned. I joined Slimming World and eat huge amounts of fruit. I told the leader about this and she laughed it off. Thank you so much. I run miles per week and eat unlimited fruit. It really is disgusting. I wonder as I get older my body cannot handle all the fruit, as I do seem to be a bit more bloated, but I am so hooked.

I found this really helpful! I also absolutely love smoothies and usually have a glass of OJ mid morning. Immediately after eating, I was getting stomach aches and had to go, I was worried for my training and your article has reassured to me that there is such a thing as having too much, balance is key! Unfortunately, I just ate 8 apricots and that was definitely not even half of the fruit I ate all day…. Gonna have to work on it. Is it good or bad for my liver? I joined Weight Watchers Dec I am down 30 pounds, and thank fruit for that.

Most fruits are 0 points, so I have been eating lots of fruit, so I can eat dinner with my hubby. I have a few of the symptoms you mentioned, and no idea where they may have come from! Now I know, and thank you! Look out veggies, my new love!! Into my second week of a four week stay on the island of Malta. Only to find myself in the early hours with a painful stomach and running to the loo.

However, coming upon this sight has lead me to a whole new way of looking at fruit and of how they should be consumed. You have possibly saved me from having more of upset stomach in the future. But seeing it all in black and white, wow! Thank you for an altered perspective. Thank you!! Thanks so much? Hi there. I starting following fruitians in a Facebook page. I absolutely relate to the factor of bloating! I consume a great deal of fruit. Thanks for the tips. Wow, thank you for this information!! A couple months ago I had to take some antibiotics.

I read that lactose can cause diarrhea for 6 weeks after antibiotics, so I thought it must be my morning yogurt causing the problem. Then one day I had the yogurt without any fruit and I had no diarrhea!

I thought I was really being nice to my body by eating so much fruit. After reading your article I am guessing that the real cause of my diarrhea is the fruit!! I was doing fine until 2 months ago. I am in my mids, athletic, thin, vegequarian vegetarian plus a little bit of fish. Thanks again! This article was very helpful! False post……. This is some really great information. It was easy to understand. Recently I have been eating too much fruit and this information really helped me understand about how much ftuit to eat.

Thank you so much this information really helped and I am now going to share this website with my friends.?? Man, this kinda bums me out. I have been trying to eat better and have substituted fruit for snacks. Guess I need to work on balancing with more veggies. I was always told to keep it down to 2 a day, which felt like a cruel and unusual punishment. One of the side-effects that has always bothered me the most is the bloating and the stomach aches, most prominent after eating tropical fruits that I adore like papaya and pineapple, or oranges; also, apples always make me soooo hungry!

I wish you all good luck in your attempts to keep fruit from taking over your life :. In other words, their bodies are trying to get the nutrients by binging on the foods that contain them. Is that true? This is not ideal, disruption to meditation and requiring more sleep is undesirable. A week or so ago I was lying down for a while, and when I got up I started feeling faint and almost collapsed to the floor, getting a blackout. My zinc was low several months ago, but since I started taking zinc tablets it has been good. I got a blood test in early August, and my iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin D levels were low.

Recently I tested the acidity of my saliva—it was 6. I was also having a banana, six dates, and a handful of sultanas every morning. I may still adjust to reduce my fruit intake and see how that goes. We tend to eat them more like a vegetable than a fruit because they are not as sweet, and the latter two are only mildly acidic.

I get plenty of exercise and am slightly underweight, so fruit intake is not a concern for me in terms of weight. It was my mum that said and may I quote this just rolled off her tongue your fruit intake is way to much its just pure sugar, my reply rubbish fruit is good for you and low fat. How wrong was I , mums know best. I have since stopped my fruit just to see what happens. Hi Lily, just came across your website. I have eaten now I think too much fruit for the last few years. Since the birth of my 2 children I decided it was time I lost some weight.

I reduced my portions and carb intake dramatically but carried on eating the same amount of fruit as before. No wonder I have hardly lost weight. I am so glad I came across this article. I think now I have a plan! Firstly I craved any kind of olives I ate them by the catering tin, each day, and not a lot else, for months and months. Suddenly I stopped. Instead I ate 5 X 4 pun nets if necturines a day.

Plus strawberries. At this time I became anemic breathless, pale skin, white in bottom of eyes. He recommended iron tablets and said you need to take a vitamin supplement C so the iron absorbed into your system. I took a B supplement instead. After 24hours I was I was no longer breathless. I am not taking the iron anymore but do crave necturines cold hard one after another. I feel very bloated and cannot loose weight as you suggested in you write up, thank you for writing the facts I am now going to cut them out or reduce to just 2 a day.

I have been operated for cancer in , and I and not able to swollow whole foods. I have to make smoothies. I weight lbs before my operation now I weigh lbs and I am not able to gain weight. Can you help me organize my meals so they can be best for me? You mention to eat more vegetables like avocado, bell peppers and tomatoes, but those are all fruit. Are we supposed to treat them like vegetables like most people assume them to be? And if yes, is that because they are not particularity sweet? Very insightful article. I began eating one bowl or fruits mixed bowl everyday for breakfast assuming that fruits are super healthy and best breakfast to eat and was bloated all the time.

Eventually on thinking hard, I realized that the one thing common for 2 months that I was super bloated was that I was having fruits on empty stomach for breakfast. Thanks for the explaination and I am disappointed in these tasty fruits and my ability to digest them. Hi Lily, interesting article and I am going to act on it! I have been attending a well known slimming group for longer than I car to remember and had moderate success. Just a stone and a half from target …. I am maintaining week after week. Yes I do…. I graze all day in fruit. In my kitchen I always have an overflowing fruit bowl and as I walk by, I pick a pear or orange etc.

I should still lose….. I am going to cut the fruit to a couple of portions a day and replace with more vegetables to snack if needs be. Thank you. I gave up all the bad foods 10 months ago. I have lost 50 pounds without ever being hungry! I eat as much as I want! Of course, my diet is fruits, nuts, lean proteins and lots of veggies. I eat my fruits to get maximum benefit. I Start with Bran cereal and grapefruit.

Some healthy snacks and a few sandwiches for lunch. Dinner is typically fish with a large salad. I do allow myself to indulge on Sundays to minimize the cravings. Although I will eat whatever I crave on Sunday, I find myself not over indulging. I will eat pizza if I want.

Also, I do have a sweet tooth! I started exercising about 2 months into the diet. By that point I had lost almost 30 pounds. Losing the weight first motivates you to work out! It really is all about the diet though. Thanks, this was helpful. I am not able to swollow whole foods. I have lost all my fat. So I started to pump iron to put on some weight. I ve been eatting smoothies that contain 1 banana, 1 kiwi, 1 avacado, spinach, frozen berries, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and use powder proteins Now I got a juicer and juicing my vegis and drink one cup of this vegi juice plus my smoothie, I would like to know how much of the vegi juice should I drink?

Thankyou in advance. Hi, I might be eating too much fruit because I really love it and have always had a sweet tooth. I cut out most sweets already and now eat fruits instead. I have chronic constipation and need all the fiber I can get. I have a healthy weight on the low side, 3 kgs away from the underweight category.

I eat about 4 pieces of fruit a day, whole. Could I still be overdosing on fructose? If I cut back on fruits, I fear I might lose weight. For your constipation maybe try eating watermelon as one of your servings of fruit? Watermelon works wonders on my digestive track and is a great water dense fruit. Or you could try fiber one cereal with some raspberries. Hope all that helps, have a lovely day! I have been eating a large bowl of fruit with yogurt every night also kept to a strict diet but only lost 1 lb thid week is this fue to my fruit intake after reading this i think this is the case.

I came across this page while searching for answers on this unbearable pain I get from eating fruit. I love halos, strawberries and pineapples. I really need to shed about ten pounds to be at a comfortable weight. I see everyone speaking about greens and I have a question if I may as what can I do to give them flavor, but not make them unhealthy? It teaches you how to make veggies taste good, including recipes. Thanks so much for the article! Am I just paranoid? I am on a e foods diet for autoimmune disease and i have had bloating lately along with what seemed like sugar spikes and crashes and cravings.

I thought fruit intake in the last couple days might be the answer. Although i think I only get about 3 servings, that may be too much for me. Plantains, apples oranges and bananas are my go to. Well it all makes sense now as I have 4 of the 5 symptoms. I will definitely cut down. The thing is a few months ago I could feel it helping but I was spacing out my meals, eating fruit, and drinking milk between 5am and pm plus other healthy things.

So by not eating as much fruit and getting more water will that help? My husband was always telling me that I was eating too much fruit but I ignored him because if fruit is good for me more fruit would be better, right? Well no!! I was eating 2 huge bowls of fruit twice a day. Oh my gosh. My usual breakfast used to be a latte and a pack of Brevita cocoa biscuits.

I go the gym a lot and thought my body needed better nutrition to support my gym programming. Please can you advise me of some smoothie recipes that are stomach friendly. Loved the article. Ooo yes, definately! I seem to be carrying the extra around my middle. I shall have a go at a celery stick or carrot as a snack instead. Definitely the stone unturned here! I still point the kids towards fruit snack rather than chocolate and they are getting a taste for nuts now.

They no longer ask me for chocolate when they get in from school — result! I am a member of FA. Everyone else in the program is losing tremendous amounts of weight. I am not. During this past week I decided to completely eliminate fruit from my diet and instead have vegetables squash, green beans, cabbage, broccoli. Do what works for you , Sarah. Before the fruit craze buckets of green queen olives. Which fruit took over from.

Off any iron in my system and left me anemic. So your write up makes perfect sense, especially about the weight. Thank you for your advice. So thank you for the info! I love my daily fruits.. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life! Abuse, 6 kids and a sweet tooth and no self control…have been the main culprits.

And now i cant seem to shake natural sugar or meat. Seems it has come down to that. All of the above are true except maybe number 2. I just spent money and bought conventional meats, and the swicthed again over to raw fruits and vegtables…and the fruit is killing me, I know its too much, I can go all day and just eat fruit. When iI think of eating just vegtables…I want to curl up in a ball…I want meat, veggies, fruits and some fun foods like nuts seeds raw honey, dates, raw dairy etc and the like. Problem is I need to be a normal weight.

My problem…if i eat too much fruit or pasturized dairy it seems my feet begin to pain me. My choices…paleo orsomethimg similiar in the long term, the Daniel diet…without grains beans nuts and seeds in the short term etc. I need no or low inflamation foods and grass fed meats and eggs and raw dairy.

Right now ive made a year long committment to the Daniel diet and so I need help with that. How to eat vegtables only or mostly and be satisfied. Thank you for your time. Desperation, Pamela Hey awesome post you have there! And these days my tummy bloats and could this fruit-munching habit be the trigger? And oh ya! You mentioned about fructose causing all those sorts of things. Is it possible for a higher glucose ratio fruit cause this problem as well?

Much love from Malaysia, thank you! Going to re think my food intake.. I am I exercise three days a week and walk two. In the morning I have egg whites, a sweet potato , a kiwi, handful of blueberries and two strawberries. At lunch I make a smoothie with fresh frozen blueberry, strawberry, raspberry.

That is it for the day for fruit. We have a spinach salad and fish for dinner. I am in pretty good shape except I have a small gut I can not seem to loose. I have no other problems that you mentioned. Does this look like I am eating too much fruit? I have a fruit addiction! Can eat them for lunch,dinner and breakfast! Trying to get out of this habit. I am constantly craving sugar and only if they are in whole fruit form , and I do multiple servings per day my lunch and my dinner are fruits… anything else is a small side dish.

I am wondering if before or after a workout you can allow yourself to be a little heavier on the fruits to refill the glycogene reserve used during a high intensity workout. I usually love having a fruit smouthie before a workout but I realized after reading the article that I might have some difficulty digesting the fructose. Is there an alternative I could turn to while keeping my smouthie before workout habit? If I am on an extra low carbohydrate diet meat,vegetable,fruit, water and salt. What portion would suggest for me. This makes perfect sense and I have recently began running 4 times a week and yet have put ON weight!

Eat mega amounts of fruit so going to try to this! Having not touched fruit for years, except maybe pineapple on a pizza, I have just had fruit for breakfast and a huge smoothie for lunch. I am now sat here with the most wicked stomach cramps I have ever had. Apart from Labour pains! After reading the information on this page I think I have over done the fruit intake!

Time to rethink! Thanks for writing! Quite the opposite for me. I eat mostly raw now with one cooked meal per day on the average. Fruit is the basis of my every day meals. I trimmed down fat quite quickly, and have never had so much energy in my entire life. In fact the doctor was diagnosing me with fibro just a year ago. That is when I decided to go all plant based. Just recently I have upped my protein intake a little to better accommodate my bodybuilding lifestyle. If you are gaining weight on fruit then you might be ingesting too much of it!! One only needs to cut the portions down a little, and keep your total calories at a level to sustain your own lifestyle.

Oh this is fantastic reading I have been eatin loads of fruit and then later on been cravin chocolate and bread. Hi I have been suffering with headaches every morning I wake up with one. I have been eating lots of fruit more than 5 -7portions daily sometimes more. I have a lot for breakfast and then some after my evening meal. Maybe this is why I am getting mussy headaches daily. I am going to cut down on fruit intake and replace with more veg to see if it makes any difference.

I finally got it. I lost quite a bit of weight and I am now 3kgs away from my goal…. Have you come across such a response when cutting out fruit?? Thank you for the great article. Regards to everyone. Headaches are a common response when your body is initially adjusting. Hello,my name isRodney? I eat my protein,carb and oil err meal, carb being a fruit. I am a carpenter so exert a lot of energy and sweat all day till I roll up.

This is definitely me. I have made all the healthy habits changes amd still feel dreadful and my liver is miserable. Non alcoholic fatty liver. I live on fruit. Thank you for this information. Yes, I am a fruit eater, my whole life! And so do eat green smoothies fairly often. I am also vegan, and am trying to eat more balanced meals, without so many carbs. We will eat too much tortilla, bread, and potato otherwise.

How does one eat no meat, no dairy, low carb AND low fruit? I would only be eating veges. Hi, after reading your post my sister now stops her children from eating 5 servings of fruit a day and only allows 2 now. She has replaced the other 3 serves of fruit with ice cream, chips and biscuits thinking that the less serves of fruit is healthier for them.

Clearly the intent of the article is to shift the balance from eating excessive quantities of fruit to eating more veggies. I followed a very strict protocol of clean, no processed foods, took out the food toxic to my body, particularly to my thyroid and fed my body all the good nutrition it needed about four years ago. After that success, I kept up having vegetable juice for breakfast, smoothie for lunch and a regular dinner. I had a lot of migraines, mostly not the classic headaches I used to get, but still had migraine eye lights and flashes at least twice a day average.

These include greens like kale, spinach, chard, almonds, teas including green teas, too much coconut oil, blueberries. You can imagine how this changed my diet to more fruit. I am now sure that too much fruit is making me very fatigued, but you can see the dilemma I am in. I regularly try these healthy foods one at a time, but very soon begin to get the migraines again. I would have had about a half a bucket of greens in my large juice for breakfast, so probably overdid it!

Any ideas? Thanks so much for this. I too had given up making bone broth for the last six months. Very interesting. As soon as you illiminated the blame from bread highly refined wheat products, I must completely ignore any credibility within your article… Because the true fact is wheat products are more of a blame than fruits will ever be…. Glad I came across this article. Over the past year I have changed my lifestyle. Eating better and working out times a week. Yes I have lost weight and feel better but have been feeling bloated a lot lately and cannot lose the belly fat.

I definitely eat a lot of fruit! Especially now that it is summer and everything is in season. I could not figure out what was making me bloated all the time so I am going to cut back on the fruit for a week and see if there is a difference. I am 71 years old, 6 foot, quite active for my age, cycling a mile or 2 a day, walking a mile or 2 a day, lift dumbbells 5k in each hand x 80 each day. Sit at the computer quite a lot. Still do strenuous gigs once a fortnight in my blues band. Body in quite good shape, apart from my belly is too big for my own comfort, not enormous, I wear size 34 waist in trousers.

All or nothing type. I have recently stopped all chocolate biscuits and ice-cream, and halved my cheese intake i was eating half a small packet of choc biscs a day, plus lunchtime cheese and evening ice cream. I now eat a good amount daily, of green vegetables, some wholemeal bread, a bit of cheese, not TOO much, and good balanced fish protein. But here is my worry, I used to eat a couple of apples and a banana a day, but I am now eating as much as a whole punnet of strawberries, a whole cantaloupe melon, 3 or 4 bananas, and an apple or 2 EACH day.

I have good body functioning and digestion. But I feel I may well be satisfying a fructose craving that will keep my belly too big and firm, even bloated. Do I have your approval to continue this high fruit intake, or should I get sensible one more time? I know your answer will be the latter! I restrict how much bread products I eat, if any at all. Today, my husband made me a pineapple pancake. Later, I had a handful of cherries and later I had a small Granny Smith apples. I stood up to put the core in the trash and did NOT make it to the bathroom.

I put an adult diaper on for protection. I took an anti-diarrheal, which took about 30 minutes to take effect. Thank you for this info. I plan on following up with my doctor to find out if I have any food allergies. I wonder if im eating too much fruit? But what is making me suspicious about the fruit i eat is since around the time or just before? But this still leaves me with the same problem and thinking about it thought id investigate the idea of maybe eating too much fruit? Do you have any thoughts on this please?

I am practically a fruitatarian. I do not suffer from IBS or other bowel disturbances. Btw, if you love the barley flour and strawberry jam combination, try the barley flour and strawberry jam scones in Good to the Grain. They are soooooooo good. And I really like the idea of the barley flour. To the health food store! How many servings would you make from this? Is it pretty rich such that you would want to cut 12 servings rather than the 6 or 8 you would usually get from a pie pan?

I have a gathering next month that typically has 10 people. Thanks for any thoughts you have on this. If there are multiple desserts, you can cut it smaller. Homemade plain whipped cream on top is perfection! So glad for yet another recipe to use my strawberries for! It looks delicious and yes, quite simple to make.

Oh man, I am SO totally making this! I love strawberries, and I just know I am going to love this cake — especially when I pick up my first batch of Greenmarket berries this weekend! One question re: the barley flour — could you also use the same amount of oat flour? The cake seems flexible to me. The strawberries are the star.

Re: almond milk — My hunch is that it would be just fine. Re: buttermilk — I have some excellent buttermilk in my fridge right now, thanks to tips on Twitter last week and was tempted to use it. If you try it, let us know. I just made the cake today, seeing as I had a pound of strawberries in the fridge. Deb, I was wondering whether you think the cake would also work with other types of fruit, such as Apricots? Deb, after my smashing success with your Dreamy Cream Scones used as a base for strawberry shortcake last week, I am ready to move on to this luscious-looking cake with my next haul of strawberries.

That scone recipe has changed my self-image, by the way — I now consider myself A Baker! So thank you for that and for so many, many great recipes and laughs as I read your fabulous blog — not to mention moments of envy of your gorgeous baby boy, since mine is now 25! Every picture, every story, every recipie is perfection.

I have tried a couple of your recipes and posted them on my blog always linking back to yours so all my followers can hopefully have the same outcome and sensory overload that I have when I taste my finished product. Keep up the good work. This looks like a perfect marriage of a cake and a clafoutis…heaven in my book. This WILL be served over the weekend. I am just as obsessed! I made a strawberry clafouti this weekend that was delicious. Bless you for posting this!

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I took my 15 month old to the strawberry patch Saturday and we cam home with 4qts. I was looking for something beyond the standard shortcake. Will make this tonight. My boy and I will definitely be taking a weekly trip to pick up strawberries and other sundry vegetables and fruits. I love the photos and love the casual way in which you write your recipes. Gorgeous photos, great recipes. The visual makes my mouth water in anticipation and the ease of the recipes makes me want to make everything! I recently started a food blog right around the time strawberries came into season here, and I keep finding new strawberry recipes I want to try.

I especially love desserts that take a long time to bake… then they can cook during dinner and be perfect just in time for dessert! I love your blog, your humor, and your recipes and the inspiration those have given me to start my own! That paragraph alone sold me on this cake! I have strawberries coming out the ying-yang from the garden and I will be making this cake today.

Down here in Texas, we get acceptable sometimes outstanding strawberries all year round from CA, Mexico, and South America. My happy dance was last week when the first-of-the-season Texas peaches showed their sunny faces. Hope they can redeem themselves. Thanks for the inspired writing. Some of your best lines, yet. Ahh that looks delicious!! As soon as I have a kitchen again… I can imagine it with vanilla custard…mmm. Oh em gee. When they do, though…stand back. This cake is coming. I looks so tasty! In Poland we already have strawberries. I love it! Strawberries are here Sacto, CA and I am making this cake!

Thanks for another I am sure cram-my-mouth-full show-stopper! Pausing in my futile attempt to get Pearl Jam tickets to say: Gah! This looks great. I have frozen strawberries from last summer still in the freezer. They may soon find a new home. Wowza — that cakes looks amazing you had me at the very first picture! There is nothing better than fresh, local berries to put me in the mood for summer.

Hey Deb — I have been an ardent fan of your blog and follow it quite avidly. I live in nearby South Jersey and totally agree with your description of summer and the fact that I have only come here 6 months ago from hot hot India … I too am crazy about strawberries. So I just loved this post and pics. I have only just started blogging and am not great at photographing yet.. Barley Flour???!!! Now I am intrigued. I love to try different types of flour.

Strawberries are weeks away here in Ottawa, but now I have some time to seek out the barley flour. The Raspberry Buttermilk cake from a couple of years ago is one of my favs of yours, so I am very excited to make this. This looks wonderful, thank you so much! I also did a goofy dance in the store when I saw the first bunch of tiny, organic, local strawberries, btw.

I taught myself how to cook largely based off of your recipes. Turns out that was exactly what you made with the bread when you posted the recipe. Got this in my email and had to make it immediately this morning. Deb, you are evil. Here I am trying to stop baking so often so that I can lose weight, and then you post a recipe like this. I have some remaining strawberries lingering on my counter… looking not so good!

Gonna make it tonight! Oh, gollee. You just gave strawberries the post they truly deserve. My favorite is that this cake is just what to do with the ones on their last leg, because I, too, go way overboard in buying the first berries of the season. This looks so delicious and easy! Oh My! Is it bad that I make my own birthday cake sometimes? Last year we made it dairy free coconut oil and coconut milk and wheat free spelt flour. Soooooooo good! I immediately ran out to the store to find some lovely organic strawberries and barley flour. The cake is in the oven baking as I post.

This looks unfussy and delightful! The perfect summer dessert — especially with whipped cream or, as someone mentioned, a dollop of custard. I managed to practise my german with some of the local ladies.

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This is what they do — try putting them in something like a large wide necked glass jar or glass pyrex dish. Line the base with a piece of kitchen roll, put in the strawberries, put on the lid and then keep in the fridge. The key is to not put in any softening strawbs. Dont know why or how it works, but it does — bought 1 kilo on Friday — remaining still good for breakfast Tuesday. Only had to take out 4 strawberries — in the past it would have been throw out all but 4 strawberries!!! Dear Deb — your website is inspirational, thank you for the witty writeups and edible photography — wish scratch and sniff monitors had been invented!

This looks fantastic! This recipe has a greater amount of batter, the better to hold all those luscious strawberries! Thanks for making an awesome Strawberry cake without Rhubarb! People always tend to add Rhubarb to strawberry cakes and pies and it ruins them for me for some reason. Reading this — the sheer, decadent poetry of the strawberry description — is like falling in love. I feel all tingly and fluttery, and my mouth is watering.

Is that over the top? Nah, for the first strawberries of the season, there is little that could be deemed over the top. I can;t wait to go strawberry picking — and this cake will be a perfect way to use up those berries! I go crazy for berries too… but you can always freeze them! Mmmm, I would like to put a big ole dollop of whipped cream on there.

Real whipped cream, not Cool Whip. I work with a lady whose family owns a blueberry farm. They are harvesting this week and I ordered 6 pounds. This looks such a nice cake and does not look at all soggy despite the strawberried releasing a fair amount of juice. Unfortunately, it is winter here in New Zealand and, therefore, no strawberried are available. I will try it with some other fruit though. Could I perhaps use canned fruit that has been well drained? Could someone please let me know the weight of 6 tablespoons of butter or do you measure it out tablespoon by tablespoons?

Also for traditional cakes I usually add 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour. Steph- I just made this cake in a muffin pan. I then baked at for minutes, turned it down to for another minutes. They turned out great! I am so happy to be reminded of the recipe right now when the strawberries are just starting to make it to the shelves here in Oregon. I look forward to trying it with barley flour. I love this cake. Also: that toddler reaction? It is just the same when the kid is I just made a strawberry tart. I figured I needed something tasty to give to the sun gods so we could finally feel some warmth here in Salt Lake.

Hellloooo summertime. This will scare the rain and cold away! Just baked this… waiting for it to cool enough to eat! One question: what type of milk is best? Thanks so much! This is just so pretty! This weather is seriously ridiculous. But strawberries definitely have the power to make it a lot better. This would have my apartment smelling amazing!! I just finished my second slice of this cake. It is fantastic. The cake tastes amazing and the strawberries melted into lovely jammy goodness. BTW, I swapped out about half the butter for applesauce—the cake was still buttery and delicious.

Will rhubarb cook off in the oven in the same time as the strawberries? Or does it need a little head start? Deb — you are killing me. But it looks worth it…really it does. And Jacob is still the cutest! Made this tonight! Oddly enough I had some strawberries on their last legs in the fridge this morning. It has been a hit here.

I did have to cook this for an hour and twenty five minutes. I might have creamed the butter and sugar too much but the flavor is great. Must run to the market and make this immediately afterwards.

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Thanks for posting, I love the combination of fruit and cake! Deneb Comment 88 : yes it turned out excellent. I guess the baking time may vary but excellent results!!! The batter came up over the rim of the dish as it baked kind of like a gigantic muffin… mmmmmm , but did not spill out. A word about the instructions: Readers should note that you are only meant to use 1 cup of the sugar in the batter itself, and withhold the remaining 2 Tbsp to top the cake before it goes into the oven.

Long story short, I used more sugar than the recipe required. It was still delicious! I just made this with raspberries instead of strawberries.

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I topped it with vanilla ice cream. Quite the compliment from the picky eater himself. I saw this when I got home from work today and I just could not resist. This was very easy to make and it tastes really good! My wife has been out of town for 3 days and I know she is just going to love this little surprise when she gets in tomorrow!

Hi Deb, if you are too lazy to buy a pie pan just yet because you move apts too much and keep losing kitchen supplies in every move, can you use a spring form for this recipe, or a casserole pan? Swapping other fruits — Any would work. This cake bakes for a very long time. In that hour, any fruit would be done cooking. Deb, your description of the little pockets of jam made this cake irresistible, so I baked it as soon as I came home from work yesterday : I used a 9? The cake came up all the way to the rim but stopped right there. Also, I second your suggestion of using less sugar in the batter.

I used 1 cup but think that it might be more perfect with a little less sugar 1 or even 2 tbsp, depending on the sweetness of the strawberries. Thank you for the inspiration, as always! Would it be possible to substitute barley flour for ALL the flour in this recipe, or would that make the cake too heavy? I have recently been told to avoid both white and whole wheat flour… Thanks! I do now, though. I made this last night and it is already half gone. Super simple, and my 5 year old little chef loved arranging the berries into the cake.

I can see this made with so many other berries… such a simple base to fool around with! Since this seems similar and I too freak out about strawberries and can pick my own right down the street, I will be making this shortly. Thanks for the post!!! Martha has a recipe for a very similar buttermilk cake with rhubarb. It has been a spring staple in my house and is delicious. Reminds me of a slump…. Mmmm that looks amazing!

Beautifully summery. This was delicious! Fortunately it is like summer here in the south of Spain and strawberries have been available from smallholdings and big, nasty supermarkets for a couple of months. They are perfect now, abundant, sweet and succulent. This recipe was a great way to use them, after my other half had scoffed a handful before I could stop her! What about almond flour? I was wondering: is sugar necessary? I prefer not to add sugar with fresh fruit as it contains sugar already! Got up early to make this for a late lunch here in Jordan.

It smelled divine, and I could barely resist slicing off a piece before presenting it to my lunch host. Eating this right now. It is delicious. Will make it again though in a bigger dish! Its outstanding! I also added Saigon Cinnamon on top along with the sugar.

It was delicious!!!! I am definitely going to try this with lots of fruit combos strawberry and mango; golden raspberries and blueberries; fresh peaches…. Thanks so much!! Hi deb — I have never posted but am a faithful follower. You have become my go- to for everything!!! I made this cake last night and it is amazing!!

Perfect summer cake that I will be making again and again! Thank you again for your amazing recipes!! I made this last night and it was delicious. I read this post on Tuesday and promptly made it the same night. The cake turned out perfectly and I used the 9 inch standard pie plate. I made this just a few hours ago. The batter tasted and looked delicious and it smelled great baking in the oven. It took me a little more time than an hour to bake it — more like an hour and 10 minutes.

It looks very pretty but not as juicy and colorful as yours. If I make it again I think I will try to gently fold in some extra strawberries into the batter. All in all, a simple tasty little cake. I intend to have another piece with some whipped cream in a few hours. Or maybe like ten minutes. Just made this for tonight and it came out beautifully! I used a regular 9-inch pie pan and frozen strawberries. Thanks for another awesome recipe! My family and I love strawberries.

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The cake is in the oven now, filling my house with a sweet aroma. Cant wait! If I can refrain from eating the whole carton in one sitting, which is what I did last week :. Looks fabulous! When I made the pina colada cake a couple days ago, it seemed to turn out with a slightly muffiny texture and I am wondering if it is due to the mixing procedure. Do you think this makes a difference to the end result texture, or is that the intentional texture of the pina colada cake? I was so excited to stumble upon both your blog and this recipe! My very lovely friend made this for me as my birthday present.

So delicious. This is going to be in heavy rotation for the summer. I made one with buttermilk and one with skim milk. Both were tasty, but, the one with buttermilk had an off after taste and did not rise as well as the one with milk. NO worries, both will be eaten, but my observation. Also, I made a mistake and kept the oven at the entire time and it was okay. I want to try this with blueberries and maybe add a crumble top. I have quite a few strawberries that need to be eaten…and why not bake a cake! Made this last night. Three adults and a toddler scoffed it down this morning. The toddler ate more than I did.

It was delicious, although probably not as good as yours. And there will be a next time. Interesting idea though hard to beat shortcake for strawberries though this looks great. Just made berry cobbler that has pretty similar ingredients. I just made it from strawberries that arrived in my CSA box. Very tasty though I might take your suggestion on the less sugar next time …. Made this tonight. The cake was a little tough and really was just like a giant muffin.

The strawberries did not turn jam-like, although they did get soft. Deb, I have been making your cakes and other recipes. Those wonderful successes have given me the courage to try other recipes. Because of you, I am finally being called a good cook- at almost 50 years old! It looks amazing! In England coffee cake is always a cake made with coffee. Alex — We call coffee cakes almost any single-layer cake, often with fruit or nuts or streusel, sometimes served at breakfast.

Essentially, cakes that are not layer or birthday cakes. I wish more recipe writers would do this, and not just follow standards. Melhill — Interesting. I thought a slump had a biscuit or cake batter on top of the fruit. I thought this was closer to a buckle, with a cake batter beneath and fruit on top that ends up buckled into the cake. Heavenly delicious! Cake was even this morning fluffy and lovely for breakfast!

Made this last night, and was more then pleased with the results. I used the less sugar variation, and felt like it was perfect. I am resisting eating another slice for breakfast with my coffee before my family wakes up. I made this last night after stumbling across your brilliant blog and the results? Well, I have brought in the leftovers to work and my boss is ready to tuck in at 11am!

We have had such a dry spring that berries and abundant and very cheap here in England — wahoo! I think I would have finished it before it reached the oven…. I made this last night in a 9 inch pie dish with no overflow. I made this last night also. My kids helped and in was SO much fun. My son, 13, cut up the berries and my daughter,7, read the recipe and dumped ingredients into the bowl. I baked it in the 9 in. It was perfect.

Thanks for sharing. Made this yesterday with cherries… and it was soooo good. I cut back on sugar as suggested and it was perfect used it on top : crunchy!! Thanks a lot for sharing :. I made this cake yesterday to celebrate strawberry season. It was divine. I love the creamy interior texture, soft syrupy berries and the crispy sugar top. Thanks for such a great recipe. This cake is devine! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Effie x. I have a work party tomorrow afternoon and this would be great as little individual cakes!

Update: made this with the very firm, just OK-tasting, supermarket strawberries. They became soft, but not jammy. The cake is delicious, but I suspect local berries improve it dramatically. We will try again with soft peaches because they are available down here. Any suggestions for using up the barley flour?

It was so simple to make and so delicious!! Being so inspired, I tried your blueberry muffin recipe while the cake was baking and now, you have me hooked!! I just wanted to say thank you Deb for your continued dedication to this blog! Seriously when your cookbook comes out I am SO getting it. Are you going to do a tour to promote it? Come to Toronto? This cake looks delish and super summery. We just pulled it out of the oven. Thank you so much for sharing! I made this cake last night and it was delicious!

Everyone ate it last night and it was gone in about 15 minutes with people saying how good it was. I topped it with vanilla bean whipped cream. Our son is come from college and our trek to the pick your own farm is usually a part of our welcome home. Today, we picked 20 lbs of Jersey strawberries and your yummy cake just came out of our oven!! Thank you for the inspiration! Have a wonderful summer friends of SK! Deb, you are an absolute genius. I made this last night, and my husband and I simply swooned over it. Thanks for consistently sharing such a delightful variety of excellent, innovative, and seasonal recipes.

I made this cake, and one that swapped the strawberries for peaches and the vanilla for about a tablespoon of amaretto. Both were fantastic, thanks for sharing! What a wonderful post, Deb! I finally went to WF today and — of course — they had every imaginable flour except for barley flour. So I bought pot barley flakes and hope I can just grind them in a food processor — like rolled oats and oat flour.

Or should I up the barley flour by 20g? Thanks for the recipe. I tried this cake last night! It was amazing! I just made this using fresh strawberries that I froze weeks ago I live in Florida, so our strawberry season has been on for months but thawed before using.

I got started on the recipe and realized I was out of white sugar, so I just replaced it with packed brown sugar. Thank you for this awesome recipe! Hi Deb, I made this and it was good… but texture came out very soggy. Anything I could have done wrong? I agree this cake was incredibly easy to make! The perfect recipe when I was craving chocolate yesterday and was too lazy to go to the store.

It turned out beautifully, but unfortunately was a tad dry. Any tips for how to combat dryness? Perhaps black hole is a better name, the sides of the cake are all leaning in towards the cavern in the center! Taste is to be determined must pick up bf from airport first but if the raw batter was any indication giggle it should be great. Checked it after 50 minutes and it was still too wet… checked it after 58 minutes and declared it done. Pretty good flavor probably should invest in some higher quality cocoa but, like a few commenters above, found it too dry and crumbly for my liking.

Probably needs that dollop of whipped cream or ice cream to sop up the crumbs :. Another winner, Deb! Thank you so much. It took a full 70 minutes to bake, but it was well worth the wait! I love a dense, not-too-sweet chocolate cake. Do you think it would mess with the chemistry too much if next time I replaced that cup of water with coffee or tea? I made this into cupcakes and like everyone said…. It is the absolutely perfect chocolate cake that I will use as my standby from now on.

It worked marvelously for cupcakes as well — baking time took about minutes for Tasted great with both vanilla buttercream and whipped cream. Each ingredient should not be converted using the same method — for example the recipe with grams from Google, posted above, is not at all correct. Butter, sugar etc all should be converted specifically for that ingredient. Butter is much heavier. There are several websites that do this, here is the one I use:.

Ooh — I was thinking about attempting the Devil Dog cake recipe on your site, but I might cheat and try this one instead, with the addition of a dollop of some 7-minute frosting per slice. This was so delicious! And so easy! Also, it was perfect with peanut butter for breakfast the next morning. Deb — if you are converting weights to weights oz to grams that should work. If however you are converting from volume cups to weights — that method will be slightly off. Anyway, not trying to be annoying or anything…just pointing out that different items of the same volume will not necessarily have the same weight.

Even different types of flours will be very slightly different weights if you are converting from cups 1 cup all purpose is g — 1 cup whole wheat flour is g for example. Julie — Of course. But I was only suggesting that the ounce weights would convert. Oh wow! This looks amazing. Thanks for the advice regarding the cocoa. I prefer dutch cocoa powder anyday though. Looks dense and perfect your cake :. I tried baking this this morning. Yummy, but not at all the same deep, rich colour as yours.

What brand of cocoa do you use? I see you answered Valrhona at I just made this with my 2yr old assistant chef and a baby sleeping on my back in a carrier. It was great and very easy and kid-helper friendly! I subbed yogurt with a splash of milk for the buttermilk and used Ghiradelli natural cocoa powder. This is totally becoming my go-to chocolate cake from now on. Most chocolate cake recipes turn out too dense and dry for me and I loved how airy and light this is. I just wanted to ask, is there a difference in using yogurt vs. I made this today for work, and it was so tasty with whipped cream and blueberries.

I doubled it and used a bundt pan since it is a large group. Had to make this and even went out and bought some buttermilk. Used dagoba cocoa and baking soda per the directions. Of course, still tastes great, but wonder what happened? The cake totally collapsed in the middle! It tasted OK but looks embarrassing. Any suggestions? Ok, truth is I used a baking strip wrapped around the loaf pan. You wrap them around the pan. If I had only known that it is Dutch processed! It is a new and easy favorite. I have made 3 already : One for my family and 2 for friends that just had new babies and needed dinners.

It is a hit. I made it with the natural cocoa with your update. It is most delicious hot with ice cream. The rise was perfect, but my cake took a full 70 min and by the time the innards were cooked the outer edge was crispy. I used a pyrex pan, perhaps that is the problem?

I love it for bananna bread but maybe to achieve the soft beautiful edge like your cake I need metal pans? Made it right away and thought i had a bad batch of buttermilk when it seemed to curdle after mixing it into wet ingredients. Threw out wet ingredients and saved [thank the baking gods] the premeasured dry. I just made this today because i had alot of leftover buttermilk. It has a rich chocolate taste, but the cake itself is very dry and crumbly. I think it would be best with whipped cream, ice cream or a very large glass of milk.

I ate mine plain and it felt a bit naked. This one is no different. I made this cake the other day and it came out well except that i added raisins and the buttermilk substiture. I didnt wait for the cake to cool so it just broke as i pulled it out of the pan… But the taste… was absolute yumm… Im making the round version right now…. Everyday chocolate cake? SUPER yum! Plus, I understand the title. This is a chocolate cake you WANT every day and is easy enough to make your wish come true! I made this cake 2 days ago. It was very easy to prepare. However, the result was dry.

I even under cooked the cake slightly. I followed the recipe as noted. The only good thing about the cake was the edges. They were crunchy and delicious, the inside, not so much. I made this cake and loved it with the addition of a little molasses and winter warming spices like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, it was awesome!

I agree with Jennifer and the other people who stated that the cake was a tad dry. It turned out crumbly…hmmmph. Tasted good, but the slices fall apart when cut. I have an excuse for breakfasts that involve cake, since I am 6 months pregnant. I added just a little bit of chocolate chips and have been microwaving it to get them gooey. Also the other day I had a little heavy whipping cream I needed to use, so I beat it with some peppermint extract and had it on the cake :. Made this cake today and was impressed with the results! Thanks for the great recipe. I made this the other day, and I found it to be a sturdy, delicious and moist cake.

Even with a major substitution margarine instead of butter- it was all my parents had at their house and I was desperate for cake , it was perfect. Probably would have been even better with real butter! Thanks for a great recipe! I made this cake for a family gathering and it tasted great and was gone in about 30 minutes…but I have to agree that it was a little dry. I thought maybe I cooked it too long, but now I see other commenters had the same result. Maybe more butter? I greased my loaf with a mixture of butter and flour and it flipped out intact even after letting it rest for about 10 minutes.

The cake rises quite a bit in the oven over the first 40 mins of baking. I hope everyone tries to bake this as it is really easy to do — under 20 mins once your butter is soft — even with a hand mixer. Also I baked it at C for 50 mins — not dry at all!!! Love it! I made this cake over the weekend using Dutched cocoa.

What an amazing cake! I had no problems with it sinking. I actually made two smaller loafs; portion control, you know? They absolutely loved it. Made a chocolate cream cheese icing for the top. I just tried out this recipe today but my cake sunk. Is that the reason why my cake sunk? Also, is it ok to use PAM to grease the loaf pan instead? That was what I used. Made this yesterday. Sooooooo good!!! So happy! It is sooo chocolaty! Next time I am going to add a shot of espresso though, to see where that leads my palate. I was determined to make this cake today but discovered that I had no cocoa powder.

Four ounces of unsweetened baking chocolate seems to be a fine substitute, melted and beaten in with the butter. It came out beautifully! Tonight I had a slice with a dollop of strawberry preserves and a sprinkling of powdered sugar and my tummy is so very happy. Thank you!! When I checked after 60 minutes to see if if was done, the center totally fell.

The taste was still delicious. Just wondering if I should use the baking powder also? I made this cake last week for a dinner party with friends. I just made it today all by myself even looked up how make a substitute for buttermilk and we are bringing it to a dinner party tonight! It looks perfect and I just want to eat it right now.

We used natural cocoa Ghirardelli and followed your instructions to use only the baking soda. I am making this tonight to go with my Oreo and Coconut ice cream. What a combination. I also did it with Ghirardelli cocoa! Those of you who posted it was dry — maybe you baked it a tad too long? My version was almost like a brownie in the less-satisfactorily-baked parts the bottom was cooked perfectly. I did it with ordinary caster sugar, as I was out of brown and with g of white yoghurt instead of butter milk.

Was absolutely delicious, very moist, perfect to dip in cold milk or add cream as indicated above. I love a one-bowl cake! And chocolate, too! Shall have to try. I just made this! Looks divine. I also made my own butter milk with milk and lemon juice, it made the mixture a mess, but in the end it worked out. It rose perfectly and looked beautiful, however I expected it to be a bit richer and a bit fudgie moister in any event. My question is if Yogurt is a better ingredient than buttermilk, qua having a moister cake?

I made this with Camino organic dutch processed cocoa and it was absolutely amazing. I also added mini chocolate chips for an extra hit of chocolate. The perfect cure for PMS :P. What a beautiful chocolate cake, I loved that you put it into a loaf pan, generally when I make my chocolate cake it simply goes into an 8 x 8 pan. I think your cake is more dense and the chocolate flavor comes through so well. I think I want to slip in a few pieces of mint chips in there.

I made this using the natural cocoa adjustment. Tasted Great — was a big hit with the family! Looked like photo 2 but was tasty for sure. Will use again…will hopefully have some Dutch cocoa on-hand next time to taste the difference. I made this cake yesterday and frosted it. Worked fine. I went for a chocolate frosting because you can never have enough chocolate right? Ok, so I feel stupid commenting on this as the like billionth person, but I just wanted to say, I made this cake the other day… very good, but not great. The cocoa flavor came alive and the texture was brought out beautifully.

Definitely better the second day, but if one cannot wait to eat it… try it with a glass of merlot. Made this with regular cocoa and it came out well. I have to admit I put a bit more cocoa than the recipe called for, to try to get that darker color in the cake. It worked! It was rich and moist, very simple and good. Would be great with a scoop of excellent vanilla ice cream for minimalist perfection! Made this cake two nights in a row. First try, needed to increase baking time by at least 10 minutes oven temp to have cake tester emerge clean from the center.

Both cakes rose beautifully, look and smell sensational, but the texture for the first was a bit dry towards the edges although fine in the center, and sliced beautifully. Interesting discussions. I must admit that mine was the same and very disappointing. A dessert fit for a king! First time on your site, and had to make this cake. I loved how dark chocolatey the color is. Thanks, I will definitely be back to try more of your enticing recipes, thanks to that irresistable photography.

First of all, my batter was a bit lighter in color compared to yours which almost look black. Second, I was looking for a bit more back flavor to the chocolate cake. Perhaps, cinnamon or nutmeg thrown in there. The cake also came out just a tad bit dry after the tooth pick test at 60 minutes and more so when it finally cooled. It looked and definitely was more crumbly unlike yours which looks packed and dense. I just discovered your website,when I went on a google cake hunt. Today is a really lucky day. I made this in an 8 inch round pan this weekend and it turned out really well.

I baked it at the original degrees for about 50 minutes and was pretty pleased with the consistency, and was thrilled with the flavor! Hi Deb, I prepared this no-fuss recipe last night and brought it into the office today…it was finished before the intended morning tea time. Made this over the weekend and it turned out great! I made a simple powdered-sugar glaze, and sprinkled mini semi-sweet chocolate chips on top of the glaze — it disappeared awfully quickly on game night! And again. I even forgot the salt and it turned out rich and not too sweet, just perfect with a dollop of whipped cream and a few raspberries.

My daughter is begging for another cake SOON. Thanks for being my go-to recipe location. I always have success at your site — and the photos and your sense of humor make me feel at home. Hi Deb, do you think this would keep for a couple of days? Oh — that smell! Just made this cake and my appartment turned into one big chocolate cake, at least if I trust my nose! It better tastes as good as it smells…. Ok, that smell was not deceiving! Yumm, yumm, yumm! Has already become one of my favorite cakes!

Quick to prepare, no funky ingredients and incredibly tasty! Hubby loved it to bits.. Love your blog and your food! Pooja — The baking soda is correct. It still does not overly rise. The carrots add a lot of extra weight. And we actually had all the ingredients! And they taste great!! How is this possible?? I made this tonight to accompany a lasagna dinner that I made to a group of 5 men and it was a huge hit.

It was so delicious. I served it with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Dear Deb Thanks for the reply.. I was wondering about so many possibilities, you have ruled out atleast one.. Would love to try it again till I perfect it like you. By the way I am trying mushroom lasagna today. Can you make out I am obsessed with your blog and food!

This cake looks amazing and as always, your presentation is beautiful! Where did you find the serving plate? Looks like the perfect size for a loaf cake! Melissa — The platter is from Emile Henry though it was quite reduced when I bought it. I am hoping it will also be good for a yule log!

Your website is awesome. Your red velvet cake has my friends swooning. Quick question, I was looking for a chocolate cake recipe that would be good to use in a cake mold. Do you think this is dense enough to do the job? Does this work as mini cupcakes? Would it be better to adapt your yellow cake recipe to mini cupcakes? Thought I had a great chocolate cupcake recipe and with all my testing I am now on the look out for something better. Please let me know your thoughts! This cake is currently in the oven and smells soooooooooo good. I love this blog so much, I am not a chef and everything I make from here turns out awesome.

This cake was very nice. Otherwise lovely texture. I have been making this cake regularly since I found your recipe. My family loves it. Thank you so much! The cake was exactly what I was looking for — not too big for just the two of us but something special to be made with love. I also threw in a generous heap of chocolate chips. The cake was delish. Tried this recipe, and it worked out amazingly!

I paired with some vanilla bean ice cream and a homemade apple caramel sauce on top, which made it a little more elegant and fancy and more dinner-party friendly. I just keep coming back to this recipe. Love love love the results. This cake is absolutely terrific and easy to make. I just turned it into a delicious batch of beautiful cupcakes!

Might add a bit more next time. I made this cake today and served it with fresh albeit imported blackberries, and it was the trippiest looking dessert! Phenomenal flavor, and Dutch cocoa? What a great find! Thanks so much for the recipe! Awesome recipe! Just took mine out of the oven and it smells delish!!

In the fridge wrapped up in foil? Or in an air-tight container? I made this tonight. I doubled it and put it in a bundt. I made a few changes, we were light on brown sugar, so the ratios were basically flipped. I followed the natural cocoa leavening tweak. SO easy. SO delicious! SO chocolatey! Just Yum! I have made it two times one with buttermilk and the other with sour, I found the sour cream version even tastier :. OMG, Delish. After the first knife test, the center did collapse somewhat, but that happens sometimes.

No big deal. I could hardly blame him, though; its aroma was entirely seductive. I made it today and it turned out perfectly. From here on out I will think of it as my go-to grownup cake. We ate it with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. Perfection, really. It has now transcended everyday for us, as my daughter requested it above all other cakes for her 13th birthday. Thank you, Deb! I find cakes baked with cocoa powder can be dry. The additional liquid necessitated baking the cake 10 minutes longer in my case 75 minutes but the result was perfection…deeply satisfying chocolate flavor and wonderful texture..

The rum cake was even better sliced and toasted for breakfast with strawberries then it was fresh. Next, almond cake — subbed in almond meal for the chocolate powder and almond extract for the vanilla. I have high hopes for the taste, but very low hopes for my waistline at this point…. Thanks so much for this recipe!! I just took the cake out of the oven. It looks great! I used the Special Dark and it came out looking like the pic of the cake using Valrhona cocoa. It was a breeze to make. Great directions. Thank you so much for this recipe!

My chocolate craving and chick-flick night loves you, but my skinny jeans now frown at you. I made this cake for a simple dinner party dessert. I did not have buttermilk but substituted with regular milk with 1 table spoon of vinegar stirred into it. The cake was very good and the hostess served it with ice cream. A perfect ending to a great meal! I made it for a doll cake. I thought I would need four batches of the recipe because it looks so small based on ingredient list but I only doubled it and it filled my mixer bowl and the small bundt pan I used for the doll cake.

It rose three inches over my mixer! This will be my go to chocolate cake recipe. It was a tad crumbly but easily fixable. This cake was very compact and easy to lift. So good for decorating IMO. The people who ate it loved it. Brenda, I did not have buttermilk, and I did not have milk with which to make a substitute, as Michelle did. It was more like a fluffy dough that I had to scoop and spread into the loaf pan.

Because of how thick the batter was, I was kind of worried the cake would turn out dry, but it was not dry at all! Moist, a delightful texture, and so chocolatey I used Valrhona cocoa too. This recipe is a winner!! However, it looks and smells amazing! The only anomaly was that it took minutes to bake through! This is long overdue but here it goes: Absolutely awesome chocolate cake! Easy and fast to make and just tastes like chocolately goodness without being too sweet.

Everyone who tastes it in my circle of friends is really enthusiastic about this cake. As am I! I just made this recipe. I had to leave after making the cake batter and when I came home, there was a thin film formed over the surface. When I baked it, I think the film formed over it made the cake more crunchy on the surface! I also used a 8 x 5 pan so when I dump it out later it will look taller. I used undutched cocoa and it taste fine! Made this yesterday, and all I can think about are how there are still three slices sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting for me.

Definitely a must. Also threw in a handful or two of Ghirardelli bittersweet chips, which I think was nice. Also, not sure if anyone else had this problem, but I took my cake out when it was just a few minutes shy of totally done crumbs but no batter sticking to the toothpick , and very happy I did so. Dense and fairly moist. I made this cake for Easter, and did it exactly per the recipe, for non-Dutch cocoa. Then added in a bit of expresso powder and some brandy. And baked it in a Le Creuset pate pan, that made a nice rectangular loaf that did not cave in at all.

Thanks a lot. Hi — Can anyone tell me why the top of mine cracked and kind of came off in hunks? I went exactly by the recipe using the regular cocoa. Also, I made cupcakes with this recipe and they take 30 minutes to cook, and it made 18 cupcakes. Last weekend, I prepared this cake for the second time. We were having a picknick in the park. Everybody liked the cake, especially the two-year-old daughter of our friends.

Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two
Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two Wandas Sweet Blueberry Wine: One Minute book two

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